How to Remove Scratches From Cars and SUVs : Step by Step Guide

Among all the damages that are being faced with a car, scratches are one of the most common ones. There could be many causes behind it. Depending on the cause, the intensity of the scratch can be measured.

Your precious car can get damaged anytime if you do not provide the necessary attention. At this rate, a complete coat of paint or taking your car into professional shops can turn out to be quite costly.

The content is divided into some distinct steps. They show you the unique and effective ways of how to remove scratches from your car. All the steps might appear kind of similar to you in the beginning but soon after, you will understand that they are totally different from each other depending on their criteria. The rest is briefly explained below.

Remove Scratches From Car

Remove Scratches From Car

Small surface scratches

Even the slightest carelessness can cause this type of problem to your car. However, they are also the easiest ones to get rid of. Follow the steps below and fix it up in a blink!

Small Scratch remove

Small Scratch

Cleaning according to the intensity of the scratch

Whenever you observe a scratch on your car you have to consider the associative dirt and wastage along with it. Before applying any kind of substance the whole area has to be cleaned properly.

To get your car cleaned take a hose and some soap with you. Apply the soap to your car and rub it well with a brush. After that, wash the entire area thoroughly with the hose you got. Do not forget to dry it off.

Choosing the appropriate tool or kit

There are interesting ways to know or determine exactly what product your car might need. Observe the scratch and make sure that it is a small one. Then, gently run your fingernail through the scratch and see if you can catch it or not.

Well, if you can’t then congratulations! Your scratch is very minor and only toothpaste is enough to cover it up. If can touch it then choose a handy scratch removal professional product and carry out the process described in the next section.

car scratch remove

Car scratch remove

Application of the substances

Measure the size of the scratch. Depending on that, calculate the amount of toothpaste you would need by your intuition. Don’t worry, it might sound a bit confusing but you’ll get it while doing it.

It is considered a better choice if you choose white toothpaste for the task. Take a towel and get it slightly wet so that it is easy for you to spread the toothpaste.

Apply the toothpaste in the affected area by rubbing that gently in a circular motion.

Terminating the procedure

Do the same until the whole area is covered up nicely. Now the area is fully covered with excess toothpaste.
Clean the area out again with plain water using a hose and dry it off. Now, you can observe the improvement yourself.
It is not necessary that the process will provide you the satisfactory result at a single time. It might take some time. So, be patient in such cases and do repeat the procedure a couple of times more until you get the desired outcome.

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• Medium or small level scratches

Unlike the small surface scratches, the medium-level scratches need a bit more consideration. The steps are mentioned below to help you.

remove medium scratch

Remove medium scratch

Cleaning according to the intensity of the scratch

Where only water alone was also able to resign everything off in the previous case, you might have to give some extra effort in this case.

Clean the whole area with plain water first and then apply the washer or soap to whatever you are using. You can use a sponge if you want for a better result and again resign everything off with a decent flow of water. In this case, we highly advise you to use soap or any other washer.

Choosing the appropriate tool or kit

Choosing the appropriate tool for your scratch might be a tricky decision. If you are facing too much difficulty then try consulting with an automobile store salesman. They generally have a very good idea about it.

There is a large variety of scratch removing toolkits available in the market. Choose your desired one and also take a towel as well. It is better to take one with microfiber.

There are also tools with mechanical buffing features. Keep conscious while choosing these.

Application of the substances

Take your tools and start working by applying the removal product on the scratched area by the cloth or towel you are using. Try to spread that evenly on the cloth.

Now, gently work on the affected area in a certain motion. Whatever you do just stick to a single motion and do not change that.

Don’t push yourself and go hard on the scratched area as it might cause trouble instead. Keep doing the same until the area is nicely covered up.

Terminating the procedure

A manual guide is provided with the removal products. The instructions vary from product to product. Based on what is instructed in the manual, apply the correct method and start wiping the excess amount of the removal product.

Again, check whether the mark is still visible or not. If it is, do the same process and keep on doing that until the desired result is achieved.

• Scratches with much depth

An accident can occur anytime and your car can get a deep scratch. But there are ways to get rid of those through a systematic approach. The steps are explained below.

remove deep scratch

Deep scratch

Cleaning according to the intensity of the scratch

When it comes to the deep scratches, the affected area might turn uneven due to the damage. In this stage, you might get confused about how to remove scratches from your car.

However, there is no reason for you to panic. The process will remain the same and with a bit more effort you can clean the area out smoothly.

Take your time and rinse the dirt and unwanted particles using cleaners and soaps. This specific stage might also need sandpapers. Dry the whole thing and proceed to the next step.

Choosing the appropriate tool or kit

This specific situation is different from the rest and needs a different approach as well. The requirements of the tools and kits are also different.

Like you saw before, things like toothpaste or available removal products were enough to get rid of the scratches. This time you are going to need some additional stuff like paints, different types of wax, sandpapers, buffer pads, etc.

Each tool has its own specific job. So, we recommend you not to skip any of it. And getting all the things prepared before starting the application.

Application of the substances

The procedure is somehow a bit different this time. As the scratch is much deeper than the previous ones, you have to pay some extra attention.

After the thorough cleaning rub the whole area finely with the sandpaper until you get an even finishing. Then the painting part comes. Usually, spray paints are the best in doing these works.

The process of painting has also got a specific method. You have to apply a primer first on the affected area before applying the paint. The primer can be used by a can. You also have to be careful about choosing the color of the primer.

After that, apply coats of paints in the area. Keep doing that until you get a satisfactory result.

Terminating the procedure

Your job is not finished yet! After evenly coating the area with paint, it is time for you to make that look real and authentic.

The easiest way to do this is to use wax. Different high-quality wax is used to buff the affected area and revive the shine of your car. With this, you can finally terminate the operation.


Your car might get an accident anytime anywhere. As a result, your car can get unwanted scratches. In situations like this, it is better to have clear knowledge about how to remove scratches from your car.

So, take the necessary initiative and follow the procedures according to the scratch just as described. Carry out all the steps very cautiously and ensure safety.

Always keep in mind that what you are doing is not necessarily always enough. You might even need more help later on. But we hope that the content was able to make you confident enough of trying to remove unwanted scratches from your can on your own.

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