Ceramic Coating Comparison Guide That’ll Help You Make Smart Choices

Have you ever heard the term “paralysis by analysis”?

No, it’s not physical paralysis we’re referring to. Rather this one instigates by having too many options.

With so many great ceramic coatings present on the market, it’s only normal for users to have an analysis-paralysis.

That is, no being able to decide which one is better, or which one brings more value for the money.

In this article, we’ll try to make your selection process a little bit easier. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll leave being less confused and overwhelmed.

Which Ceramic Coating Is Best

Which Ceramic Coating Is Best

So let’s start to make smart choices, shall we?

Which Ceramic Coating Is Best?

As we said, there is no scarcity of good quality ceramic coating products. They offer different features for people with different requirements, which makes the selection job easier. But what to do when you equally like two products, but have to purchase only one?

Here, we have compared the specialties and differences between ceramic coating products. This will help you weigh your options and ultimately decide on one.

Cquartz Vs Ceramic Pro

Cquartz has been around for a long time. The main feature it has is the amount and purity of quartz. The 99.9% pure quartz takes up 70% of the formula. So this solution works well in a cold environment. Also, it comes with complete tools.

Ceramic Pro is comparatively newer but has made a name for itself. It provides a 9H hardness veneer. The Ceramic Pro contains SI02 ceramic-resin based formula, which aids in the amazing wet look of the car paint.

Cquartz Vs Ceramic Pro review

Cquartz Vs Ceramic Pro

Price: The Ceramic Pro is slightly cheaper. Ceramic Pro comes with a complete package, so that justifies the price.

Application: The application method is different for these two. Cquartz provides a bottle, suede, and cloths. Ceramic Pro is a spray, and easier to apply.

Performance: Both are claimed by their manufacturers to last for two years. The Cquartz is more proven and reviewed by users. If I had to choose between two, I’d go for Cquartz.

Cquartz Vs Opticoat

CarPro Cquartz contains Sio2 Quartz content, which makes the coating super glossy. Also, the gel coat surface provides optimum performance in low-temperature conditions. The self-cleaning properties repel any dirt, grime, oil, and mud.

The Opticoat is a standalone spay ceramic coating. You can apply it on car paint, wheels and plastic trim. This is a true coating that contains no cleaners or fillers. As it leaves no residue, Opticoat can be used equally for cars and boats.

Cquartz Vs Opticoat review

Cquartz Vs Opticoat

Price: The Opticoat is cheaper than Cquartz. Also, the Opticoat quantity is much more than CarPro 3.0.
Application: Opticoat is a spray, so you don’t need any other tool except wiping cloths. Cquartz is a pour-and-apply product.

Performance: According to the Opticoat reviews, it lasts longer, although that depends on how well you apply the solutions. As for glossiness, Cquartz outperforms Opticoat.

Opti-Coat Vs Ceramic Pro

Price: The Ceramic Pro comes with a higher price, almost double the amount of Opticoat. However, that’s just a small piece of the puzzle. Depending on the quality of products, you might have to spend several hundred more to professionally use them.

Opti Coat Vs Ceramic Pro review

Opti Coat Vs Ceramic Pro

Application: Both of these products are spray type. You just spray a thin layer over the car paint and wipe the excess with a cloth. It’s really simple. The quantity for Opticoat is 8 ounces while its 12 ounces for Ceramic Pro.

Performance: The performance widely depends on how well you prep the surface beforehand. Even a quality ceramic coating might not perform well if the surface is under-prepped. However, if I was to choose solely on standalone performance, I’ll go with Opti-Coat.

Gtechniq Vs Cquartz

Gtechniq is a great chemical and swirls mark resistor. Upon application, it forms a coating so hard that you’ll need 1500 grit sandpaper to remove that. This thick, glossy coating also protects the car from contaminants, grimes, and debris.

Gtechniq Vs Cquartz review

Gtechniq Vs Cquartz

Price: Compared to Cquartz 30 ml and 50 ml bottle, the price for Gtechniq is slightly higher. However, the difference is very minimal.

Application: Both have the same application method. You just pour it into a suede cloth and apply. Afterward, wipe down any residue that’s left. Anyway, the Cquartz coming with complete tools helps the user get started right away.

Performance: To be honest, I have found both products to be extremely reputed and loved. However, Gtechniq claims to last for a whopping 5 years. While it might not hit that mark, it’ll last around for a long time.

Sonax Vs Meguiars

Sonax provides both deep gloss and long-lasting effects. This is a complete kit that lets you get started immediately on your ceramic coating job. The finish protects the surface from environmental hazards and contaminants. Also, washing the car becomes a piece of cake thanks to its superhydrophobic nature.

Meguiar’s G191016 is basically a wax, but it delivers performance no less than a ceramic coating. The 3 in 1 effect does several things, cleans the paint, polishes the surface and provides long-lasting performance.

Sonax Vs Meguiars review

Sonax Vs Meguiars

Price: For a 16-ounce solution, the Meguiar’s is surprisingly cheap. You should be able to use it for a long time. Sonax is pricier, but then again, it’s an exclusive ceramic coating, not a wax.

Application: The Sonax comes in a small bottle. The bottle should be enough for one application. The kit includes all the tools. Meguiar’s comes with a large bottle and an applicator pad. You just pour the wax on the pad and wipe the surface.

Performance: If you ask about protection and hydrophobic nature, Sonax is a clear winner. It lasts for 1 year, even more, if you use it carefully. On the other hand, anyone reluctant to use ceramic coating can go for Meguiar’s. It’s a wax by name but still performs better than most waxes.

Final Words

Here goes our Ceramic Coating Comparison guide. Although all the products we mentioned are user favorites, some perform better than others. Obviously, the more you spend, the higher-end product you get.

The key is to compare the price with quantity and performance if you want to get better value for the money. Hopefully, this article will help you in this matter.

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