How to Attach an Awning Roof – Step By Step Guide

Attaching an awning roof is not very task as some people think. You have to know the exact process to have a perfect awning attachment. Similarly, a wrong installment of the awning roof can cause many unexpected incidents. You may be the worst victim of the wrong attachment.

Then what to do? When you have decided to attach your awning roof yourself, then know the proper steps of how to attach an awning roof.
Here we have brought all the necessary steps you need to follow to attach an awning roof. Let’s see.

What You Need to Attach an Awning Roof

To attach an awning roof to your car, you need a few equipment and parts. First of all, the awning roof you purchase will have L-brackets, rivets, nuts, and bolts with it. So, you don’t need to separately purchase the L-brackets, nuts, and bolts. But there is one thing that you may or may not have to purchase separately.

What You Need to Attach an Awning Roof

Some cars have built-in roof bars or roof racks on top of them. Whereas some cars don’t have that. If there is no roof bar or rack on your car, you have to get install it first. Without it, you cannot attach an awning roof. You can also mount an awning channel or awning rail on the roof of your car if you want. So, if you want a list of things that are

  • An awning rail or channel on the car roof.
  • L-brackets (that you get with the awning).
  • Nuts and bolts to mount the awning.
  • A screwdriver or wrench for tightening the awning.

Steps to Attach an Awning Roof to Your Car

Here are the steps you should follow to attach an awning roof to your car. Carefully follow these steps and you will be able to attach the awning roof perfectly. So let’s get started.

Steps to Attach an Awning Roof to Your Car

Step 1: Selecting the Right Size

At first, you have to select the right size of the awning roof. The size should be according to the length of the roof rack or roof bar of your car. This is very important. If you choose a bigger size, then the awning roof won’t fit perfectly on the rack.

On the other hand, a smaller will fit well. But it will not look good. This is why you have to get the right size. You will also need to consider the height. If you take an awning roof too high, then it won’s fit well too. There is a chart for the height of awning roofs.
Follow this cart to match the height of your car. Then get an awning roof according to that height.

Mounting the Awning Roof

At first, you have to mount the L-brackets to the roof rack of your car. You should keep a noticeable distance between the two L-brackets so that it can steadily fit the awning roof.

The brackets should be far outside too. The next thing you have to do is to lift the awning and take it to the roof bar. Put it one the brackets and align the holes of the awning roof to the holes of the brackets to attach the nuts and the bolts.

Now simply slide the bolts inside the hole and put it there. Use a wrench to tighten the nuts to the bolts. Don’t make them too tight. Otherwise, yielding may occur and cause the bolts to break.

Creating the Right Position

If you notice attentively, you will see that I haven’t told you to tight the brackets yet. It is because now you have to create the right position for the awning roof.

You can slide the awning backward and forward as long as you are not satisfied with the position. But whichever position you choose, make sure that there is support on the ends. Otherwise, the awning roof will simply break.

Making the Awning Tight Enough

This is the final step you have to go through. And it is only tightened up the brackets nuts to the awning. Now you have to tighten the brackets to the roof rack too. Do it quite carefully so that the brackets are tight enough but not too much that they yield and break.

Performing a Test Run

You are already done with attaching the awning roof. Now all you need to do is perform a test run to see whether everything is okay or not. You can open and close the awning roof a few times to check if it smoothly opens and closes or not.

If there is any problem, try to lose the nuts and bolts that join the awning to the brackets. Also, check whether the height is okay or not. So, these are all the steps to attach an awning roof.

Safety tips

When you are going to attach an awning roof yourself, you should take proper safety measures. Here you are working with some heavy tools indeed. Some unexpected incidents may occur.

Here are some safety tips you should follow:

  • Wear all the safety materials including safety glass, safety globes, and helmet.
  • If you use any tool or chair for height support, make sure that they are placed properly.
  • When you tighten up the nuts and bolts, keep a proper distance.
  • Always keep the first aid box in the working area.

Here all the steps that you have to go through to attach an awning properly. And I think, you can do it yourself. Attaching an awning roof is not a very tough task at all. You just have to know the right way. Here our article on how to attach an awning roof was dedicated to making you know all these processes. So, just grab these required steps in attaching of awning roof.

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