Repair Tonneau Cover – Problems and Solutions

Your tonneau cover can get bad or damaged with time due to a number of reasons. In that scenario, you can either replace it or repair it accordingly. Well, if you ask me, I would definitely suggest repairing it. Not only that will I suggest, but I will also teach you the ways of doing that. In this article, I will take you over to the problems that you can face while having a tonneau cover and how to repair them.

 Easily repair your tonneau cover

Tonneau Cover Problems

Although there can be a lot of problems that you may face in having a tonneau cover, the following are the most important ones.

How to solve the problem of tonneau cover?
  • Leakage
  • Bad Fit
  • Seal Malfunctioning
  • Opening Issue
  • Noise Issue
  • Flapping

So, you can face one of these issues with a tonneau cover installed on your truck bed. Let me get through the details of these issues and their solutions.


Leakage can turn out to be a very common issue. Although most of the tonneau covers are designed to work as water-resistant covers but during severe weather conditions, things can go wrong. I mean that water can reach the bed of your truck.

Now, this usually happens due to the damaging issue of the tonneau cover. The targeted area, in this case, is the sealing. A tailgate cover seal works to cover the sides and along the bottom of the tailgate. This seal effectively prevents moisture. Also, slanty edges help very efficiently against moisture.

Thus, properly inspect the seal and trace out the problem. The levels should be even, and the seal should provide a proper grip. Now, if you find any issue in the seal, it is an indication that your tonneau cover needs a repairing job. You can either work it out yourself or get it done by some professional. If you want to do it yourself, I would suggest you watch some videos to learn.

Bad Fit

A bad fit could turn out to be a very problematic aspect if you missed the compatibility details by some chance. All the tonneau covers come with a certain area of application where you have to install them. If you do not get the right size, it will not fit properly.

But if you already have got the right fit, then maybe you have not installed it right. I would suggest you go through the installation process properly. 

Other than that, maybe there is a hardware issue. If you do not trace it out before time, you will keep on wasting your time.

So, if there is any kind of hardware issue, you should contact customer service and get the issue resolved.

Seal Malfunctioning

Seal malfunctioning can be problematic. If the seal is damaged or missing, it can cause quick wearing and functionality issues. So, when you observe this kind of problem, it is advised that you get the seal repaired or replaced.

Because if you do not act properly on it, weather conditions will affect your truck bed. By that, I mean dust, water, and air can penetrate to damage your tonneau cover.

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Opening Issue

If your tonneau cover is not opening or closing properly and getting stuck, then this is another issue that should be addressed immediately. Due to overuse or rusting, this issue can arise.

In this situation, you have to resolve things before they get worse. Sometimes, lubricating the pin joints solves the problem quite well. Other than that, if there is rust, you have to do something to get rid of the rusting.

Sometimes excessive damage can demand the replacement of parts as well. By that, I mean the replacement of pin joints or any other joints that are responsible for opening or closing the tonneau cover.

Noise Issue

Your truck runs at a very high speed, and at that speed, it cuts the air with its aerodynamic shape to reduce as much drag as possible. A tonneau cover also improves the mileage of your truck by improving its aerodynamics. 

But if you hear noises from a fitted tonneau cover, then there must be some fitting issue because a well-fitted tonneau cover does not make noises. 

In case you hear those noises, you should instantly check the fitting of your tonneau cover. Troubleshoot it as soon as possible until it gets resolved. Moreover, large-sized tonneau covers can also cause noises. So, beware of it as well.


Flapping is another common issue faced in soft tonneau covers. It is mostly due to the low tension of the cover. Well, it’s not a big deal. You can eliminate this issue instantly by adjusting the tension controls of the cover. These are usually on the sides of the tonneau cover. 

You can learn about how to adjust the tension of your soft tonneau cover. Once you apply proper tension, you will observe that the flapping is gone,

Small Tear 

If you have a leather truck bed cover and it has a small tear on it, then you should fix that immediately. Well, leather can also get worse with time. There can be cracks and tears that you should fix to enjoy proper functioning. So, here you go!

First of all, you have to clean all the area around that small tear. You can use soap and water with some rag and alcohol on the swab after that.

After that, you have to do the trimming. Cut those edges away that are rough and bad using a blade.

Then you have to insert a canvas and do the proceedings. For sealing, you can use iron to apply heat. You can also use special equipment for this process.

Now, if you want to match the color of your cover with the bed, you can use pigments.

Using filling material, it is time to fill the tear. You can apply several layers of the filler material to fill it. After that, you can have the final texture using an embossing stamp.

So, you see that it was a pretty easy process, just like others. Now, you can easily save your truck bed from any problem if you do these things properly.

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Taking Measurements

Taking Measurements For Tonneau Cover Repair

As you might have seen that taking measurements is important. Otherwise, you may end up with a wrong fit to waste a lot of your time. So, I will also tell you how to measure the dimensions of a tonneau cover.

The first two things that you need here are 10 ft above measuring tape and a notes app. Remember to use the right nomenclature and find your stuff accordingly. 

If you take the measurements twice or thrice, then there is a good chance that you get them right. Here goes the process!

  • Place the end of the measuring tape at the bulkhead.
  • Now, it is time to measure the closest point to the side of the bed. 
  • Now, extend the measuring tape and measure the thing properly.
  • Now, if you have measured things in inches, you can divide the answer by 12 to find the truck bed length.

My Advice

My best advice for repair Tonneau cover

According to my experience, it is pretty tough to troubleshoot a tonneau cover. This is mainly due to one reason. We do not usually know a lot about the problem and have issues with problem identification. 

Other than that, you may have approach issues. Once you know the problem, you do not follow the steps properly in the right direction to get the problem solved. Therefore, I would suggest you do an analysis of the problem and then reading the steps properly. That can actually help you solve the issue.

Like sometimes, in soft tonneau covers, you just need a bit of sewing, and that’s it. Your tonneau gets repaired. Whereas, like in vinyl, you have to apply layers of the filler to do the job. So, vinyl tonneau cover repair is also a common thing.

Get into the procedure if you are really confident about it. If not, then you should do proper research to find out the solution.

Tonneau cover repairing is not a big problem. You just have to show some interest and put some hard work into it.

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Wrapping Up

There can be a lot of problems that you may face having a tonneau cover for your truck. But it is important to properly understand them and do some research. Once you understand how it works, it is time to do the repairing process. 

I have tried to equip you with all the necessary information that you should know before repairing your tonneau cover. If you still do not feel confident, then keep looking until you become confident and able to perform the repairing. I would recommend you do practice to properly undergo the process. Because practice makes perfect, have a great day! 

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