What to Do and What Not to Do When, Before and After Driving

Driving is fun. But sometimes, it can be a dangerous profession as well. Specially when you’re not well aware of the threats and potential dangers that are coming along.

We are talking about the precautions you should be taking before, while and after you’re driving. To be exact, there are a lot of items in each of these checklists.

Rest Before Driving

Rest Before Driving

However, we’ve written this made-easy guide with an intention to summarize all those dos and don’ts at one place.

Let’s get going-

Before Driving

Before you start the ignition key, there are a few factors that are needed to be taken care of.

First of all, it’s about your health. If you’re the driver yourself, it’s mandatory to be at top of your mental freshness. If you’re deprived of sleep or suffering from any sort of sickness, you shouldn’t even drive.

Take a nap or a few hours before every long journey. Make sure that nothing would bother you to concentrate on driving.

Also, make sure to keep all the essential documents along with you, and there’s no chance of legal difficulties. Finally, take a few medical kits and first aid kits along with you in the box.

However, we’ve noted down all the important dos and don’ts before driving. Let’s go through it-

what to do before driving

What to do before driving

Things to Do Before Driving

  • Before driving on an unfamiliar road, do check the official and federal rules for your jurisdiction. Keep them in mind and maintain while driving.
  • While using car seats for kids and toddlers, make sure you are using those which are tested and approved as per safety standards.
  • If it’s winter, you need to take a number of products along with yourself. Most importantly, take a winter survival kit. A winter survival kit contains a flashlight, matches, flares, food, water, and blankets. Also, keep one or two ATV winches along with you.
  • Take one or two spare tires in the trunk and also make sure to have a jack.
  • If you plan to travel is across country roads or long tracks, don’t forget to take the local map along with you. This will help you to figure out the track yourself.
  • Keep a first aid box along with you on the car’s dashboard. Also, make sure to contain all the basic septics, painkillers, bandits etc. Keep it in such a place of the dashboard from where you can easily access it anytime.
  • If you’re about to go for a long trip in an unknown state or country, take help from the GPS locator or navigator service. Or use smart apps like google maps to direct you the way.
  • If you’re feeling like sleepy, or tired, take a quick power nap before you head it for driving. Don’t drive while you’re deprived of energy.
  • Keep yourself informed about the weather condition of the road you’ll be driving on. Specially if it’s a long trip, don’t forget to check this box.

Things Not to Do Before Driving

  • Never, ever drink alcohol or any kind of similar drinks before driving. Even, if you’re in a car with a driver who has been drinking or taking drugs, avoid such kind of rides.
  • Don’t keep your body tired and exhausted before you’re off for a road trip. Make sure to keep yourself refreshed and energetic.
  • Don’t start the trip until you’re 100% certain about the fuel level and battery condition. For long trips, make sure to have full on fuels and recharged battery.

When Driving

It’s the most crucial period of the whole process and you’ve been at top of your attention throughout these moments.

If you’re driving yourself, make sure to have your driving license and other essential papers regarding the car. Also, keep a box of first aid kits along with the car.

If you’re driving with children or family, you need to be a little more attentive. Because you have to make sure that your kids aren’t suffering from stiffness. And you’re also not being distracted by the activities of the kids.

Also, if you’re about to do a long drive on a road that you’re not too much familiar with, be double-aware. Make sure that you’re certain about the routes and tracks, and you know where you need to call in case of emergencies.

Finally, make sure to keep yourself sound and fresh while diving. Don’t get even close to alcohol or anything similar.

However, below we’ve listed down all of the essential dos and don’ts while driving. Let’s have a look-

what to do when driving

What to do when driving

Things to Do When Driving

  • If you have kids with you on the way, keep frequent brakes after about every 30-40 minutes. And let the junior stretch the legs and walk around a while.
  • Make sure to acknowledge the speed limit of the road or highway you are traveling. Don’t exceed the speed limit no matter what happens.
  • Don’t be overconfident while driving even in a familiar area. Terrible accidents might take place even at a few blocks away from your home.
  • Don’t be competitive or courteous towards other drivers on the road. This tendency quite often leads to dangers and threats of accidents.
  • Often, there would be crosswalks and zebra crossings right across the road. Beware of the crosswalks and leave spaces for pedestrians.
  • As like as pedestrians, keep in mind to give space to bicyclists as well.
  • Keep yourself fresh, energetic and clear while driving. Make sure that you’ve had enough sleep and rest before driving for a long trip.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast and news. If you find a sudden natural calamity taking place while you’re driving, it’s best to be prepared before it strikes.

Things Not to Do When Driving

  • While driving, don’t be 100% certain about what other drivers on the road are about to do. An example: just because one has the turn signal on, doesn’t mean that he is going to take the turn. Sometimes, they might forget about it at all.
  • On the same note, don’t be over certain that the drivers around on the road can read every signal of yours. While you are taking some actions, give them plenty of time and space to adjust with that.
  • Don’t be aggressive with your car’s stereo music. Because that can be seriously disturbing to others if the window is open. If you’re really feeling like playing loud music, do what keeping the doors close.
  • Don’t talk over the cell phone and drive at the same time. Because that can be really destructive to you. In case you have to take an urgent phone call, do that parking the car on sideways.
  • While driving, don’t engage yourself in any other kind of activities. This list may include eating, changing, taking makeup or just staring through the back mirror.
  • Don’t get involved to discipline your children while driving. As you know, children are likely to become unruly from time to time in cars. In fact, they know that their parents are busy.
what to do after driving

What to do after driving

After Driving

Once you’re done with driving, the long and hectic hour is almost over. Now, all of your concern should be leaving the car in a safe sight. And make sure that everything inside is safe.

If you’re an office or somewhere similar, you need to find your car parking space. Usually, offices or commercial areas do have their own parking space. Make sure to follow and oblige the parking rules and get along with it.

However, if you are at your home after the trip, things become way cooler. All you have to do is to keep your car on the garage or lawn/driveway and lock the doors.

However, we have a list of what you need to do and what not right after you are done with driving. Let’s have a look-

parking car after driving

Parking car after driving

Things to Do After Driving

  • Make sure to find a suitable place for parking the car. Make sure the place ensures a legal parking ticket and is safe enough.
  • Don’t occupy the car within a short or narrow place for parking. This may bring on unintentional collisions while you’re taking your car out. So, chose spacious enough parking lots where you can stretch the doors.
  • If you’re just back from a long drive, then you must do regular maintenance checking.
  • Apart from regular checking, do monthly and half-yearly checking of various aspects of the car.
  • If you’ve just got back from a long drive, with quite a few dust and debris on the car’s body, give it a quick shower. Use a pressure washer to make it done within a quick period of time.

Things Not to Do After Driving

  • Once you park the car, don’t leave anything valuable in the car. Specially when you’ve parked the car in such a place than it’s inside can be seen from outside.

Bottom Line

Thanks for going through the list of all sorts of dos and don’t while driving, before driving, and after driving. Hope that comes to be in some real help of yours on the road.

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