Unity Struts Review – All You Need to Know About Unity

Unity has been manufacturing aftermarket automotive parts for over 50 years, and they know what users want and how to comfort them. 

Hence they produce struts with top-notch quality.  Qualities that actually benefit the users. 

Here we will be looking at the Unity Automotive 2-11580-001 Front 2 Wheel Complete Strut Assembly Kit. 

One of the best Unity struts on the market right now. 

In this Unity Automotive struts review, I will be taking you through all the features, pros, and cons of this very strut so that you can decide whether to choose it or not. 

So without any delay, let’s get right in…

Unity Struts Review - All You Need to Know About Unity

Unity Automotive 2-11580-001 Front 2 Wheel Complete Strut Assembly Kit


  • This Unity Automotive 2-11580 struts are designed to fit directly. It is an original equipment style replacement strut. 
  • Right after installing these struts, you will see the factory ride height in your vehicle. 
  • Not only the height, but you will also get the comfort of a new vehicle when riding. The suspension will be so smooth that you will feel little to no bump at all. 
  • It is a strut kit that includes two struts. Moreover, the package packs a bearing plate, top-mount, insulators, coil spring, and bumper. 
  • Struts come pre-assembled, you can get started with the installation of these struts right out of the box. But still, for safety, you would want to make sure that everything is in place. 
  • Installing these struts is very easy, you won’t require any special tool, regular basic tools should be enough to get things done. 
  • It is compatible with Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2007 to 2013 models) and GMC Sierra 1500 ( 2007 to 2013 models). These struts are compatible with most of the 4 x 4’s. 
  • The manufacturer has kept the price of this strut kit pretty reasonable and the best part is, the low price doesn’t reflect on the quality. 
Unity Automotive 2-11580-001 Front 2 Wheel Complete Strut Assembly Kit


  • Very easy and fast installation. 
  • Revives the lost comfort of the vehicle. 
  • Restores the default vehicle height. 
  • Users might feel very low to no bump at all.
  • Compatible with Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. 
  • Comes at a reasonable price. 


  • According to a user, these struts are a little squeaky.

My Opinion On Unity Struts

Unity isn’t a new brand, they have been serving the market for over 50 years now and all this time they have understood one thing for sure, and that is the user’s desire. 

They know exactly what users need and they produce something that meets the need properly. And this is why Unity is pretty popular. 

However, if you are having trouble with your old struts and if you think they need replacement then Unity struts are surely a good option. 

They are compatible with Chevrolet Silverado and GMC sierra. 

Once installed, they will restore your vehicle’s default height. Not only that, you can expect to get exactly the same suspension smoothness as you had before on your vehicle. 

These struts kind of take your vehicle back to the new condition, in terms of suspension. Once you install Unity struts, you will see a big difference yourself. 

On bumpy, uneven, rocky terrains you will feel very little to no shock or bump at all. All thanks go to the struts, they are designed in such a way so that they can absorb the maximum shock. 

Apart from that, you will see that these struts make your vehicle ride evenly

That was all about the performance of these struts, now let’s come to the installation. 

No one will deny the fact that installing some struts is super frustrating, especially for beginners. 

But thanks to Unity, they have made installing their struts very easy and quick. On top of that, these struts come pre-assembled which means you can install them right out of the box. 

Install doesn’t require any special tool and I think that is a great touch. You can install it with your basic tools, and that is a big plus for these struts in my opinion. 

On top of everything, they have kept the price very reasonable. And that doesn’t affect the quality of these struts at all. 

Summary of My Opinion

To sum up my opinion I would say if you own a Chevrolet or Silverado and GMC Sierra, you can go for this Unity Struts. One thing assured and that is, you will not regret investing in these struts. 

I am not saying Utility struts are the best, you should only for this, No! What I am saying is, for the price they offer a lot.

And even if you keep the price aside, the suspension performance isn’t disappointing at all. 

I don’t want you to believe me blindly, look for the Unity strut assembly reviews on the web, you will get to know their quality. 

unity Struts Review in details

Compatibility of Unity Struts

When it comes down to the compatibility of Unity Struts, there are a lot of options. But in the case of the Unity Automotive 2-11580-001 Front 2 Wheel Complete Strut Assembly Kit, there aren’t many options.

This Unity Automotive 2-11580-001 is suitable for Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2007 – 2013 models, and GMC Sierra 1500 2007 -2013 models. 

Unity struts are compatible with a wide range of vehicles including a lot of 4 x 4s. 

Compatibility of Unity Struts

Design of Unity Struts

The overall design of this strut is pretty good. And they are designed in a way that makes Unity struts fit in both front and back ends. This feature is really a plus, it is impressive.

From the mount to coil spring, everything is designed pretty well. You will feel the reliability just by touching these struts. 

These struts have a rubber mold which is supposed to reduce the noise. 

Longevity of Unity Struts

Design of Unity Struts

Before choosing struts there are a few crucial factors you need to check

Struts cost a good amount of money and you cannot keep changing struts after every while. Plus, the hassle of installation is there.

So these are what makes it extremely important for you to check longevity.

Now the question is, how reliable or long-lasting unity struts are?

Unity struts aren’t the best struts on the market and nor are they super long-lasting.

But that being said, they are not short-lasting as well.

With unity struts, you will be able to enjoy a decent amount of time. It is hard and impossible to tell the exact period because the life of struts largely depends on the driving style, frequency of driving, and quality of the terrains over which the vehicle is going.

The harsher the road, the more impact struts will absorb. And the more impact it absorbs the faster it will start to wear, which is natural.

But everything aside, you should be able to enjoy a good amount of time with these struts, they have decent longevity.

to check and longevity is one of them

Installation Process of Unity Struts

  • Open the engine hood, at the wheel position you will see three mounting nuts. These are nuts that hold the struts to the vehicle’s body. You would want to remove them in order to loosen the old strut. 
  • Then go all the way down to the vehicle and locate the tie-rod which needs to be disconnected. In some vehicles, it is not necessary to disconnect the tie-rod. Disconnecting the tie rod is different in different vehicles.
    • For most vehicles, you will need a puller in order to disconnect the tie-rod. 
    • On some vehicle models, it is required to remove the brake disc, caliper. And sometimes you might even need to remove the hub assembly. 
    • And if the vehicle comes with an ARC system it is required to disconnect the air lines, sensor, and electrical connectors.
  • Get rid of any harness you see or anything that is attached to the strut. If you are finding it difficult, then check the repair manual or consult with an expert. 
  • You will be needing to remove the bolts if the bolts were not loosened for a long time chances are that they will be rusty. And for that, you will have to apply penetrating oil. 
  • Locate the two mounting bolts on the bottom which are supposed to hold the struts with the steering knuckle. 
  • Take out the mounting bolts and take off the nuts, and that should enable you to remove the strut. 
  • Once you have removed the strut, following the same process install the new ones. 
Installation Process of Unity Struts

Unity Struts Warranty 

You don’t get long warranties in struts, the manufacturers offer a very limited warranty, Not only in the case of Unity, whether it is FCS, Oredy, KYB, or any similar brand, the warranty is limited. 

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Unity Struts Comparison to the Competition 

Monroe Struts

Monroe Struts

If you have been into this automotive or strut market for a decent length of time, you must have heard about Monroe. It is one of the top strut brands which have been producing nothing but quality products.

Like Unity, this brand also launches pre-assembled struts and they are very easy to install as well.

The comfort level of these struts is the same as Unity, it is hard to find the difference between these two in terms of comfort. 

Their struts absorb the bumps and shock pretty nicely and make you feel very little to no bump at all. 

And as long as reliability is concerned, both of these brands are almost the same. 

But in one feature Monroe outshines the Unity which is the price. Monroe struts come at an affordable price. This is one feature that Unity lacks.

Apart from that, both of these brands are pretty much the same. 

KYB Struts

KYB Struts

KYB struts are great for rougher terrains, if you ride on harsh bumpy roads most often then KYB struts are a perfect pick. 

The way KYB struts are designed, they can absorb even the harshest bump or shock. And lets the vehicle feel very minimal shock, delivering great comfort to the user. 

Like Monroe, KYB struts also come at a very reasonable price and still offer great value. Their low price doesn’t reflect on their product quality.

Alternative to Unity Struts

Alternative to Unity Struts

There are a few alternatives of Unity Struts that you can choose which are… FCS, KYB, TRQ, Monroe, and Oredy. There are a bunch of other struts companies as well which produce similar struts. 

But since these 4 are popular and have a reputation for their top-notch product quality people tend to choose them more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. who makes unity struts?

Unity struts are made by Unity Automotive. There aren’t any third-party manufacturers, all Unity parts are made and tested by Unity Automotive. 

2. Where are unity struts made?

Unity struts are made in China. 

3. Are unity struts any good?

Yes, unity struts are good. Plus, their struts are priced reasonably even after taking good care of quality. The low price of Unity doesn’t reflect on their product performance. To sum it up, you get a good return on the investment. 

4. Are unity struts made in China?

Yes, unity struts are mainly made in China, but now there have factories in some other countries but the root is China. 

5. What brand of struts is the best?

There are a couple of strut brands that deliver top-notch products which are…

  • FCS.
  • OREDY.
  • KYB.
  • Monroe.
  • Unity. 


That is it, hope you find this piece of unity brand struts reviews helpful. To put it very simply, Unity struts are decent, they are not the best, and nor they are bad. You will get a good return on your investment. 

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