TRQ Struts Review – In-Depth Analysis

Struts are used to support the weight of your car. Along with that, they ensure a smooth ride by absorbing the surface impacts. Your vehicle’s struts should contain certain features to perform up to expectations. There comes TRQ for you. They offer pretty good features to deliver what you are looking for.

In this session, I will take you over to my reviews on TRQ struts and there will be much more. So, let’s get right in!

TRQ Quick Complete Struts review

General TRQ Struts Features

Without going any further, I want you to go through the features of this product. 

  • First off, the suspension control with these struts is pretty good. Because they ensure a good grab over the system for better control.
  • Secondly, the fit is quite incredible. It is quite similar to OE and for that reason, it offers an incredible fitting.
  • Thirdly, the installation is not a big deal. You can go through a simple process to achieve the final fitting.
  • For longevity, its material plays a great role. The material used is quite good to sustain the surface impacts.
  • Using this set, your tire quality gets maintained because it manages the load in a quite effective way.

Your car’s handling gets better with this set of struts because your suspension gets better.

Trq Struts Pros

Let’s now talk about the pros of having this product.

  • Owing to the suspension control that it ensures; your car’s stability will be improved.
  • The spring design ensures a better ride experience.
  • These struts are long-lasting owing to the material and the design strength.
  • Your car’s bounce and drive get better with it.
  • The control consistency gets improved with these struts.

TRQ Struts Review (Recommended Product)

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TRQ Loaded Quick Complete Strut Spring Mount Assembly

Trq Strut Features

Let’s discuss the features of Loaded Quick Complete Strut Assembly (2pc).

  • The stiffness is just right to make your ride float over bumps and ensure high-class comfort.
  • They are super easy to install and save your time. Moreover, easy installation saves you from further expenditures as well.
  • The value for the money is definitely ensured because you get great quality at an amazing price.
  • If you are looking for an exceptional fit, then these are for you. Just make sure about the compatibility and you will become a fan.
  • The incredible material plays a good role in making them long-lasting.

Trq Strut Cons

  • Here are some cons of having these struts.
  • You have to strictly look for compatibility before buying because it’s not widely compatible.
  • The price range does not come in economical.

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My Opinion About Trq Struts

Now that you have gone through the features, pros, and cons of this product, it is time for my review on it. Well, I have seen a lot of suspension parts and I know, up to a good extent, what it takes to come up with the best suspension. 

Talking about this product, we have two pieces of struts here for right and left. The main advantage of having this product is that it is pretty good when it comes to fitting.

If you have purchased the right compatibility, you will definitely get impressed by the fit. Not just the fitting, they are super easy to install as well. you do not have to go through a lethargic process to do so. Rather, you will find the whole process a piece of cake. 

Once you install them, then comes the performance. You will see a significant change in your experience because the ride will become much smoother than before. Along with that, these struts will help you say goodbye to the noises coming out of your suspension.

Coming to the material, it is a good material to support the design and offer longevity. Thus, these struts do not disappoint you.

Other than that, the spring strength is also quite good to offer the right elasticity and tension. Thus, your ride becomes comfortable, and your suspension gets durable. 

Coming onto the price of this part, it is neither too high nor too low. So, it is kind of a mid-range product. But the quality that you get with this ensures value for the money. 

Looking at the downsides, you will have to look for compatibility because the compatibility of this product is not very broad. Other than that, you may observe a snug fit in one of your struts. One of the lower mounting brackets of the strut was a bit tighter. But these are manufacturing problems usually and they do not have good repeatability. 

Summary Of My Opinion

Long story short, these are good struts to go for. They cover a lot of features for you. Because they offer all the necessary features. So, they will live up to your expectations. The price factor is also not bad here. The material makes it long-lasting. Other than that, the installation is pretty easy. The installation process is pretty decisive because if the process is not easy, you will have to burn the midnight oil to get them installed. Lastly, the downsides are very few and not very impactful. So, all this makes this product a great choice.

Now that you have gone through the review section, it is time to discuss various factors related to struts. 

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Struts

Struts are an important part of your vehicle’s suspension. So, you should know when you need to replace them. Here are five signs that when you come across, you should get your struts replaced.


Your ride becomes bumpy when there is a need to get your struts replaced. You will feel uncomfortable. Remember that suspension plays a great role in the comfort of your car. So, whenever you come across this issue, you should get your struts inspected and replaced.

Handling Issues

The steering performance is highly dependent on the suspension of your vehicle. When you feel it is difficult to handle/operate the steering of your car, that is a sign that your car’s suspension needs an inspection and some replacement if necessary.

Fluid Leaks

If you observe suspension problems in your vehicle, then you should check your struts. It is very likely that there will be fluid leakages. So, if you see any leakages, you should get your struts replaced or repaired (depending on the condition).

Braking Issues

Bad suspension can lead to bad braking performance. If you observe any braking issues, then there is a chance that your struts need a replacement.

Tire Wear

Suspension plays a good role in alignment. If the struts have gone bad, then there will be an effect on your vehicle’s tires as well. So, if you see any unusual wear, you should get your struts inspected.

There can be other signs as well like mileage inefficiency. So, keep track of all this.

TRQ Struts Parts List

The struts primarily consist of two parts:

Coil Spring: The coil spring is responsible for the stability of your car, its height, and supporting weight. 

Shock Absorber: Shock absorbers swallow bumps and play a great role in damping the vibrations.

Other than that, there are built-in brackets and nuts and bolts included.

Installing TRQ Struts on Different Types of Car Models

trq struts

There are some easy and general steps that you need to know before initiating the installation of your TRQ struts. Depending on the vehicle, you can also look for the additional steps provided in the installation manual. Here are the steps for installation:

  • First of all, you should run a quick inspection to see if your suspension needs a strut replacement or not.
  • Next, disconnect a few components and measure the camber angle. 
  • Then, you have to disconnect the end link of your stabilizer bar.
  • Then loosen and remove all the nuts and bolts. 
  • The next step is to separate the strut and knuckle.
  • After that, remove the strut mount nuts. 
  • Now, you can easily remove the strut.
  • Now, install the new strut and reset the angle.
  • Lastly, it is time to align it professionally.

TRQ Struts Longevity

Well, the life of these struts depends on the use and type of road where you ride your vehicle. Struts usually last for a minimum of 50,000 miles. But if the odds go well throughout, this number can reach 100,000 miles. After that, you may observe the symptoms that I mentioned above. 

TRQ struts are designed well. Their material is pretty robust as well. Therefore, they last longer than your expectations.

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Difference Between the Front and Rear TRQ Struts?

Well, the suspension is usually symmetric between the left and right ends of the vehicle. The difference between the front and rear TRQ struts relies on the different design goals.

Like, the front struts are the same. But when it comes to the rear ones, you will observe a marking of L and R to show that they are for left and right.

TRQ Struts
TRQ Struts

Comparing TRQ Struts to the Competition

Well, there are several big names in the market. if we compare the TRQ struts to other manufacturers, we will find expensive as well as economical options. Here are a few names to compare:


Whenever it comes to good products for economical prices, you will find MOSTPLUS there. They offer pretty good struts with great features and fairly good quality as well. But the prices are generally reasonable.


Tein is a renowned brand for premium struts. Their products are pretty expensive relatively. But the performance and quality cover it all. So, whenever you are looking for higher quality and premium experience, you should go for Tein.


Skyjacker is another famous brand with a mediocre price range. Their struts have incredible feedback as well. So, for a mid-range of requirements, you can look for Skyjacker as well.


Bilstein offers the exceptional. You will get quality and longevity along with incredible performance. So, always keep Bilstein in mind if you are looking for an unmatched experience. 

Comparing to all these brands, TRQ also does not disappoint. In terms of both price as well as quality, it is incredible.

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TRQ Struts Warranty

Warranty is a pretty important aspect. It does not matter whether the quality of the struts is great or not. It should always be backed by some warranty. Because in mass production, there can be manufacturing defects. Also, the product can get worse before its lifetime. So, for that reason, a warranty is pretty important.

TRQ offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products. This is a great facility. Because the lifetime of a product is defined and you get a warranty up till that life, then the reliability gets upheld.

TRQ Struts Alternative

The alternative is not easy to put up. Because it depends if you are looking for an alternative in terms of the brand or the product.

If you ask about the alternative to the struts, then you can go for shocks as well. But the type of suspension depends on what you are looking for. So, you can buy any suspension for your car. If you want shocks instead of struts, then you can buy TRQ shocks and look no further.

If you are asking for an alternative brand, then FCS, MOSTPLUS, unity and Skyjacker can provide you with good quality at a good price. So, it all depends on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay.

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TRQ Struts Design

The design is a pretty important aspect when we talk about the struts. TRQ does not let us down by providing a pretty workable and functioning design. TRQ struts are pretty reliable because they are designed on standards. They have a good market reputation, and the user is always happy with them. So, if you are looking for a robust design in struts, then go for TRQ.

TRQ Struts Material

The material plays an important part in structural parts. Because it defines their strength and durability. TRQ struts are made of good structural materials to serve for longer. Because resting at the suspension, these struts go through a lot of impacts and stresses. So, the material choice is pretty robust to endure those tough conditions. Do not worry about the material if you are buying TRQ struts.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to TRQ Struts

  1. Who makes TRQ struts?

TRQ struts are manufactured on high standards by them. They are rigorously tested to ensure their reliability. Thus, they work pretty well when installed. By the way, these struts are USA-based.

2. How many miles do front TRQ struts last?

It depends on the usage. But you will get at least 50,000 miles on these struts. This number gets up to 100,000 miles if you drive on better tracks and take care of your car’s maintenance.

3. Are TRQ struts OEM?

TRQ struts are not OEM. But they are made on the OE standards to provide you with the best quality. Manufacturing them on the OE standards makes them even better sometimes.

4. are TRQ struts good?

TRQ struts are worth it for the price. It comes in mid-range products. At this price, you get pretty good features and longevity from TRQ struts. The name itself stands for Trusted Reliable Quality. So, you should not be worried about the quality.

5. How do I know TRQ struts are safe?

Well, you can go through the customer feedback. But if you ask me, I can assure you that they are pretty safe. TRQ struts have gone through rigorous testing procedures. So, that makes them reliable and safe. 

6. Are TRQ struts environment friendly?

TRQ struts are environmentally friendly because when they are manufactured on state-of-the-art standards. They do not just perform great, but they are also very environmentally friendly.

7. How durable are TRQ struts?

TRQ struts are pretty durable. They are designed pretty well. Along with the robust design, their material is also pretty good. Thus, they perform well and are long-lasting.

8. How should new struts feel?

New struts feel stiffy and bouncy for initial miles. Those initial miles can be a hundred or so. With the passage of time, they get softer. But you should keep in mind that your struts may feel stiff when new.

9. Are struts worth replacing?

You do not have to replace your struts unless your car feels like bouncing on a pogo stick. That means your suspension is bad and you have to replace your struts. Moreover, you can go through the symptoms that I mentioned above.

10. How do you know if you need struts or shocks?

If your car bounces unusually even after getting the coil springs repaired or sorted, then your shocks need a repair. So, if you understand the functioning of struts and shocks, you will know what needs replacement.

11. What happens if a strut breaks during driving?

This is major suspension damage. Because one part of your vehicle would be moving faster than the other parts. Thus, the damage will keep on increasing while you drive with a broken strut.

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  • These are a perfect replacement for OEM because the design and construction are spot-on for the purpose.
  • The quality of the assembly is quite good and if you compare that with the price, you will feel happier.
  • When it comes to the fitting, they fit like insane! Perfect fitment and feels like original there.
  • The installation is not difficult, just buy it and install it right away with the easy procedure. 
  • Goes well with Tacoma, 4Runner, and FJ.

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  • These parts go well with Chevy GMC Pickup Truck 2WD Van.
  • The fitting is top-notch, and you will observe the right placement to elevate your experience.
  • The installation process is pretty easy. So, you do not have to worry about it. Just follow the easy procedure and the installation is done.
  • The design and construction are pretty sturdy. The material plays a great role in making them long-lasting.
  • This product ensures true value for the money because the features are incredible for the price.

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Wrapping Up

I have tried to equip you with all that you should know before buying TRQ struts. I would recommend you not to settle for something that you are uncomfortable with. Moreover, when it comes to the suspension of your car, you should not compromise or buy superficial parts. Rather you should prefer good quality. Keep everything in mind that I mentioned above, and you will end up making a good purchase.

If you have anything to say, please mention that in the comment section below. I wish you good luck in the purchasing phase. Have a wonderful day.

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