Best Exhaust Gasket Reviews and Top 9 Picks

Best Exhaust Gasket Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Exhaust gaskets are simple, but they have bigger jobs to perform. You will hear a very inconvenient rattling sound if your exhaust gasket is not good. Therefore, you need a good exhaust gasket to ...

Best Exhaust Clamps Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Exhaust Clamps Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Although most of the car exhausts are just welded, there are many which are mounted using clamps as well. Clamps are quite helpful when you want to have extra protection, do alterations, etc. A good ...

Best Head Gasket Sealers 2021 (Review)

head gasket sealer review

Do you have a car that may be old or new? If yes, then you’re in for different challenges. Your car might run more than 85000 miles without any problem, and then all of a sudden a gasket sealer can ...

Best Carburetor 2021 (Review) – Top 10 Picks

Best Carburetor Review

Automobiles were a lot simpler in earlier days.You wouldn’t have found all these modern equipment like sensors, gadgets, mini computers in your car. Still, the good old classic cars would take ...

10 Best Intake Manifold for Chevy 350 & Ford

Best Intake Manifold for Chevy & Ford

Increasing mileage and HP is a dream come true, especially if you can do it with just a simple upgrade. However, getting there is sometimes an issue. With an upgraded intake manifold, you’re saying ...

How to Tell Which ABS Sensor is Bad?

How to tell which abs sensor is bad?

To ensure safety, an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is installed in the wheels of vehicles, and it acts as an anti-skid braking system.This system uses an ABS sensor, which is also known as a wheel ...

Engine Misfire Symptoms And Solutions

Engine Misfire Symptoms And Solutions

A misfire happens when something in the succession sequence comes up short. Most motors have four chambers, so the vehicle will continue running regardless of whether one chamber quits working only, ...

DOHC vs. SOHC – Which Engine is Better?


Understanding the basic differences between the various camshaft engines for your vehicle is super important if you’re planning to make the most of what you have.Not only will this allow you to ...

How Toyota VSC Reset Light –Step By Step Guide

How Toyota VSC Reset Light

When you are driving your vehicle, you might have noticed a light blinking on your instrument panel, which gave a slight heartache and made you wonder what this is and why is it blinking suddenly? ...

Fuel Injector Cleaning Necessary

Fuel Injector Cleaning Necessary

As your fuel injector is very important part of the body of your car, the regular cleaning of the fuel injector is very crucial part of your car maintenance. Sometimes even repairing and servicing ...

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