How Google’s Self-Driving Car Will Change Everything

Imagination has brought us to a modern world where comfort and ease have become a priority and indeed accessible. But taking it to another level is still on our to-do list.

Can Google's self-driving car revolutionize?
Google’s Automatic car

This leads us to the thought of self-driving cars. Indeed, some people are in pursuit of realizing these thoughts.
Google has revealed its brand new self-driving prototypes and has become the first one to come up with steering-free cars. Moreover, there isn’t an accelerator and brake pedal as well in it.

So, what is left? Just sitting in it and reaching your destination comfortably.

Mechanism and Principle

Google's Car mechanism and Principle
Google Cars Mechanism

These cars have the capacity of carrying two people at a time and taking them to their destination. Just call your self-driving vehicle using your smartphone and get ready for a ride. The important thing is the GPS that determines the pick-up and drop-off location.

There are no other mandatory things like a steering wheel, but there is a start button and a stop button to control your car. There is an indication screen as well to remind you of your belongings.


Just like that, Google’s robotic Toyota Priuses have reached the milestone of more than 300,000km. These are found driving within the cities, on highways, and on other roads.

This project is not commercially viable yet, but it’s on the way to that. Like, google has been testing it with minor jobs like golf carts and other feasible areas just to enhance the feasibility and commercialize it.


The biggest revolution that this self-driving car project will bring lies in many factors. Let’s say that these cars get commercialized, then what next? What will be the impact? I would say that it will be revolutionary.

Here’s why! Using these self-driving cars, you would no longer need drivers, and at the same time, you will also need no effort to drive. The cars are steering-free, so your hands are in comfort. You do not have to worry about the accelerator as well.

These smart cars will just need you to mention the pick-up and drop-off, and that’s it. Rest is up to the car.

So, in the future, when these cars get common, you won’t need to pay for drivers to drive your cars. Instead, you will have a self-driving car. Isn’t that exciting?

Thus, this invention is going to bring a great revolution in the transportation field.

Change in Infrastructure

As we generally discussed the revolution, let’s get more specific. Switching on self-driving cars will reposition or reset the parking system that covers a big area of land. Moreover, for increasing traffic, there are roads necessary, but by getting control over this, billions of dollars can be saved.

Safety Concern

How is google self drive car safety?
Google Car Safety System

Chase mentioned, “these cars won’t get drunk or high, drive too fast, or take unnecessary risks—things people do all the time.”

This means the rightly programmed system will control everything, and the major ratio of accidents that occur due to driving drunk, driving fast with emotions, or taking bad maneuvers will be minimized, and thus, ultimately, good safety measures will be achieved.


Just like I mentioned earlier, these cars will just need you to call them, and they will be there to pick you up. After that, you chose your destination, turn the start button ON and enjoy the ride—just two buttons to control and great accessibility.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel consumption depends on efficiency and driving as well. If the driver does not drive correctly, then ultimately, he will burn unnecessary fuel.

What if these smart cars come on the route? They will be about 20% more efficient than usual by a rough approximation. So, in this way, not only that you get an economical ride, but also you change the fuel consumption perspective as well.


How risky is Google Self Drive car?
All Risky Factor

There are all these factors but let’s think about the downsides as well. There can be some unknown obstacles, sudden punctures, or hacking threats as well. In that scenario, it can become trouble for you as well.
Thus, the feasibility depends a lot on the safety and robustness as well that should be foolproof.

Wrapping Up

Self-driving cars can bring real revolution to this world by providing a lot of comfort and ease, but at the same time, the risks should also be considered, and it should be made the best version of itself.

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