Painting Bakflip Tonneau Cover – Step by Step Guide

Bakflip tonneau covers are among the most sought-after folding tonneaus available on the market. They are well-known for their high-quality construction using aircraft-grade materials. As a result, they are extremely durable and can outlast your pick-up truck.

They offer optimum protection and keep both your truck bed and contents secure. Whether it’s for maintenance or a new look, if you are thinking about Painting Bakflip Tonneau Covers, you must read this guide.

How to painting Bakflip tonneau cover?
Paint Bakflip cover

Step to Step Guide for Painting Bakflip Tonneau Cover 

 Since tonneau covers are flat and cover a wide area, even minor flaws in the paint will show through a repainted cover. Therefore you need to ensure that the painting job is done well. It’s easy to feel a little bewildered when it comes to painting backflip tonneau covers. But painting your backflip tonneau cover is an excellent method to protect and maintain their luster. 

You may be perplexed by the technicalities, especially if this is your first time. Whether it’s your first time purchasing a car, getting a new cover, or simply learning how to paint it properly, it never hurts to brush up on the nuances of painting a tonneau cover. Learn how to paint a tonneau cover in 12 easy steps.

Step 1 Preparation

Whether you recently purchased new bak flip tonneau covers, changed trucks, or this is your first truck bed cover, now that the winter is gone, you want to take your truck out again. In any event, you should always carry the owner’s handbook on hand. There is a possibility that there are certain things you are not aware of.

Step 2 Check for model-specific instructions.

 You must ensure that there are no model-specific instructions that relate to your unique vehicle. To address this issue, consult the owner’s handbook to see whether there is a section on painting your truck. If there is, proceed as directed. 

Step 3 Remove the Cover

Remove the Backflip tonneau Cover for painting
Remove the Cover

To paint the cover, you will need to remove it. Using a ratchet and socket, remove the tonneau cover from the truck. This is not a one-person job, so you will also need at least one additional person to assist you in lifting the cover of the vehicle and placing it on supports so that you can reach all corners of the cover. A shaded place is recommended for painting your cover most effectively. Consider parking your pickup truck in a tree or, if you have one, in your garage.

Step 4 For cleaning the cover, spray it with water.

How to clean cover with water?
Clean the cover

The first thing you will need to do is clean it well. Cleaning the bak flip tonneau cover is going to be a multi-step process. Begin with spraying water on the cover. You can also use a bucket but take caution not to dump all of the water all at once onto the cover. Be gentle; using a light spraying technique is recommended.

Step 5 Prepare the cleaning solution.

Don’t be put off by the term because the cleaning solution doesn’t require any special ingredients and is simple to implement. Pour half a cup of auto wash solution into a bucket filled with warm water. You should exercise particular caution if you own a soft cover made of vinyl or other softer materials. If this is the case, replace the carwash solution with a specialist tonneau cover cleaning, preferably one with conditioners and UV ray protection. 

Step 6 Scrub the cover with a brush. 

How to backflip cover scrub with brush?
Scrub the cover

Then, using a scrubbing brush, begin distributing this solution over the cover. Clean the cover, starting in the middle and working your way out to the edges. Apply light pressure and slide the brush from side to side as you work. If the dirt is obstinate, immerse the brush in water for 5 minutes before continuing.

Step 7 Rinse and let the cover dry off.

For this step, you will need clean water and a dry area where you can let the cover dry off. Remove the scrubbed cover by rinsing it with clean water and get rid of all the soap. Allow it to dry completely before you move on to the next step. So far, you have just thoroughly cleaned the cover and prepared it to have a smooth coat of paint.

Step 8 Sand the cover with 600-grit sandpaper.

Once the cover is completely dry, it’s time to start the painting process. To initiate, you will need 600 grit sandpaper and a water hose. Deep scratches will be visible through the fresh paint if you choose to skip using the water, preventing surface accumulation from digging into and scratching the cover. While holding a running water hose over the sandpaper, sand the tonneau cover using 600-grit sandpaper.

Step 9 Sand the cover with 800-grit sandpaper.

Your tonneau covers will need another round of sanding; this time around, you need to exchange it with 800-grit sandpaper. Sand the lid again using 800-grit sandpaper to remove the sanding scratches caused by the 600-grit sandpaper. While sanding, keep the 800-grit sandpaper moist. Once this step is complete, allow the cover to dry fully after rinsing it.

Step 10 Clean the cover with a rag.

Clean your backflip cover with a rag
Cover clean with a rag

Before painting, wipe the cover with a tack rag. This eliminates any residual dirt and dust particles. Under cured paint, these tiny particles may be visible.

Step 11 Prime the surface of the cover

The next step after ensuring that there are no remnants of the sanding process left on the surface of the cover is to prime the base. Allow the tonneau cover to dry for 30 minutes after applying a heavy coat of primer.

Step 12 Paint the tonneau cover.

Brush three to five thin coats of paint once the priming has dried. Position the sprayer 6 to 8 inches away from the surface and apply thin applications to avoid paint runs. Allow 30 minutes for the paint to cure. Next, apply three to five layers of clear coat paint the same way. Allow four to five hours for the paint to cure before touching the tonneau cover.


Starting projects, you don’t have prior experience for can be tempting yet so confusing. It would help if you had some questions in your mind regarding painting tonneau bak flip covers; therefore, I have compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to get a tonneau cover painted?

Depending on the quality, getting a tonneau cover painted can cost anywhere between $90 to $500.

Can you use Armor All on tonneau covers?

Using Armor All or anything that is silicone or oil-based on your tonneau cover is not recommended. Such products can break down the integrity of the vinyl of the tonneau cover and should not be used.

Do tonneau covers save gas?

Most professionals believe that adding a tonneau cover is the greatest method to enhance the truck’s fuel economy. A tonneau cover can increase fuel efficiency by up to 10% while reducing aerodynamic drag.

Is it OK to go through the car wash with a tonneau cover?           

A fiberglass or hard plastic hard-top tonneau can withstand being cleaned at a car wash without being damaged. If your tonneau is painted, it is recommended to opt for a touchless car wash service to avoid scratching the paintwork.

Do tonneau covers keep water out?

Decent coverings that seal around the corners of your truck bed will keep most water, even rain, out. So yes, tonneau covers will keep your stuff dry for the most part.

Do tonneau covers fade?

Sun damage can fade not only the color but also ages the appearance of the cover. With time your cover begins to degrade its water-proof qualities, which can lead to fading and cracking. Fortunately, with regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your tonneau cover and restore it.

Is a tonneau cover worth it?

Yes, they are worth the investment as they minimize cargo loss or damage, improve the truck’s appearance, increase fuel efficiency and reduce premature wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

Tonneau covers are a smart investment that not only extends the life of your truck, protects it from damage but also gives it a polished look. You can save up on gas, protect your luggage from theft. The benefits are endless.

However, if Tonneau covers are in direct sunlight for too long, they might fade from UV radiation due to their location. To keep them in good condition, they must be cleaned and maintained regularly. I hope the guidelines helped you in getting started on painting bak flip tonneau covers. Good luck! 

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