How To Install Truck Tool Box With Bed Liner – Step by Step Easy Guide

Your truck tool box is very essential for keeping your truck tools. You need to provide adequate security for them so that you can easily lay your hands on them when necessary. Consequently, you need to understand the processes involved in order to install truck tool box with bed liner so that it will be convenient for you to use.

This post will help you to install a toolbox in a truck bed without drilling so that your tools will be well-organized and protected from theft and harsh weather. It also contains step-by-step actions needed to ensure that carry out the Installation without complications.

Install Truck Tool Box

Install Truck Tool Box

In addition, you will be exposed to vital tools to be used for the installation, best-fitted tool boxes and identifying the best location for the installation. You will also know how to align the box with existing holes, fitting J-hooks, tightening the box and so on.

Tools Needed For The Job

You will definitely need some tools for the installation. Some of them include screwdriver, a pair pliers, spanner, nuts, screws, bolts and measuring tape. Others are padding material, protective overall, and working gloves. You must ensure that the materials and tools that will be used for the installation are of high quality.

Choose The Best-fitted Tool Box

If you want to record success in your bid to install truck tool box with bed liner, you need to choose a box with the best fitting. Truck boxes come in different sizes as well as shapes and they are devised for various objectives. Your expectations will go a long way in determining the right box for you.

The Ideal truck tool box for an average user

If you belong to the group of average users, you can get a 70-inch truck tool box like the Lo-Pro Slimline Cross-bed truck box. It comes with a solid aluminum body and that is why it is very strong. It doesn’t take much space in the bed of your truck, hence, you will be left with more functional bed space.

You will get access to self-adjusting strikers which will ensure secure closure. It also comes with two locking latches made of stainless steel so that additional security will be guaranteed for your tools. You can install it easily and its operation is as easy as ABC.

The affordable truck tool box for a heavy user

You can get the 49-inch TMS aluminum box if you are a heavy user on budget. It is specifically designed for a user that desires an affordable, strong storage unit. Its size is 49 by 15 by 15 inches and has a heavy-duty aluminum plate in addition to a shining finish.

Furthermore, you will find a lock that offers security for your tools against theft and harsh weather. It comes with a door that is water-resistant which will ensure that your tools are protected against damage from liquid. The package is completed with heavy-duty hinges, handles, one lock, two keys, among others.

The Ideal truck box for users that need greater visibility

For greater visibility, you can consider Slim Lo-Pro Crossbed truck box produced by Ironton. It is a 60-inch storage with a low-profile design so that enough space is left in your truck bed. Not minding its slimline design, it is produced with a strong aluminum body which makes it to be rugged.

You will also find a reinforced lid-brace in this box in addition to strikers that adjust on their own so that a greater secure closure will be enhanced. It also comes with foam pads, holes for bolts and nuts so that installation will be a piece of cake for you.

The ideal truck tool box perfect for all-purpose use

The Poly All-purpose Chest by Buyer Products may be your best bet if you want storage for all occasions. With a capacity of 6.3 cubic feet, All-purpose Chest can be mounted on the floor of your garage, truck or trailer. You won’t need to move your tools one by one if there is need for you to transfer them from your truck to the parking lot.

It comes with in-built carrying handles so that it will be easy for you to move it. The molded material will not rust, hence, it can be used for many purposes. There is a double-wall lid that is rugged ensuring that your tools are adequately protected and secure.

The Ideal Removable Truck Tool Box

If you are worried about tool storage that can work with all tonneau covers, you can consider the Undercover SC300D Black Swing Case tool box. It works with all tonneau covers whether soft, hard, folding or rolling. It is specifically designed to contain up to 75 pounds of tools and this makes it perfect for storing your gear.

It is easy to install and uninstall as the installation can be carried out within 5 minutes. It is very flexible which gives you the opportunity to better explore your truck bed. If you cannot lay your hands on a fitting truck box, you can go for removable or all-purpose tool box.

The Installation Process

If you are ready with all the installation materials and the right truck tool box, it’s time to begin the process.

The Installation Process of truck tool box

The Installation Process of truck tool box

Step One: Identify The Perfect Installation Location

It is very essential for you to measure your box’s size as well as the space available. With the aid of the measuring tape, you should know the size of the box before proceeding to inspect the truck’s bed in order to discover the right location for the installation.

You must make sure that your choice location makes it easier for you to open the lid freely. The side rails should not be allowed to have any hindrance with closing and opening the lid.

Step Two: Align Your Tool Box With The Existing Holes

There will be some holes in the cargo bay of your truck. The holes are located on the bottom surface and are usually blocked with rubber plugs. You only need to take off these plugs and join your box accordingly. The cover should be opened so that it will be easier for you to join the holes on the bottom of the box with those on the bed rail of the truck.

Step Three: Fit Your J-Hooks Or Any Other Types Of Bolts You Have

Once you are okay with the alignment of the bed rail and box holes, you should screw the bolts into their rightful places. It is very important for you to note that tool boxes come in different designs. As a result of this, you may have to carry out this step before you place the box over the rails. Averagely, you will need between 4 to 6 bolts in order to fix the box successfully.

Step Four: Now Tighten Your Tool Box To The Bed Rails

With the aid of your spanner, screwdriver or pliers, you should tighten the bolts/nuts so that your box will be given a secure fit on the bed rail of your truck. Be that as it may, you should not apply excessive force while tightening so that you don’t damage your bed rails.

You should also not use too little effort in order not to leave gaps between the bed and the box which can lead to vibrations. You only need to use the precise magnitude of force so that the storage can be firmly attached to the floor of the truck.

Step Five: Re-confirm Your Job

Now you are good to go, but wait, you need to check your installation. It is very essential to check everything properly in order to be sure that you have done every necessary thing. You should try to open the lid and observe if it opens with ease without any difficulty. You can also try to shake the box so that you will know if there is any vibration. It is very important for you to check that no bolt, nut or washer is left behind.

Bonus Tips

When you are buying nuts and bolts, you should look for products that will be easily attached to the truck’s rail. This will make your installation to last and you won’t have to bother about loosening or any vibration of the box after work installation. Your tool box should be inspected regularly and cleaning should be carried out properly, especially when stained with mud or dirt.

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Final Word

Now that you know how to install truck tool box with bed liner, it is very important for you to make good use of the information. No previous experience is needed for this installation since everything has been broken down for you in this piece. If you can follow the instructions properly, you will be able to carry out the installation since no drilling is required. It is very straightforward and not complex once you are able to follow the steps.

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