How to Remove Spray Paint from Rims – Step By Step Guide

Being a car owner, you must have robust knowledge and experience to maintain it from day today. Diagnosing a fault and amending it are the two basic and required step to solving any problem.

One of these problems occurs when the paint on rims of the car fades away. This is a twofold issue as your wheels lose their beauty, and also, the protective layer around the rims is gone meaning they are exposed to air for rusting.

Such an issue should be solved at earliest. You can either redo the whole paint or refinish the decayed paint. In order to redo the paint, the first step is removing the previous paint- which is the topic of our discussion.

remove paint from rim
remove paint from rim

Removing Spray Paint from Rims

The act of removing the paint from your car rims is relatively easy in itself, but in order to do it right, you need strong chemicals and proper tools. If done wrong, even the simplest of tasks could be ruined.

You must do everything in the right order and don’t change the order of steps as it does not make any sense and will result in consequences.

Tools Required

You will need some tools in order to do this task; you need some important tools which will aid and make it easy. Following are some important equipment required:

  1. Wire brush
  2. Steel object
  3. Steel tool
  4. Paint stripper
  5. Lever
  6. Spanner
  7. Screwdriver

With these tools and some simple techniques, you should be able to do it effectively and timely. Let’s get started with the steps you need to follow for doing this task.

Step By Step Complete Guide to Remove Spray Paint from Rims

We will take you through an organized guide of this process step by step and gradually making you understand the whole process. Let’s get started:

1. Separating Wheels from the Car

The first step is obviously going to be removing wheels from your car. For this, you will have to lift the car, which will be done with the help of a lifting lever.

Use a spanner to remove nuts and then separate the wheel from the car. Now you should get under a shady area to do the rest of the work feeling relaxed.

2. Separating the tires

You have to remove the paint from the rim, and the chemicals you use in the process could affect the tire material, so it is better to separate the tire from the metal rim.

remove tire from rim
remove tire from rim

This task can be done with the help of a screw-driver. You need to push the screwdriver between rim and tire and then apply force in order to pull it off.

3. Proper rinsing of the wheels

For the results to be impeccable, you need to make the process as pure as you can. Remove any kind of dust and debris from the rims by rinsing.

Dust particles may get mixed up with the chemicals used and creating an impurity, which might result in deterioration of the chemical, giving unsatisfactory results.

4. Covering the unprotected area

You need to use tape in order to cover the area which is not going to be involved in the process and might end up getting messed up due to the harsh chemicals. A small precaution never hurts but saves.

5. Apply paint stripper on the rims

Now that you have taken the necessary precautions and done what is needed, you can spray paint stripper on the rim area to remove the decayed and faded paint.

After spraying, give it a wait of at least ten minutes so that bubbles start to appear from the paint. This signifies that the reaction between paint and remover is complete.

6. Scrape the paint using a hard brush

After the application of the spray, the paint has become vulnerable and can be removed with the help of a brush. The brush must be hard so that it can remove effectively-it should be wired and strong.

7. Scrape with steel

After you have initially removed most of the paint using a hard brush, the remaining paint is tough and needs to be removed with the help of something strong.

You should use an object made from a strong material, say steel. If not steel, any object with comparable hardness and ability to scrape away the paint will do.

8. Repeat until you get the best outcome

You need to repeat the process again and again in order to remove every drop of paint from the rims. Any amount of paint left will be bad for the repainting of the rims.

Leftover paint can react with the new paint and cause impurity, which may even lead to sticking issues. Repeat it at least three times to achieve ideal results.

9. Wash the rims

After you have removed all the paint from the rims, it is time to wash away the rims. This is because you need to get rid of the chemical you applied in order to remove the paint as it is very harsh and can react with the new paint as well.


  • The chemicals used in the process are very strong and inflammable, so they run the risk of burning your skin. Use proper covering gloves, wear eye goggles to cover your eyes, and wear an apron to protect your clothes.
  • It is better to breathe as little as possible and wear a mask in order to avoid inhaling the strong harmful chemicals into your body, which can cause troubles in the time after.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have made your possible toil easy by taking you through a comprehensive guide of how to deal with this issue. The step by step guide is specially carved to be easily understood and implemented.

Although the task is very easy and can be done through DIY methods, you should never hesitate to seek professional help in case of any type of complication.

Take all the necessary precautions and never be neglected when it is your well-being and health at stake. Best of luck!

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