Oedro Tonneau Cover Reviews! In-depth Analysis

A tonneau cover is a necessity for pickup trucks most of the time. But it should have certain features to meet some of your truck’s needs. Though there are a lot of companies who manufacture tonneau covers, oEdRo has something interesting to offer you.

In today’s segment, I will take you on a tour of the in-depth analysis of the OedRo tonneau cover. I will try to lay it out bare to help you purchase better.

Oedro Tonneau Cover Features

Best Features for Oedro tonneau cover
Best Features

Let’s have a quick go-through of the features of this product. So, the following are the five main features of this tonneau cover.

  1. Firstly, if you have the right match for your truck, you will get the perfect fit. Because the tolerances are good in this product and your truck bed gets good coverage.
  2. The tailgate latch lock system makes your cargo secure. Not just that, this tonneau cover provides UV and dust protection to the truck bed.
  3. There is a heavy-duty material involved in its construction. That means you will have a durable cover in the form of this beautiful tonneau cover.
  4. The next important feature is its installation time. You do not need any extra tools to get over the process. Rather you can do it quite easily.
  5. There is a weather strip provided with this wonderful tonneau cover to keep your cargo and the bed from bad weather. It tries its best to keep the dust and dirt away.

Well, you have seen the features. I think you should go through the pros and cons of having this product as well.

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Oedro Truck Bed Cover Advantages

Below are the pros of having this tonneau cover for your truck bed:

  • Velcro keeps the fitting tight and prevents wear and tear as well
  • The installation is hassle-free due to the clamps involved
  • The weatherstrip tries its best to protect the bed from dust and rain
  • The latch lock system ensures good security to keep your cargo protected
  • The double-layered PVC ensures great protection and durability
  • Roll-up is easy to open and close
  • This tonneau cover comes at a great price

Oedro Truck Bed Cover Tonneau Disadvantages

Here are some cons of having this oEdRo tonneau cover

  • The quality of latches seems superficial, and it should be improved for a better experience
  • Some components like hinge covers seem cheap and need improvement

There are no specific issues related to design; rather, it is pretty amazing. There are some quality issues that, if improved, can take the experience to a whole new level.

My Opinion

My best opinion for Oedro cover
My opinion

It is time for my opinion on this product. I have seen a lot of tonneau covers and provided my reviews on them. Many tonneau covers offer all the necessary features but take the price to new heights. So, remember that there will always be trade-offs.

When we talk about the upsides of this tonneau cover, I can not forget the material of this tonneau cover that makes it durable and strong.

The double-layered PVC, owing to its tensile strength and additional properties, make it a great option for tonneau covers.

When it comes to tonneau covers, the only thing that comes to my mind is protection. So, if your tonneau cover is not providing that protection, then you have to do something about it.

The latch lock system of this tonneau cover is pretty good to provide good security. But for harsh weather conditions, there is still room for improvement in quality.

Also, while buying something, you cannot just ignore the price. Even the price has a good role in making decisions. So, if there are some downsides, the price factor covers that.

The price of this tonneau cover is pretty good. I would say that you get good value for the money in this. When you take things to superior quality, the price gets pretty high as well.

Apart from that, there is a weather protection strip involved. It tries its best to keep the moisture away but to be honest; tonneau covers are not 100% waterproof. But something is better than nothing. So, this much protection is also pretty good.

Let’s talk about the installation now. So, the installation of this tonneau cover is hassle-free. You can easily perform the whole procedure by following the steps mentioned in the manual. The manual is pretty friendly as well.

Coming to the downsides of this product, the first point would be regarding the quality. The little components that come with this cover are not very robust, and there are complaints as well by some customers. 

Also, remember that there is not 100% water protection. Even there is a seal on, you still to be ready for a little bit of water getting in.

But after all, when it comes to reliability, I would say that it is a reliable product because the overall customer feedback is pretty good on it.

Summary of My Opinion

Keeping all the aspects, including the price, in mind, I would definitely recommend this product. It offers you all the necessary features at a pretty good price. Although it might happen that you do not get a very long-lasting product owing to the low price, it is still a pretty good option. 

So, if you really like the features of this product, then this is an affordable tonneau cover for you by oEdRo. And I would definitely recommend it!

OEDRO Upgraded Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review in Details

Another amazing product by oEdRo is its tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover. Well, the difference between roll-up and the tri-fold tonneau cover is pretty much popular. The tri-fold variants are usually more robust, and they provide good protection against moisture and rain as compared to the roll-up tonneau covers. Keep in mind that the price is also pretty higher in the case of tri-fold tonneau covers. 

oEdRo Tonneau Cover Design

Let’s talk specifically about the design of the oEdRo tonneau cover. For your better understanding, I am segregating the important aspects now.

So, the design of this product is pretty amazing. Even almost everyone who bought this tonneau cover loved the design. The latch system, Velcro functionality, mounting, fitting, etc., everything is spot on. Even the material is also quite durable. The aerodynamic finishing improves the gas mileage up to 12%. So, you can see how the design effectively improves the experience and adds value to your truck.

oEdRo Tonneau Cover Install

How to install Oedro tonneau cover
Oedro Cover Install

Now comes the installation. It is literally very easy and hassle-free. Even you will find a pretty amazing video on installation by oEdRo as well. They provide a proper installation guide to help you handle it easily.

Moreover, whenever it comes to the installation of tonneau covers, there are manuals that come with the product. They offer step-by-step guidance with graphical illustrations to help you do the installation confidently. If you are worried about the need for tools, then do not worry because usually, you do not need any drilling. Even there is no need for special tools as well.

oEdRo Tonneau Cover Problems & Tips

Usually, in the case of soft tonneau covers, flapping comes as a big problem. But this problem is not permanent. Yes, it would help if you had a few adjustments, and your problem will be solved. Those adjustments are related to actuating the tension. Therefore, do not worry about that. You will find plenty of guidance online on that as well.

Other than that, if you feel any problem during installation or after installation, it is better to reach out to the customer service or the experts. Otherwise, you might mess things up to regret later.

oEdRo Tonneau Cover Warranty

Oedro tonneau cover warranty policy
Oedro Cover Warranty

The warranty policy of many companies is different. Especially if you are getting a product at a lower price, then it is highly unlikely that you do not get a warranty on it. But when it comes to the warranty policy of oEdRo, you still get some supportive offers.

Like, they allow you to return a defective product within 30 days of the purchase with a set of rules. It would help if you went through them and first satisfy yourself because whatever money it is, after all, it is money. So, never compromise on your satisfaction.

oEdRo Tonneau Cover best price

Now comes the best part. Yeah, if you have seen incredible things before this factor, then that’s like a treat for you. Because, for this price, all of that seems pretty lovely. The price is around $200, and you also get some discount sometimes.

The tri-fold tonneau covers are usually twice the price. When you switch to expensive brands like BAKFlip, you will see the price crossing $1000 as well. So, keeping everything in view, the price of the oEdRo tonneau cover is pretty good. So, now it is up to you to decide.

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oEdRo Tonneau Cover alternative

Which is the best alternative for Oedro tonneau cover?
oEdRo Cover alternative

Well, WeatherTech, Tyger Auto t5 are the pretty good alternative to this tonneau cover if we keep in view the price. Although, you have to compare features as well while defining alternatives. The features are similar up to a good extent. But this tonneau cover is a better option as compared to the WeatherTech.

There is another alternative that comes in a similar price range. It is Gator! Gator is also pretty famous owing to its features and specifications. You can look into the details of these alternatives as well. After that, you will be able to choose better. I’m on the side of oEdRo.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am going to add some frequently asked questions now to address your general queries.

  1. Can you go through a car wash with a tonneau cover on it?

Yes, it is possible to go through a carwash with a tonneau cover on. But keep in mind that your tonneau cover will not be 100% waterproof. That means there still will be a chance for water to get inside. Although there are weather seals available, they do not do a proper job.

2. Is it easy to install an oEdRo tonneau cover?

Yes, I would say that it is pretty easy because it will take only 10 minutes of yours to get the job done. But that also depends on your focus. The installation guides and manuals are quite explanatory. So, you do not have to worry about that. 

3. How do you protect your tonneau cover?

Well, it is pretty interesting to protect something that is being used for protection. Well, there is usually a product available that you call a protectant. You can use it to protect your tonneau cover.

4. How to eliminate flapping in tonneau covers?

Well, flapping is not a big problem if you know the reason behind it. It is usually due to bad tension adjustment of your tonneau cover. If you re-adjust the tension problem, then it will get fixed.

5. Do tonneau covers improve mileage?

Yes, they help a lot in reducing drag by providing better aerodynamics. Therefore, they improve the mileage of your truck. The oEdRo tonneau cover improves the mileage by around 12%.

6. Is soft roll-up tonneau covers good?

Yes, if your requirements are not very high, then roll-up tonneau covers are pretty good to go. They provide a good covering by bringing good functionality. So, if you like their features, you should go for them.

7. Do tonneau covers keep water out?

Well, it is not that simple. Companies claim, but it is not actually true. There is always a problem faced somewhere related to leakage. It also depends on the weather condition. But one thing is for sure; they do not provide a 100% waterproof feature.

Wrapping Up

Almost everything related to oEdRo tonneau covers is up there. I have tried to equip you with all the necessary information that you should be aware of before buying this tonneau cover for your truck. One thing that I always emphasize is that you should never compromise on something that you are not comfortable with. So, be wise and choose well.

If you loved this product or have something to say, then please mention that in the comment section below because we value your opinion. Have a great day!

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