How to Clean Fuel Filter – Step By Step Guide

Owning a car comes with several responsibilities. Maintaining the vehicle requires proper effort, no matter how insignificant the issue is. Many people often get confused with the question of, – How to clean fuel filter?

In quest of the answer to this question, we will guide you through every detail that you might need to know. Though, ever wonder what is a fuel filter anyway? Well, it’s a filter that stays in the fuel line of the car to exclude the dirt particles from the fuel.

In this article, you will get to know the complete procedure of cleaning the fuel filter. By the end of this post, we will disclose some tips and answer some FAQs as well. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Tools That You Need to Clean Fuel Filter

There is some tool you have to possess to get your fuel filter clean. Many people think that cleaning the fuel filter won’t be possible without being a professional in this arena. But the reality is somewhat different than the imagination.

If you want to clean your fuel filter all by yourself, then some accessories might help you. Those are mentioned underneath:

  • Hose clamps
  • A Carburetor cleaner
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • A bucket or pot

Along with these tools, you have to ensure your safety while cleaning the fuel filter. So, safety goggles are a must-have thing. A decent pair of gloves is also advisable to do the job efficiently.

How to Clean Fuel Filter

Even the minimum impurity can clog your fuel line. Interestingly, a fuel filter helps keep the contaminants of the gas far away from reaching it to your beloved vehicle.

As these filters are affordable enough to replace, many people do not prefer cleaning it. However, by doing it, you can save some good bucks. Now let us get right into the business.

What are the steps to follow to get the job done? Here we will share a systematic process of cleaning the fuel filter. Go through every step underneath to find out.

Pressure Relieving of the Fuel Filter

In the beginning, all you need to do is checking your owner’s manual. While testing, it tries to find the fuse of it. Finding it shouldn’t be any problem for you unless you are an absolute amateur in cars and kinds of stuff.

Pressure Relieving of the Fuel Filter

Pressure Relieving of the Fuel Filter

When you find the fuel pump, remove it right away. Start the engine of the car. Don’t let it run more than a couple of minutes.

In almost every case, you may see the engine is spurting out. If it happens then, it means the pressure is completely minimized. Although, in some circumstances, the engine might not sputter out.

Therefore, you need to run the engine for one or two minutes. As this is only the first step of the process, don’t forget to ensure the environment is a well-ventilated spot.

Negative Terminal of the Battery

In this second step, you will be needed an adjustable wrench. Here all you need to do is, disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery. If you are a first-timer, you may ask yourself an obvious question or don’t have any idea about a battery.

That is, how do I recognize the Negative terminal of the batter? But don’t worry, it’s not any rocket science. To figure out the battery’s negative terminal, you have to remove the cable with an adjustable wrench.

In batteries, there are two signs to identify the negative and positive sites. Mostly you can see the Plus and Minus signs or a pair of wire in Red and Black Color. Here most obviously, Minus sign represents the negative terminal, and so does the black wire.

Where is the Fuel Filter

Isn’t this one a specific question to ask? Before getting into the real task, nobody can deny the necessity of this step. If you don’t know already, then check the manual to find out the location of the fuel filter. Although, it always waits close with the fuel line.

The prime spot to locate it is between the engine and the gas tank. However, this varies according to the model and the size of the car.

There is also a relatively usual place, where you can find the fuel filter. That spot is past the fuel pump right under the car.

Jacking Up

We have reached the midway of cleaning the fuel filter. Here you need a jack to raise the car a bit higher than the ground.

Place the jack under the vehicle. Find the jacking point of the car. After connecting it, try to pump the handle. Thus, your vehicle will be raised.

With some jack, you might have to twist the handle instead of just pump it. In some models of the cars finding the jack point might be somewhat tricky. You can check the manual for that any time you want.

Do not entirely depend on the jack to hold the weight of the car. Be aware of the fuel lines as well because that is the line from where the fuel will spill out.

Detach the Clips and Fuel Lines

The tool you will require is a screwdriver. Although, it depends on the model of the car that whether you need it or your hands will be enough for the lines to pop out. Detaching the fuel line clips won’t be an issue.

But this segment will be followed by removing the fuel line. That is where you need to focus because it requires to use a hose clamp or a wrench. A bucket that is big enough to catch the spilling fuel needs to be placed in the right spot.

Be careful as the spilling gas drips can seriously damage your eyes. Therefore, you need to consider wearing safety goggles.

Remove the Fuel Filter

Only if you have reached this particular step then welcome. You are about to enter the fuel filter for cleaning. Now you have to slide the filter. With some vehicles, you might need to adjust the bolts to remove it.

We would strongly recommend you try to get the proper image of the spot where the filter is attached in your mind or take a picture of it. Unless, while reinstalling it, the chances of misplacing the filter is very high.

In those cases, a manual can help you. Otherwise, your dream to clean the fuel filter all by yourself won’t happen in reality.

It’s Time for Cleaning

After pouring out the remaining gas from the fuel filter, you have successfully reached your ultimate step. That is where we meant to clean the filter.

With a pressurized carburetor cleaner, spray on the filter. Try to connect the straw and spray. Thus, from each nozzle, you will get rid of the debris. Spray it until you get the cleanest look you want. Once you are happy enough with the result, leave it for at least half an hour.

Now you have accomplished your desire objective. Don’t overlook the fact that you are not done yet unless you reinstall everything correctly. After reconnecting the battery and everything tries to run the engine for a couple of minutes again.

Hence, the fuel system’s pressure will be reestablished. Check whether there are any leaks or not. If there is no predicament with anything after the end of the whole process, then congratulations.

You have successfully cleaned your fuel filter without any professional help. You saved the day, undoubtedly!
Tips Time
What are some tips for cleaning a fuel filter?

  • Does not underestimate the manual that comes with the vehicle.
  • If the debris trapped heavily inside, then try spray through it repeatedly.
  • Does not overlook safety precautions measurements.
  • Capture a photo while removing the fuel filter for the sake of reinstalling it.
  • Make sure the jar or bucket you are using is big enough to contain fuel spill out.

How to Flush Fuel Filter to be Re-use?

Interestingly, many people suggest replacing the fuel filter rather than just clean it to re-use. Frequently replacing it will cost a fortune, assuredly.

So, try to clean it out instead of replacing it. And with this ‘How to’ post certainly, you can do it on your own.

How to Clean a Diesel Fuel Filter?

Diesel fuel filter often trapped too much debris inside that results in further damages. We would recommend use kerosene to clean the diesel fuel filter.

Moreover, decent carb spray can also soften the debris inside so that you can wash it away. But, in case of an algae problem, we would recommend you to change it.

Wrapping Up

Well, if you come this far from the post, we are pretty sure you get the core idea of how to clean the fuel filter, right?
Lastly, change your mind into purchasing one if your fuel filter is really in bad condition. Do call a professional mechanic in case of any severe problem.

Have a Good Drive!

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