The Best Way to Shine Your Tires (Ways to Get Lustrous Output)

With the advancement in automobile industries, each and every part of a vehicle has been taken to such a level that it provides maximum satisfaction and safety to the users.

Almost all wheels of the vehicle play a very crucial role, as it provides the base to the entire structure, proper care should be taken to keep it long lasting as vehicles are not considered clean if the wheels and tires are dirty. Often it happens that tires go unwashed because they are most difficult to get washed, hence avoiding the whole scenario.

best Way to Shine Tires
best Way to Shine Tires

Tires being an essential part of a wheel should be kept clean and shiny, as they come in contact with lots of damage, faces hazardous roads, driving over potholes, which makes them dirty and damaged, and it gradually loses their shine. The most challenging part to clean in the tires are scrapes and fender wells, if the vehicle has big tires then the work becomes double.

Why should you look to protect your tires?

Extra care and protection should be provided to the tires as they go through a lot of wear and tear, and also to retain their shine and longevity. Because once it starts to deteriorate, it will be challenging to use it for a long time.

Wheels and tires have always been an integral part of any vehicle but are always overlooked. Wheels are critical to the overall appearance of the car, but still, no keen interest is been shown.

In spite of having durable and strong tires, it’s essential to maintain its lustrous shine and cleanliness, so that the wheels match the quality and appearance of the overall vehicle. Using tire dressing can solve this issue to an extent.

Tire dressing is a product applied on the tires to make them look shiny, clean and new. Dealing shops and vehicle enthusiasts use this product regularly.

This article will give you detailed information about how to keep tires shiny and lustrous and what are the best possible methods that will help to accomplish this goal.

Ways to get lustrous tires
get lustrous tires

Ways to get lustrous tires:

Some tips stated below ensure tires are taken care of adequately, washed, cleaned so as to retain their shininess

  • Selection of Brush – The brush should be selected carefully that will be used to clean the tires. The bristles of the brush must be stiff and strong enough to remove the road dirt and the small granules that have been picked up while driving. Soft bristle brush serves no benefit to the tire. The handle of the brush is equally important, it should be extended so as to keep hands at a safer distance from the exterior trim that often surrounds the tire well. Long handles also keep the hands at a safe position from the interior of the tire where bolts and screws are present, as they usually tend to harm hands.
  • Use of Water and Tire Cleaner – After washing the vehicle’s body, spray water directly onto the tires allowing the hose pressure to knock off any clotted mud or other debris, which the tire must have accumulated. While the tires are still wet, spray a quality tire cleaner, let the tire cleaner to set on the dirty tire completely, slowly the dirt and oil will come loose. Then use the long handle sturdy bristle brush to vigorously scrub the wheel and the tire. Rinse off the dirt and the soap without letting any of the surface dry, if the surface dries up, it will be challenging to clean, and it will also cause streak.
wash every corner
tire washing
  • Wash every Corner – The vehicle should be driven forward enough so that tires roll about a half–turn, exposing the partially missed bottom of the tires that was just washed. This should be repeated once or twice to ensure high gloss tire shine, with wheels and tire completely cleaned.
  • Dry the tires and take it for a spin – The tires should be allowed to dry, as many prefer to apply spray glosses, it should be allowed to dry first before any application of tire shine. A car should be driven to the streets to shed all excess water that might have settled on the wheel or its cover. Keep away from the sunlight, tires should be allowed to dry and cool it up.

Keep tires away from sunlight – Away from direct sunlight, tire shine should be applied to the clean and cool tires by correctly following the right pattern of application.

Tires should be covered with the gloss completely and evenly; hence excess application should be avoided.

After the application of the spray, it should be wiped with a clean and dry cloth, and the gentle wipe will help the tires to retain its shine.

Hence, the above steps should be followed religiously so as to ensure shiny and clean tires.

Methods to Achieve Gleaming Tire
Tire Shine

Methods to Achieve Gleaming Tire

Along with this, it is essential to use the correct product and way to use it and keep tires clean and shiny; hence this article will provide two ways to achieve it

  1. Using purchased products
  2. Homemade products.

Cleaning and dressing tires enhance the look of the tire, rims, and trims by adding contrast and the right amount of depth to the surrounding areas. Thus following items will help to gain gleaming tires:

  1. Vac and blow machine
  2. Gloves
  3. Tire gel applicator
  4. Water-based tire dressing
  5. Terry towel

The details cleaning process is given below:

  • Clean Rims and Tires – Rims and the tires should be washed properly, the rubber should be dried with a terry towel as excess water may dilute the gel and increase the chance of tire sling, so it should be appropriately wiped.
  • Use tire gel – Car wash soap is specially designed to clean, protect and provide a clear coat. Water-based tire gel should be used as it sticks to the rubber better than any other solvent–based dressing. While choosing the tire gel, one with less chance of tire sling should be preferred as it reduces the change of tire sling.
  • Appropriate use of the tire gel – The application of the gel should be read carefully then squirt the gel onto the designated foam applicator (available everywhere), then spread the gel around the applicator by squeezing it. Wipe one fourth of the gel off the tire at a time in a clockwise direction and counterclockwise motions. Drag the applicator up/down massaging the rubber pores. The same procedure should be repeated on all tires. Allow the coating to dry then buff off.
  • Application of tire dressing – If wheels are made of plastic, it will be ideal to wipe them down with the applicator gently. Afterward using microfiber towel edges of the rim must be cleaned. Routinely applying tire dressing will keep the tires clean and radiant.
  • The final few steps – Once all the tires are done with the gel, an even or medium shine will be noticed. The gel should be allowed to dry for 12 to 15 minutes before driving. For more radiant shine more coats are to be applied until the desired level is reached. Water-based tire gel will keep the rubber moisturized making it look more clean and gleaming and most importantly there will be no tire-sling if it is appropriately applied and carefully.

Home-made applicator:

The auto retailing product does not always have to be purchased from the superstore or markets, and they can be successfully prepared at home, tire shine stands as an excellent example of this. The cost of tire shine products creates a hole in customer’s pockets, hence the homemade method acts as a substitute to market goods.

homemade tire shine
homemade tire shine

Thus the ingredients are:

  • Oil, baby oil, castor oil, oil, mustard oil, vegetable oil, etc, all will do as all of them are responsible for shining and cleaning
  • Dish soap
  • Alcohol
  • Water

The Details of homemade application is given below:

  • Step 1: Dish soap mixed with water is used to clean the clotted dirt and debris on the tires.
  • Step2: Once the cleaning is done, oil mixed with water and alcohol is sprayed on the tires evenly.
  • Step 3: Let it rest for a while, and in turn, luminous and radiant tires will be ready.

Home-made method is eco-friendly and, money saver as well. They do things in a simple and effective manner.
Hence these are the few ingredients and methods to achieve radiant and luminous tires.

If you desire to achieve great radiant tires methods mentioned above should be followed accordingly without fail, as it is the key to the dream tires.

It should be repeated regularly after a fixed interval of time as it keeps tires in good condition and also increases its length of service.

Wrapping Up

Thus, owning a vehicle is not enough, taking proper care of it, doing regular checks and cleaning is equally important. Wheels and tires have been an essential element, and they should never be overlooked. Though excess use of anything damages it, hence tire dressing should be used in such a way that it doesn’t damage the quality of the tires but add benefit to it, so it should be used in a restricted quantity and in a useful way.

So if in the future, you are confused on how to maintain your car along with your tires in particular then be sure to apply the mentioned above to obtain optimum results.

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