How to Protect Car Paint to Keep up New Look – 5 Useful Ways

All passionate car lovers understand how important it is to keep their cars shiny and in good shape. And this observation goes far beyond the maintenance of the components of the car.

It also involves other factors such as how shiny your car is, whether it has any scratches on its surfaces, is the paint becoming dull and losing its glamour, is there dust on the surface of the car?

Applying Synthetic Coating

Damaged car paint

If you notice that the paint of your car is peeling off, or is losing its shine and becoming rather dull, or if you see some scratches on its coat.

Just know that these are small things that could have been easily prevented had the owner of the car spent a little time every day in maintaining the car’s exterior.

Why the paint on the car gets damaged:

If you use your car a lot, then you probably expose it a lot, to the scorching heat of the sun, or the rain or storms.

All these different kinds of weather and the different situations such as passing through a puddle or a construction site make your car exposed, or you can say vulnerable to dust particles, debris, UV radiations, all of which are extremely harmful to the car’s exterior.

It is important to realize that it’s almost impossible to protect your car from getting exposed to all these particles mentioned above unless you bought the car and put it in your garage.

Even then, it would get dusty eventually. Therefore, to protect the surface of your car, you can use a certain number of precautions.
We have come up with five very basic and extremely useful ways that you can adopt to make sure that the surface of your car is not damaged.

5 Useful Ways to protect the car’s paint and keep the new look:

Wash Your Car Regularly

After applying coating

Given below are five different methods and techniques that you can keep in mind to protect the surface of your car from getting damaged.

1. Wash your car once a week, keep it covered with a car cover and dry it with a weave towel:

It is extremely important to wash your car on a regular basis depending upon how much you use it. If you use it daily, washing it once every week should be good enough.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that always wash your car with car shampoo and not regular soap. This is because the regular ones come with chemicals that might be damaging to the paint of the car.

While washing makes sure, you wash all the essential parts in both the exterior and the interior, from the surface to the tires and the windshield, etc.

Secondly, if you park your car in an open space, then cover your car with a car cover. This will protect it from rain, dust, bird droppings, etc. and even if you park it in a garage, it might still get exposed to dust particles; therefore keep it covered if for a longer period of time.

Thirdly, it is observed that many of the car owners do not dry their cars after washing it. It is mainly because of the extra effort and the fact that most people assume the car will dry automatically.

But the problem is that letting it dry naturally leaves water stains on it, and also the water that stays on the car’s surface for long may be damaging to the paint. Therefore, it is highly important to dry your car.

One thing to remember is that you should use a microfiber towel or a soft one to dry the car. Otherwise, the cloth might too on a long run basis damage the car.

2. Wax your car to keep it as shiny and new as ever:

Another method that you can try to protect the paint on your car’s surface is waxing the car.

A good wax is known to last for a period of 6 to 10 months, so if you wax your car every six months, you can protect it from getting damaged.

The best thing about waxing is that even if your car’s paint apparently gets damaged, it is actually the layer of the wax that is harmed and not the paint directly.

Therefore, once you get the car waxed again, the damage such as the dull areas or the scratches disappear, and your car looks as good as new.

Another huge advantage of waxing your car is that it even tends to increase the efficiency of the car. This sounds a little odd, but it’s because of the fact that waxing your car tends to reduce the drag force that is being applied to the car, and in turn, the car becomes more efficient.

3. Use paint sealant to protect the paint on the surface of your car:

Paint sealant acts as a protective layer on the surface of your car. All you have to do is apply the paint sealant on the surface of your car.

In case the car gets damaged in any way, the sealant will make sure that the original paint of the car is not affected in any way. You usually have to apply the sealant every few months, mostly depending upon the usage of your car.

You first have to mix the sealant with a bonding agent. The ratio is 4 to 1. You can make the mixture as per your requirement. Just make sure that the ratio is not messed up.

In order to apply the sealant, it is important to know how to. Apply the mixture slowly in a circular motion.

Once you have applied it and you notice that the surface of the car is changing its texture, rub the area with a towel in the same circular motion.

4. Get Synthetic coating for your car and make sure it’s protected at all times:

Another similar method of protecting your car’s surface from getting damaged is by using the method of synthetic coating.

It is in many ways similar to the above methods of waxing your car or of applying paint sealant as this, too, is to protect the surface or the paint of the car by forming a protective layer on it.

The synthetic method is comparatively a new technique that is used by most car owners. A good synthetic coating lasts for more than six months and makes your car look like it is brand new. It has similar results to that of a good quality paint sealant or a very high-quality car wax.

5. Park in the right places, and use smoother roads to avoid putting your car at risk:

Another thing that you can do to protect the paint on the car is simply by making sure you do not expose your car to the contaminants that harm it in the first place.

One of such precautions was covering your car which we have already covered but for short periods of time, such as if you go to work, it is not feasible to cover your car with a car cover, so in such a case what you can do is, make sure you park it under a shade.

This way, your car will be protected from bird droppings, and if it’s raining or if the sun is at its highest, in either of the before mentioned scenarios, your car will be protected from the acidic water and from the UV radiations.

Another thing that you can do is drive your car through smoother roads. This way, your car won’t be exposed to debris and dust particles, which are also very damaging to the surface of your car and can make your car look all gloomy.

Even though both of these above-mentioned factors don’t sound as if they could do a lot of harm, but in the long term If you are careful, they could really contribute to the physical condition of your car.

Final Thoughts:

So, these are the top 5 techniques that you can try to protect your car’s surface.

Even if your car is brand new, it is important to remember that in order to keep it that way you are going to have to put in some extra effort on a daily basis such as parking it in the shade and making sure your car is not exposed to dirt, UV radiations, rain, etc.

Other than this, you are also going to have to invest financially in the matter, such as getting either a paint sealant, a car wax, or synthetic coating on the surface of your car every six months at least so that the original paint of your car remains protected and safe.

Maintaining your car is not easy, but it’s not hard either if you know what to do. To protect your car before the damage becomes irreversible.

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