Undercover Swing Case Truck Bed Toolbox Review! In-Depth Analysis

If you want to organize your hardware and things properly in your truck, then all that you need is an undercover swing case truck bed toolbox. And, if you need a fit for fits 2015-2020 Ford F-150 driver side, then this is your product.

There can be many of them in the market. So, to find the best one, you have just landed in the right spot. Because in this article, I will take you over to the in-depth analysis of the undercover swing case truck bed toolbox. So, let’s get started!

How to choose right swing case truck bed toolbox?
Right swing case truck bed toolbox

Undercover Swing Case Truck Bed Toolbox Features

Before moving forward, I want to get you through the features of this amazing toolbox. Earlier knowledge of a product’s features helps a lot in developing interest in the product. So, to have your attention throughout, have a look at the exciting features!

The first thingthat you get with this toolbox is sufficient clearance. This clearance is around 3-inches. Thus, it makes the whole actuation process a lot easier.

The second thing about this incredible product is the compatibility in terms of the tonneau cover. Whether you have softcover or any other type like folding, hard, or rolling, this toolbox goes amazingly. 

The third thing is about swinging. This toolbox provides great accessibility because it can swing up to 180 degrees for your ease and convenience. This also lets you have maximum bed access.

The next exciting feature is about the capacity. When you talk about the capacity in terms of weight, you have good numbers; 75lbs.

Finally, the installation is pretty amazing and interesting. You do not have to go into cumbersome procedures and steps. Rather you can just install it right away.

So, these were the prominent features. But guess what, I haven’t revealed everything up till yet. In fact, there is a lot beneath. So, keep reading. Let’s move toward the advantages and disadvantages of having this product.

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Here are some advantages that you will cherish if you go for this undercover swing case truck bed toolbox. So, here you go!

  • ABS plastic with other inclusions of robust material and solid construction makes it tougher, durable, and long-lasting.
  • You can open it with or without a key, depending on your convenience.
  • The moisture seal inside helps in keeping the equipment inside the box safe from the impact of moisture.
  • There is good accessibility as well as the installation process is pretty easy.
  • Allows both driver and passenger side placements.


Let’s have a look at some disadvantages as well because nothing is fully perfect. Let’s be brave to face the trade-offs while buying a product.

  • It cannot handle a very high load because of the design and construction.
  • The quality of hinges can be improved. Or maybe consistency in quality may not be absolute.
  • Some general issues were faced by just a few customers. It would be due to production flaws in a random manner.

My Opinion

My opinion for truck bed toolbox in Swing case
My Opinion

Let’s get onto my opinion on this product. I will try to put things in front of you related to experience and knowledge. So, here you go!

Talking about the upsides, first, I will start up with the installation process. So, the installation process is a piece of cake. Using an adjustable wrench and Torx bit on a screwdriver, you can install it easily in just 15 minutes. Sounds amazing, right?

The next important thing that matters is the space inside it. Well, you will be surprised because it gives you more than what you expect. So, if you go in order, you can put a lot of your stuff inside it.

To top it off, this cool toolbox does not affect the space as well. I mean, you do not have to worry about it covering more space because you can still get full bed access with this toolbox installed.

You can put your tools and hiking gear inside it and keep it protected. Not just that, you will also be saving your truck bed from damage by not directly putting your stuff on it.

When it comes to its construction, the body is pretty robust. It is made of ABS plastic that plays a great role in making it durable and robust. The design is pretty amazing, and along with the material, you have a long-lasting box.

Now, it is important to discuss its load-bearing capacity as well. This toolbox can hold up to 75lbs of weight quite easily.

Also, when it comes to locking, this box becomes a secure thing for you that you can open with or without a key.

Lastly, it goes with any tonneau cover that you could think of. Let it be soft, hard, folding, rolling, etc. So, there is a lot that you get in this product.

Now, let’s move on to the downsides of it.

So, there is nothing, in particular, that is absolute in terms of flaws. Rather, these flaws occur rarely. The load-bearing capacity is not much. So, do not expect a lot from it. Because even it is a great box, there are some limitations.

The quality of hinges in this box can also be improved. Other than that, if overall consistency is maintained, the product is pretty good.

Summary of My Opinion

I would definitely go with this product again and again because it has huge upsides with very low downsides. There are many interesting features like easy installation, robustness, capacity, accessibility, etc. These features make this product a great option. Although there are some bad reviews by some people, the overall rating speaks in favor of this product. So, you should also go for it.

Now, let’s separately discuss the aspects for better clarification!

Undercover swing case truck bed toolbox installation

Best installation guide for Undercover truck bed toolbox
Installation Guide

You can have a look at the installation guide. It is so well explained in a precise manner. Usually, people take 10-15 mins to install it. Because everything is pretty straightforward with graphical representation. I like the explaining style of the manual. But by any chance, if you are unable to understand the manual, you can find installation guides on YouTube as well. So, don’t worry about that at all.

One thing that I want to mention here about the installation is that you should pay special attention while doing it. Because you will not be doing it again and again, so, do it properly.

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Swing case toolbox parts

Good toolbox parts in swing case
Toolbox Parts

This toolbox can allow you to not only put your tools inside it but you can also secure your hiking gear in it. The hardware includes two aluminum spacers, 3 Torx bolts T40, three lock washers, three assembly nuts ½ Hex”, truck bracket, and striker bracket. Other than that, there is a box that you call your swing case toolbox.

Now, looking at these parts, we can clearly see that simple equipment is involved. So, you do not have to worry about the parts as well as the installation because I know that you can handle both.

Undercover swing case replacement parts

Undercover swing case replacement toolbox parts
Swing case replacement parts

Looking at the parts of this swing case in the previous section, one thing is pretty clear that the parts are pretty simple. But if somehow, you happen to damage your parts or lose them, you can have them from the market as well. Mostly, you may need to look for the nuts and bolts. Even if you need brackets as well, I hope they will be available in the market as well. Because I think it’s no big deal. Moreover, a swing case is quite a famous accessory, so you don’t have to worry about availability.

Undercover swing case lock

The lock is pretty interesting on it. Usually, you don’t look for extra protection in the case of toolboxes. They should be properly closed, and that’s what matters most. But, if you want a properly secured box, then this one may help.

First off, it has a lock that is secure and can be opened with or without a key. That means it is totally up to your convenience. Also, the moisture sealing works effectively against moisture and protects the equipment inside from the environment. Thus, you get proper protection by having this swing case.

Swing case problems

How to solve swing case problem?
Swing case problems

Here I will share something that already happened. Driving a truck on a rough road with a normal speed of 30-40 mph caused a problem once. The three mounting screws had completely ripped the sheet metal, and there was nothing that it was grabbing. This may not be a consistent issue, but it occurred once.

Also, the hinges can be improved in terms of quality. Other than that, its load-bearing capacity is quite limited. The load-bearing capacity can also be improved. Other than that, the problems are not consistent; rather, they are pretty rare. So, I think there is no need to worry about it.

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Swing case alternative

What is the best alternative to swing case?
Swing case alternative

This swing case fits the 2015-2020 Ford F-150 driver side. There are other alternatives as well, but they are compatible with other trucks. They all are undercover. You may also find other brands, but this is the most popular one. You can go for SC205D that fits Ford F-250/F-350, SC302D that fits Dodge Ram.

But, if you are asking for other brands, then there is LucaSng. But I would always prefer undercover. It is quite popular, reliable, durable, and comes with exciting features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now, I will add some frequently asked questions to help you understand more about the product and answer your general queries. So, let’s get right in!

Are swing cases universal?

Well, there is no harm in installing a swing case on any of your trucks. But to avoid size variations, you should look specifically. I mean that you will get different models for different trucks.

How do you install a truck swing case?

The installation is pretty easy and takes a few minutes. You will get a manual with the case, and I have also mentioned that above. Basically, you mount the sheet metal brackets and then mount your box. See the manual; if you do not understand, watch a video on YouTube.

Are swing cases safe?

Well, it depends on the context in which you are asking this question. Undercover swing cases are very safe from moisture as well as they are secure due to the locking system.

How do you attach a toolbox to a Bedliner?

There is a series of steps that you have to follow in this procedure. First off, make the necessary arrangements in terms of tools and stuff. Secondly, locate the spot and assemble the box. Next, fit the foam padding and align your toolbox. Now, bolt the holes and tighten the box. After the final touches, it is done!

What is the best swing case?

I would prefer undercover because of the features and reliability that it offers. Moreover, it is pretty durable as well to stay for longer. 

Do swing cases cover an area of the truck bed?

I think that it is not an issue. Because when you focus on the word swing, you may see that it is like a rocker. You can push it against the inner wall of the truck and even bring it out to use maximum space of the bed.

How much does a swing case cost?

A swing case usually costs you around $200 on average. The prices may vary, but you can get a good-quality swing for this price.

Wrapping Up

Now, it is time to wrap it up. I have seen other brands, but I liked undercover the most. Owing to its amazing features and everything that comes with it. You should properly look into every aspect as well as you should consider your requirements. After careful considerations, make a choice.

I have tried to equip you with all the necessary information. If you have anything to say, please mention that in the comment section below and let us know. I wish you good luck in the purchasing phase. Have a great day!

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