How to Install Subwoofer in a Truck – Step by Step Process

A truck sound subwoofer is a piece of a truck’s sound framework that gives the low bass frequencies and introducing one can enhance the level of sound in your truck.

As you are here, you must be searching a way to installing a subwoofer in your truck. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out. Read the instructions carefully and let us help you to have your own subwoofer in your truck.

In this article we will begin form selecting the size of your subwoofer to plug and play. So without any delay let’s get started.

how to install subwoofer

How to install subwoofer

Installing Subwoofer In a Truck- Step by Step Guide

What You Will Need:

  1. Subwoofers
  2. Wire stripper
  3. Subwoofer enclosure
  4. Speaker wire
  5. Audio speakers
  6. Power cord for the amplifier
  7. Speaker cable for stereo to amp
  8. Screws Ratchet
  9. Screwdrivers Soldering iron
subwoofer installation

Subwoofer installation

Step 1 – Size of the Subwoofer

The first thing you need to do is to decide the size of subwoofer you want to have in your truck. Common sizes of audio subwoofers are 8, 10, or 12 inches. Though, there are subwoofers that can reach up to 20 inches. Basically the size of your subwoofer will depend on the size of your truck’s seat. So for getting the best experience you should measure your truck seat appropriately before you purchase your subwoofers. Make sure that you make allowances for your amplifiers as well.

Step 2 – Find the place

Now it is time to find the best location for your subwoofer. Though you can install it at any place you like but the best location for your subwoofers would be under the rear seat. So let’s do it. For this you need to remove the rear seat of your truck first. Remove the rear seat by unscrewing the bolts of the seat. Use a ratchet to remove the bolts. Flip the seat down so it is easier to remove the bolts although it is not necessary.

Since removed all the bolts of the rear seat now you can remove the rear seat completely. It is recommended that you flip the seat back before actually removing the seat.

Now you need to remove the center brace that acts as a support to the rear seat. You will no longer need the brace once you install your subwoofers. The enclosure will give enough support to the rear seat once installed.

Step 3 – Installing the Subwoofer to the Enclosure

We have got our size, found the location. Now we need to install the Subwoofer to the enclosure. First strip the amplifier power cord using the power stripper. Now solder the subwoofer wires to the speaker connections carefully inside the subwoofer box using the soldering iron. Then wire the truck subwoofers into the 2 audio speakers. Now you have to place the subwoofer inside the enclosure and screw it in place. The type of enclosure generally depends on the size of the truck audio subwoofer. Now let’s just fit the enclosure into position.

Step 4 – Connecting the Wire for the Amplifier

As you are done to the enclosure, now let’s attach the wire of the amplifier. We will start with wiring the power from the battery. It is important to get the power from the battery and not the fuse box. Power from the fuse box often is “unclean” and you may hear your engine noise amplified through your speakers. You could also easily blow a fuse by using the little ones the fuse box has. All you have to do is screw the fuse terminal to the area where it is easily accessible. The ideal place would be under the hood. Be careful about the wires. It is very important to conceal the wires properly. To do this, place the wire under the carpet and along the trim of the car door.

Step 5 – Stereo-to-Amplifier Connection

We are almost done. Now you have to connect the stereo to amplifier cable to the RCA connections. It is located behind the stereo. These wires should be hidden the way you hid the amplifier wires. Now connect the 2 connectors to the ports.

Step 6 – Fastening the Wire for the Speakers

Now let’s fasten the speaker wire behind the amplifier. When you cut the speaker wire, make sure that there is enough to run from the amplifier to the subwoofer, including an extra 6 inches. Then you have to strip the wires and connect it to the subwoofer in the terminals.

Step 7 – Put the Rear Seat Back

Everything is done. Now let’s put the rear seat back on its place. Put the rear seat on top of the subwoofer enclosure. Bolt the screws back. Make sure that it is tight enough.

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