Best Dash Covers (Dashboard Cover) 2021

dash cover review

We all have at least one person in our life who has always claimed that dash covers are old fashioned and are not meant for modern cars. Are they right? No, definitely not! Modern cars and dash ...

10 Best Car Air Filter (Review) 2021

Best car air filter Revoew

Nothing beats the feeling of riding a new car! The brand-new engine seems to read your mind before you even touch the accelerator pedal. It runs like a beast with such speed that makes you feel like ...

15 Hacks on How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Car

how to get smoke smell out of car

The truth be told, one of the most annoying things anyone can come across in a car is to enter, and then you have your lungs filled with the smell of smoke.There are several ways by which smoke ...

What is The Best Way to Clean Leather Car Seats?

Best Way to Clean Leather Car Seats

Leather seats add a touch of luxury to the interior of your car. Since they are costly, you need to care for them adequately so that they do not dry up or lose their luster. If you are wondering what ...

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