Weathertech Tonneau Cover Review! In-Depth Analysis

Are you planning on buying a tonneau cover for your wonderful truck? Well, if yes, then you have found the spot. If you own a 10-On Ram Mega Cab/Ram 2500, 3500/09-On Ram with a 6’4” bed, then this is one of the right products. You have to keep in mind a lot of factors before buying a tonneau cover. Bringing up an in-depth analysis today, I will take you over to the WeatherTech tonneau cover review. So, let’s get right in!

How to Choose Best Weathertech tonneau cover?

Weathertech Tonneau Cover Features

First things first, to develop your interest, I will take you over through the incredible features of this amazing product. Well, we have a lot to discuss, but let’s start off with the features.

  1. The very first thing that it has to offer you is the design. Now, that is a generic sentence, and I should get specific here. Well, the aerodynamic finishing makes it a great product.
  2. The balance and protection are controlled by the robust nylon straps that provide a great hold to the product and make it durable.
  3. WeatherTech offers you custom-fit solutions. That means you do not have to worry about the measurements when you are getting your own custom fit.
  4. Hauling becomes a lot easier with this tonneau-cover on. Yes! You can just roll it up and do the hauling as you like it.
  5. This tonneau cover proves to be very useful when it comes to oversized cargo because it does not come in the way.
  6. The auto-latch system takes the security to a whole new level by imparting functionality to this amazing product.

Well, now that you have gone through the features of this product, let me get you through the pros and cons of having this tonneau cover over your truck bed.

Weathertech Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Advantages

So, below are the benefits, or you can say advantages, of having this tonneau cover:

  • The nylon straps make it durable and long-lasting
  • The design is low profile with an aerodynamic finish for a better experience
  • The Auto-Latch II system takes the security to a whole new level with dual locking
  • You can have your custom-fit tonneau cover
  • The easy opening and closing makes hauling easier

Weathertech Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Disadvantages

Now, it is time to discuss the disadvantages of this product. Here you go!

  • The quality of fasteners that hold the cover is not great and seem superficial in quality
  • For extreme weather; wind and rain, it is not a great choice
  • You do not get very good sealing protection against water in roll-up tonneau covers

My Opinion

My Opinion for Weathertech tonneau cover

Well, as you have gone through the features, pros, and cons of this product, it is time for my opinion on it. Honestly, I have seen so many tonneau-covers and given in-depth reviews about them. So, kindly pay attention for good guidance.

Now, every product has its upsides and downsides. You can never have a perfect product. What you should go for are huge upsides and a very few downsides. That would be a wise purchasing move.

First off, let’s talk about the upsides! As I have seen tri-fold and other variants, there are always trade-offs. But the good part is that this cover is pretty robust in its own kind.

When it comes to the installation process, it is a piece of cake for you. I mean that one person can easily handle the installation part. You do not have to be a tech geek to install this tonneau cover.

When it comes to the fitting part, as I told you, WeatherTech provides custom-fit covers. So, you do not have to worry about it. You will understand it when you will get your tonneau cover installed.

Now, tonneau covers are made for the protection of your truck bed and the security of your cargo. These two are the main reasons for buying a tonneau cover most of the time.

So, the robust material with a good finishing outside covers the protection part well. When it comes to the security of your cargo, the Auto Latch II system, which I personally love, does the job. There is a dual-locking system that can be used with the locked tailgate to ensure a good level of security.

The aerodynamic feature can work effectively against drag caused by air. You might know that tonneau covers increase the mpg of your truck. This aerodynamic finish just adds more to it.

Roll-up tonneau covers are famous for their easy opening and closing feature. This cover also makes the hauling pretty easy for you.

There is a lot more as well, but you would have gained a basic idea about it.

Let’s now talk about the downsides. Well, many great products have weak areas that need improvement. Just like that, this cover needs robust fasteners and good protection against windy and rainy weather. So, if you like the concept of this product, you should go for it.

Summary of My Opinion

Well, I can not speak about the reliability of this product because I mostly decide it on the basis of customer remarks and ratings. This product does not have many customer reviews. But overall, looking at the upsides and comparing with the other products, it is a pretty good option. 

WeatherTech needs to work in some areas of this product to make it great. Other than that, all the decision-making features are there in this product.

Weathertech Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review in Details

Now that you have seen the features, pros, cons, and my opinion on this product, it is time to go into more details of this product. I am going to segregate all the aspects for your better understanding.

Weathertech tonneau cover design & quality

When you ask about the design of this tonneau cover, you should know that the material, aerodynamics, and profile are important. This product offers you nylon straps for strength, along with an aerodynamic finish and a low profile. In short, the design is pretty good.

The question of quality is pretty good, though. Because there are some products out there that offer better quality in terms of everything. But the price simply goes up. You have to keep in view a lot of aspects. But do not worry, the quality of this product is also pretty good.

Weathertech alloy cover vs. bakflip mx4

For a better understanding, I will also put up a comparison between this product and another renowned product that is by BAKFlip.

When it comes to basic features, you will find them in both these products. In fact, WeatherTech is going the extra mile to meet your needs. But there is always a difference. Because when you get into details, you see big differences. The WeatherTech alloy cover is an affordable solution for truck beds. But BAKFlip MX4 is pretty expensive relatively because it offers more.

Another Comparison between Undercover Ultra Flex VS BAKFlip MX4.

Weathertech tonneau cover installation

How to Weathertech tonneau cover installation?

Now comes the installation part. Well, if you go through the installation manual, you will find it pretty comprehensive. Moreover, I am telling you not to worry about the installation. Even one person can easily handle that. The installation manual for good products is accompanied by graphical illustrations. 

You find those illustrations with this cover’s manual as well. Moreover, there are good videos on YouTube as well to help you with installation. So, do not mess it up, and first of all, have a clear understanding.

Weathertech tonneau cover warranty 

There is a Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty offered with this tonneau cover. If the cover is kept installed on the same truck over which was installed for the first time and it is properly there, the company will ensure no defects in material and workmanship. So, you do not have to worry about these aspects. 

Many good companies give you a number, like a 3, 4, or 5-years warranty. But what WeatherTech is offering, I have mentioned that above. 

Weathertech tonneau cover troubleshooting tips

For troubleshooting, I always recommend reaching out to the company’s professionals. Usually, area-based customer service is promised. So, look for that first. But if due to any reason, you can not avail that, you should go to professionals for that. Tonneau covers are expensive, and you should not ruin them by experimenting.

Other than that, you can also find help online. There are guides on YouTube, and you can definitely visit websites as well. 

Repairing: Repair guide of a tonneau cover

Weathertech tonneau cover the best price

WeatherTech does not offer you expensive or unaffordable options. Rather its tonneau covers come at reasonable prices. In exchange for what you get in terms of features, the prices are pretty good. You can call it to value for the money as well. Because normally, you get tonneau covers at around $1000 from BAKFlip and other competitors.

But as I said, the prices of WeatherTech tonneau covers are lesser, so you can have the idea. If you go to the site of WeatherTech, you will find a roll-up tonneau in the range of $500. So, you see? There is a huge difference!

Weathertech tonneau cover alternative

Weathertech tonneau cover best alternative

As there are always alternatives available in the market, the same is the case for our very own WeatherTech tonneau cover. You will find BAKFlip, GATOR, and Tyger Auto as some great alternatives for this tonneau cover.

But remember that there is always more money involved. Yeah, you will have to pay extra to switch to these amazing products. But do not get sad. Because of the price, WeatherTech roll-up tonneau cover is a pretty good option. By the way, Gator can offer you affordable solutions as well. So, check out their website as well to have the idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, I will add some frequently asked questions to clear your general queries.

  1. Is WeatherTech tonneau cover waterproof?

Though the company strives hard to make it possible but there are always loopholes. When you see some customers complaining about it, you can not fully believe it, but yes, it has a water-shedding design to keep water away.

2. Does roll-up tonneau cover leak?

Well, tonneau covers are not fully waterproof, and therefore, they can leak as well. So, you should keep this aspect in mind and take care of your cargo. Because if you believe in the waterproof concept, you may get surprised after rain.

3. Is roll-up tonneau covers worth it?

Well, there are a lot of roll-up tonneau covers available in the market. They are in use because they are easy to install, use, and deal with. They are somehow robust as well. So, if you keep all the aspects in view, including price, they are worth it.

Note: Read the comparison guide Roll-up VS Tri-fold tonneau cover

4. How does a roll-up tonneau cover work?

They are very interesting when it comes to their working. You just unlatch the tonneau cover and roll it up. You can roll it up to your desired extent. Therefore, they are pretty useful while hauling as well. WeatherTech tonneau covers have a dual latch system that instantly gets unlocked for your ease.

5. Which roll-up tonneau cover is the best?

Gator and Tyger are good brands. But when it comes to the overall analysis, including the price as well, WeatherTech also gets added to the list. Even there are many necessary features available in this one as well.

6. What does tonneau cover not leak?

If you want good leakage protection, then the hard tonneau covers are what come to my mind. They are pretty robust, and they have good seals. So, they do better protection. But remember that they are not 100% waterproof. 

7. Do WeatherTech tonneau covers have a good latch system?

Yes, this one uses Auto-Latch II that consists of a dual locking mechanism and easy unlocking system to provide good security and high functionality.

Wrapping Up

I have tried to equip you with all the necessary information that you should know before jumping into the purchasing phase. Remember that your satisfaction matters. Therefore, never compromise on a product that you are not comfortable or satisfied with. Keep all the necessary aspects in mind and make a choice.

If you liked this product or have anything to say, please mention that in the comment section below because we value your feedback. Have a wonderful day!

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