6 Best Upper Control Arms for Leveled F150 in 2022

One of the most common questions about replacing your F150 upper control arms is “when is the best time to do it? The answer is simple. Upper control arms, like every other vehicle part, degrade over time and must be replaced. Many control arm systems have been shown to weaken after serving for 90,000 to 100,000 miles.

However, you’ll know the right time when the popping noise from the unstable steering system hits your ears. Before we get there, let’s talk about which upper control arms are preferable for your leveled F150.

In general, a bundle of finest as well as best upper control arms for leveled F150 isn’t a bad suggestion, but whether they’re worth the shot and can meet your requirements will be discussed here.

Best Upper Control Arms for Leveled F150

Here are some premium upper control arms for the leveled F150 in case it’s time for you to make the replacement in your F150.

6 Best Upper Control Arms for Leveled F150 Comparison

Quick Summary

  • Larger Tubular Design: KSP 0-2inch Upper Control Arms
    “The KSP 2.0 new gen control arms have the thickest tubular system, which provides you with a stronger and more stable component, along with all of the other multiple functionalities that are wrapped up and waiting for you to discover!”
  • Boost Driving Performance: Detroit Axle – Front Upper Control Arm
    “The Detroit Axle Upper Control Arms are ready and waiting to provide you with the most satisfying riding experience with your very own F150. Not only does it improve vehicle performance, but it’ll also be there for you for a long time, providing the best service.”
  • Extra Quiet Functionality: MOOG CK80308 Control Arm
    “The high – quality pre-installed bushings with efficient strength help in reducing grinding noises and offers a smooth, quiet and comfortable riding experience.”
  • Proper Lift Configuration: Freedom OffRoad Front Upper Control Arms
    “A set of tough front upper control arms for 2-4″ Lift F150 that can handle your harsh off-road ridings with high-end specifications while ensuring lifting configuration remains as desired.”
  • Protective Electrophoretic Finishing: AUTOSAVER88 Front Control Arm
    “Get maximum protection from rust, wear, and damage with these durable front upper control arms with electrophoretic coating that have been specially designed and built to OEM standards.”
  • Rotational Control: TUCAREST (K80306, K80308) Upper Control Arm
    “Settle down your F150 from wobbling and swaying when making a quick turn with these finest upper control arms. It smoothly handles the extra load, tilting control, and provides nice riding assistance for your vehicle.”

Best Upper Control Arms for Leveled F150: The Peak 6!

The leveled F150 is a strong truck, and for it to stroll across the most difficult terrains, all working & mechanical parts of the vehicle have to be in excellent condition. Therefore, the top six upper control arms listed below were chosen after careful consideration of the requirements of your F150. Let’s get started.

1. Detroit Axle Upper Control Arm – Best for The Most Simple and Direct Installation

Features & Specifications

  • Control Arm Type: Front
  • Proven Performance and Survivability
  • Kit Contains: 1x Front Upper Control Arm / Ball Joint -Left (K80306)
                            1x Front Upper Control Arm / Ball Joint- Right (K80308)
  • (2005-2020) Ford F-150
Detroit Axle - Upper Control Arm

There is no doubt that the Detroit Axle products never disappoint us when it comes to providing essential parts for your vehicles. So, when it comes to building the upper control arm, it is obvious that it will be a product with high-quality construction and features from this brand.

The first thing to note is that this product only functions as the upper control arms for the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. This indicates that it is a front upper control arm.

Secondly, there is no denying or questioning the buildability; This Detroit Axle front upper control arm’s quality and durability were tested against a variety of implications, wear, and compaction tests. This is designed to satisfy OE standards of quality and surely won’t disappoint you a bit. 

Plus, this product has a separate fan base, owing to its ease of installation. Not to say that you can completely rely on yourself to set it up; professional assistance may be required. However, once the quickest installation is completed, there will be no complexity or hassle for you to deal with. 

To sum up everything in a few words; each Detroit Axle control arm is structured to be a direct replacement for ease of installation, improved ride quality, and ease of maintenance.

Moreover, this upper control arm, on the other hand, has a broad range of compatibility. Surely, you’re looking for something suitable for your F150. Aside from that, it has you covered for other similar vehicles as well.

It’s a perfect fit for (2007-2022) Ford Expedition, (2006-2008) Lincoln Mark LT, and more. Quite a versatile product, isn’t it?

  • Enhances overall riding quality.
  • Anti-corrosion coating for extended life.
  • Factory fitments. 
  • Long-term and satisfying service.
  • It’s simple to set up.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Build.
  • It can get a little loud at times.

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Verdict: Everything sums up to me in a nutshell; This Detroit Axle’s upper control arms are up to the task of meeting the stringent requirements of today’s foreign and domestic passenger vehicles. Especially for the Ford F150. As advancement progresses, the standards of these rigorous cars rise. And these upper control arms will undoubtedly meet those standards.

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2. KSP Upper Control Arms – A Well-built Structure That Provides Improved and Optimal Driving Performance

Features & Specifications

  • 1.25″ DOM pipes
  • Includes PU bushings
  • Thicker & Solid DOM tubular
  • Bushing Type: PU bushing
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Applicable for Dodge ram (2006-2022) 1500 2WD & 4WD Models
KSP 0-2inch Upper Control Arms

The KSP 2.0 upper control arms are all ready and set with their sturdier, stronger large pipes to provide you with a better and greater ride quality with your F150.

Starting with the quality build construction; TIG welding has already made the structure of these control arms very strong and solid. The thicker tubular section is constructed of cold-drawn metal pipe, which assists in powertrain adjustment while you lift your F150.

The ball joints are expertly designed. The ball joint pin is constructed of alloy steel, which makes it stiffer and stronger. There is no additional requirement for lubricating the ball joints. Apart from the ball joints, the more frequently you grease the system, the better the service.

To prevent sludge from entering the ball joint, a barrier protection shield is also included. It enhances the longevity of the component. Another noteworthy feature is the pre-installed dust boots, which protect the socket components from wear and tear.

Another thing is that after you’ve lubricated the string-designed zerks, you’ll need to apply extra pressure to tighten them in any direction. Because the zerks are made of copper, they may fall off if you try too hard. If you torque it too tightly, it will turn in different directions. As a result, you must exercise extra caution in this regard. 

Unlike the other control arms, this one comes with PU bushing instead of the standard rubber bushings. In many ways, polyurethane outperforms rubber as being a polymer material. Especially in extreme conditions and at high temperatures. This feature contributes to the increased maneuverability and durability of this specific product.

Last but not least, due to the sheer powder-coated finish on the surface, the product is already very appealing and shiny. The appearance is a plus for it; the main benefits are that it is wear and corrosion-resistant because of the powder coating, which is superior to painted ones.

  • No extra lubrication is required for the ball joints.
  • Suitable match for the stock wheels.
  • There is no need to make any change to the shock absorbers.
  • Greatly enhances your driving performance.
  • Improves the safety performance & reliability of your vehicle.
  • A solid and stable structural design offers a better off-road driving experience.
  • The powder coat sets up a shinier and more corrosion-resistant surface.
  • The cap sealed ball joints sometimes create trouble to replace them without requiring extra pressure.

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Verdict: The KSP 2.0 Upper control arms can outperform other similar products with the bundle of its incredible feature set that includes thick DOM tubular, PU bushings, and professionally designed ball joints. Overall, in my opinion, it’s a package of everything you’d expect from a product of this type, and it’ll undoubtedly satisfy the requirements of your F150.

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3. MOOG CK80308 Control Arm – Strengthens the F150’s Capacity to Handle Heavier Loads & Rough Roads

Features & Specifications

  • Pressed in Ball Joint Mounting
  • Control Arm Type: Stock
  • Bushing Type: Rubber
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • 2004 F150 Upper Control Arm
MOOG CK80308 Control Arm

Even the astounding F150 sometimes struggles to pass difficult off-road obstacles while carrying heavy loads. That is why this product is referred to as the ‘Problem Solver’; The premium designed MOOG CK80308 Control Arm is packed with features that will entice you to give it a try and provide you with additional strength.

If you have a problem with your steering stability, loud rattling noises, or uneven tire wear, you can use this durable option to replace the old control arms and get a good grip of control all over your vehicle, as well as upgraded driving performance.

Speaking of buildability, these upper control arms are made of high-quality forged steel and include a ball metal stud with 360 degrees of seamless, steady rotary motion to give you a more adaptable steering system.

The included gusher bearing was designed to allow grease or lubricants to pass through the bearing surfaces to each corner and lubricate well. As a result, there is less friction and a lower risk of corrosion, rust, and other types of wear.

Moreover, dust boots are also included and are installed by default to keep contaminants that damage the components away from the sockets.

What gives this product a heads up is an exceptional feature of minimizing the rattling noises coming from your vehicle parts. Its efficient rigidity and premium bushings serve to minimize extra noises from the control arms and components, resulting in a quieter, calmer, and more comfortable ride for you.

The fitment range will excite you even more because it covers everything: From the Ford Expedition 2WD & 4WD (2007- 2017) to the regular F150 2WD & 4WD (2004-2014), and also the Ford F150 Heritage 2WD & $WD (2004) and more. 

  • Minimizes the metal-to-metal friction.
  • Keeps the contaminants out & prevents infiltration.
  • Helps to grease the sockets properly.
  • Adds strength to your vehicle.
  • Servicing and maintenance are required on a frequent basis.

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Verdict: These upper control arms are made of high-quality materials, have an optimal design, and are deliberately designed to provide a nice driving experience. From my viewpoint, these four Es’, define this amazing product as a whole: extra stability, extra-quiet operation, extra safety, and extra mileage. Highly recommended!

4. Freedom OffRoad Front Upper Control Arms – A Pair of Superior Control Arms to Reach The Optimum Lift

Features & Specifications

  • 2-4” Lifted Height
  • Placement: Upper Front
  • 1.5” Tubular Steel Frame
  • Black E-Coating
  • Ball Joint with High Tensile Strength
  • Bushing Type: Rubber (Replaceable)
Freedom OffRoad Front Upper Control Arms

The Freedom Offroad Front Upper Control Arms are an excellent F150 extended upper control arm upgrade for your Ford F150. These are made of heavy-duty materials and can withstand the rigors of usual off-road riding.

These control arms are specialized in ensuring and maintaining lift geometrical configuration and keeping them optimized. Using this will reduce the hassles of frequent factory level handling after roaming on uneven rough terrain.

It’s made of heavy metal steel tubing that is 1-5″ wide and has gussets on both ends for added sturdiness. One of these Front Upper Control Arms has a brake line association constructed on it. This significant characteristic erases the need for a separate bracket for your brake system. It’s pretty helpful in completing a simple installation.

The bushing is made of high-quality hard rubber. The bushing maintains the balance and improves performance and control. There’s a bonus, too. It allows you to replace the bushing if desired.

Also included are the hardened ball joints, which are easily grease-able and provide the desired lift. Furthermore, the double-layer black E-coating is more than sufficient to maximize rust resistance.

Finally, it’ll be an excellent replacement for a wide range of vehicles. Even if it’s for an F150 from the previous decade, it can serve as both 2004 F150 upper control arms and 2014 F150 upper control arms.

In addition, to make it interesting a little, the product was created specifically for use with 2-4″ lifts and is compatible with a wide range of lift kits. Even so, if you want to try it as an F150 upper control arm for 6 inch lift, it may work well!

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  • OEM-style bell joints minimize deflection.
  • The bushing can be modified.
  • Ball joints with high stiffness.
  • Superior rust and corrosion resistance.
  • If the lifts are not properly adjusted, they may collide with the springs.

5. AUTOSAVER88 Front Control Arm – Solid Metal Body with Fine Coating Ensuring a Robust and Durable Built

Features & Specifications

  • Solid Steel Body
  • ‎Electrophoretic Coated Exterior
  • Placement: Upper front; Passenger side control arms
  • (2009-2014) F150 4WD & AWD
AUTOSAVER88 Front Control Arm

These AUTOSAVER88 upper control arms are made from a forged steel body and electrophoretic coatings to provide an attractive design with a longer lifespan. These have highly rated structural stability due to the solid steel built.

The electrophoretic paint not only gives it a complete finish but also provides extra protection against rust and corrosion. It’ll effectively reduce wear and tear and keep them from causing damage to the product.

Similarly, the effectiveness of the bushing will significantly reduce vibration and clunking noises in your F150 after the replacement. When bushings or ball joints start to degrade, they become a little loose and are prone to making annoying screeches while driving on rough roads. These control arms have the ideal hard rubber bushing to minimize those rattles.

Plus, these control arms are designed and built to replace OE components for good fit and configuration. You don’t need to make any modifications and can proceed directly to fittings.

Furthermore, because it comes as a complete package of control arms and necessary components (sway bar links, tie rods, arm brackets, and more), you may be concerned about the hassle of greasing each one. But, no, everything is pre-greased to save you time and effort and is ready to use whenever you want. There is no need for any type of extra effort.

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  • Rust and corrosion-proof.
  • Extremely durable design.
  • Dampen vehicle noise and vibration.
  • Shielded by electrophoretic coating.
  • Components are pre-greased
  • Fittings and installation necessitate the help of a professional.

6. TUCAREST (K80306, K80308) Upper Control Arm- Get The Best Control of The F150 and a Visible Efficiency in Off-road Performance

Features & Specifications

  • Placement: Upper Front
  • Strong Rotational Resistance
  • Solid Plate Mounting Brackets
  • Comprehensive manipulator Welding
TUCAREST 2Pcs (K80306, K80308) Upper Control Arm

The TUCAREST 2Pcs heavy-duty upper control arms were specially tested against rough and tough conditions to demonstrate its high-quality construction, and it can successfully withstand any of them while providing you with the same elevated performance.

Their control arms & ball joints are manufactured using the best quality materials. It has a tougher and quality built. It’s assembled with excellent quality reinforced steel tubing and sturdy chromed mounting brackets, which adds to their solidity and service life.

The sleek Turning process center completes the construction parts. This product’s goods are all OEM standards, rigorously tested against rough conditions to give you the best service.

What makes this one exceptional is the strong rotational resistance combined with superior flexibility when vertical force is applied. As a result, when turning the F150, you won’t have to deal with tilts and wobbles. Overall, it raises the riding quality to a satisfactory level.

If you’re looking for a stable and reliable 2010 F150 upper control arm for leveling kit, this is a great alternative. You can consider this one the next time you change or replace the control arms on your F150 to get a reliable and consistent set of upper control arms.

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  • Superior toughness and sturdiness.
  • The installation process is simple.
  • Withstands heavy loads.
  • A well-finished painted exterior.
  • The painted surface can appear a little dull at times.

The End

The control arm is linked to other components such as the stabilizer, shock absorbers, coil spring, suspension system, and others that work to maintain your F150 stable. You can’t sacrifice stability by allowing noise, wobbling, and unstable steering to enjoy a comfortable ride.

That’s why it’s essential to replace and obtain a new pair of upper control arms for your F150 because the powerful F150 trucks require powerful assistance to support them through whatever experience you put them through. This list will assist you in obtaining the finest and best upper control arms for leveled F150. That’s all we can say in a nutshell to assist you in making your choice.

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