CarPro Cquartz 3.0 Product Review – Pros, Cons and Alternative Products

Ceramic coatings are exceptional paint protection solutions. Just like any other product line, the ceramic coatings industry is filled with brands that are more “bark” than “bite”. Such is the case with CarPro’s latest version of their ceramic coating, Cquartz 3.0.

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carpro cquartz 3.0 ceramic coating
Carpro cquartz 3.0 ceramic coating

The team at CarPro has relaunched their ceramic coating brand Cquartz with an improved formula that according to their marketing efforts, “is the next evolution of ceramic coating technology”.

While this sounds fine and dandy, the proof is in the pudding. So, let’s take a look at Cquartz 3.0, to review what makes the new formulation ‘better’ and whether it holds up against the current leaders in the Nano-Ceramic Coating clubhouse.

What is Cquartz 3.0?

CarPro Cquartz has been around in the car care industry for quite some time. In fact, CarPro was one of the pioneers in taking commercial-grade ceramic coatings and diluting the product for an improved do-it-yourself application. They also make Ironx – a similar product that helps to improve the car looks. The product itself claims to improve scratch resistance, hydrophobic properties, improve self-cleaning opportunities, and increase the luster of the clear coat.

According to its website, CarPro claims that the new Cquartz UK’s main improvement is the flexibility of its application. The problem we’re finding is determining what is ‘new and improved’ about CQUK (their abbreviation for Cquartz 3.0) that makes it apply easier in different climates?

Like many of their mid-range competitors, Cquartz 3.0 ceramic coating helps to protect automotive paint surfaces from exposure to environmental exposure, chemicals, salt, road grime, water spots, and more. The product is a highly-concentrated liquid silica-quartz that creates a durable, hard, and shiny layer of protection on top of gel-coated or painted surfaces. It can also be used as a protective layer after completing paint correction.

When correctly applied, it produces a high gloss finish, exceptional dirt and water repellency (or hydrophobic properties), reduces the potential of scratching, and makes removing bird droppings and bug splatters a snap.

A do-it-yourself Ceramic coating like Cquartz 3.0 nano coating requires some paint preparation to be completed prior to application. Most industry experts suggest washing the car with a wash mitt, using a clay bar and wax/polish removal product to remove all debris or older layers of products for optimal results. The recommended application temperature ranges from 40-degrees F to 100-degrees F and can be applied on paint, metal, and plastic. The temperature variance is arguably Cquartz finest quality.

When the vehicle has been prepped, the product is applied by pouring small amounts of the product onto a foam block applicator. When the product has dried, it is lightly buffed and produces an amazing shine. Most of the higher-grade DIY ceramic coatings boast longevity from 3 to 5 years, but, Cquartz coating only advertises a two-year life span.

Of course, it should be noted that product life expectancy is enhanced with proper preparation work, the quality of the existing paint surface, and its application.

What are the Product Contents?

If you’re thinking about purchasing CQUK, and are a first time user, you have a few different options. The company mainly depends on distributors in geographic-specific areas to sell their products. However, consumers can also find this product on sold directly from the manufacturer.

If purchased on Amazon (current price as of May 2019 is $74.99 USD), it is sold in a 50ml bottle of Cquartz UK 3.0. The manufacturer claims that the average size car will require 15ml per coat, with 2 to 3 coats recommended at a minimum for optimal results.

CarPro Cquartz 3.0 Product contents
CarPro Cquartz 3.0 Product contents

Kit Includes:

  • (1) 50ml Bottle of CQUK
  • (1) CarPro Foam Applicator Bock
  • (4) four-inch MF Suede applicators

What are the PROS of CQUK?

Cquartz’ standard 30ml general ceramic coating is an average product, with several up and down product reviews posted online. That being said, there are some nice features of the Cquartz 3.0 that make it a worthwhile consideration for those looking for a good ceramic coating product.

  • Nice Packaging: A growing trend in the DIY ceramic coating is a dedication to improving the packaging and presentation of their products. Such is the case with CQUK. The box is clean, instructions easy to read and understand, and comes with the materials needed for a primary application (keep that in mind as we proceed). They also offer a spray sealant type of maintenance product in different packaging.
  • Fast to Apply: Some DIY ceramic coating products can be tricky to apply. While it does take a learning curve, once you’ve figured out the application process, it goes on fairly easily. The average car takes about two hours to complete.
  • Easy Maintenance: CQUK is quite user-friendly in the treatment department. You don’t need to spend hours applying wax or polishes, as the product produces an exceptionally strong layer of protection and an elegant shine.

What are the CONS of CQUK?

Although Cquartz 3.0 has its positives, it’s not without some concerns that potential consumers should consider. Here are a few things that you’ll want to factor when determining whether this product is best for you – or if other DIY Nano-ceramic coatings are better for your individual application.

  • Can be Challenging for the Novice: Make no mistake, applying a DIY Nano-Ceramic Coating is not a simple task. Most of the work comes with preparation, as we described above. Cquartz 3.0, while advertised as a ‘next level’ product, the quality and longevity of its use is mainly attributed to prep. The better preparation work – the higher-quality results.
  • Multiple Applications Required: CarPro’s sells the product in a 50ml formula and suggests that (1) bottle is good for the average sized car. Some higher-quality formulas are sold in 30ml bottles and require a single application – perhaps two. That raises a red-flag as the quality of each layer seems to be slightly inferior with Cquartz 3.0. It’s not so much a criticism but this product is not for novice car detailers.
  • Not Enough Suede Applicators: Since you need to apply multiple layers of Cquartz 3.0 for maximum effect, you’ll need more than (4) suede applicators to accomplish this.

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Bottom Line

So – what’s the verdict on Cquartz 3.0? Well, it’s a good Nano-ceramic coating product. When you put in the time to complete preparation work correctly, and learn how to apply the product, it can provide you with an exceptional, microscopic shield of armor to protect the paint surface. However, unlike its competitors within the price point, the two-year life expectancy is a bit shy of their 3 to 5-year expectations. If you have any concerns about applying this product – or any other DIY Ceramic Coating, it’s always best to defer to the expertise of a professional detailer.

Alternative Ceramic Coating Products

Most automotive consumers love competition with car protection products. If you’re looking for an alternative ceramic coating to compare Cquartz 3.0, here are a few quality options to consider.

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  1. I have applied a single coat of CQ.UK.O TO MY 2017 Corvette, after having the Paint Correction done by a professional shop. I allowed it to cure for 72 hrs. before exposing it to the outside weather.
    After the cure time, I applied a Topcoat of my favorite Ceramic Coating.
    The finish looked great with a great shine. However, the finish feels somewhat tacky……..If you place your hand palm down on the finish you leave your palm print on the finish. Feels Soft and not slick to the touch.
    Please respond back with a solution to my issue.

    Walter Cote


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