Tesla’s new Model S will Automatically Shift between the Park

The idea of autonomous cars is growing every day, and Tesla very keen to realize this perspective. Providing ease to the driver has always been a priority.

Keeping that in mind, Tesla has come up with something more exciting. The newly launched model S of Tesla will have no gear stick. Rather it will shift Park, Reverse, Neutral, and Drive (PRND) on its own depending on the situation.

Model S automatically will sift between park
Model S Automatically Shift Car

They say that there will be an option on the touch-screen to change the gears, but the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, indicated about the automatic gear changing mechanism.

Where yoke steering has become an arguable thing amongst the critics, this autonomous gear changing feature is another surprise.

Remarks by the CEO

Why Tesla CEO Elon Musk like this car?
Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk said;
“Car guesses drive direction based on what obstacles it sees, context & nav map. After you drive without using a PRND stalk/stick for a few days, it gets very annoying to go back & use a shifter! You can override on touchscreen.”

He himself tweeted about this and after that, it has become a hot topic to be discussed amongst the automotive experts.

Actual Working Mechanism

Model S Autopilot sensor control system .
Tesla Working Mechanism

The actual working mechanism, in simple words, goes like this; There are autopilot sensors installed in the vehicle that determine the situation and, after analyzing it, select the suitable driving mode.

To understand it further, let me give you an instance. Like, if your car will encounter a barrier or blockage in front. It will detect it, and according to that blockage, the gear will be shifted to reverse mode. Thus, making the car intelligent to make decisions according to the situation.

Getting Used to

The comfort and ease make us lazy. Like, if we have conveyance, we avoid walking. Just like that, as Elon Musk said that driving the auto gear changing Tesla for some days, and then shifting back to normal car can become difficult and annoying. So, either you completely switch to that mode or think before deciding.

Force Sensitive Touch Control

New brand- Tesla model S touch control interface
Model – S Touch Control Interface

For a deeper understanding, Electrek mentioned the sensor technology that is force-sensitive touch control that lies on the center console under the wireless charging pad.

There is another facility, as mentioned by Elon Musk, that is manually overriding the gears using the touchscreen. Though, there are still some ambiguities relating to the actual features. But more or less, it’s all related to what has been mentioned already.

Radical Aspects

The radical aspects that have been observed in the brand-new interior of the car released recently are; the yoke steering that looks very eye-catching but has become controversial at the same time, and the PRND system that is advanced.

These both features have almost revolutionized the car interior. Thus, it’s not only a smart experience but a more comfortable and effortless interface as well at the same time.

The Impact

Here is a quick analysis! People, especially car enthusiasts, have been looking for better gear systems to have smooth transmissions, but they, at the same time, like manual systems more.

Though the invention of automatic gears was made years ago, I have seen that people who love cars love to have manual gear transmission.

Now the question is if they do not accept the automatic gear system for themselves, are they going to accept this automatic transmission system that is almost effortless.

This will, no doubt, facilitate the people who want comfortable driving, but what would be the actual impact is still awaited when this car comes to market.

Friction Elimination

The idea is in correspondence with the larger Silicon Valley ethos that is about eliminating friction. But the truth lies in practicality. Once this car comes to the market and people start using it, the truth will be revealed itself whether the car is an automatic PRND or not.

Wrapping Up

The unique invention of the Model S automatic PRND can bring great revolution and is truly a bigger step towards autonomous cars.

Now the real question is about its practicality and scope. Let’s see when this car comes to the public. Stay tuned for more updates regarding it and other important additions.

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