Maxorber Shocks Review – In-Depth Analysis

Shocks play the lead role in controlling the spring and suspension movement of your car. Therefore, they have a pretty good sign. If you feel like replacing your vehicle’s shocks, you have to remember some aspects. 

Today, I will take you over to the maxober shocks review along with the in-depth analysis. I will try to demystify it for you to help you understand better and purchase with confidence. 

Maxorber Shock Features

Maxorber Shocks Features

It would be really helpful for you to understand the product better if you go through its features real-quick. So, let’s get right in!

  • The control performance and handling of your vehicle are highly dependent on its shocks. These shocks restore them for a better ride.
  • The dampening power of these shock absorbers is suitably stiff for a good ride experience and makes them compatible with passenger cars.
  • The quality is premium when it comes to the design, construction, and features. This ensures a great experience as well.
  • The chrome-finished pistons are robust and long-lasting. Thus, you have a great and consistent experience.
  • Do not worry about rust as well because maxorber has you covered there as well. The process will stay smooth.
  • The good-quality shock absorber oil ensures better performance and reduces internal wearing as well.
  • The seamless cylinder and sleeves make the product even more robust.

So, these were the prominent features of this product. Now, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of getting these shock absorbers installed in your vehicle.

Maxorber Shocks Pros

Here are some pros of having this product.

  • This product offers a wide range of compatibility with Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 models.
  • The treated material with great design ensures longevity.
  • A Large number of features offered by these shock absorbers elevate your experience.
  • There will be neither squeaking noise nor internal wearing.
  • The installation is pretty easy and quick with these shock absorbers to save your time.
  • The price is pretty reasonable for what you are being offered.

Maxorber Shocks Cons

Let’s have a look at the cons of this product because nothing in this world is fully perfect.

  • The fitting can be an issue, so, pay attention to the compatibility.
  • The quality is not the best if you compare it with higher-end options.
  • You may also not like the stiffness if you are expecting something else. Because they are suitably stiff.

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My Opinion About Maxorber Shocks

Now, that you know about the features of this product along with the pros and cons of it, it is time for my opinion about this product. I have seen dozens of struts, coilovers, and shock absorbers. So, let’s discuss this one!

I usually like to start with the material. Because it plays quite an important role in making the product long-lasting sustainable. This product has a treasure. Yeah, if you chrome a material, it gets way better. This product has hard chromed (main) parts with ultra-precision vertical polishing. Thus, you can feel the robustness when you see them.

Then comes the design. If your design is not good, the material cannot rescue you. Like stress concentrations and seams can take the assembly apart or deform it in no time. This product has a seamless cylinder with a well-engineered design that reduces the chance of failing.

Next in shock absorbers comes the oil. Well, this product has a high-performance oil that has anti-foam and anti-shear features to reduce internal wear and ensure a smooth process. The pressurized nitrogen gas makes things even better. 

Then comes the installation which is quite easy. There is no rocket science in that. Just follow the procedure and you will have it done in no time. 

But then comes the part where you have to be conscious. This product is compatibility-specific. You can regret your decisions in such cases. So, never buy before making sure about the compatibility. Otherwise, you will end up wasting a lot of time just doing the fitting part. 

And you know what is worse? This product will not fit anyways! So, make sure you buy the right one. 

With that, these shock absorbers keep the tires well in contact with the road. Without good shock absorbers, there can be excessive tire and body movement. But thanks to these shock absorbers that they control it. If you are worried about vehicle bounce, roll & sway, brake dive, or acceleration squat; these shock absorbers will control it for you. 

Finally, you will have consistent handling, braking, and a good wheel alignment back.

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Summary of My Opinion

Long story short, these shock absorbers are perfect for the price. You get the necessary features along with promising quality. Value for the money is also ensured. The installation is not a big deal and the fitting is also pretty good if you are considering the compatibility well.

Just remember that this product is not best if you compare it with higher-end products. Well, you can buy those by paying more. But for the price of this product, it is pretty good. So, if you ask me, keeping all the factors in mind, I recommend this product.

Signs you Need to Replace Your Shocks

Maxorber-Shocks- Replace

If you are having an uncomfortable ride and worried about the malfunctioning part, then take a look at the shock absorbers as well. Because they also get worse over time. Here are the 7 symptoms of bad shock absorbers.


The first thing that you may notice is instability, especially at highway speeds. The vehicle will constantly move up and down at high speeds. So, if this is happening, please get your shock absorbers inspected.


Tipping on one side can happen if the shock absorbers are bad. This usually happens while taking a turn. So, if your vehicle is tipping when you take a turn, then the shock absorbers need inspection/replacement.

Bad Braking Consequences

Usually, when you apply hard brakes with bad shock absorbers, your car’s front end dives more than usual. If your car does the same, then your car’s shock absorbers need repair/replacement.


During acceleration, if the rear end of your car squats, then you should check its shock absorbers. Because this is a sign of bad shock absorbers. 

Excessive Bouncing

Abnormal bouncing or excessive bouncing can also happen as a result of bad shock absorbers. During bumps, if your car bounces excessively, then there is a need to replace those shock absorbers.

Tire Wear

Bad shock absorbers cause a bad load distribution in a way. That leads to unusual tire wear. Whenever you observe this kind of problem, it is time to get those shock absorbers inspected.

Fluid Leakage

Fluid leakage is another common problem that can occur. Fluid leakage indicates that the seals are broken. Thus, the functioning also gets compromised. So, you should get the shocks inspected if this happens.

Maxorber Shock Absorber Complete Assembly

Maxorber Shock Absorber Complete Assembly

The complete assembly of the maxorber shock absorbers consists of:

  • Strut Lock Nut
  • Hard Chromed Piston Rod
  • High-Quality Oil Seal
  • Pressurized N2 Gas
  • High-Performance Absorber Oil
  • Seamless Cylinder & Sleeve

The mechanism consists of an oil seal, rod guide, nitrogen gas, piston rod, pressure tube, absorber oil, piston valve, and a bottom valve.

Maxorber Shocks Design

Maxorber Shocks Design
Maxorber Shocks Design

The design of these shocks is pretty impressive. As I have been always mentioning, design plays a great role in the longevity and performance of a shock absorber. No matter how good the material is, if the design is not good, it will never last long. 

So, taking about maxorber shocks, their design is pretty good. The structure as well as the features play a great role in elevating your ride experience.

Maxorber Shocks Longevity

Then comes longevity. Well, the material plays a great role in making a product long-lasting. Design plays a good role, but material adds strength to the design. These shocks have chromed material that is sturdy and rust-resistant at the same time. 

So, your shocks will not just be protected from the rust, but they will also perform consistently for longer. Moreover, to avoid internal wearing, the high-quality shock oil used inside does the job. 

Maxorber Shocks Quality

Well, it is claimed to be a premium quality finished but the overall product is not of the best quality. Yeah, this is pretty straight that for the price you are paying, this is a great product. If you are looking for increasing the quality, then you can pay more and buy a better product. But this one is a pretty good option and offers value for the money.

Installation of Maxorber Shocks

Installation of Maxorber Shocks

The installation is pretty easy with these shocks. You have to go through the instructions provided with the product and there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, you will find plenty of videos on YouTube as well. You can watch them for guidance and then smoothly get done with the procedure. 

Here are some installation tips from my side for you. Remember that these are general installation tips for shock absorber installation.

  • Read the procedure carefully first. It is usually provided by the manufacturer.
  • Clean the surfaces where necessary near the suspension unit.
  • If necessary, lift the vehicle off the ground.
  • Observe the position of the original shock absorbers carefully. Keep in mind the connections, position, and orientation.
  • Ensure the necessary tools before starting the procedure.
  • Follow the safety protocols during the process.
  • Never use a pneumatic gun during the mounting procedure. 
  • Always fit the shock absorbers in pairs. 
  • Torque wrenches are recommended for tightening.
  • Make sure about the alignment as well. If you are not confident about it, then get it done by some expert.

Maxorber shocks Warranty 

The warranty is pretty good, but I would like to talk about two aspects here. One of them is about the mileage while the other one relates to time. Maxorber says that the mileage of these shocks is more than 50,000 km. Also, it offers 30-days money back and a 1-year free support warranty. You get free returns along with 100% ensured satisfaction. 

Warranty is a pretty important aspect. Yeah, you can believe in the promises being made by the manufacturer. But during bulk production, there is a great chance that a defective part comes out. So, a warranty is a promising offer that covers your back. So, it is better to consider warranties.

Maxorber shocks best price

Well, the price is quite reasonable when it comes to maxorber shocks. You get 4 pieces of shock absorbers for under a hundred bucks. Comparing the price with the features, you will realize that a pretty good value is being offered for the money in this product. Unlike other companies that sell a single shock for more than a hundred bucks.

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Comparing Maxorber shocks to the Competition

Comparing Maxorber shocks to the Competition

There are many brands for shocks on the market. Some of them are superior to Maxorber while others are inferior. Let’s have a look at them.


Monroe is a renowned name when it comes to shocks. They sell premium stuff. When we compare Monroe with Maxorber, we see a significant quality and price difference.

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Then comes Bilstein, renowned for their top-quality stuff. Although the price is quite high as you get one piece for around a hundred bucks, the stuff is worth it.


Skyjacker is another pretty good brand for tech parts. It is lesser expensive than the above two, but it also elevates your experience. You get incredible features at a fairly good price. Thus, it is a good option in the mid-range.


Then comes Belltech that also offers pretty good shocks at mid-range prices. The shocks work pretty well and last longer. The cost is a bit higher than maxorber but the quality is spot-on.

Maxorber shocks alternative

If you ask about alternatives to maxorber shocks, then I would recommend Skyjacker, Rough Country n3 and Belltech. Their prices are higher than maxorber but not very high. So, you do not have to worry about that. 

The reason that they both qualify as alternatives are that the prices are not very far in range. Moreover, the quality difference is not huge. Only if you are looking for some more features and better stuff, you can go for these two products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to answer your general queries.

1. Where are Maxorber shocks made?

Maxorber makes shocks with great focus. Their shocks are not re-manufactured pr refurbished. Rather they manufacture and sell pretty good shocks.

2. Who makes Maxorber shocks?

MAXORBER Trademark of Gaatu, Inc. is behind those incredible maxorber shocks that everyone loves to install in their vehicles. 

3. Are Maxorber shocks good?

Yeah, Maxorber shocks are pretty good. First of all, the price is pretty economical. Then you get pretty good quality at the price. So, it is a good deal undoubtedly.

4. How long do shocks really last?

It depends on how you maintain and keep your car. If you do not take care of the car, then it may last for less than 5 years. On the contrary, if you take care of your car, those shocks can last for around 10 years. But usually, the tenure is in-between.

5. When should you change your shocks?

When your car has covered more than 50,000 miles on the new shocks, it is time to change the shocks. Remember that the upper threshold is 100,000 miles. If you drive well, you will be in the upper range.

6. Should shocks stay compressed?

Remember that more compression means harsh bumps. Gas-charged shocks contain an initial load pressure that is due to the gas charge. Thus, they do not stay compressed like the original shocks.

7. Do new shocks make noises?

New shocks usually do not make any noise. There is nothing wrong with new shocks. But if you hear a metallic clunking noise, that means there is loose or worn mounting hardware.

8. Why are my shocks bouncy?

Your ride becomes bouncy when your shock absorbers are bad. Whenever you observe it, you should get the shock absorbers inspected and get them fixed/replaced.

9. How fast should shocks extend?

With normal gas pressure, it will take less than 45 seconds on a unit. It is up to 2 mins for a low gas unit. Whereas no gas units do not extend usually.

10. Which one is better gas or oil-filled shocks?

Gas-charged shocks provide a sportier ride. On the other side, gas-charged shocks provide a soft and smoother ride. So, it depends on what are you looking for.

Wrapping Up

I have tried to equip you with all the necessary information that you should know before buying maxorber shocks reviews. Never compromise on the quality when it comes to automobile parts. Try to get the best possible quality to avoid any inconvenience. Also, do not buy something that you are uncomfortable with.

If you have anything to share, then please mention that in the comment section below. I wish you good luck in the purchasing phase. Have an incredible day!

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