Too Much Fluid Transmission Symptoms, Problems & Fixing

In the car there are some transmission function and the truth is that these transmission function is done by none other than the transmission fluid.

The fluid can be said multi purposed because it has different sectors to work. The lubrication of all the moving parts of the transmission during the gear shifting is one of the major purpose of transmission liquid.

It reduces heat caused by the friction to keep the whole transmission system cool. But the transmission systems also get deteriorated over time and that is why you need to check for Sometimes that if transmission liquid needs to replace the transmission fluid.

For this you should check some signs like discoloration or burnt fluid color will indicate that it is high time you should change your transmission fluid.

Symptoms of Too Much Transmission Fluid
Symptoms of Too Much Transmission Fluid

But here we will mainly be talking about the overfilled transmission. That means this article will mainly focus on the symptoms, problems and fixing if there is too much transmission fluid.

The Symptoms of Too Much Transmission Fluid :

Humming or Whining :

This kind of noise humming or whining also goes with the transmission system. As these sounds suggest that there might be some problem in the transmission system.

The problem here is that this whining sound is also very misleading too because it ends up making the car owner paying for nothing because a certain amount of humming is very normal.

But this humming or whining basically suggests that there is probably a problem in the transmission fluid pump. And the cause of problem might too much transmission fluid. That is why it can be said that this humming sound is one of the symptoms of too much transmission fluid.

Engine Getting Overheated :

The heat of the engine basically expands the fluid in volume. That is why there must enough space for this expanded fluid. And you need be very careful in inserting the fluid. And excess fluid in the transmission results in excessive heat and that leads to more transmission problems. Sometimes, engine water pump does not flow it’s water properly. So, it’s another causes of overheating.

Overfilled Dipstick

Dipstick is one of the easiest way to determine and measure the over fluid transmission. When you put the dipstick in the fluid, it will show different color when you take out. It will display different color where the different color mention different symbol of problem.

Though if you are not an automotive engineer, only know the dipstick color symbol specification, then you will understand the actual problem very easily. So, lets discus about dipstick color with problem specification as well.
If dipstick color is green, then fluid is perfect with actual transmission and power strength of fluid is good condition.

If you see the reddish color or deep yellow color on handle then, sealed transmission is occurred. So, changed the fluid and check again. If now it’s perfect then done otherwise you should contact with automotive engineer.

If the color is brown, then some black spot is existing in fluid. You should change the fluid immediately. If the dipstick shows the black color with burn smell, then your fluid is already damage. Don’t let to change to change. Otherwise, may causes a big damage awaiting for your vehicle.

Sometime your dipstick may display a ambiguous result. So to confirm and clear about the result, you should stop your car and place your car just equal surface level. Now take 30 minutes to cold the engine.

Now test with dipstick. Or put the fluid in gearbox at a bit level. Now start the engine and check with dipstick with hot engine. Now, dipstick result shows the perfect one. If you feel confusion about too much fluid transmission of your car, then contact with an automotive engineer.

Leaking Transmission Fluid :

The thing with this transmission fluid that it does not reduces like the oil. That is why you always need to put ideal amount of fluid in the transmission.

The excessive fluid will not break the seal but it will definitely leak through the vent system of the transmission system resulting in leakages.

Aeration of Transmission Fluid :

Excessive fluid sometimes causes the aeration of it by getting mixed with the air and creating bubbles.
This aeration creates problems in clutches by burning them due to converter efficiency. Overheating, poor lubrication, irregular shifting, etc.

Slipping Transmission :

A transmission that mainly is overfilled causes slipping transmission. Slipping happens because transmission shifts become slow and the engine runs away before the transmission shifts. And These slipping problems also leads to problems like burnt fluid, torque converter problems, solenoid issues, worn-out gears etc.

Fixing Overfilled Transmission :

There is this one way of fixing this problem. For this you need to check the fluid level when you are filling. This way, by taking preventing step you can avoid overfilling.

Fixing Overfilled Transmission
Fixing Overfilled Transmissio

You should know that the fluid level rises with the fluid temperature. If the temperature is higher than usual then the fluid level rises than normal.

That is why you should not check the fluid level when it is in normal temperature because then the fluid level will be normal.

How much transmission fluid should put in your car

Its an important question for every car owner that how much transmission fluid should you put in your car gear box. Our overall analysis gives a result that is 3/4 of your transmission fluid container. That may reduce over transmission. But it may vary car to car module. The perfect answer of this question you will get in your car manual. In your car manual all these kinds of question and answer are combined at a glance. So, you should follow your manual.

But, if in your does not contain such like question and answer then what should you do. A great idea we have that is take a dipstick and put the transmission fluid. Now measure with dipstick and see the color of dipstick. When it display green, then stop put the fluid. May you see it’s 3/4 of gear container.

Solution With Warm Up
Usually the transmission fluid level is checked when the engine running. Sometimes also it is seen to check it by putting the transmission in special gear positions.

You should be aware of the dipstick which is found in behind the engine and fits in a large tube. You basically have to read the fluid on the dipstick and also add marks of the measurement units. Another tips for you that according to you vehicle manual, you should use coolant for engine temperature balancing.

Most of the driver is not conscious about over transmission fluid. They feel that it’s not a complicated problem. But once a time, it may causes a big damage of car. As per automotive specialist, you should check out your car transmission fluid per week top to bottom. Because bear in mind that not only car engine gives you perfect driving result but also all others part as well.

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