FCS Struts Review – Everything You Need to Know

FCS is a well-known manufacturer of aftermarket parts and their struts are just what you expect from a top-notch brand. FCS struts add smoothness and comfort to the car.

It has an incredible ability to absorb the impacts of uneven terrains, making you feel little to no bump at all. 

Not only that, the struts enable the user to ride and balance the car better. Apart from these, there are a lot more things that FCB struts offer which is why we have come up with this FCS Strut assembly review.

In this FCS Struts review, From features to the installation, we have covered everything leaving nothing behind the wall, so that you understand it well. 

With that said, let’s get down to it. 

FCS 1332324L Complete Strut Assembly review

FCS 1332324L Complete Strut Assembly Features

One amazing strut from FCS, the FCS 1332324L. It is a complete strut assembly, and comes pre-assembled. There is a lot to talk about this strut, check out the feature section. 

  • This strut assembly will make your car suspension smooth as butter. Plus, it will improve the balancing as well. 
  • Unlike some other struts, installing this strut is super simple and easy. And the installation process is pretty quick as well. 
  • This FCS 1332324L exceeds the OE standards which make it a reliable unit for some car models. 
  • It is a very durable strut assembly thanks to its NOK seals and top-quality chrome hard piston rod. 
  • Comes with a bearing plate which endurance was tested before attaching in this strut. And undoubtedly, the performance it provides is incredible. 
  • This strut comes with a molded urethane rubber bumper which works towards absorbing the impacts and noise. 
  • In order to ensure that long-lasting performance the manufacturer has inserted reinforced brackets. 
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 
  • This FCS strut assembly is compatible with Chevy Prizm 98 – 2002, GEO Prizm 93 – 97, and Corolla 93 – 2003.
FCS Strut Assembly Pros 

FCS Strut Assembly Pros 

  • Super fast and very easy to install this strut.
  • Comes pre-assembled properly. 
  • Reduces uneven terrain impacts.
  • Makes the car easy to handle and balance. 
  • Offers great suspension. 
  • Reduces road noise. 
  • Perfect Strut for the warmer environment. 
  • Delivers long-lasting performance. 

FCS Strut Assembly Cons

  • According to a few users, this FCS Strut assembly is best for warmer environments, not for freezing cold environments. 
  • The alignment isn’t very great, it just works. 

My Opinion on FCS Strut 

You have already gone through the features and pros/cons of this strut, now let me tell you what is my take on this strut. 

If you want to improve the handling, balancing, and suspension of your car, this FCS strut can do that. 

It makes the suspension very smooth, good enough to make you feel very comfortable. I have seen users praising this strut a lot for its smooth and comfortable suspension. 

Another thing that makes this strut super comfortable is the installation. It comes pre-assembled, and installing it on the vehicle is very easy. 

Even beginners can do that with the help of video tutorials. 

If you want to hear about the reliability of this unit, I will just say it meets the OE standard, that pretty much sums it up. It is super reliable. 

Change your old strut with this one, and then take the car through rocky, uneven bumps in speed, you will feel the change. 

It features a chrome hard piston rod, thoroughly tested bearing plate, and rubber bumper. The manufacturer has made sure top-notch quality construction, which makes it super durable. 

Though it is advertised to be compatible with Chevy Prizm 1998 to 2002, Geo Prizm, 1993 to 97, and 1993 to 2003 corolla. There are some other models this strut is compatible with but we will not go there. 

It comes with a limited warranty and customer service up to the notch, anyone will love it. 

If we look at the flaws, we have found 2 major flaws so far. 

The first one is, I have seen users questioning this struts performance in a freezing environment. According to them, it works incredibly in the warm atmosphere but in freezing cold this strut is no go. 

Since a bunch of people have verified that I would be wise for you to not choose this strut if you live in a freezing cold environment all the time. 

And the last flaw is the alignment of this strut. The alignment isn’t bad, it works. But users have expected more, the manufacturer could have come up with something better. 

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Summary of my Opinion

To summarize my opinion I would say, if you live somewhere not super cold and you need a good replacement for your old strut, go with this FCS 1332324L. 

This strut will allow you to go over bumpy, rocky, and uneven terrains with good speed comfortably. And the durability and reliability are on top as well. 

Moreover, you won’t have to break a bank to purchase this very unit. It comes at a fair price. 

FCS Struts Compatibility

FCS struts Compatibility

Doesn’t matter how much high-quality strut you buy, if that isn’t compatible with your car or vehicle, then that is a waste.

So when buying strut compatibility is the first thing you should be checking. 

Well, this FCS strut isn’t compatible with many cars but a handful of them, so check it out and then decide whether to pick it or not. 

This FCS strut is compatible with the following vehicles,

  • Chevy Prizm 1998 – 2002.
  • Corolla 1993 – 2003.
  • Geo Prizm 1993 – 1997.

FCS Struts Design

How well-designed the strut is matters a lot since the durability and reliability slightly depend on the design. 

Having said that, this FCS strut is designed pretty well. There is a chrome hard piston with NOK sealing. Plus, there is urethane rubber molding which reduces the noise and absorbs shock. 

Overall, the design is what you expect from a high-end strut. The good design makes it pretty easy to install as well. 

FCS struts design

FCS Struts Longevity 

The FCS Struts aren’t like cheap struts. They deliver what they promise. That being said, they don’t last super long either. 

Let me put it this way, it ain’t very long-lasting, neither is it short-lasting. It falls in the middle. And it comes down to how much the car is using the strut. 

If you are someone who keeps on riding through uneven terrains very often, then it is pretty obvious that the vehicle struts won’t last very long compared to those who ride in moderation. 

But if I have to sum up the longevity of FCS struts, I would say you get what you pay for, nothing much, nothing less. 

FCS struts Longevity 

FCS Struts Installation Process

Installing FCS struts are pretty similar to installing any strut. FCS struts will come up with a manual book where the installation process is written in plain words. 

However, you can follow the following process to have your new struts installed with ease. 

  • The first step towards installing new struts is to remove the old struts, obviously. If you are changing all 4 struts, you will have to remove all of the old ones. 
  • I am assuming you have the old strut removed. That means, now your car is on a jack raised up and the wheels are opened exposing the rotor. 
  • Here you will be needing an assistant to put the new strut through the bottom of the hood to all the way up on the hood. 
  • The assistant will be needed to hold the strut so that you can attach that. 
  • Since you have removed the old strut, you know where in the hood the strut is attached. Usually, it is a three-bolt secured round pattern. But different vehicles might have different types. 
  • However, you will have to figure that yourself. 
  • While you attach the strut on the hood space make sure your assistant holds it properly, if it drops that might hurt other parts.
  • Once you are done attaching to the main point, now time to bolt the strut to the bottom. 
  • Attach the strut with the steering or wheel component. Make sure to attach the bolt in a proper manner. 
  • After that, you would want to attach the brake lines you removed while removing the old struts. You would want to fasten the brake line back with the strut and ensure that the brake line is in its good form. It should be damaged in any way. If needed cross-check that.
  • That is all, put the wheels back on the rotor, secure the bolt and that is it. 
  • If you have never installed a strut before, you will want a professional to have a look at the installation. He/she will be able to tell if you have done anything wrong. 
  • Repeat the process to all other sides where you want to install struts. 
FCS Struts Installation

FCS Struts Comparison to Competition

Monroe, Kyb, and Gabriel. These three are top-tier brands for aftermarket parts like FCS. And they are pretty competitive with each other since each of them brings nothing but quality to the market. 

Let’s see how FCS competes with these top-of-the-line brands. 

Monroe: FCS and Monroe are almost similar in terms of installation and fitting. And the quality is also the same. 

Both of their struts meet or exceed OE standards. Reviving the lost balance and handling ability of a car is easy with struts from these brands. 

As mentioned above, installing these struts are super easy because both of them come pre-assembled. 

Now let’s have a look at some differences. 

Monroe struts are perfect for all-weather conditions, they are constructed in a way that enables the struts to perform good on every weather such as summer, rain, cold, snow, etc. 

FCS struts fall short on that. They cannot perform equally well in every weather condition. FCS struts are best for warm environments, in freezing cold temperatures they can’t perform well. 

Monroe struts are designed for nice-level roads. On the other hand, FCS struts are constructed for all kinds of roads, whether it is dead bumpy or rocky, these struts will perform smoothly. 

And that is a big plus for FCS, Monroe lacks that. They cannot perform as well as FCS on bumpy, uneven roads. 

Last but not least, FCS struts are priced a little low compared to the Monroe struts, so that is a bonus for FCS users. 

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KYB: In terms of quality and performance, KYB outshines FCS struts. On uneven bumpy roads FCS performs well, it makes the suspension very smooth. But with KYB you will feel little to no bump at all when riding over uneven rocky or bumpy roads. 

That being said, installing KYB struts is way too hard compared to FCS. You will be needing professional help for KYB strut installation. Moreover, you might not get a proper mounting kit with KYB struts. 

But still, the performance on the bumpy road makes you forget about all the hassle in the installation. 

Gabriel: Apart from the price I don’t see any major difference between FCS and Gabriel. Both of their struts come pre-assembled and are very easy to install. You won’t be needing any installing tools like a spring compressor and all. 

The quality is great, and improves the vehicle’s balance and suspension. And both of these struts aren’t suitable for freezing cold weather. 

There is a big difference between these two manufacturers in terms of price. Gabriel struts are expensive. 

FCS Struts Warranty 

 You get a limited warranty with FCS Struts and the time frame is short. Not only FCS, but most of the top brands also offer a limited warranty for their struts. And the customer service of FCS is so on point, you will love it.

FCS struts warranty

FCS Struts Alternative

We have talked about this above as well. If you are looking for a good alternative to FCS, there are 3 options. KYB, Monroe, Unity and Gabriel. 

The products are almost similar but with Monroe struts, you will get all-weather good performance which FCS struts lack sometimes. 

That being said, smooth performance on bumpy roads, you might not get that on Monroe struts. 

But a better option for that is KYB. You will barely feel any bump with KYB struts installed. They are a little pricey too. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does FCS make good struts?

Yes, most of the FCS struts perform up to the mark. They are well-designed and are pretty reliable. On top of everything, they meet or exceed OEM standards, which makes them durable and reliable as well. 

2. What is a good brand of struts?

There are a couple of strut brands that deliver top-notch struts including FCS, Rough Country, KYB, Monroe, Gabriel, Oredy, etc. 

3. What brand is FCS?

FCS is an automotive product brand that mainly focuses on the Strut and shock market. In other words, FCS can be called a Ride control product brand. 

4. Are FCS struts good in cold weather?

Not every FCS struts are good for freezing cold weather. They have specific units only for cold weather, they perform well. But most of the FCS struts work best in warm weather. 

5. Are FCS suspension parts any good?

Yes, they are great. With FCS struts you will get very smooth suspension along with increased balance and handling capability. 

6. Do FCS Struts come pre-assembled? 

Yes, most of the FCS struts come pre-assembled and they are very easy to install. 

7. How long do struts last?

On average good quality struts will last around 5 to 10 years. The lifespan of struts largely depends on how much they are being used. 

8. Is the Strut Mount Included in the kit?

Yes, FCS strut kits include everything you need. 

9. Are FCS struts made in China?

FCS is mainly based in Yangzhou, China. It originated in China, but now they are being produced in a couple of countries. 

10. Who is FCS auto?

FCS auto is a manufacturer of Ride Balancing parts. A top-notch after-market part manufacturer produces struts. 

Final Thoughts

I hope this FCS Struts review helps you with whatever you were looking for. I have tried my best to come up with every possible answer that users might have regarding FCS struts. 

Along with that, I have also done an in-depth 1332324L FCS auto struts review. From features to drawbacks, I have covered everything so that you get what you are looking for. 

So that is it, time to wrap it up. If there is anything else I can help you with don’t hesitate to let me know through the comment section. 

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