Tesla is Priming Customers for a Disappearing Steering Wheel

The journey to achieve a full self-driving (FSD) environment in cars is dynamic these days. Tesla is one of the top researchers in this field, and they are even getting close as well.

This journey is not instant, and you can not just suddenly change the normal cars into revolutionary self-driving cars. Rather it is a whole process.

Tesla self driving steering wheel and touch screen
Tesla steering wheel and Touchscreen

Elon Musk recently mentioned, “Tesla teases Model S Plaid with the refreshed interior: New touchscreen, Roadster steering wheel, and more.”

But as far as I have seen, they aren’t priming the Model S to become a supercar. Though, there are things that are leading towards minimizing the interior cluster.

Overall, Tesla is priming the drivers/customers for a disappearing steering wheel.

Yoke Steering

Tesla new model yoke steering
Yoke Steering

The steering hasn’t instantly disappeared, though it is being improvised towards reduction, just like the yoke steering design introduced by Tesla that is encouraged by some and discouraged by others as well. But that is another discussion.

The part to ponder upon is the roadmap, like what is the future and where are they taking things to. The reduced steering will provide maximum visibility while driving, along with increasing the aesthetics.

So, by these steps taken by Tesla, we can have the idea that they are priming the drivers for the no-steering wheel.

Sophisticated Interior

Tesla Sophisticated Interior design
Tesla Sophisticated Interior

The steering hasn’t disappeared yet, but there is a lot more to make us realize that Tesla is going towards the self-driving idea.

They are making the interior more sophisticated, smart, and intriguing. For instance, they have already removed the stalks for turn signals, headlights, and wipers. The gear shifting has also been automated.

Thus, we can see a very simple yet smart interior that is not even the end, where you control everything on the touch screen or either you have them automated.

This sophisticated environment is going to lead us towards smarter ideas where we will not even have the steering and maybe the accelerator as well, and the car will itself control the driving process. Thus, it seems to be the beginning of the end of driving the cars.


Round steering vs yoke steering
Comparison of Yoke and Round Steering

It is a considerable argument that why not going for round steering in place of yoke steering because it is not safe to use the yoke design as mentioned by many critics.

But I think it is not just about the yoke design because everyone knows that round steering is easy to re-adjust your hands on after turning and other factors.

It is about reducing the components, not exponentially but gradually, to make the world used to the change that these self-driving cars are going to bring.

Maybe there will be smaller steering in the future, and after that, there will be no steering at all. Or the imagination says; might be steering that can go inside the dashboard while on self-driving mode and can come outside when you want to drive yourself.

The Impact

Let’s talk about the impacts that these little changes are making. Like, the removal of manual gear transmission system completely is a big step. Similarly, the other changes being made also have a role in making people realize the future of cars and the perception that Tesla wants to create.

The FSD system is going to bring revolution in the world, and somehow it is the end of the driving jobs. Who would need a driver when their cars can drive themselves?

So, the future cars would be simpler in design yet complicated and smart and also will make your driving almost effortless.

Just like pressing a button or giving a command about pick-up or destination and your car is ready to give you a ride.
Thus, the dream or you can say the goal of the CEO, Elon Musk, is going to get fulfilled soon because they already have attained level 5 autonomy.

Wrapping Up

The future is going to be very exciting, especially for super-car enthusiasts because people like Elon Musk are working hard for it. With every day passing, we get one step closer to autonomous cars.

Hopefully, the FSD environment will be attained soon but, there can be downsides as well of everything. So, they might be seen when these cars come to market.

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