Oredy Struts Reviews – In-Depth Analysis

Struts play a crucial role in your vehicle’s suspension. When it comes to strut manufacturers, OREDY is a big name. They are famous for their top-notch performing struts. There are a lot of factors that you should be aware of before buying any struts.

To demystify everything, in this article, I will review the OREDY struts both front and rear sets. Along with that, I will explain all that is necessary. 

1. OREDY Struts Front Coil Spring Shocks and Struts Features

OREDY Struts Front Coil Spring Shocks

For the front struts, let’s get through the features first because they help in recognizing the product well.

  • The installation is a piece of cake! Yes, you do not need any special tools to install them. Rather they are ready to install.
  • The compatibility is quite good with Camry and Solara. Well, if you buy OREDY struts for other vehicles, you should know that they fit amazingly well.
  • The struts have premium hollow bumpers. They prevent the damage if the suspension bottoms out.
  • The durable strut dust boots are responsible for protecting the strut rod and seal from dirt and debris.
  • The SAE grade components make the whole structure quite durable and long-lasting.
  • The lower spring isolators eliminate the noise from in-between the spring and spring seat.

Oredy Struts Pros

Here are some pros of having these struts installed in your car’s suspension.

  • The premium quality of these struts makes them durable and long-lasting.
  • The easy installation and great fitment make things even better.
  • The high-quality steel adds the strength that you are looking for.
  • Spring isolators on the lower end help in eliminating the unwanted noise.
  • You get dust protection with the help of dust boots.
  • The technology is very promising, and the struts are reliable.

Oredy Struts Cons

Here are some cons of this product as well.

  • The lifetime is short relatively and you may hear rattling sounds after the lifetime.
  • The overall quality is not the best, but it is good for the price.

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2. OREDY Struts and Shocks 2PCS Rear Struts Features

OREDY Struts and Shocks Rear Struts review

Let’s talk about the features of this product before getting into depth.

  • The struts come assembled and they are ready to install. You do not have to do anything special or use any special tools to install them.
  • The hollow bumper prevents the components from damage in the case when suspension bottoms out. 
  • These struts also have dust boots to protect the strut rod and seal against dirt and debris.
  • There is some insulation involved to avoid noise and ensure a comfortable ride.
  • These struts are tested for around 300,000 cycles to ensure reliability and longevity.
OREDY struts and shocks review

Oredy Struts Reviews Pros

  • Following are the pros of having these struts.
  • The suspension of your car gets better due to the quality of these struts.
  • The ready-to-install feature makes them pretty convenient.
  • These struts are manufactured on OE standards to ensure great features.
  • The better load distribution of load makes the stability of your vehicle better.
  • The handling of your vehicle gets better.

Oredy Struts Cons

Here are some cons of having these struts.

  • The height of your ride can increase, and you may not like that.
  • These struts are cheap and therefore the quality is not the best.

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My Opinion About Oredy Struts

Now, that we have gone through the features, pros, and cons of both products, it is time to review these OREDY struts. 

Talking about the features that are common in both, let’s start with the material. So, high-quality steel is used in manufacturing these struts. Thus, you get durability as well as longevity.

Then comes the installation. Well, you get ready to install a package that makes life easier. You do not have to use any special tools for the installation. Rather the installation is pretty easy.

For dust protection as well as damage protection, these struts are equipped with the necessary equipment like dust boots and a hollow bumper.

More to it, the design is pretty good. It is made on the OE standards to keep up the quality. Thus, we see that all the necessary and good stuff is included here.

Now, if we talk about the thing specifically related to the front struts, you have already seen the good features above. But you should know about the downsides as well. These struts are not very long-lasting. They will serve you for around 20-22 months. It is possible that you will hear a rattling voice after that.

The problem with the rear struts is extra height. These struts increase the height of your car that does not look great. Moreover, the quality of both the struts is acceptable but not the best. But if we compare all of this to the price, they offer great value for the money.

Summary Of My Opinion

In short, if you are deciding on paying less for your car’s strut, then among the good options, you should include ODERY struts as well. Also, remember that there always are trade-offs. Either you pay a lot of money for the perfect product or you trade off on features with the price. Although there are height adjustment and longevity issues, you get value for what you pay.

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Oredy Struts Compatibility

The compatibility is pretty important when it comes to the parts of vehicles. OREDY struts that I have mentioned on my list offer good compatibility. The front ones go with Camry 97-01 as well as Solara 99-02. Other than that, you may not get the functionality that you are looking for.

Then comes the rear struts. They are also compatible with Camry 97-01 but when it comes to Solara, you can install them on the models from 99 to 2003. If you do not find the right compatible struts, you will end up having bad results. Just like unusual change in the height and bad fitting. So, go for a compatible set of struts and you will be happy. 

Oredy Struts Design

The design is another important factor. The longevity and durability of struts depend greatly on the design as well. Because the analysis is wrong, the struts will not perform up to the expectations. 

Talking about the struts for the front end, they are designed pretty well on the OE standards. That means they will perform just like the OE products. Moreover, the design includes all the good stuff to make them function better and perform well.

The rear struts are also designed according to the right standards. All of the protective features are included for longevity. Moreover, the design is pretty robust. Although there are concerns about the height increment. But they depend on the vehicle as well on which you are installing them.

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Oredy Struts Parts List

Talking about the primary parts, we have two of them:

Shocks: The shocks are responsible for engulfing the bumps and ensure a smooth ride.

Coil Springs: Coil springs, on the other side, are responsible for holding the weight, giving support, and providing the tension.

Combining, they make the whole assembly. But wait, is there nothing else included? Well, if we talk about the parts of these struts, they come ready to assemble and you do need to assemble the components to make the assembly.

But the assembly usually includes upper struts, coil spring, rubber dustproof boots, piston rod, oil hydraulic circuit system, brackets, and mounting bolts. All of these components come assembled at your doorstep and you have to just install them for the experience.

Oredy Struts Longevity

The longevity of these struts is not very promising. You get a warranty time and these struts last up till that time. But I think that this should not be a problem. Because you are paying very little for these struts and you should not expect a lot. You pay some money, you buy them, install them, they serve you for their lifetime, and it is time to replace them.

If you drive on good roads, then there is a chance that they will stay well for a lifetime. But if we talk about the opposite scenario, they may not serve you for the time you were promised. So, keep all that in mind. Because of the price, both the design and the material are spot-on.

Installing Oredy Struts On Different Types of Car Models

The installation is an easy process when it comes to OREDY struts. You get ready to assemble products and all you have to do is install them after removing the existing struts. Well, there is a general method for that. I will mention the points here for your info. You will find the detailed guide in the installation manual. So, here are the steps that you should follow:

  • First off, run a quick inspection to see if your suspension needs a strut replacement or not. You can see the Signs You Need to Replace Your Struts to know if you need to replace them.
  • Secondly, you have to disconnect a few components and measure the camber angle. 
  • After disconnecting the few components, you have to remove the end link of your stabilizer bar.
  • Now, you have to loosen and remove all the nuts and bolts. 
  • The next step is to separate the strut and knuckle.
  • Once done, you should remove the strut mount nuts. 
  • You can now remove the struts easily.
  • Now, install the new strut and reset the angle.

After installation, you need a professional alignment as well. Because it is about the stability of your car. If you can do it yourself then well and good. Otherwise, you can get it done by some professional.

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Oredy Struts Warranty

You get a warranty of 18 months here. Usually, these parts are gone through testing procedures. They load them for some cycles, say 300,000 and check for the failure time. That is how they calculate the warranty. So, it is highly likely that your struts will need a replacement right after the warranty time gets passed. But it also depends on the use. Sometimes, it can exceed this time while sometimes, it will fail before it. So, you should take care of the maintenance of your vehicle as well for good performance.

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Comparing Oredy Struts to The Competition

Oredy offers you pretty economical struts. There are some features included that make the experience better. But when it comes to the competition, we have some shocks and struts for lesser or greater the price. Here they are:


TRQ is a pretty good strut manufacturer, and their struts perform pretty well. Their struts are slightly higher the price relative to OREDY, but you get good quality and performance in return.


MOSTPLUS is pretty good when it comes to economic struts. Because MOSTPLUS surprises you by offering more value than the money you pay. You get exciting features, good quality, and performance. So, MOSTPLUS is pretty good for the economical range.


Then comes Skyjacker. It comes in the lower band of price, but it performs pretty well. So, if you go out looking for good economical struts, you can also keep in mind Skyjacker.

Difference Between The Front And Rear Oredy Struts?

You will observe markings for left and right struts on the rear struts. Whereas for the front ones, there is no marking. Also, the suspension is usually symmetric between the left and right ends of the vehicle. 

If you observe the design and the appearance, you will clearly see a difference in the design. Because goals are different. You need weight distribution, support, stiffness, etc. of different types in the case of both the struts.

Best Alternatives to Oredy Struts

Monroe, MOSTPLUS, FCS and Bilstein are some of the best alternatives for OREDY struts. You should keep in mind that compatibility and price range play a good role when you look for alternatives. Like, if you are looking for economical struts, you should see the alternatives that are economical. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best quality, then the price will go up. Also, you should pay attention to the compatibility as well.

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1. Are already struts any good?

OREDY struts are pretty good. Because if you see the price and compare that with the performance and quality, you will see value for the money. So, they are definitely good.

2. Where are oredy struts made?

The OREDY struts are made in china. If we talk about the parts of these struts, all of them are manufactured in china. The only US-based thing that you get is customer service.

3. Who makes oredy struts?

As we have discussed that OREDY struts are made in China, so, their manufacturer would be in China. OREDY gets them manufactured by China and then does the sale and manages it apparently. 

4. Are oredy struts expensive?

Not at all, they are among the very economical options. For the price, you get pretty promising features. Because these struts perform pretty well up to their lifetime.

5. What are the signs of worn-out struts?

If you hear a rattling sound from your suspension, observe any oil leakage, observe tire deterioration, or unusual bounces, then it is a sign that your struts are worn out and you have to do something about it.

6. What happens if you do not replace struts?

With bad struts, the load distribution gets disturbed and that will keep on making the suspension of your vehicle worse. Your handling will get worse and there will be adverse effects on tires as well.

7. How often should you shock your struts?

The normal range is around 50,000-100,000 miles. If you drive carefully, you will touch the upper end, on the other side, if you drive aggressively, you will touch the lower end of the range.

8. Is it OK to drive with bad struts?

No, it’s not. Because it will only make the situation worse. Because if you drive with bad struts, that means you are driving with bad load distribution. Your handling, mileage, and tires will get affected.

9. Can I replace struts myself?

You get ready-to-assemble struts nowadays. So, it has become pretty easy to install them. So, if you know the basics, then you can do it all by yourself. But remember that alignment is also pretty important. So, get it checked/done by some professional.

10. Should you replace all four struts at once?

It is a good practice to replace your struts in pairs. Because otherwise, you may face alignment problems. You can also replace all four at once if they need to be replaced.

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Wrapping Up

I have tried to equip you with all that you should know before going into the purchasing phase. Take my advice and never settle for anything superficial. The automotive parts should be good enough to keep you safe and last longer.

If you have any feedback to share, then please mention that in the comment section below. I wish you good luck in the purchasing phase. Have a great day!

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