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Ceramic coating is a formation of nano-plate onto the car body to protect the cars from many unwanted situations. Ceramic coating helps to keep the exterior color of a vehicle as new as possible.

Ceramic coating for cars or bikes is also known as nano-coating or pro coating. It is a type of silicone-based chemical that causes physical and chemical bonding with the old paint. It creates a transparent hard layer onto the color, which also defined as a protective layer.

Once this coating is applied on the car surface, it cannot remove it either by rubbing it or by dissolving it into other chemicals. One successful ceramic coating will remain for a long time.

Let’s know in details about ceramic coating in the followed way –
Why should use ceramic coating:
Ceramic coating is a synthetic liquid, which is applied to secure the paint. The top of your paintwork acts as an active protective layer. Using ceramic coating properly will correct the car’s color 100 percent.

For the below-listed reason, one should use ceramic coating in his/ her vehicles.

  • The thin coat forms a tough shell on the paint layer, which prevents light spots from falling on the car. If there is a light stain sitting on the car accident, it can be removed by polishing (if the stain will remain on the paintwork).
  • The hard shell of ceramic coating creates a bright and slippery condition in your car, making it easy to clean the car.
  • It protects the paint from ultraviolet rays.
  • It keeps the vehicle color fresh and free of any accidental stains.
  • This advanced technology is featured in a stain-free and easily cleanable mechanism.

So, for all these reasons, this technology is used in the advanced world for cars.

Application of ceramic coating:
Use of ceramic coating provably can take place for the following five reasons-

  • To protect your cars from any corrosion.
  • To reduce any friction from your cars.
  • Act as electric insulation.
  • Ensure thermal barrier protection.
  • Increase lucrative value.

Ceramic Pro coating near me in the USA:


Ceramic Pro coating in the USA is one kind of elite facility found in most auto-care shops as a flagship service. There are lots of popular ceramic pro coating service providers in the USA, giving a smooth service in automotive, marine, aviation, and industrial applications. Name of top such ceramic pro coating service provider in the USA is given below-

1. Ceramic Coating Atlanta :

Apogee Detail is a top-rated ceramic coating service provider in Atlanta. It offers you a high qualified ceramic coating, which will last approximately 7 years. If you are in Atlanta, then you can consider this company as a ceramic coating near me for you.

This company uses Feynlab Self Heal Plus and Self Heal Lite to perform the coating process. These two brands of nano ceramic coat are not only making your car new also ensures a paint protection film onto the layer.

2. On the Spot Mobile Detailing Service :

Another big deal company is On The Spot Mobile Service. The motive of this company is to provide the best service to decrease your car coating cost. This company also works to increase your car’s the trade and resale value.

It is only the authorized installer of Opt-coat ceramic coating. So, you can use their service if you want to give the latest ceramic coating technology to your car.

3. Carz Medicks :

Carz Medicks is one of the top-rated ceramic coating service providers in Atlanta. You can make your car new from this service provider. This service provider is best for Xpel Paint protection along with the ceramic coating.

4. Top Coat of Savannah :

Top Coat of Savannah gives service for car and marine ceramic coating. You can online book this company to coat your vehicle.

This service provider ensures you to provide a high-quality service. They have a group of experienced staff who always ready to stand for your service.

5. Gwinnett Auto Appearance :

With some other automobile service, Gwinnett Auto Appearance service provider also offers you the most perfect ceramic coating service for your car.

Ceramic Pro coating near me in the UK:


Here we are giving a list of top five ceramic pro coating service providers in the UK. Hopefully, it will help you a lot if you are staying in the UK and want to do a ceramic coat in your vehicle. Here has some of the company list for you that can be considered as ceramic coating near me for you.

1. Car detailing studio
2. New Look Detailing Ltd
3. Supercar Correction Detailing Services
4. Ceramic Coating Service
5. KISHO UK Ceramic Coating

Ceramic care packages for cars:

There are three ceramic care packages for cars; you can pick any one of them and can apply to your car.

Ceramic Pro Gold package (Lifetime warranty):

Ceramic Pro Gold package offers you below listed service only at $1695 to $ 2000+ tax cost.

  • Four coats of 9H on paint.
  • One coat of 9H on wheels.
  • One layer of 9H on plastic and all wheels.
  • One single layer of rain on the windshield and front side windows.
  • And finally, one layer of topcoat.

The Ceramic Pro-Silver Package (Five years warranty):

Ceramic Pro Silver package offer you below listed service within a price of $690+ tax

  • One layer of 9H
  • One coat of 9H on plastic and all wheels.
  • One single layer of rain on the windshield and front side windows.
  • And finally, one layer of topcoat.

The Ceramic pro-Bronze Package (Two years warranty):

Ceramic Pro Bronze package offer you below listed service within a price of $360+ tax

  • One layer of topcoat.
  • One coat of 9H on plastic and all wheels.
  • One single layer of rain on the windshield and front side windows.

Ceramic coating is best to use for your car’s optimum safety and color brightness. Now a day’s Ceramic coating is also using in motorcycles painting too. Everyone wants their vehicles to carry a long-lasting shine.

Only ceramic coating can ensure a long-lasting glossiness with an excellent self-cleaning system of the paint. Besides this, the ceramic coating also protects the vehicles from UV rays, chemical corrosion, rain, snowfall, mud, water, and so on.

However, sometimes the application of ceramic coating or painting on your vehicles requires a skilled or professional hand. So if this coating is applied by an inefficient hand carelessly, the actual brightness of your car can be lost.

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