How to Paint a Car – Easy Step by Step Complete Guide

People appreciate finishing their own paint jobs on their vehicles for various reasons. Whatever your reason is, it’s essential that the job is done appropriately. This guide will show you how to spray paint an auto in the right way!

You will learn and see how to paint an auto at home.

I will examine with you the troubles that accompany getting spray paint off an auto, setting up a car for spray paint and completing the job like a professional.

painting a car
Painting a car

The main reason individuals paint their auto is to achieve a superior look. Getting the auto painted by an expert won’t just cost you a ton, yet it is difficult to find a qualified painter in your general vicinity.

It can likewise present to you a decent deal of pride to renew your very own vehicle and appreciate the completed work.

In the event that you are an amateur then you will understand it’s neither a simple job nor a troublesome one. This may appear to be overwhelming yet in the event that you pursue this guide, you will discover the information you need to get started.

You’ll additionally figure out how to make your errands less demanding. Painting your very own auto at your home and without anyone else’s input begins with knowing how to spray paint utilizing a spray gun.

With the help of a decent paint sprayer and a couple of other materials, you can paint your auto at your home generally effortlessly.

A spray gun decreases time, exertion and makes a quality wrap up that the paint will be applied to the auto with a similar thickness.

It will require some investment to paint an auto yourself. The entire procedure is extensive; however, when you see the outcomes you will be agreeably amazed.

Make certain you’ve put aside a couple of days for painting or, no less than, a few weekends.

can painting process
Car painting process

Step by step guide on how to spray paint a car

Would you be able to spray paint an auto? We’ve demonstrated to you the appropriate response is yes, yet there are numerous means involved with the painting of your vehicle.

Adhere to the guidelines flawlessly in the event that you need to accomplish the best outcomes for the most reduced expense. The better you set up, the better the outcomes will be.

Pick the location

You will require an area that will be accessible for up to a few days at a time.

Painting an auto requires a significant time investment, so don’t anticipate moving the vehicle amid the procedure.

Endeavor to pick a place in the shade. You’ll additionally need to avoid any components that could wind up on the auto.

The best area to consider may be the garage, simply make certain you have appropriate ventilation.

car painting tools
Car painting tools

Gather the tools you need

Before you begin utilizing spray paint on the auto, you should make certain that you have every single one of the tools required. A few things that you will need to have close by are:

When you have every one of the materials prepared, you can figure out how to paint an auto with spray paint.

Setting up the paint

Another viewpoint that should be tended to before the painting procedure starts is how much paint you require. You will require more paint than an expert would.

This is on account of you aren’t as experienced and will undoubtedly squander some material. As you hone and learn new aptitudes, the measure of paint you need should diminish marginally.

For medium or littler measured autos, you will require 1-gallon of base coat, 3-gallons of top coat and roughly 2 to 3-gallons of clear coat. For a bigger measured auto, you will require 5-gallons of base coat, 4-gallons of best coat and 3 – 4 gallons of clear coat.

Continuously make sure you have more than you need to finish the activity. It is in every case best to have some additional than insufficient. Make sure you’ve picked the best spray paint for autos to guarantee a quality job.

Matching the color coating

To coordinate the first shading you’ll have to discover the color code of your vehicle.

Most autos will have this data recorded in the driver’s side door jam.

In the event that you can’t find it there, you can likewise look close to the VIN number on the windshield.

For instance, in the event that you have a dark vehicle, you’ll have to coordinate it with a high-quality dark spray paint for autos.

paint sprayer
Paint sprayer

Ensure that you have the best paint sprayer

It will do you no good painting your own auto in the event that you don’t have the best paint sprayer.

To find the best paint sprayer you’ll have to do some research on the subject and try to decide which of the available models is the best spray gun and suits your needs the most.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that you also have the matching compressor that can power your spray gun.

Clean Your Area

The following stage is to set up the territory you’ve decided you are going to paint your car in. You will need to make sure there is no residue.

In the event that you are working outside, make certain to move anything that could blow onto the auto amid the painting procedure.

Never paint under a tree as there is a possibility leaf and insects and dust can fall on the vehicle and demolish your whole effort.

If you really don’t have a choice and you have to paint your car outside, we recommend that you make some kind of tent to protect your car.

wash and prepare the car
Wash and prepare the car

Wash and prepare the car

Ensure you wash the auto altogether as you don’t need there to be any residue, street dirt or oil left on the auto.

You’ll at that point need to choose which parts of the auto you will paint.

You can strip down the auto to make it less demanding or veil the territory which needn’t bother with paint.

Sanding the car

In this segment, I will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to get spray paint off an auto before you start. Ensure you put your face mask on before finishing this errand.

You’ll likewise need to consider wearing eyewear for extra assurance. On the off chance that you have a dust extractor, make sure you have it cleaned appropriately and it is turned on.

Now you are prepared to figure out how to expel spray paint from the auto.

You should expel the spray paint from the auto before you put any more paint on. Utilizing expansive grain sandpaper, conceivable 600-coarseness or comparative, rub the whole surface of the auto.

Utilize circular movements while sanding. Be mindful so as to give careful consideration to the fissure territories on the vehicle. This is diligent work and you may confront some impulse to stop here.

sanding the car
Sanding the car

In the event that you are patient and give the procedure some time, you will begin to see the paint falling off.

Once the paint has been for the most part expelled, change to a finer sandpaper similar to 1500-coarseness. This will evacuate scratches and consumption.

In the event that you discover gaps amid this procedure, make certain to utilize some putty and repair the harm before going any further.

You will need to ensure that your sanding work left a smooth finish to the auto. Also, the surface ought to be even. This will assist the paint with applying legitimately.

You can utilize quality wet sandpaper and dry sandpaper to accomplish the best outcomes.

Take a cloth and wipe the whole surface down tenderly. You should utilize the thinners to evacuate any residual residue.

Give it some time to dry and vanish totally before pushing ahead.

Car Paint Preparation with spray gun
Car Paint Preparation with spray gun

Making preparations with a spray gun

Cover all zones of the auto which you would prefer not to get painted. Utilize newspapers, plastic sheets and tape to separate these regions.

Combine your primer and thinner as coordinated on the paint can. Practice by utilizing your spray gun on a board or sheet before you spray paint your auto. This will enable you to get acquainted with the sprayer and help to settle your hand.

Keep up a 6-inch gap between the board and spray gun constantly. Utilize the sprayer in a vertical position and invest a plentiful measure of energy rehearsing.

When you feel comfortable to start with the auto, you can start on the auto panels. Make certain you coat everything equitably and apply two coats for ideal outcomes.

In between the coats, you need to make sure that there has been enough time for them to dry out completely. It usually takes somewhere around 10 to 15 minutes.

For best spraying, pursue these steps:

  • Hold a 6-inch separate between the auto and the spray weapon constantly.
  • Spray side to side.
  • Never spray from base to top or vice versa.
  • Only press the trigger of the gun when you are moving from one side to the next.
  • Don’t hold the trigger ceaselessly. It will make an uneven covering

Painting the car

Here’s the part you’ve been sitting tight for!

It is at last time to take in the specialty of painting an auto with spray paint. At this point, you ought to be an expert at utilizing the paint sprayer, yet you should at present practice before applying spray paint on the auto.

Each panel should take around 10 minutes when you are spray painting an auto. You’ll generally need to enable the paint to dry totally before applying another coat. On the off chance that you don’t pause, the paint may not cling to the auto properly.

painting car
Painting car

Distinctive materials can get out of the spray gun in an unexpected way, so honing for a couple of minutes will guarantee an even coat.

Examine your paintwork painstakingly and search for any defects or blemishes in your work. In the event that you discover something incorrect, utilize your sandpaper to smooth it out and afterward repaint the territory. Settling a blunder presently will spare you time and cash later.

You will need to apply two layers of paint, yet before you apply the last coat, you’ll need to utilize the wet sandpaper and dry sandpaper of 200-coarseness to expel any fine buildup from the vehicle.

At that point, wipe the auto down with a clean cloth. Now you are prepared for your last covering of paint.

Here are a couple of rules to give you the best outcomes:

  • Be beyond any doubt you spray gun is cleaned legitimately before utilization.
  • Properly blend the auto spray paint with thinner as coordinated on the paint can.
  • Spray your first layer of top coat paint moving in a side to side movement.
  • Only press the trigger of the spray gun when you are moving.
  • Be beyond any doubt the paint is dried totally before the second coat is applied.

Once you’ve finished the painting, make certain you remove all the tape from the auto.

Evacuating this before the clear coat dries is essential. Make certain that the clear coat has dried totally before doing whatever else with the auto.


You no longer need to ponder, “Would I be able to spray paint my auto?” This activity is totally conceivable with the best possible tools and a little persistence.

You can have complete control over the result of your auto and even spare a minimal expenditure all the while.

Your vehicle will be the envy of a considerable number of neighbors once you’ve wrapped up the paintwork.

We hope this article was useful to you. If you have any additional thoughts or questions, feel free to hit the comment section. Have a good one!

  1. That’s good to know that you need a spray gun in order to spray paint your car. My son wants to repaint his car since it has a lot of scratches on it, so I’m looking into it. We’ll have to find a place that uses a spray gun so we can make sure that the paint will be even.

  2. I think it is interesting that you mentioned that you should be an expert at using paint sprayers. My sister’s car was recently scraped by her neighbor’s car, and she will need to repaint the passenger’s door. She is not a very manual person and does not have a lot of time, so the best option will be to hire a professional to do it for her.

    • Hi Faylinn. She should hire a professional person to dot the job. Otherwise she can do the work if she could manage her valuable time. For own painting, she can follow this step by step guide.

  3. I’ve never painted a car before, but I will be soon. 1998 gmc Burban. Thanks for the tips

  4. I have painted a few Things, My first was a 71 chev. pickup, painted it white. Used Lacker because it was supposed to be the easyist.I didnt mind sanding the bondo or the primer, I did mind haveing to wet sand all of the top coats. Next I painted a 67 Camero. took it down to the bare meatel,did everything the manual said,had to do alot of body work by the time it was ready for the top coat,I was almost broke so i bought 2 gallons of gloss black tractor enamel. turned out great.I have never used any of this newer stuff. when I was painting it seemed like you weren’t supposed to just spray it ,you need to more or less lay the coats on. that was long ago. so i am trying to learn the new ways. I gan not afford to fail, too much time, too much money

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