How to Polish and Apply Ceramic Car Coat on Glass – Step by Step Process

All automobiles consist of safety glasses. It is designed to minimize the likelihood of injuries, in case the glass breaks. It implies that if a small object strikes your car glass, only the outer layer of the windshield which is hit breaks.

In case, there is a severe impact on the glass, it might shatter, but it won’t fall apart because the broken pieces usually stay stuck to the vinyl inner lining. The side and rear windows are made up of tampered glass.

The process of tempering consists of heating the glass to over 1100°F and then cooling it down rapidly. This process makes the glass stronger than untampered glass.

Applying Ceramic Car Coat on Glass
Ceramic Car Coat on Glass

In case the glass is broken, it will disintegrate into tiny pieces thereby preventing the drivers or passengers from getting injured due to jagged pieces.

However, in spite of having good quality glass in your vehicle, you should opt for ceramic coating for the glass specially to secure it against the rain, storm and other elements of nature.

This article will inform you about the benefits of ceramic coating for your car glass, how you can use ceramic coat on your car glass, and then polish it. Read on to know the proper ways of ceramic coating and polishing your glass so that it can last longer.

How to apply a ceramic coating to your car glass?

Here is an all-inclusive guide on how you may apply a ceramic coating to your car glass:

  • Clean glass: Clean the windshield properly by using a high-quality glass cleaner, and a microfiber mop. Spray a small quantity of the cleaner to your windshield and windows, and then clean it with a microfiber mop.
Clean glass to apply car coat
Clean glass to apply car coat

Ensure that the dirt that has accumulated on the surface is completely removed before rinsing out the cleaner with water.

  • Decontamination of the glass: Remove all the dirt using a clay bar and clay bar lubricant. You can clean the swirls and light scratches with a dual action orbital polisher. You can use a buffing polishing compound to remove deep scratches.
  • 99% Isopropyl alcohol wipe: Next, you need to spray an isopropyl alcohol mix on the glass and remove the residual polishing oils by using a microfiber towel. This step ensures the adequate bonding of the ceramic coating.
  • Application of ceramic coating: Pick a foam block, and put a suede microfiber applicator cloth around it. Shake the bottle of the ceramic coating before using it. Next, make a proper line of the ceramic coating product on the applicator. Apply the ceramic coating from left to right and up to down. Do not allow the coating to dry for an extended period. After 20 to 30 seconds, you need to remove it using a microfiber cloth. Throw away the microfiber cloth after you have buffed the car because the silica dioxide shall dry up and damage the paint if the cloth is used again.
  • Application of ceramic coating
    Application of ceramic coating

    Then, you need to park your car in a garage and prevent your glass from coming into contact with water.

    While ceramic coating your glass, ensure that you use the product sparingly because otherwise, you may end up with an uneven and unnatural finish that might obstruct your visibility.

    Moreover, the application should be made indoors so that the glass does not come in contact with any contaminants. Details of application available here.


    How to polish the ceramic coating of your car glass?

    The ways in which you can polish the ceramic coating of your car have been given below:

    How to polish the ceramic coating
    How to polish the ceramic coating
    • Use a non-solvent based cleaner: First, you need to pour a non-solvent based cleaner in a spray bottle. Then you need to spray it on the glass and wait for 10-12 minutes. The solution shall absorb the dirt and grease. After this, you need to wipe the glass with a damp cloth.
    • Apply non-abrasive ceramic polish to the glass: You need to pour a small quantity of the ceramic polish on the washcloth. After that, you need to rub the polish on the surface with adequate pressure and make sure that you cover the entire surface.
    • Use a chrome polish for the removal of surface scratches: Put the dry cloth in the container of chrome polish and then apply it to the glass surface. Use the polish to remove the scratches so that the surface is smooth and even. In case there are deep scratches, you can use a scratch remover.
    • Wipe the surface using a dry washcloth: Next, you have to wipe the surface using a dry washcloth to enhance its shine. If you have applied a lot of polish to a single area, you can use the washcloth for its removal. Rub the surface lightly using circular motions for having a smooth and shiny glass surface.

    How to maintain your ceramic coating?

    If you desire to reap the benefits of ceramic coating, you need to clean the ceramic coating frequently by using a pH-neutral soap and shampoo. Doing so will rid the layer of any accumulated contaminants.

    You should top off your ceramic coating in every 60 to 90 days with the help of a silica spray. You must spray it on the ceramic coating and then wipe it off using a microfiber cloth.

    Having this layer will enable more protection as the foreign matter will need to penetrate this layer thereby preventing it from adversely affect on the ceramic coating. This layer will also add shine and protect the interior of the car against UV rays.

    Benefits of ceramic coating for car glass
    Benefits of ceramic coating for car glass

    Benefits of ceramic coating for car glass

    • Enhanced visibility: If you are driving during a torrential downpour, you have to maintain proper visibility so that you can drive while concentrating on the road. Although your wipers play an essential role in shedding the water, a ceramic coating will ensure maximum visibility. The hydrophobic nanostructure prevents the rainwater from lingering on to your windshield, thereby enabling it to slide away quickly. Moreover, if you accidentally speed up in a deep puddle of mud, then there are chances that it would splatter up and leave a dark stain on the windshield. However, if you have a ceramic coat, the mud will fall off instead of sticking on the surface. The contaminant repellency of ceramic coating is quite high which implies that your glass shall be protected from insect remains, bird droppings, and other pollutants which might obstruct your view.
    • Impeccable clarity: Most car owners are dissatisfied with the look of their vehicle’s glass even after a thorough cleaning. A ceramic coating can enhance the look of the glass because the nanostructure can fill the imperfections of the glass surface. Therefore, it offers a level of clarity which the glass cleaners fail to provide.
    • Easy to clean: Cleaning your car can be a difficult job if you have contaminants that have dried on its surface. However, if you have a hydrophobic ceramic coating on the surface, these contaminants shall stay only on the surface instead of being incrusted. The ceramic coating offers shield-like protection to the glass surface. Thus, it protects the glass from stone chips, sand, and debris. It stops the formation of hard water spots and other stains on the surface. You only need to rinse your car with water to clean the dirt. The surface repels the water, and therefore, it carries away the contaminant particles along with it.When you have hydrophobic glass, it becomes straightforward to keep your windshield clean, to enhance visibility as well as boost the aesthetics of your vehicle.
    • Safeguarding against chemical stains and etching: The glass may get stained if it comes in contact with naturally acidic contaminants. The ceramic coating creates a chemically resistant surface by shielding the glass against contaminants, thus making it stain-resistant. It can also protect the glass against acid rain, salt fog corrosion, oil stains, rust, and sap.
    • Safety: Having a ceramic coating on your glass can deflect the harmful UV rays of the sun thus preventing skin cancer and other severe diseases. Moreover, ceramic coatings are nanostructured barriers that have multiple protective properties ranging from UV resistance to hydrophobicity. The ceramic coating also corrects the optical defects of the glass. Therefore, the glass surface is free of any glare or stains. It is especially helpful at night when the lights from the other vehicles tend to blind the driver. The ceramic coating provides easy automotive control thereby preventing accidents during critical situations. Therefore, opting for a ceramic coat for the glass can be extremely beneficial for your vehicle.

    Final Thoughts

    Thus, applying a ceramic coat to your car glass can keep it functioning optimally. Moreover, it shall increase the lifespan of your windows and windshield. It shall also protect the interior of your car against severe damage from the UV rays of the sun.

    A ceramic coated glass surface shall be smooth and free from abrasions. Therefore, your vehicle shall stay dirt free because the dust will not stick to the surface. Besides being highly cost-effective, ceramic coating helps you to keep the glass of your car shiny and dirt-free.

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