How to Fix Hole in Car Floor Mats – Removing Cigarette Burns in 5 mins

In order to prevent damage to the floor of your vehicle, you need to fix hole in the car floor mats. It is very important for you to make the right move that will ensure that the problem is solved completely so that your mind will be at rest.

There are few steps you can take which have proved to be very successful in the past. If you follow the steps below properly, you will achieve the best result that will be highly satisfactory.

You are about to read the steps to take in order to fix hole in car floor mats. You will also read about signs indicating that you need to replace your mat and how to specifically handle holes created by cigarette burn.

How to Fix Hole in Car Floor Mats

Fix Hole in Car Floor Mats

How to Fix Hole in Car Floor Mats in Steps

  • Step 1: Take Out The Mats From The Car

    The first step has to do with the removal of the mats from the car. This will make it easier for you to work on it properly in order to achieve the best result. It won’t be easier for you to carry out the repair right inside the car. Hence, you should get them out.

  • Step 2: Examine The Mats Properly

    In order to get an optimum result from the repair, you should examine the mats properly. This is very necessary so that you will be able to ascertain the level of damage and work out the best repair plan. You should identify the location of each hole and the best way to handle them.

  • Step 3: Rinse The Mat

    You need to rinse the mats properly in order to get rid of any dirt or other rubbish. You can use a hose to get this done effectively. The hose should be used at high pressure so that it will be more effective to get rid of the dirt.

  • Step 4: Clean The Mat

    It is now time to clean the mats. You should put some liquid soap into a bucket of water and mix it up thoroughly. Help yourself to a cleaning brush and immerse it into the solution.

    Scrub the mats properly ensuring that you get all the stains out. It is very essential for you to reach all the crevices and cracks adequately. You should then shake out the car floor coverings properly and allow them to dry.

  • Step 5: Inspect for Damage

    You should check properly for all damage and not holes alone. This will give you the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive fixing which will be lasting.

  • Step 6: Fix with Repair Kit

    You should get a repair kit to fix the holes. You can glue the ripped parts of the mats. If there are torn pieces, you can also use glue to attach them together. Sections that are gone should be filled with the kit.

    You should then use a wet rag to clean any excess glue from the repair kit. Thereafter, you should rinse the mats and allow them to dry.

how to remove Cigarette Burns

Cigarette Burns

How to Remove Cigarette Burns

  • If there are cigarette burns on your car floor mat, the steps to remove them is not so complex. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of all debris, dirt and dust so that the removal process will be easier.
  • You can use a vacuum cleaner for this purpose and if you can lay your hands on a mini vac, you are good to go. As soon as the mat is free of dirt, you can proceed to the second stage.
  • The second stage involves the cutting of the burnt part of the mat. This can be performed with a pair of scissors or knife. The cutting should be carried out carefully so that unaffected areas are not cut off.
  • After cutting off the burnt part carefully, you should then apply glue to the place before introducing replacement fibers. On the other hand, you can use your repair kit to fix the hole created by the cigarette burn.
  • You will only need to apply the kit to the areas you have cut so that a perfect new look will be achieved. The glue or repair kit should be allowed to dry properly in accordance with the instructions on the pack.
Signs Your Car Floor Mats Need To Be Replaced

Signs of Car Floor Mats Need To Be Replaced

Signs Your Car Floor Mats Need To Be Replaced

There are some situations that warrant replacing your car floor mats instead of fixing them. Look, if you notice any of the signs below, you may need to consider getting new car floor coverings.

  • Heel Pad Is Coming Off

    When the stitching encompassing the heel pad of the mat has come off, a replacement is inevitable. This defect has the capability of causing your heel to be caught up when mounting pedals. This will go a long way in hindering your ability to control the car properly.

  • Obstructs Brake, Clutch or Acceleration Pedal

    In a situation whereby the mat by the driver side is interfering with any of the pedals, it may be a sign that you need to replace it.

    Pedal interference can lead to unintentional acceleration which is very dangerous. An urgent replacement may be required so that you won’t lose the control of your car.

  • It Slips Around

    A slippery car mat, especially the one on the driver side, can also interfere with the pedals. This can make you to lose control of the car.

    In addition, it will expose the carpet below to damage which is ordinarily reserved for the covering. The replacement should be carried out in good time because the situation can be a crucial safety hazard.

  • There Are Holes That Can’t Be Fixed

    Holes on your car mat will not only cause aesthetic problems but can lead to damage of the floor. You can fix the holes following the steps mentioned above. However, if you are too busy to carry out the fixing, don’t worry, you can go for a replacement and this has to be done urgently.

  • It Is Not Protecting Full Carpet Area

    If the car covering does not provide enough coverage for the carpet, liquid and dirt will move in. This will eventually lead to the damage of the floor of your vehicle.

    Since it will be more expensive to change your carpet flooring, getting new set of mats will be a better option. In addition, it will ensure proper maintenance which will be to your advantage when you want to sell the car.

  • Mould Is Present

    Mould is very dangerous to you and other occupants of your vehicle. It has the capacity of releasing spores into the atmosphere triggering asthmatic and allergic reactions such as coughing as well as wheezing.

    It is highly recommended that you get the replacement done as soon as possible. This will go a long way in preventing health issues that mould can bring, especially for children.

  • You Are Selling Your Car

    Since you only have one chance to make the first positive impression, your car should be presentable before putting it on the market.

    Car accessories have the aptitude to boost the look of the interior and exterior parts of your car. This will make it more appealing to potential buyers. A new set of floor mats will add to the elegance of the inner area of your car to the admiration of buyers.

  • Your Drive A Commercial Vehicle

    Due to excessive use of commercial vehicles, they tend to require parts replacement sooner. This does not leave out car floor mats and it is very vital to get them replaced as at when due.

    If you drive a commercial vehicle, you will want your passengers to enjoy their ride. Investing in new set of mats will boost your business and give it a good impression among passengers. It will also prevent foul smell from taking dominion of your vehicle.

  • It Smells Badly

    If your car floor coverings smell intensely, you can give them a thorough wash. If washing cannot solve the problem, you really need to get new ones. A horribly smelling vehicle cannot be boast of. Hence, it is very important for you to fix the problem.

  • You Want To Freshen Things Up

    At times, you may have the feeling of giving your car a new look. In addition to enhancing the look of the exterior part of the vehicle, a new set of mats will do magic to the interior.

Final Word

Taking proper steps to fix hole in the car floor mats will prevent damage to your vehicle. You need to take the right action so that you will be able to get a favorable outcome.

If you think fixing cannot solve the problem, you can go for new ones so that the possible problems can be better prevented. But you need to do this in good time.

You can carry out a little research before getting new mats because there are great deals around. Your ability to detect them will go a long way in helping you to achieve the best outcome. Your car deserves the best and you should not hesitate to get the best deal.

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