How Much Does It Cost to Paint A Tonneau Cover

In this article, I will be discussing what the important features of a tonneau cover are and why you should get it, along with how much does it cost to paint a tonneau cover according to the material type. 

The average cost to paint a tonneau cover varies in different types of materials. Not all materials have the same costs of painting. Therefore, we will go by them one by one. In the end, I will also answer some of the frequently asked questions. I will also be discussing some of the very important and commonly used types of tonneau covers that might help you in selecting the one that suits you and your style. 

Average cost to paint a tonneau cover
Painting Cost

Just stick with me, and by the end of this article, you will be the master of tonneau covers. You will know it all, and that’s a promise. We have a lot to catch up so let’s start already!!

Benefits of painting tonneau covers

Best Benefits of your tonneau covers painting
Benefits of painting

Before getting into the cost of painting a tonneau cover, I would like to discuss why it is important to paint a tonneau cover. If you do not have a tonneau cover, keep reading this article, and you will know why it is essential to get a tonneau cover. Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. Protects Your Truck Bed

Most of the trucks are always on the go, which means that your truck is going to face a lot of different things. Be it dirt, leaves, snow, rain, or anything alike. Everything will slowly damage your truck a little. We do not want that, right? We want our trucks to live as long as possible. A tonneau cover will protect your truck from everything that I mentioned above.

2. Great Way to Store Items

Trucks are known for carrying one item from a place to another. They are great for transporting anything that is difficult to store in a regular car. Now, if you are carrying something in your truck and you hit a bump, your item may be damaged, or even worse, it can fall. With a tonneau that is closed, you will be able to store almost anything that you want to carry without any tension. You can pass any bump without worrying about the safety of the items that you are carrying. See, how important is it to have a tonneau cover?

3. Safe from Possible Theft

I have seen many trucks parked in parking lots with a lot of stuff unattended. Well, this gives an easy chance for a thief to make an entrance and take your essential items. If you are someone who has to make many stops, then you must invest in a tonneau cover so that you can leave your truck unattended for a while. 

You can even find some tonneau covers that can be locked. Make sure to opt for a tonneau cover that can be locked to avoid possible theft. Even if your tonneau cover cannot be locked, it covers all of your items, and it protects your items to some extent.

4. Improved Mileage

Truck beds create a lot of drag that makes your turn burn so much fuel, which means that you have to fill fuel in your truck if you don’t have a tonneau cover. Tonneau cover makes your truck more streamlined which helps to burn less fuel. Who does not want to save a few bucks?

Moreover, the tonneau cover gives a very modern and sleek look to a truck. In my opinion, it just elevates the look of a regular truck.

Commonly used tonneau covers

Here, I will be discussing some of the commonly used tonneau covers.

Commonly used two types tonneau covers
Commonly used Cover

1. Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

These are the most lightweight tonneau covers available in the market. Being light-weight does not mean that they are not heavy-duty or durable. They are known for their durability. They look absolutely stunning on the truck. These are the best ones to go for if you want a very sleek look. They protect the truck bed very well too.

2. Retractable Tonneau Cover

If you don’t want your truck beds to have a permanent cover, then you should go with a retractable tonneau cover. These are recommended for a person who wants tonneau cover for security reasons. It can support more than 500 pounds.

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Painting Tonneau Covers

Best features of Painting Tonneau Covers
Tonneau Cover Painting

Now, I know that you will have a lot of questions regarding painting tonneau covers. I will try to cover the main questions in this heading. For more queries, you can check the FAQs part if you wish to. 

The first thing that I want to talk about is the types of tonneau covers that can be painted. Honestly, almost all types of tonneau covers can be painted. But, hardcovers can be easily painted. They tend to get a beautiful finish of the paint. On the other hand, soft tonneau covers cannot be easily painted. Most of the time, they don’t even get a flawless finish of paint which ends up ruining the look of the truck. The paint could crack due to the flexibility of the material. If you still want to elevate the look of your soft tonneau cover, then maybe opt for a vinyl decal instead. 

That’s why I would say that you should prefer painting your tonneau cover if it is hard. All in all, I just want to say that it is much easier and sensible to paint a hard tonneau cover.

Now, let’s move on to the star of the show, the painting costs, shall we?

Average Cost to Paint a Tonneau Cover 

I will be discussing average costs according to the type of material. Some materials are easy to paint, whereas others are a little tricky. The price depends on two things in my opinion; one is the type of paint, and the other is the hard work of the painter.

1. Average Cost to Paint Aluminum tonneau

Now, as I mentioned before, the average cost depends on the quality of the paint. So, if you want high-quality paint on your tonneau cover, then it will cost you around 500$ to 600$. If you want to go for low-quality paint, then you can get it done for 70$ or so too. It really depends on the type of paint. If you use expensive and high-quality paint, it will last you for a very long time. On the other hand, low-quality paint may wear off in some months.

2. Average Cost to Paint Fiberglass tonneau

If you compare fiberglass with other materials, I would say that it is the one that is easiest to paint. You can get it painted for approximately 400$. The average cost will be less than 500$, and that is for sure because It is very easy to paint. If you want to do the paint yourself, then I would suggest you go for this material. 

3. Average Cost to Paint Canvas tonneau

Now, this material is a little tricky to work with. It may require some extra tools. It is best to go to a professional if your tonneau cover is of the canvas. If you want to paint the cover yourself and it is canvas, don’t do it. You cannot paint canvas tonneau cover without practice. It may cost you a little over 500$ to paint canvas tonneau cover as it is a little complicated to paint that material.

4. Average Cost to Paint ABS Polymer Tonneau

Now, this material already comes in a variety of colors. You can choose any paint that you like from the brand that is offering ABS polymer tonneau. You can get it at a reasonable price. 

5. Average Cost to Paint Vinyl Tonneau

Here, we have another hard to paint material. It is very difficult to paint over vinyl which is why you should leave it over to professionals. The price will also be high for painting Vinyl tonneau. The average cost to paint a vinyl tonneau will be definitely above 500$


1. Can a tonneau cover be painted?

Yes, it can be painted.

2. Are tonneau covers permanent?

Yes, they are somewhat permanent. You can opt for retractable tonneau covers if you don’t want permanent covers.

3. Do tonneau covers save gas?

Yes, they do.


I hope I have covered all the essential information. If you still have any confusion, make sure to check the FAQs part. Have a great day ahead and bye for now!!

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