How to Reset Oil Change Light – Step by Step Process

After changing the oil of your vehicle, the oil change light or meter of your vehicle will be reset automatically, after starting your vehicle. So, it is easy to understand that if your oil change light and engine connection with light are perfect then it must notify that now should change the oil of your vehicle or after changing, it gives a green sign that oil change is done perfectly.

If it does not change or reset automatically with oil variation then you should reset oil change light manually. Now, we will go through in this lesson that how to reset oil change light for ford escape, honda accord, honda civic and common process for all kinds of vehicles.

How to Reset an Oil Change Light after Maintenance

It’s very important information for you that you should not reset your oil change light without actually changing oil. As a result, a miss guide can be done for oil change which can damage the engine as well. Because this light tells you that when you should change the oil.

The General Procedure of Resetting Oil Change Light

The very general process of resetting oil engine light is very easy. To do this test, just take the key of your car. Now plug them in and easily turn the car, but don’t turn the car engine. Now half-turn of the key and see the dashboard.

Try to locate the reset button or stick where may be located under the hood of your vehicle or near to speedometer or fuel gauge. You will get the exact location in your vehicle or car manual.

The General Procedure of Resetting Oil Change Light

Let’s say that you get the button. Now Press that and it will give you a flash message or signal or any icon. Now take off your finger from the button and turn off the ignition coil. After that, wait a few moments and turn on the engine. Now press the reset button and hold that makes flush message or signal which indicates the reset of oil change light.

If it does not occur, then do not continue it for the next session. Because it can damage your vehicle engine. So, take your car or vehicle to an Automotive Engineer to resolve it.

How to turn off change oil light on chevy silverado

If you get a great feature that is displayed a message what is happening in your oil core of chevy silverado. It helps you to determine how much oil is existing in your vehicle core. If remaining oil life 80% exists that means 80% oil life remains. If oil life hits a low percentage then it will display a message “ CHANGE ENGINE OIL SOON”. This kind of feature helps you to turn off change oil light on chevy silverado.

Process of change oil light on chevy silverado

  • Turn on the ignition, but don’t turn the engine.
  • Now press the accelerator 3 times with 5 seconds interval.
  • Now turn off the ignition.

Now start the engine and see. Your oil life is reset. If your silverado has driver console feature, then press the steering toggle and hold. If your car has no DIC, then hold the odometer about 10 seconds for 100% reset.

Reset oil Change Light of Jeep Wrangler

There are different kinds of jeep wrangler. It’s an important fact that how to reset an oil change light of jeep wrangler that are following below

  • Insert into the key ignition and turn it on position without start engine.
  • Depress the gas padel slowly three times to maintain interval 10 seconds.
  • Now ignition off and start the engine. See the oil light and that is changed. If you don’t, then try again to follow the process.

Reset oil Change Light of Honda Accord

Honda Accord is a favorite Automotive product. Here is the process of reset of oil change light that is below

  • Insert the key for ignition and don’t start the engine.
  • Find out the Stem that is near to speedometer. To press and hold it for 10 seconds until to display any icon flashing.
  • Release the stem and hold it again for 10/15 seconds. Then it will show icon for oil change flashing. If it does not, then repeat it.

The above process is also perfect for RAM TRUCK or any kind of MINI TRUCK. There are some car model whose are not possible to reset oil change light by hand. Such car’s oil change light is controlled by computer. If your car is contained this system then don’t try to do it by hand. To see your car manual for reset oil change light process or go to a mechanic who will be able to reset the light for you.

Final Thought
All the above processes are perfect for your car of vehicle, then follow these instructions. If does not match, then see your vehicle manual for proper instructions and follow the manual process step by step to get the perfect one result. If it is possible for you then try and test. Otherwise, don’t try it more than one time because it may cause engine damage. Overall, you can take advice from Automotive Expert.

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