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I Chose to Write About Types of Tires : I Don’t Regret My Decision!

There have been many revolutionary changes in every aspect. Tires are also not simple in these days.

There are a lot of categories and subcategories of tires based on your driving, route, season and many more. It is not so easy to select perfect match for your cars, trucks or SUV. If you want to make your vehicle perfect you need to win the challenge making the good choice for your need.

types of tires

Types of tires

Which types to follow?

The manufacturers are now innovative in all perspective. They research and determine what type of tire would be the best for which type of vehicle or roads. You cannot run your car in a mud prone road using the tire which is made for paved surface.

There are various types of tires. But you need to make sure which one will match your need. What type of car you drive and what kind of road you take as well as the season consistency affects your choice. SUV or Truck doesn’t use the same tires. It also varies in terms of highways or off roads. The design, shapes and sizes are also differs. Let’s take a look about different types of tires below.

different tires category

Different tires category

Categories of tire:

There are different categories or tire types. Such as –

  • 1. All Season
  • 2. Uses of Vehicles
  • 3. Specialty Tires

Now let’s get deep of the categories:

1. All Season:

all season tire

All season tire

All-season tires are typically built for a noise free tranquil drive in highways and paved surface. These kinds of tires are reliable in all season traction and handling is pretty smooth as well. The design pattern feature symmetrical tread and circumferential grooves ensure maximum grip for wet weather. All-Season tires have also following subcategories:

  • a. Touring Tires
  • b. High Performance Tires
  • c. Summer Tires
  • d. Competition reliable Tires

a. Touring Tires

motorcycle touring tires

Motorcycle touring tires

From the name you know that this tire is used for long tour. The tires are larger and deliver comfortable ride with great handling. It is also perfect for all season traction. The tread pattern is often asymmetrical and the speed rating is pretty higher. But in some vehicles this tire adds enhanced handling. If you focus on performance than comfort Touring Tires will serve better. But it also features some luxury options.

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b. High Performance Tire:

High Performance Tires

High Performance Tires

High performance tires focus more in performance than comfort. The larger circumferential treads and lateral grooves are perfect for wet weather traction. It also contains silica enriched tread compounds to confirm extra grip capability comparing any season circumstances. The dense sipping helps it to make the higher speed rating than touring tires.

c. Summer Tires

summer tire

Summer tire

Summer tires are optimized for warm weather. It is not designed for all season but deliver more grip and responsive handling in warm or wet condition. The circumferential groove of summer ties is well measured to ensure hydroplaning resistance. It also features solid contact patches to reduce or stop sipping. The summer tires are usually better choice in warm weather and high performance vehicles.

summer vs all season tire

Summer vs all season tire

d. Competition Reliable Tires:

This type of tire is not for daily driving. It is specially designed for track and competition. It offers extreme performance. But you will find it running only in dry conditions. The performance of this tire is almost similar to street performance and it delivers a pinnacle of performance.

Competition Reliable Tire

Competition Reliable Tires

The DOT approved tire is typically designed for amateur track or professional competitions. This tire is different from other kind of all-season tires. It features high tech body with reinforced sidewalls. The sidewalls are developed using Kevlar or aramid. It also differs as your riding car series.

You need to follow the mandate of your preferred car series in competition. But the practice would be best if you follow the bylaws of your car series.

2. Uses of Vehicles

Based on the uses of vehicles the tire type varies. Especially in truck and SUV you need more aggressive tire when the paved surface ends to handle rough tracks and things. It also assures longer tread life in highways or pavements. There are different tire types for your heavy loaded vehicles. Let’s talk in detail about this type of tires.

  • a. Highway ride
  • b. All Purpose Tire
  • c. Ribbed Tires
  • d. Sports type
  • e. All Terrain
  • f. Mud Terrain

a. Highway Ride

This kind of tire is designed for heavier loads carrier. Highway tires feature all season tread patterns. They are designed to increase comfort and handling in highway. The durable compounds and tread patterns cope with mechanical friction which ensures longer tread life. But the siping is common in all season traction perspective of highway tires.

b. All Purpose Tire

All-purpose tire follows the tread pattern to make sure more grip than other type of tires. It’s because all-purpose tires are not only for highways but also for some off-road driving. The overlapping blocks of all-purpose tire offers more grip in off-road conditions. These tires are more rugged than regular standard tire which enables more controlling in loose road condition.

c. Ribbed Tire

Ribbed tire is generally used for heavy loads and longer mileage. These ultimate ribbed tires are the best match for commercial vehicles even in wet condition. The solid rib tread enhance the stability to carry the heavy loads.

d. Sports Type

Sports type tires are also designed using all season tread patterns. Some tires also designed by asymmetrical tread pattern. These are very similar to highway tires. The tread patterns are capable of maintain all weather conditions. But the sipes are not as similar highway tires. The speed ratings are higher than highway tires.

e. All Terrain Tires

All terrain tires are used for off road or loose condition driving. The larger tread blocks provide traction in all condition. They are specially designed for handling gravel, mud or sand. This tire provide comfortable highway driving in off road. Some people love it for aggressive look though it creates some noise and more discomfort.

f. Mud Terrain

Mud terrain tires are designed for extreme conditions and aggressive tread patterns ensures its stability. The large tread blocks offer more traction in off-road mixed with sand or mud. The reinforced sidewalls and enhanced rugged appearance provide traction in soft terrain. But the tires are made for less noisy, comfortable and aggressive options. The vehicles which ride with heavier load through mud prone or loose conditions are best match for this tire.

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3. Specialty Tires

This kind of tires is important for special conditions. This could be useful for your personal home use or important for special condition. It also includes temporary spare tires or tires for lawn and go-cart or horse trailer. The details are given below.

  • a. Winter Tires
  • b. Temporary Tires
  • c. Trailer Tires
  • d. Lawn and Garden Tires

a. Winter Tires

winter tire

Winter tire

Winter tires come in a different type of uses and vehicles. The heavy siping and deep circumferential grooves help to remove snow from the road. This tire is designed for the extreme winter condition below 45 degrees. There are two types of winter tire – studded and non-studded. Studded tires are made with small metal studs.

This tire provide pinnacle of traction on snowy conditions. But this type of tires is not legal in some areas. It only allows in harsh winter condition. Non-studded are quite similar to studded other than the studs. It allows plenty of traction in colder environment. But it is also comfortable after the end of winter.

winter vs all season tire

Winter vs all season tire

b. Temporary Tires

Temporary tires are designed for only spare tires. It is also called donut spares. They are same in size of the real tires. But their specification is not as same as standard tire. They are available in compact or full size and rated for up to 50 miles per hour.

c. Trailer

Trailer tires are for more irregular wear and tough ride in rough condition. This tire is available in bias ply as well as radial ply constructions. The bias ply and the radial ply are different in carrying the loads or more weight. Bias ply is stronger and able to carry more loads than radial tires. But the radial ply provide comfortable ride in highway driving.

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d. Lawn and Garden use

There are also tires for simple lawn and garden use. These are smaller and smoother. These tires include lawn tire, garden tire, hand-truck tire and golf cart tires.


There are various types of tires which are designed for different condition and roads. All-season tires helps to handle the vehicles in different conditions. But this is also important to ensure the high speed and control ride throughout every type of roads. Now if you want to buy tires for your cars it is important to determine your driving route and vehicles.

If you are highway rider you need all season tire. But in season changes you have to select special winter tires. Winter tires are specially designed for the conditions below 45 degrees. In off road driving the all-terrain or mud-terrain will work well. The larger tread blocks of these tires ensure maximum grip on wet conditions. Now what are you waiting for? It will be easy for you to decide what type of tire requires for your vehicles after reading this article.

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