Tyger t5 Tonneau Cover Reviews | In-depth Analysis

Your beautiful truck needs a robust cover for a number of reasons. If you own 2014-2018 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 1500; 2019 LD Limited, then this is your product. Owing to its number of awesome features like good load distribution, theft protection, and easy installation, etc., it does the job quite well.

Considering all the details today, I will take you over to the in-depth analysis of the Tyger t5 tonneau cover. So, let’s dive right in!

Tyger t5 Tonneau Cover Features

Before going into the details, let’s discuss things explicitly. So, first off, let me get you through the features of this product for a better demystification.

Tyger t5 bed cover review
Tyger t5 cover
  1. The first thing that is pretty amazing about this product is the material. The heavy-duty alloy panel makes it sturdy. Along with that, the textured black coating elevates the level.
  2. The second feature that I found very intriguing is its locking system. The secure locking of this cover is unique because it clamps with stainless steel rods. Thus, it offers a very secure locking system.
  3. The next exciting feature about this cover is its weathertight sealing because it protects your valuable stuff. Hence, you do not have to worry about the weather.
  4. The next thing under the spotlight is the installation process which is quite easy for this cover. The method is pretty straightforward and will take you just 5 minutes.
  5. The next feature is the even load distributionthat makes it quite a sustainable product.

Tyger t5 Truck Bed Cover Advantages

You might have heard about “perks of having this/that…”. So, what are the perks of having Tyger t5 tonneau cover? Let’s find out!

  • The aircraft-grade alloy takes the strength to a whole new level.
  • Load distribution is very important when you are buying bed covers; this product covers this aspect beautifully.
  • The installation process takes five minutes of yours.
  • The security feature is exceptional to keep your stuff safe.
  • The seal is also quite effective in keeping your cargo safe from the environment.
  • Pre-set tension control elevates your experience.
  • The fabric on top is of top quality to provide extra protection.

Tyger t5 Truck Bed Cover Disadvantages

Let’s discuss some cons as well because nothing is fully perfect, and there are always downsides to a product.

  • The rear handles that hold the tonneau can be improved in terms of strength.
  • The size may feel a little conservative in some cases. Therefore, look for the dimensions before buying it.
  • The watertight feature may turn out to be superficial sometimes, depending on the weather.
  • Back clamps are difficult to use.

My Opinion About Tyger Auto t5 Tonneau Cover

How good is the Tiger T5 cover for the truck?
My Opinion for tyger t5 cover

Now, let’s come on to my opinion about this product. This product has a lot of upsides with very few downsides. So, first off, I will discuss the upsides.

First of all, I would like to mention the installation procedure because according to in me, it matters a lot. When you open the package, the process is pretty self-explanatory. Thus, it turns out to be very handy. It takes just 5 minutes to install, isn’t it amazing.

Secondly, I am a huge fan of the material used in this product. The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy panel sandwiching thick PC polymers ensures maximum protection. Not just that, the design is quite interesting as well. 500lbs of the load is evenly distributed all across this cover to make it an effective piece. 

Good design is responsible for improving the fuel cost by up to 13%. Isn’t it amazing? 

Thirdly, this whole unit comes pre-assembled to save your time. Thus, for quick and easy no-drilling installation, it offers a quick-release clamping system.

Keep in mind that for installation, you will have to remove the bedside rails and cargo racks. Also, you will have to drill small holes in the case of vehicles with over-the-bedrail bed liners.

Moreover, I love the weathertight sealing that keeps your stuff protected against all kinds of weather conditions.

Now, let’s come onto the downsides of this product that are so few that you don’t have to worry about the reliability of this product. In fact, you should go for it.

If the company improves the rear handles, rear clamps, and their functionality, the 100% functionality of the watertight sealing, and the dimensional tolerances, then this product would get on a whole new level.

Therefore, if you consider the comparison, then this is definitely a product to go for. If you see the customer rating, you will only find positive remarks most of the time.

Summary of My Opinion

This product is great in terms of material, design, functionality, and life. Moreover, the installation process is also pretty easy. If they improve some areas like rear clamps and dimensions, then this will be arguably the best product. But it still it is an exceptional option for you if you are looking for an incredible cover.

Tyger Roll-up Tonneau Cover Reviews in Details

Tyger t5 roll-up tonneau cover reviews

Roll-up covers are a great help because they enhance the functionality of the covers. You can either use it to cover the bed of your truck or cover it up to use the bed of your truck. When it comes to the Tyger roll-up tonneau cover, it just takes that experience to a whole new level.

It is pretty easy to single-handedly operate this amazing cover. You can roll it back in seconds to enhance the functionality of your truck bed.

Tyger t5 tonneau cover Design

Let’s talk explicitly about the design of this product. If you ask me, I would tell you that it is pretty mesmerizing. Firstly, it has a perfect evenly distributed load of 500lbs that makes it quite stable for your truck bed.

Not just that, its amazing function that caters for the air drag and enhances the fuel efficiency by roughly 13% is very intriguing as well. Not just that, the material is super cool. It is an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to manage weight with strength. The strong honeycomb structure over it enhances the robustness. Thus, overall, the design is incredible.

Tyger t5 truck bed cover installation

When it comes to the installation of this cover, it is simply a piece of cake. Because on average, it takes 5 minutes to install this cover over your truck bed. The installation is tool-free. You might feel a little difficult in the instructions, but when you open the box, you will realize that everything is pretty straightforward.

How to setup Tyger truck bed cover?
Tyger bed cover installation

Thus, you don’t have to work a lot while installing this cover over your truck bed.

Tyger t5 tonneau cover security

Now let’s get on to the security that it provides. Honestly, the locks are of pretty good quality, and you have a pretty secure closure with the Tyger t5 tonneau cover. The clamps with stainless steel rods ensure higher durability along with a secure locking mechanism. Thus, it provides relatively better security, and you can relax.

Tyger t5 truck bed tonneau cover manual

Tyger t5 tonneau bed cover manual
Tyger t5 cover manual

When I looked at the manual of this cover, it seemed quite straightforward to me because all the instructions were supported with graphics. I think graphics are very helpful in enhancing your learning. Therefore, you should not worry about the manual as well. You can check out the information and apply it to come up with timeless results.

Tyger t5 tonneau cover troubleshooting 

Whenever you face any trouble while using the Tyger t5 tonneau cover or installing it, I would recommend you see the instructions provided first and then try to find the solution. If you still cannot trace it or solve it, you should try reaching out to the professionals from Tyger. They will surely help you out. But keep in mind that usually, these companies provide this kind of service in specific regions.

Tyger t5 truck bed cover problems

The problem that some customers faced were related to the rear clamp and rear handle as they have some limitations. First off, the rear handle is not of great quality, and therefore, you might find it superficial. Also, the rear clamps are not perfect. Moreover, you should make sure about the measurements to avoid regretting them afterward. Because sometimes, you may find the product differing in dimensions to ruin the fit. Therefore, do proper work before spending your money.

You can read our latest guide about how to make your tonneau cover look new.

Tyger t5 truck bed tonneau cover water test

Let’s talk about the water test of this cover. Now, if you separately test this cover, then it will give great results against water owing to its incredible material. But here, our concern is protection against water. That is basically when you install it and place your cargo under it; you want to know that how well it defends against water.

Honestly, no cover provides 100% protection, but the watertight sealing of this cover protects your truck bed against extreme weather. Not just that, it protects your stuff from weather effects. But I once again repeat that it will not provide 100% protection against water and somehow, that water can manage to penetrate.

Tyger tonneau cover replacement parts

When you go to buy something, especially related to automobiles, you make sure whether its spare/replacement parts are easily available or not. This is a very important aspect. So, when we talk about the Tyger tonneau cover replacement parts, I can assure you that you can find them quite easily on the internet. So, do not worry about this aspect because these parts are readily available in online stores at good prices.

Best replacement parts for Tyger Tonneau cover
Tyger t5 cover replacement parts

You may also find these parts from the market. Just compare the prices and go for the product that comes at a good price.

Tyger t5 truck cover alternative

Now, let’s talk about the alternatives. In this session, I will discuss the variants of Tyger that you can find easily in the market. They are Tyger Auto T1 and T3 Tonneau Cover. So, T1 is basically your soft roll-up cover, whereas T3 is a soft tri-fold variant. T1 takes 30 mins to install, whereas T3 takes just 5 minutes of tool-free installation. T1 has a pull cable latch system, while T3 has quick-release clamps. The tension control in T1 is adjustable, whereas it is pre-set in T3. So, overall, T3 is a better variant than T1. 

Other than that, we all know that T5 is better than both of the above alternatives. But if you do not find T5, then I would recommend you T3 because it is close to T5. If you don’t love Tyger auto, you can choose Bakflip Mx4 Tonneau Cover or Gator truck bed tonneau cover. Gator, Bakflip are also good brands and Mx4 better than Tyger auto t5. If you want to check out our latest list of tonneau cover in the recent market, you can check it out our top 10 tonneau cover list.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Tyger tonneau covers good?

They are simply unmatched. Whether it is the design, material, or installation procedure, they are just spot-on. Therefore, you can trust these covers for your purpose.

2. How do you protect a tonneau cover?

Always wash them with water. Once done with washing, you should dry them by patting the surface dry gently. You can also use a convertible top cleaner. The method may vary depending on how passionate you are about cleaning them.

3. How do you put on a tonneau cover?

There are instruction manuals and installation guides available. Carefully read the instructions and watch videos to ease down the installation procedure, and that’s it.

4. Can tonneau covers go through a carwash?

Yes, tonneau covers can go through a carwash. But they are mostly soft tonneau covers that go through carwash quite easily. So, keep that note.

5. Which one is better, roll-up or tri-fold?

Roll-up is great when you want to use your truck bed as cargo and also want to use the bed quite a lot. But, if you have to use it mostly for cargo, then go for the tri-fold option.

6. Do tonneau covers improve MPG?

Yes, they do. Even experts say that to enhance the MPG of your vehicle; you should use tonneau covers. On average, they improve this percentage by around 10%.

Wrapping Up

I have mentioned all that you should know before buying the Tyger t5 tonneau cover. I hope that this review will help you a lot in buying this product with confidence. Please take my advice and never settle for something that you are uncomfortable with. So, keep all the important aspects in mind and make a purchase.

If you have to say something, then do mention that in the comment section below. I wish you good luck in the purchasing phase. Have a wonderful day!

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