How to Apply Car Wax Properly? Easy to Shine Car Like New

Good appearance is highly important, whether it is your dress, grooming sense, or the way your car look. Wearing a classy suit with a classy pair of shoe surely makes you look stunning but coming out from a dirty car with same dressing, make things look a bit odd. So along with clean dresses, having a cleaned car is equally important.

There are a couple of ways to clean a car but among all of them, the most effective one is waxing. And this is what most car owners are not aware of. This is why we have come up with this guide where we have described how to wax a car easily and properly.

surface preparing and apply wax
Surface preparing and apply wax

It’s a five-minute read and you will thank us later. Here you go!

Steps to Apply Car Wax Properly

1. Preparing the car for waxing

Before you start waxing, there are few preparations needed. You cannot apply the wax on the dirty car, you have to clean the car primarily since wax doesn’t work on the dirt. For primary cleaning, you can use mild soap and water. Just do the regular cleaning and after watering the car make sure that it is completely dried. Otherwise, the wax will have a hard time adhering to moisture.

2. Polish on the scratches

If your car has scratches, then you will have to polish it correctly to make it smooth. Yes, this will cause your car to lose the fine layer of coating for the scratched area but that will worth it. There is another way to make the scratches smooth so that you can wax easily and that is rubbing. That being said, polishing is less abrasive than rubbing, so polishing would be a wise move.

3. Keep your car in cold condition

Heat melts the wax so when waxing your car needs to be completely cool. And for that, you have to stop the car engine at least one hour before waxing. Besides that, you would want to keep the car in cooler weather since hot weather will dry the wax faster, preventing it to clean your car properly.

Keep your car away from all the heat, and make sure that no sunlight comes around your car. The best option is to use an indoor room or garage. However, if you don’t have a garage or room, keep your car in a place that is cooler and has a lot of shades.

4. Choose a wax.

Time to choose the right wax for your car. There is a couple of wax in the market and not all of them are worthy. Ideally, wax that contains genuine carnauba is the best for car but that being said they are expensive. However, there are few others as well which are decent. Cleaner wax, they are good and also less expensive. One downside of this wax is they are harsher. So if you are using cleaning wax, do not polish the scratches before.

And then, there is another one which is spray wax. They are also good but they don’t last long, this is the only downside of this wax.

5. Use foam applicator

A foam applicator should come with the wax purchase and that should be enough to wax the entire car. But if in any case, you don’t get a foam applicator, then do not stress, a damp sponge can do the work. It won’t be the best applicator for sure but will do the work. Remember, once you use the sponge in waxing, never use it in cleaning dishes or anything else.

6. Apply the wax

Let us clear a misconception. Applying more wax doesn’t get your car more cleaned, it is completely waste and makes it harder for you to remove that later. Use a small amount of wax, enough to make a thin layer, that will make a good bond. And for efficiency, divide your car into several sections and fill one section with wax at a time. When applying wax with an applicator, do not put much pressure and neither go too light. The pressure should be moderate.

7. Using buffer

This is optional, if you are comfortable with the foam applicator, then you don’t need to go for a buffer. But if you already own a buffer, then it is wise to go with the buffing since that is easier and effective.

In case you don’t know how to wax a car with buffer, let us tell you. Set the buffer speed to low and apply the wax on the buffer pad. Start the buffer and hold in with light pressure on your car body.

8. Let the wax sit

After you have applied the wax to the entire car, now let the wax sit perfectly. How long it would take the wax to sit properly should be told by the wax manufacturer. Check the papers that came with the wax purchase or check the labeling on the wax pot. And if you don’t see anything, there is another way to know when it is time to wipe the wax off.

At least wait for an hour and then swipe your finger on the wax. If the wax smears then it didn’t sit properly, you need to wait for more. You should start wiping the wax only when that is completely dried. If you have waxed section wised then check the sections you have waxed at first, touch the wax and if that is hard then remove wax from that section.

Final Thoughts

That is exactly how to apply car wax effectively. A piece of advice, when you go for buying wax, do not go for the cheaper option. There must be some downsides which are why they are cheap. Go for the reputed brands, even though they will cost you little more but the quality will be top-notch. And you will realize that soon after wiping the wax from the car, it will shine like new.

However, hope this guide helps you. And if there is anything we can help you with, don’t hesitate to heat the comment section.

Happy waxing!!!

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