Truxedo Truxport Review! In-Depth Analysis

The weather, unless you’re a truck driver, is your worst opponent. Thousands of dollars’ worth of damage or loss are caused each year by rain and snow, in particular. Truck drivers must think outside of the box to find the best answer in these situations. We believe the Truxedo truXport soft roll-up truck bed cover could be the solution you are looking for. No worries, as we are here with a Truxedo Truxport reviewto make things easier.

We did our fair share of research and found that it could be the most innovative way to solve the bad weather situation. Besides, what can a mere human do against something like nature? What a human can do is accept the case and take safe measurements. Keep reading to learn more about the bed cover.

Truxedo truXport soft truck bed cover review
Truxedo truXport truck bed cover

Truxedo truxport soft roll-up truck bed tonneau cover features

When we thought of this situation, we took time to understand the product and, upon research about truxedo tonneau cover reviews, we found many things. In particular, the features are on par with the best available examples in the market, and you can also figure that out by reading the following items:

Truxedo truxport truck bed tonneau cover features
Truxedo TruXport Cover Features
  • It does a great job of covering the entire area of your bed and protecting it from theft. Moreover, the truxedo truxport bed cover enhances aerodynamics and reduces drag. It significantly improves the gas mileage.
  • Thanks to its high-quality thick leather embossed vinyl, the bed remains completely intact despite harsh conditions. Moreover, moisture can hardly pass through this unique bed cover.
  • The Truxedo truxport bed cover has a 1.5” hard frame that allows the cover to remain sturdy despite rough terrain and weather. It is also capable of holding it in a high wind situation if it is not a typhoon.
  • This splendid bed cover has a clamp system and an easy roll mechanism. So, you don’t have to use any tools or drills to work with it. All you need is a few minutes of your time and to follow the manufacturer’s steps.
  • You can manually set the cover tension to ensure 0 exposure to wind/water/snow. Moreover, thanks to its almost hardcover, it can withstand several inches of snow.
  • The entire bed has been designed to attach to the tailgate, so to open the bed, all you must do is unlatch the tailgate and then unlatch a few clamps. Now roll the bed according to your needs.
  • It comes with dual paddle latches, which are both at the back of the bed. If you unlatch them, the entire thing comes off smoothly. Moreover, the pre-tension control is also there for your quick adjustments.

These are not the only features, there are a lot more, but we think these are the ones that are suitable for any truck user. You can not only use this to cover the truck bed occasionally. Moreover, you can use it to cover goods from harsh weather.

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Truxedo Truxport soft roll-up truck bed cover advantages

No matter what type of product or item you use, there are always advantages and disadvantages. In the Truxedo Truxport case, we think you should know the advantages to get clear about the product. Well, the features and advantages are also a part of what makes it different from others. Those are:

  • A robust 1.5 “frame allows the bed to remain straight and, thanks to the easy latch system, it stays in its place and does not wobble.
  • The tension adjuster allows the bed to isolate itself from the truck.
  • The Truxedo truxport design is unique because it comes with a supported bow that helps it withstand layers of snow.
  • It is easy to install, and there is no need for drills or tools. Just an easy latching system, and you are good to go with your truck bed cover.
  • The tucked tonneau cover has a sturdy and straightforward look that enhances the aesthetics of the entire vehicle.

Truxedo Truxport soft roll-up truck bed cover disadvantages

Well, everything comes with disadvantages. This product also has some drawbacks that are not ignorable. We thought it would be helpful for you to understand the product. Those are:

  • It takes a lot of time to adjust and connect the cover to the truck bed.
  • The entire process of fixing the bed is manual, so sometimes, it is tiresome to do the work.
  • It is a softcover which is a little risky in terms of carrying heavy rolling objects.

Our Opinion

My-Opinion For Truxedo-truXport Cover Review

You can already understand that the Truxedo Truxport soft roll-up truck bed tonneau covers are a splendid product. It comes with all the necessary qualities that can easily make anyone buy it. Well, here are the reasons why we chose to write a Truxedo Truxport truck bed cover review in particular.

It has a unique way of latching that does not require any drills or tools. Usually, most truck bed covers need extra equipment or a professional to attach them. But it is different from all the others as all the latches are easy to fix once you do the work. You can easily open it and close it by rolling it.

The top of the bed cover may look hard, but it is soft. Yet, thanks to its support bows, it can easily withstand snowfall. Imagine a soft truck bed cover that can withstand inches of snow and even brutal wind blasts.

Well, these are some excellent qualities that you may love about any tuck bed. Moreover, it comes with a lot of positive influence. It is a good quality product with an extraordinary build quality. Thanks to precise locations, taking off or opening the cover is much easier than attaching the entire thing.

Yes, it might take up to 30 minutes, but those minutes are all worth it because there are very few good quality Tonneau Covers available on the market. While writing the Review, we learned a lot of things.

In particular, despite being a manual bed cover, it has a lot of potential thanks to its mechanism. It has a lot to offer, though it has a minor flaw in that it is manual. However, it does live up to its name and works quite nicely.

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Truxedo truxport design

The design of the truck bed cover is unique. It resembles a hardtop, yet it is a soft one. Moreover, it can perfectly fit into the truck bed. It works so well that no water or wind can enter. The bed cover also has a different approach to its build quality. Thanks to the manufacturer, it has high-quality leather compressed with vinyl. It makes the bed look both classy and provides a cleaner look.

The frame is robust thanks to its aluminum construction and 1.5” base. The entire bed looks strong and does not feel wobbly.

Truxedo truxport installation process

Truxedo truxport best installation process for truck
Installation process

You may think it is tough to install a truck bed cover. Some of the bed covers are very hard to install, but not this one. It is remarkable, and it has almost everything with it. So, when you are installing it on your truck bed, all you must do is correctly set the latches. It may take around 30 minutes to complete the entire process. But it will be worth it after you see the truck bed.

First, truxedo truxport installation is a simple task. You have to follow the user manual, and there you will find all the descriptions accordingly. It also states that you will need no help. A single person is enough to do the assembly. A quick roll of the design also made it easier to install.

Truxedo truxport problems troubleshooting tips

If you try to point out problems, you can find a lot in any product type. But no worries, as today, while writing the Truxedo Truxport review, we have pinpointed a few problems and troubleshooting. Those are:

  • The rubber seal may get loose due to extensive use. So, the suggestion would be to open the bed and close it gently. If you take care of the bed cover, then it will last for a long time.
  • The latches are good, but sometimes they might need some oil to work correctly. For example, if you wet your bed in rain or water, the levers will get soaked. If you keep the lever soaked for days, it might get ruined. For that reason, it is wise to clean the area and then use oil to keep the mechanism smooth.
  • Don’t let the snow cover 4 or 5 inches deep. It can ruin the bed cover. Yes, this bed cover can withstand snowfall, but remember that it is a softcover. It will never be as strong as fixed ones, so be careful with snowfalls. It can cause liver or latch damage and ruin the tightening mechanism.

Every product has a few problems here and there but remember. Thanks to this manufacturer for their after-sales service, you can fix it if there are any problems.

Truxedo Truxport warranty and policy

5 Years Warranty for Truxedo Truxport
Truck bed Cover warranty

It comes with a 5-year warranty, so if there is any problem with the bed cover. You can easily claim a warranty. However, there are a few conditions that you have to keep in mind. The company will cover the faults of the manufacturer but not any problems created by you or nature.

If the product faces any manufacturer problem, Such as not rolling, latch not working, the tightener is jammed, then the company will take things into their own hands and work on them. Moreover, you can even relax and let them do their work. However, if you ruin any item, you have to buy the replacement, and the company will attach it for you.

Truxedo Truxport best price in context with others

There are a lot of companies that are making high-quality truck bed covers. But not all have the perfect price offerings. You see, affordability is also an important issue if you are thinking of buying something. Especially if you are willing to attach something that will be on the back of your truck, it will have heavy usage on daily matters.

Thinking about those issues, the company became thoughtful and provided some of the best prices. It is an excellent bargain if you ask us. The market is saturated enough with different bed covers, but none have this aggressive pricing as it has.

It has an offering price of 299.00 $

Two hundred ninety-nine dollars for a truck bed cover is a great deal, and the company also offers EMI facilities. So, you can now easily order the product and use it. If you compare the price to others while thinking about facilities and features alongside materials, It is a great deal for you in the case of a truck bed cover.

Truxedo truxport alternative one in case

If you think you need an alternative in case the product is not working, then Pro X15 could be a great choice. It has all the necessary items you are seeking, alongside quality materials and safety. That may be from the same company, but it is entirely different.

It looks and feels strong, and the materials are high quality. It can also seal the truck bed entirely from the outside. Meaning you will have no wind or water leaking inside. The cover looks great, as the entire vehicle does.

Though it may cost a little bit higher than the original product, it can be the sole substitution for this unique product.

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Truxedo Truxport tonneau cover Alternatives

If you don’t like Truxedo Truxport tonneau cover, you can choose any of them from my latest products review Bakflip mx4 Tonneau Cover, Tyger auto t5 Tonneau Cover, Gator Tonneau Cover.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is the Truxedo Truxport tonneau cover waterproof?

Yes, but not entirely waterproof. It does abstain from water leaking inside the truck bed. Most of the time, it will protect your goods from rain. But if you fall into a typhoon or high-altitude rain, things may not look good.

2. Do you need any tools to attach the Truxedo Truxport soft roll-up truck bed tonneau cover?

No, there is no need for any tool to attach it. Moreover, you will only need the manual and your hands to do the process. It is simple and easy for anyone to connect all the latches to the truck bed.

3. Can a toddler or a kind stand on the truxedo truxport soft roll-up truck bed tonneau cover?

Well, it is suggested not to stand on the soft truck bed cover, as it can break. Moreover, the frames can hurt anyone if they try to stand on them. So, it is suggested not to stand on the truck bed cover, no matter what person it is.

4. Does the roll option get jammed?

Well, there is no chance of the rolling mechanism getting jammed. As you can see, the entire cover is soft, so it will roll if you move it with your hands. It does not take too much effort and stress to open or close the truck bed cover.

5. Is it worth it for the price?

I think it is worth the price as it offers excellent quality in the context. You can easily afford it as it is only $299 and the facilities and features it offers are unparalleled to anything.

Final Thoughts

While researching different truck bed covers, we have come to know this certain one. It is a great quality product with significant initiatives. It will change the look of your vehicle and provide practical support.

Thanks to its versatile design, it does not leak any water, even if it rains heavily. You can travel through harsh weather carrying your goods without any hassle. The Truxedo Truxport tonneau cover review is something that we did solely out of enthusiasm as vehicle experts. It has also opened a new view for us, as not always high-priced products are good. Sometimes, there are affordable products that are a real bargain.

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  1. Some of the stitching on the Velcro came lose on my Truxedo lo pro.I’ve had it for over 7 years and it looked like it might have weather rotted just a tad. Not unexpected, considering my truck is parked outside in all kinds of weather conditions. Even though it has a lifetime warranty, I didn’t expect much. I called to inquire about the best way to go about getting this fixed. A customer service agent at Truxedo was extremely helpful and took care of everything. Offered a brand new replacement cover. While replacing the cover a rubber grommet snapped of, I called to order a replacement one and once again it was shipped, all free of charge.

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