15 Hacks on How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car

The truth be told, one of the most annoying things anyone can come across in a car is to enter, and then you have your lungs filled with the smell of smoke.

There are several ways by which smoke smell can be in a car and it can really ruin the whole day for you but not to worry. This piece is going to focus solely on the way by which you can get rid of the smoke smell from your car easily and efficiently.

Some people are understandably frustrated because no matter what they do, they seem unable to remove different forms of smoke from their cars and this is honestly very annoying for both car owners and passengers.

No one wants to spend time in a car choking with a smoke smell. By the time you are done with this piece, you will see that having a smoke in your car is a little hitch that can be solved. The following are very useful hacks on how to get rid of that smoke smell from your car.

Removal of smoke smell

Removal of smoke smell

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car (15 hacks)

1. Usual and Regular Effective Cleaning Style:

This is what most people are quite familiar with but because they do not know how to use it efficiently, they end up not getting the desired results.

In most cases, this step is the first that should be taken in cleaning up the car. But know that before you go ahead with the cleaning, take your time to read all that is printed on the cleaning agent as most of them are made up of chemicals that must be used correctly.

For this hack, you will be needing the usual items like discarded fabrics (lots of them), odor neutralizers, vacuum-cleaning devices, and in some cases, steam cleaners.

In this method, the first thing you do is to open the windows and ensure the car itself is in an area where there is good ventilation. This free flow of air alone on its own blows off some of the smoke residues and smell that you are trying to get rid of.

The next step you take is to get rid of all likely causes of the smell of the smoke and these include ash, tobacco, cigarette butts, and other similar items. Once this is done, the next step is to carefully clean all the seat covers, floor covers after they have been taken out then you apply the vacuum cleaning devices.

Let the floor and seat cover dry out properly in the sun before you put them back in the vehicle.

But it must be stated at this point that you have to be very careful because different types of leather materials or even fabric used in the car have to be handled specially.

This is important so that they are not damaged in the process of trying to get rid of the smoke.

The next step is for you to do a steam cleaning of the chairs and other parts inside the car. This is the usual method used in trying to remove the smoke smell but if this does not work, then you can try the next hack.

2. Using Vinegar:

This is a favorite for many who believe so much in simple but effective home-made solutions in getting rid of all sorts of things including smoke smell in cars.

If you want to use vinegar, you will get a bowl of water and white vinegar then use the mixture to clean the area where the smoke smell is mainly located.

3. Using Dryer Sheets:

This is also one of the fastest ways to remove smoke smell. You just have to clean the seats with several dryer sheets and they work because they quickly absorb the smoke smell.

But you should know that because the source itself is not tackled; the smoke smell is only removed temporarily.

4. Using Glass Cleaners:

As a result of the fact that one major source of the smell in question is the tar that has been deposited on the inner layers of the glass, another effective hack is to make use of glass cleaning chemicals.

Using glass cleaner

Using glass cleaner

These glass cleaners remove the tar and hence get rid of the smoke.

5. Fixing it With Ozone Generator:

Most analysts believe that this is the most excellent way for you to get rid of the smoke smell from your car. This is because it thoroughly removes all the smoke smell.

Fixing it with ozone generator

Fixing it with ozone generator

However, it must be noted that even though this method is highly effective, it can also be very dangerous if not done properly. So, if you ever decide to make use of ozone in the removal of smoke smell from your vehicle, always ensure that it is done only by trained experts and professionals.

Do not handle it by yourself so you do not expose yourself to needless harm if things go horribly wrong.

Ozone is a special form of gas and unlike the regular oxygen that has two atoms per molecule, ozone has three atoms per molecule and should be handled with extreme caution.

6. Getting New Parts:

In some cases, the smoke smell is so deeply ingrained in the car parts like carpets, chairs, and floor coverings that in some cases, the only choice you may be left with is to remove these parts and get new ones.

7. Using Coffee:

This may be one of the most famous drinks on the planet but this unique stimulant is not just for drinking. It is very useful when the time comes to remove the smoke smell from your car.

The best thing about it is that you get to see the results pretty fast so if you are wondering how you can get the smoke smell off on time, then you should place some coffee grounds inside your car. This method is rapid in generating results but it may not sort the smoke smell permanently.

8. Using Duct Cleaning:

In some cases, the source of the smoke smell may not be visible externally. And that is possible because it can be deposited deep inside the car’s duct system. So, if this is the case, there is another hack that can be used.

Using duct cleaning

Using duct cleaning

First, switch on the engine and let the car be in parking mode. After that, switch on the fans or the air conditioning systems and let them run at the highest level. Let the windows be down and ensure there is full ventilation as you blow out the smoke smell sources right from inside the car’s duct system.

9. Work on the Air Distribution Network:

In some cases, the interesting thing is that the smoke smell may be emanating right from inside the air conditioner. If this is the case, all you need to do is to switch on the air conditioner and put it on maximum level, and follow the air flow through the vents.

The next thing you need to do is to add an odor neutralizer inside the vents. This is particularly good for cases where the source of the smoke smell is from cigarettes and other tobacco products. Doing this repeatedly will get rid of the smoke smell.

But please note that not just any fruit can be used for this purpose. The best examples for this purpose are oranges and all you need to do is to slice the oranges and let them sit in the car for 48 to 72 hours. This organic method is not only cheap, but it is also very effective in getting rid of these noxious smells.

10. Using Fresh Fruits:

Fruits may be very good in providing vitamins and minerals for you but another thing they are very useful for is removing smoke smell from your car.

11. Using Car Heaters:

Well, unknown to many people, the heaters in their cars can also help get rid of smoke smells. And you can also do the same by simply switching on your heaters to the highest level then also add the odor neutralizing mixture.

Using Car Heaters

Using Car Heaters

This should all be done while the heaters are on full blast. It is an effective way of getting rid of smoke smell especially when the sources are located deep in the air conditioning units and ventilation ducts.

12. Using Baking Soda:

Remember that vinegar was mentioned above as one of the most effective home-made remedies but that is not all. As far as getting smoke smell out of a car is concerned, there are other equally-effective home-made remedies and one of these is baking soda.

It is effectively used in getting rid of not only smoke smell but different types of odors. All you need to do with this is for you to put a handful of the baking soda on the floor or seat cover then use the vacuum cleaner to suck it all up.

13. Using Charcoal:

Unknown to many people, charcoal is another useful item that can be used in the removal of smoke smell from cars. Yes, the same charcoal that we all know. But it must be stated very clearly that there is a special way of making use of this.

One effective way to do this is to put the charcoal in a container and let it sit in the car for about 48 to 72 hours. Because of the structure of charcoal, it easily absorbs all the smoke smell in the car.

14. Using Cinnamon:

Yes, cinnamon. The funny thing about this is that most only connect cinnamon with cooking and anything that has to do with the kitchen. However, cinnamon is a lot more useful that just being an ordinary ingredient in cooking.

Using Cinnamon

Using Cinnamon

Cinnamon by nature has a very lovely scent and it is precise because of the way it smells that it is an outstanding hack when it comes to removing the smoke smells from your car.

But unlike vinegar or charcoal, there is a lot more to it when it comes to making use of cinnamon. First is that you have to put a handful of cinnamon inside a metal container full of water then you put it on a cooker until it reaches boiling point.

The take it carefully likes that and stores it in your car until all the heat is gone. Because the water will be very hot, you need to exercise some considerable caution when doing this.

15. Using Tea Bags:

Some may not be aware of this cheap but effective hack but the good thing is that it really works. Teabags are very good when it comes to removing not only smoke smells from your cars but all kinds of smells.

All you need to do is to collect the fresh tea bags (do not use used tea bags) and place them in the areas where the smoke smells are emanating from. Let there be proper ventilation and leave for about 24 hours.

The more tea bags you use, the faster the smoke smell is removed and replaced with sweet-smelling fragrances of tea.

As you have seen, having a smoke smell in your car is not the end of the world. The strategies that have been carefully outlined above are very effective in removing the ever-annoying smoke smell in the cars.

If one of the strategies does not work, another thing you can do is to combine one or more of the strategies that have been spelled out.

Some of the strategies like making use of coffee grounds only serve to mask the smoke smell but some others actually go ahead and tackle the real source of the smoke smell. Each hack has been carefully described so that you will find them as easy and as useful as possible when it comes to applying them.

The essence of this piece is to ensure that at no time will your precious automobile be taken over by horrible smells here and there.

For those who have these bad smoke smells in their cars and are always wondering how they can get rid of them, you do not have to worry about that anymore as solutions are now here for you.

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