Undercover Ultra Flex VS BAKFlip MX4! Which is Best

In the world of tonneau covers, you should always look for the best one. But it may occur that you get confused between two great options. In that situation, I have got you covered. Elaborating on all the aspects, today, I will take you over to the comparison between Undercover Ultra Flex and BAKFlip MX4 tonneau covers. So, let’s get right in.

Comparison in the Undercover Ultra Flex and BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

Comparison Table of Undercover Ultraflex and Bakflip MX4

Entities Ultra Flex MX4
Material  Durable Aluminum Heavy-duty Aluminum
Weight Rating 400lbEvenly distributed 400lbEvenly distributed
Warranty  5 years 5 years
Panel Core Good density Good density
Panel Finish Matte Black Premium Matte finish
Dent/Ding resistant Standard Dent Resistant No Dent Resistant
UV Resistant Not mentioned Premium UV Resistant
Installation 45 minutes 30 minutes

Difference between undercover ultra flex and BAKFlip mx4 in Details

Now, let’s get into the detailed difference between both these products. There are a lot of aspects on which we can differentiate both of these products. So, let’s compare them!

Difference between undercover ultra flex & BAKFlip


First of all, let’s talk about the design of both these products. Now, as I mentioned in the comparison table, BAKFlip MX4 is not a dent-resistant option, whereas Undercover Ultra Flex is dent resistant. So, what plays an important role here? Well, it is not just about the material but also the design. Well, both these covers are designed very well in terms of functionality, load distribution (same for both), and durability. 

But Undercover has a plus point here because it is dent resistant. Otherwise, both of them have a great finish on the exterior. Keep noted that MX4 is UV resistant, but Ultra Flex does not. So, in terms of design, there are trade-offs. MX4 feels kind of robust, though!


Undercover Ultra Flex Tonneau Cover Installation
Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover Installation

Now comes the exciting part. Do not worry about hiring a guy to get it installed. Rather the process is so easy, and you can do it on your own. But for the sake of comparison, let’s find out which one gives a better installation time!

Now, as you would have seen in the comparison table, the installation time for MX4 is significantly lesser than Ultra Flex. Although you get a nice explanation as well for both, the process is easier for MX4. Maybe you can watch the installation guide videos on both and decide for yourself on this factor.

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When we are talking about security, it is mostly about the latching system. But I will also include protection factors in it. Now, when it comes to the latches, both of these tonneau covers offer a good security system. Your cargo gets secured under the cover, and the functionality of latches is also fine for both. BAKFlip, although it offers an automatic latch system.

But when it comes to the protection aspect, mostly it is from weather and water. Although both of these products claim to have great seals protect against water, still there are complaints. You can assume that full water protection does not come under that price, but water resistance is important.

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undercover ultra flex and BAKFlip mx4 Instruction Manual

Manual is something that acts as your partner during installation. Apart from everything, the manuals for both the products are very user-friendly. Everything you need to know is explained very well on them, along with graphical illustrations.

So, even if you need the details of parts or a detailed understanding of the procedure, you can find that from the manual.

When you look at the manual of MX4, it is pretty concise, with everything explained precisely. But when you go for Ultra Flex, you will see a pretty well-explained and lengthy manual. Of course, it will take your time to understand everything on that manual as compared to the MX4.


Both the companies offer you a US-based troubleshooting service. That means if you come across any problem while having any of these tonneau covers, you can readily find an expert to help you. You can also find online guides for the problems you face. But it is better to refer to customer support service to obtain a better solution.

Other than that, when we talk about the warranty, you get a hassle-free 5-year warranty with both these products. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the life of service of the product.


Difference problem in undercover ult

When we talk about the problems of both these tonneau covers, there is an important aspect to note, and it is about consistency. Yeah, you need consistency in features and functionality. But at some point, with a very low probability, both these products lack consistency.

Now, a very big problem that is observed in the case of both these tonneau covers is leakage. This issue is especially observed in Undercover Ultra Flex. This problem needs to be improved for both these products. Also, these products might have superficial-quality components that may cause a problem. But these issues are not consistent. 

Best Price

Well, surprisingly, the prices for both the tonneau covers are nearly the same. But the price of BAKFlip MX4 is a bit higher. If we generally talk about the prices, then according to my perspective, the price is good. Looking at the features that you get in both these products makes the prices quite reasonable.

Thus, if you are having any of these tonneau covers, you can cherish the true value of the money that you are paying. Moreover, the prices are already great, and you can find these covers at these prices from any of your desired stores, I guess. But you will find great deals on Amazon.


Which of the undercover- and backflip MX4 is the most reliable?

Now comes the important part; reliability. Mostly, I declare this factor based on the customer remarks and rating. Also, in the language of math, we usually prefer results from a bigger sample space. Undoubtedly, MX4 is sold more than Ultra Flex, and that difference is significant. Moreover, the customer rating is also better in the case of MX4. Therefore, the reliability is better for MX4 than Ultra Flex.

My Opinion

My opinion about for backflip and undercover

Let’s get on to my opinion on this comparison. I would personally go for BAKFlip MX4 due to many reasons. The first thing to justify my point is reliability. Now, how would you know about the reliability of a certain product? Well, the best way is to go practical. Look for the reviews of users and the ratings. 

MX4 is better at both aspects. Therefore, when it comes to reliability, it wins. Secondly, when we compare the leakage protection performance, MX4 performs better, and it has lesser complaints.

The next aspect at which I am comparing both these products is the installation. The installation time is also important when you are comparing two tonneau covers. MX4 takes 30 minutes, whereas Ultra Flex takes 45 minutes to get installed properly. Therefore, MX4 wins here as well.

When it comes to UV protection, you will find that MX4 is a UV-resistant tonneau cover, whereas Ultra Flex is not (at least they did not mention it).

Now, when we talk about dent resistance, Ultra-Flex offers it, but MX4 does not mention it. Although both use great quality aluminum panels, we will give this point to Ultra Flex.

There is an automatic latch system in MX4, but it is not offered in Ultra Flex. Now, the automatic latch system is a pretty good feature as it saves your time and enhances the functionality of protection as well. Therefore, MX4 wins here as well.

When we look at the problems of both, Ultra-Flex has more prominent problems. Although both of them do not show consistent issues, if you ask for the better one, then it is MX4.

I have seen many tonneau covers. There are even good competitors as well, like Tyger. It has some incredible features that you would not find in both these tonneau covers. 

But for the price that you are paying, you get a pretty good deal. So, looking at all the aspects, whether they are related to the product or dealing with the product, MX4 is a better option.

Summary of My Opinion

Now, let’s summarize all that I have explained above. So, when it comes to the installation, reliability, performance, protection, etc. MX4 performs better. Although the difference is not very high as we are making a comparison right now so, I think that we should talk about a legit and authentic analysis with close differences as well.

Therefore, if we compare both these products, BAKFlip MX4 wins on many grounds. So, I would recommend you go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will now add some frequently asked questions to address your general queries.

  1. Which one of Ultra Flex and BAKFlip MX4 offers a better installation time?

Although the installation process is easy in the case of both these tonneau covers, BAKFLip MX4 wins the round by offering an installation time of just 30 minutes. Whereas, Ultra-Flex by Undercover takes 45 minutes for installation.

2. Can I stand on a tonneau cover?

Tonneau covers are not made to hold a concentrated load. Also, this kind of load can significantly damage the folding and integrity of the product. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not stand on it.

3. Which one of Ultra Flex and BAKFlip MX4 has a better finish?

When it comes to the finish, nothing beats premium matte finishing. You get this finishing in BAKFlip MX4. Thus, BAKFlip MX4 offers a better finish. Also, Ultra-Flex has a matte black finish that is also pretty eye-catching.

4. Can I have 100% bed access with a tonneau cover on?

Yes, of course, you can. Even when we are talking about these two tonneau covers, MX4 and Ultra Flex, you should know that they offer you full bed access. You can even fold the whole thing to have full bed access.

5. Does tonneau cover improve the mileage?

Well, it is a pretty important aspect. If you are talking about the physics involved in this process, you can take it towards aerodynamics. Adding a cover to your bed can improve your truck’s aerodynamics, and thus, it leads to lesser drag. Therefore, the mileage gets improved by around 10% to 14%.

6. Do I get water protection with these tonneau covers?

Yes, mostly, they are water-resistant. In our case, Ultra-Flex claims to be water-resistant, but MX4 does not. When you have your cargo under the cover, you often want it to be secured from moisture and rain. To make it happen, the tonneau cover should be water-resistant.

7. What are the benefits of tonneau covers?

Tonneau covers offer a wide range of benefits. They can improve the mileage of your car. But that’s not what you by tonneau covers specifically for. Rather, tonneau covers keep your truck bed protected and help in protecting your cargo. Therefore, tonneau covers have significant purposes.

8. How can I secure my cargo on the truck bed?

If you are worried about securing your cargo on the truck bed, then why don’t you try a tonneau cover. It has seals to protect from leakage and great material and construction to protect from any external effect.                                                      

Wrapping Up

I have tried to provide an honest comparison so that you could decide in a better way. But, let me tell you that if you want satisfaction, you should not get biased. Rather, you should look for yourself and ignore my opinion first. Decide what is better for you and then look at my opinion as well. I recommend you never settle for something that you are not comfortable with.

If you have anything to say or you want to ask anything, then do mention that in the comment section below. I wish you good luck in the purchasing phase. Have an incredible day!

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