Color N Drive 9H Car Coating Review – Top Class Ceramic Coating

  • Superior protection against scratches
  • No need to wax after application
  • Long lasting – up to 5 years
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be applied for 2 cars
  • Does not offer protection against stone chips
This is a user-friendly product designed for DIY’ers and the likes. With the protection of up to 5 years, you absolutely have nothing to lose.

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Color N Drive 9H Car Ceramic Coating Review

In order to help you to choose a ceramic coating for your car, we tested Color N Drive ceramic coating. In addition, we considered various reviews from past users so that we can come up with the best review for you to enjoy. Our findings will amaze you if you find the time to read on

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Color N-Drive 9H Car Ceramic Coating


Color N Drive ceramic coating is a do-it-yourself kit that provides adequate protection for the surface of your car with the aid of 9H nanotechnology. It offers protection of up to 5 years staying intact for up to about 150 car washes. It is easy to apply as long as you follow the instructions on the manual.

Furthermore, since you have the capability of applying the product yourself, you will save so much money that would have been given to a professional. It is a Nano-Bionic kit with the capacity of giving your car optimum protection against dirt, mud, rain, snow, iron powder, stone chips, and so on. With optimum protection, your car paint will last longer than expected.


Color N Drive ceramic coating is produced under a highly standardized environment making use of materials and ingredients of high quality. The use of cutting-edge Nano-Bionic ceramic technology ensures that self-cleaning is carried out so that maximum protection can be achieved at all times. The product works by creating a dirt and water repellant nano protective cover for the surface of your car.

Excellent Hydrophobic Properties

Color N Drive ceramic coating’s hydrophobic properties are exceptional. This will ensure that the damaging effect of water on your vehicle, especially acidic rain, is not allowed. It repels water and turns them into beads which are rolled over the surface of your car carrying dirt along.

9H Hardness

H is the capability of a coated area to prevent scratching. With 9H hardness, Color N Drive ceramic coating is properly designed to resist scratching from any source so that you car can look good always.

After Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating

After Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating

3D Deep Gloss

The use of condensed Nano-Bionic particles which a cross-linked makes Color N Drive ceramic coating to provide hard 3D high gloss coating. This glossy finish will not only be attractive but also repel a lot of contaminants.

Anti UV Properties

The ultraviolet rays from the sun have the capacity of fading away from the paint on your car. This is caused by a process known as oxidation but with the anti UV properties of Color N Drive ceramic coating, oxidation is prevented. Hence, your paint will be prevented from fading which can lead to rust.

Mud and Dirt Repellent

If you are worried about the frequent accumulation of dirt and mud on the surface of your car, you need to worry no more. Color N Drive ceramic coating will give your vehicle the right protection against dirt and mud.

Self-Cleaning Mechanism

The self-cleaning mechanism that comes with Color N Drive ceramic coating ensures that foreign organic objects on your vehicle are oxidized. This will make the surface to self-clean itself and stay glossy at all times.

Gentle Rubbing Required

You don’t need to go the gym because you want to apply a ceramic coating. With a gentle rubbing, your Color N Drive ceramic coating is easily applied and you are good to go. Within some minutes, your desired result will be achieved and you will be highly satisfied.


The kit comes with a 50 ml Nano-Bionic ceramic coating and 150 ml pretreatment. In order to make the application easier, we also find two quoted sponges and is spreading microfiber. There is also one polishing microfiber and a pair of gloves that will protect your hands. The 50 ml bottle can be used for an average car.

Improved Durability

With coverage of about 5 years, this product is definitely the one to beat. Its molecular structure is so strong that it cannot be dislodged by any vibration or external force. That is why the durability of Color N Drive is exceptional.


It is very easy to apply Color N Drive ceramic coating. No experience is required and it can be used safely whenever it is convenient for you. You can use a 50 ml bottle for about 2 sedan cars applying two coats for each. However, multiple coats may not be necessary.

First of all, the surface of your vehicle must be properly cleaned to ensure that it is not contaminated. Your car should be dried properly in order to prepare the environment for easy absorption of the coating.

After applying Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating

After applying Color N Drive Car Ceramic Coating

The application should start from the top and you must ensure that everywhere is covered. In order to achieve a comprehensive coating, it is advisable to start from one section and finish it before going to another section of your car. If any dry spot is discovered, there should be re-application so that there is no place is left out.

Before the application of the second coat, it is very essential for you to wait for about 3 hours. This will enable the first coat to dry up before the application of the second one. Usually, curing lasts for about 7 hours and this should be observed before you start driving.

You should not allow water to touch your car within 24 hours after coating and you should wait for about a week before you start washing it. For proper maintenance, you should make use of a pH neutral shampoo so that the glossy look will be preserved.

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Bottom Line

For just lower than $60 for a 50ml bottle, this is a deal you can’t find elsewhere. Color N Drive ceramic coating is definitely your perfect choice if you want a ceramic coating of high quality at an affordable price.

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