10 Best Truck Tool Box (Review) 2022

Pick-up trucks are simply amazing when it comes to lugging stuff. In-fact in some of them, your entire home can be fitted virtually. However, an individual is left with no options when he has to keep tools in the back. This brings the need for a good tool box for keeping them safe and in an organized manner.

There might also be chances that the tools are stolen while you are out for a quick refreshment or for filling fuel in a gas station. So, what should be the perfect and the most basic solution for this? Simply get the best truck bed storage to your rig.

best truck bed storage review
Truck Bed Storage

When you have a truck bed storage on-board, you automatically have a stationary and a powerful place to keep your guns, gear, tools as well as some other important things easily installed in your truck’s bed. Completely lockable and protected from weather, your gear would never have been such protected without a tool box.

Best Truck Tool Box in 2022

Since there is a variety of tool boxes available in the market, your decision of buying the same becomes very hard. Do not worry as you are not the only one wandering in the local stores and searching the internet to get the best box for you.

There are people who simply choose their boxes based on how famous a brand is. At times, this is a good thing, but for deciding the ideal set you need to be more updated. To help you find the ideal toolbox for your pick-up, we have listed down the best of 10 truck tool boxes for you.

Before moving to the list, you should know more about finding the right tool boxes such as what should be the material, what features should be included etc. so that you get the best. The underneath part of the article explains the best ways of identifying the tool boxes as well as what aspects should you look for when buying your box.

Compare 10 Best Truck Tool Box Based on Features

Weather-Guard-127502Weather Guard 127502
(Editor’s Choice)
Check Price
Giantex-Aluminum-Tool-Box-Tote-StorageGiantex 49″x15″ AluminumAluminiumYes
Check Price
UnderCover-SwingCase-Truck-Storage-BoxUnderCover Swing Case Truck
(Editor’s Choice)
ABS material
Check Price
Tuff-Truck-BagTuff Truck Bag WaterproofPVC
Check Price
Buyers-Products-Black-Poly-All-Purpose-ChestBuyers Products Black PolyPolyethylene
Check Price
Giantex-Aluminum-Trailer-TruckGiantex Aluminum Trailer TruckAluminium
Check Price
Tuff-Viking-3-in-1-Convertible-Car-Trunk-OrganizerTuff Viking 3 CompartmentPolyester
Check Price
TrunkCratePro-Collapsible-Portable-MultiTrunk CratePro CollapsiblePolyester
Check Price
FORTEM-Car-Trunk-Organizer-for-SUVFORTEM Car Trunk OrganizerPolyester
Check Price
Untimate-Car-Trunk-OrganizerUntimate Car Trunk OrganizerPolyester
Check Price

Our 10 picks of the Best Truck Tool Box

There are several benefits of a pick-up truck. But the main problem comes when the tools inside it are ratting here and there and cause inconvenience to the driver and other passengers. Moreover, if you need to do the repair in your truck, you will face many troubles as you cannot leave your tools unattended.

Luckily with the help of the truck bed storage kit, you will never have to worry again. There is a variety of truck storage boxes available nowadays so that you can store your tools and protect them. Different kinds of tool boxes come in different sizes, materials and features.

Let’s take a look at 10 of our best rated truck tool boxes!

1. Weather Guard 127502 Black Aluminum Saddle Box (Best suitable for all weathers)

Weather guard 127502 Saddle Box is one of the best truck bed organizer options available. It has one of the most effective protection lock-in which provides protection against any sort of break-ins.

The attachment points provided are very convenient and help to keep materials and tools safely and easily in the truck bed. Further, it has a very effective design which includes an adjustable metal tray, level holder, and removable parts that help to arrange things effectively and also help to locate and retrieve them easily without much fuss.

Best suitable tool box for all weathers
Weather Guard 127502 Saddle Box

Opening the saddle box requires minimal effort, thanks to the automotive style rotary latch which facilitates “one touch opening”.

Trucks have to endure different weather conditions. Weather Guard 127502 Saddle box is the ultimate all weather companion with its Full weather Seal, which keeps the moisture out even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The saddle box comes with heavy duty mounting brackets which make it convenient to fix the saddle box without drilling any holes. The body is made up of reinforced aluminum with a powder coat finish. The latch opens up to 90 degrees making it easier to access the tools. It also has a 12 v power pass-through option which provides the convenience of internal storage.

  • All weather protection
  • Easy accessibility option for the tools.
  • High security features offering extreme protection
We Don't Like
  • The locking system is not key specific and anyone with another key can open it easily.

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Bottom line:

This is a very sturdy Saddle box that is high on security and convenience. The design of the box is effective which ensures easy installation as well as convenient options to place and retrieve the tools. The weather seal is a great feature offering protection even during extreme weather conditions making it a perfect weather guard tool box.

2. Giantex 49″x15″ Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage – 49 L (Great storage capacity)

If large storage option is the priority for you, look no further than this behemoth of Giantex 49”x15” Aluminum Tool Box Tote storage – 49 L. This product is shaped as a cuboid/ rectangle with a very large storage capacity which is ample to store all your tools in it.

The product has a key locking mechanism that helps to lock away any important tools that you have and comes with two keys as part of the package. The hinge is heavy and provides an added security feature. It opens up on the top and is convenient to place and retrieve even the large tools.

best truck crossover tool box review
Giantex Aluminum Tool Box Tote Storage

The two handles which are provided on either side make it convenient to carry and move around this large case quite conveniently. Keeping with the looks, the box is made up of high quality aluminum which makes it sturdy, rugged and durable to be used on trucks or other heavy vehicles.

In spite of its size, the box is actually light due to the material used. The overall design is aimed at saving space and providing maximum utility to store. It does not come with any latches which can be used to fix it into the truck but needs to be drilled down and fixed.

  • Has ample storage space
  • The design helps to store even large tools
  • Sturdy built which can undergo rough usage
  • Covered up from all sides and allows no moisture
We Don't Like
  • The welding at the base can come off after some usage.

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Bottom Line

Giantex 49L aluminum tool box ticks most of the check boxes. It has very good storage capacity and is convenient to place in a truck or heavy duty vehicle without occupying much space. While the thin aluminum foil sometimes runs the risk of bending, in total it is one of the best aluminum truck tool box.

3. UnderCover Swing Case Truck Storage Box (Easiest to use and install)

Undercover Swing case is one of the best truck storage boxes that offer a secure option to store your tools and other accessories. It is easy to access and the items can be put into just by reaching over and pulling an easy to use lever saving the effort of actually going all over your truck bed.

This is just one-of-its-kind available in the market which is portable, removable, and has a swinging mechanism. The storage box is easy to install and the whole installation can take as little as 5 minutes. It comes included with 6 screws which are easy to fix.

best truck tool chest review
UnderCover SwingCase Truck Storage Box

The looks can be deceptive with this portable box storing up to 75 pounds of tools and other materials. The storage box can be easily removed from the truck which provides you the feasibility of carrying it to the work.

The opening is on the top and it has a quick release latch that helps to swing the lid to nearly 180 degrees providing easy access to the tools and then to swing it back to the earlier position. The sliding tool tray helps to organize the tools more effectively.

The built is rugged and the material used to make the famous UnderCover Tonneaus is used even here. The weather protection seal prevents any moisture from keeping the tools dry.

  • Easy to install and detach, makes it a good portable option
  • Unique swinging design for easy access of the tools
  • Rugged but lightweight material used in the build of the tool box
  • High security.
We Don't Like
  • There are reports by customers of the product developing cracks within few months of usage.

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Bottom Line:

A portable, durable, and highly effective tool box that excels in providing the convenience of accessing tools without much effort, this storage box offers multiple unique features. However, it is not the sturdiest box and needs to be handled with care. If you want to know more about in-depth product review about Undercover Swing case then visit Undercover Swing case truck bed storage review.

4. Tuff Truck Bag Waterproof Heavy Duty (Great resistance to moisture)

The Tuff Truck bag is a great option to have maximum storage capacity and protection for your tools. The truck bag is made of PVC material which is water proof, weatherproof, and is nonbreathable. This would mean that the outside weather would not have any bearing on the contents inside the bag.

The heavy duty zipper of this bag ensures that the bag remains airtight and does not allow moisture to enter into it. The zipper has a flap made of PVC which adds on to the protection offered by the zipper.

best rated truck tool boxes review
Tuff Truck Bag

The bag can be easily fastened to the truck. The heavy duty metal rings provided at all the corners along with the adjustable Bungy cords help to secure the bag tightly to the truck. The Bungy cords come along with the tuff truck bag.

The bag is easily collapsible and does not occupy much space either in your truck or in the garage. They can be used as standalone storage devices for your tools or can be combined with other storage boxes. The bag is lightweight and is collapsible making it convenient to carry it around. The dimensions of the bag are – 40 “ in width X 50 ‘ inches in length and 22 “ inches in height, thereby providing ample storage space.

  • Waterproof and weatherproof
  • Easily collapsible and occupies minimum space when not in use.
  • Good storage capacity
We Don't Like
  • The material can tear and rip off.
  • The bungee cords can sometimes break

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Bottom line:

The bag is great as an all-weather, easy to carry around option. The seams and the zipper hold up very well and do not allow moisture or external factors to affect the tools inside the bag. It is portable and does not hold up space when not in use. All in all, it is one of the best pick up tool boxes for truck storage.

5. Buyers Products Black Poly All-Purpose Chest (Portable and highly Durable)

This all-purpose chest would be the perfect storage box for your truck if you are looking out for portable options offering multiple features. The product is lightweight and can be carried around easily. It has a capacity of 6.3 Cubic feet which would be enough to store most of the tools.

The body is made up of high which is not only lightweight but is also highly durable and is dent resistant.

best pickup tool box review
Buyers Products Black Poly All Purpose Chest

The box is comparatively small and portable with dimensions of 17.25” in height, 19 inches in length, and 44 inches in width. There are various size options available depending on the requirement.

It has a double walled molded hinged lid which provides security to the tools inside the box. The lid also allows easy access to the tools inside. The hinge can be secured by either using a padlock or a combination lock. The hasp and the hinge are made up of non-corrosive and weather resistant stainless steel which is durable for a longer period of time.

The box is easy to mount on the trailers and truck beds and is easily portable. The overall weight of the product is 28 lbs.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good security option
  • Good looks and textured exterior
We Don't Like
  • Few customers have reported the latches to be cumbersome.
  • Slightly overpriced

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Bottom line

The black poly all-purpose chest offers simple utility features without any exaggeration. The build quality is good and would be able to sustain wear and tear. The polycarbonate material makes its slight weight and convenient to move around. The simple option of locking up the hinges with regular padlocks makes the security feature less sophisticated but a secure option. However, sometimes the clasps can be a bit cumbersome.

6. Giantex Aluminum Trailer Truck Pickup Underbody Tool Box (Sturdy and light-weight)

Giantex has a reputation for manufacturing strong and heavy duty boxes and its boxes are regarded as the best low profile truck tool boxes in the market. Giantex Aluminum Trailer truck pickup underbody or under-bed Tool box is another example of it.

The body is made of aluminum which makes it a very strong yet comparably lighter weight option for its size. The overall usable volume of the tool box is 3.6 feet. There is ample storage for most of the tools. Tools with a length of 48 inches can also be placed with a bit of maneuvering from end to end.

best aluminum truck tool box review
Giantex Aluminum Trailer Truck

It does not come with any pre mounted latches but needs to be drilled into the underbelly of the truck. The aluminum box is weather proof and does not allow any water or moisture to seep through inside, thereby keeping the interiors dry and ideal for the tools. Sometimes there is scope for the water to get in through the keyhole, however, a weather strip or a tape around the edges would help from water getting into the tool box.

The price of the toolbox is on the lower end and the utility provided by the box is a steal for the price paid. It can be easily fitted between the wheels or in front of the trailer. All these features add up to make this the best truck tool chest.

  • All metal aluminum body is strong and sturdy.
  • Is light weight when compared to the size
  • Has good storage capacity
  • Low price
We Don't Like
  • It is not water resistant and has gaps which allow water.
  • Handles and latches are not up to the mark.

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Bottom line

The toolbox is a lightweight but sturdy option to store tool and other materials on the truck like battery, charger etc. While the price is a sure winner, the overall build and the features do need an upgrade. It offers an easy to install option and will be good tool box at the price.

7. Tuff Viking 3 Compartment 3-in-1 Car Trunk Organizer (High quality built)

The organizer is made up of high quality and heavy duty polyester. The lining of this box has a double thread stitching which makes it strong, durable and long lasting. The material used in manufacturing the bag is water resistant as well as abrasion resistant.

The bottom of the bag has three layers which not only provide a strong base but also make it resistant to water and seals of any moisture entering into the bag from the bottom. The handles provided are strong and the bag has 4 eye holes which help in fastening the bag to the truck or trailer. The handles provide the convenience of carrying around. There are two additional V straps provided that help to tie down the bag in a moving vehicle.

truck bed cargo organizer review
Tuff Viking 3-in-1 Convertible Car Trunk Organizer

The design of the bag saves space occupied while providing good interior space for storage. The lining of the bag is made up of water resistant material which protects against any spills. The whole unit is easy to maintain with only requiring to be wiped by a cloth after usage.

The bag has a collapsible design and can be collapsed flat to a size of five inches and hence occupies less storage when not being used. The bag is a great option to keep your truck in a neat condition by stringing all the loose items.

  • High quality water resistant material
  • Can be easily collapsible
  • Has multiple compartments for easy and organized storage
  • Easy maintenance
We Don't Like
  • The seams can rip if heavy weights are carried around.

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Bottom Line

The bag is a great asset to keep the loose items in you truck organized. It is easy to collapse and store when not in use. The bag can be expanded and the various compartments help in organizing the various items in the bag effectively. The material is of high quality and is durable for most of the conditions and situations unless there are heavy weights to be carried around.

8. Trunk CratePro Collapsible Portable Cargo Trunk Organizer Storage (Convenient Storage Organizer)

If you are looking for a simple but efficient option to store items in your truck, TruckCrate Pro Collapsible Cargo trunk organizer is one of the best products currently available.

It is made of Eco-friendly and heavy duty material which is ideal for all storage purposes in your vehicle. The oxford polyester material used in the making of the bag is highly durable and can withstand heavy usage. The reinforced stitching provides additional durability to the bag.

best low profile truck tool box review
Trunk CratePro Collapsible Portable

The easy to expand and easy to collapse options make the bag easy to use. The clips provided with the bags can be used to fasten it to the truck or vehicle. The bag can be permanently fixed, with the strong base providing an upright option and removes any need to be collapsed when not in use.

The design provides higher utility. The multiple compartments would help to store and organize multiple items. The bag consists of four compartments with two removable/adjustable sliders. It has a total of 11 pockets which makes it convenient to store tolls of varying sizes.

The cords and the straps that are provided are strong and reinforced with additional stitching. This makes it easy to hold the bag and lift up heavy weights of up to 100 lbs. The material and the stitching are water resistant and do not allow moisture to enter the bag.

  • High quality material
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Multiple pockets for effective storing and organizing
We Don't Like
  • There are instances of the corner seams splitting

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Bottom Line

The bag is convenient with multiple pockets making it easier to organize the various items in your truck. It can be easily foldable but what keeps it apart from other bags of the same type is its ability to be in shape even when there are no items placed. A good option to have it in the truck if you intend to have a lightweight and convenient option of storing the items!

9. FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer for SUV Truck (Easy and comprehensive storage)

Fortem Car Truck organizer offers a lightweight and durable option to store and organize items in your truck. The material used for manufacturing the item is of high quality and there is a foldable cover made of Nylon which is provided that acts as waterproof.

The base parts are reinforced which provides a very strong base for the bag and prevents any wear and tear due to rough usage. Further, there are non-slip strips provided at the bottom which prevents the bag from sliding. The side walls are also reinforced which gives a sturdy look to the bag and helps to stand upright.

decked truck bed storage review
FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer for SUV

There are multiple compartments that are integrated into the design of the bag, which allows to efficiently organize and store various items. This helps to gain easy access to tools and other items when required.

The compartments can be easily changed with the dividers being flexible to create new compartments for storage. This effectively means that tools of various sizes can be easily stored in the bag. The superior design and construction help to maintain shape even when the truck is being driven around.

The dimensions of the bag are 22.15″ x W 16.00″ x H 10.50″. It contains two sturdy handles which provide convenience to lift and carry the bag around as well as is strong to support heavier weights.

  • Multiple compartments and pockets
  • Non slip strips preventing the sliding of the bag.
  • Easy to setup and organize.
We Don't Like
  • Not water resistant and has scope of leaks.

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Bottom Line

The bag is a comfortable option to store multiple items of varying sizes. It can effectively store all the tools and hold itself even in a moving truck. Although it is made of high quality material, it is prone to leakages.

10. Untimate Car Trunk Organizer – (Best for Trucks)

This trunk organizer from Ultimate is unique from other similar bags due to the provision of built-in cooler compartments which help to store drinks and other food items. Therefore it serves the dual purpose of storing the tools and other items in your truck as well as carry around food and beverages on the road, making it to the top of the truck bed cargo organizers.

The material used in making this product is premium quality polyester which is highly durable. The additional stitching around the seams and the Solid PE board at the bottom add durability to the bag.

truck bed cargo organizer review
Untimate Car Trunk Organizer

There are multiple elastic dividers that are made of PU material. There are a total of 16 pockets that are provided in the bag that are adjustable. It also has a specific pocket dedicated for holding the water bottle. There is a wide range of products that one can store in this truck organizer including – tools, food products, loose items in the trucks like spare parts etc.

The additional cooler compartment is an add-on feature. The straps provided with the trunk are sturdy. You can place and tie the trunk in multiple spaces in the truck with the side strap which is an optional addition. It has two strong handles which make it easy to carry the trunk around. The trunk has dimensions of 36 *12* 12 inches ( L, W and H).

  • Multiple flexible compartments
  • Additional cooler pocket
  • A great utility for the price
We Don't Like
  • There are few issues with the Velcro of the walls that built up the compartments.

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Bottom line:

A brilliant product with multiple utilities, it is a surprise that it does not cost more. The additional cooler compartment is a unique feature and has good utility as suggested. There could be some problems with the dividers over a period of time but is mostly to do with the usage. All in all, a great multipurpose organizer trunk for the trucks.

Best ways to identify best truck tool box

There are many factors that should be considered in the purchase of your truck bed storage. Basic things that should be taken care of are- latches, locks, material, and most importantly access to the use of that storage should be smooth. Here are some points that should be kept in mind while buying these storages:

best truck tool box kit review
Truck tool box kit

1. Personal Experience:

One should know how the box should be chosen. You should use certain toolboxes on a trial basis, analyze their quality and then make a profile on the basis of your experience.

2. Kind of Toolbox:

Types of toolboxes that are feasible or viable for you also play an important part. There are 2 types of toolboxes, one is cross box (which is also known as saddle box) and the other one is chest. Cross boxes are more preferred as their installation is convenient and easy to do. Sheet goods could slide under this box and tools can easily be accessed from any of the truck’s side.

3. Safety and security:

For security purposes, a box with strong latches and heavy sidewalls is more suitable.

4. Quality of Hinges and Latches:

As the toolboxes are in touch with open air while traveling, good quality hinges and latches should be ensured before the purchase of the toolbox so that rusting can be prevented. By this, you can also be assured of its resistance to snow, sand, or rain.

5. Accessibility:

Accessibility is one of the important aspects before buying any bed storage toolbox. Any toolbox can store tools but the main thing that has to be checked is the way it opens and closes as well as the performance of latches and locks.

6. Type of Material:

The material should be selected in accordance with your utility and suitability. If we talk about strength and security, a steel box would be the best option. But if you live in a coastal or northern area with salt spray or road salt, steel won’t suit you as rusting could disappoint you.

Aluminum shall be chosen over steel mostly if budget is not the issue. This is because it does not catch rust and is lighter in weight which gives easy access to move or remove. But if the cost is the issue, one can go for the plastic box which is relatively cheaper.

What to look for when choosing the best truck bed storage system:

Nowadays, there are so many options available that it becomes very time engrossing to find the best suited toolbox for your truck. There are different types of tool boxes for trucks which are made of various materials like aluminum and stainless steel.

There are few features added to the ones which are made according to a specific industry but there are a few things that every good truck tool box should include. Some of them are: drawers should be easy to open, the capacity of the cargo should be adequate, not to ignore that there should be no driver view obstruction and box should be wielded for strength and rigidity.

There are different types of tool boxes, some of them are mentioned below:

1. TMS Aluminum Tool Box

As it is made up of light metal, the prices are also comparatively low. The weight of aluminum is not heavy as compared to steel box. It can be lighter or as same weight as a pressed plastic box. It is a small box that is easy to fix anywhere you would like to put in, on the back of an ATV, on your trailer, or wherever you need extra storage. If you are looking for something heavy, then this is not something that you would want. This is because the reviews claim that this box is just like a paper thin aluminum.

According to your purpose, you can choose if it fits your requirements. In short, the benefit of this box is that it’s multipurpose and completely welded. The drawbacks are that the metal is paper thin and is comparatively smaller.

2. Black Steel underbody truck box

This is useful for the storage of smaller items. It is attached under the bed of the truck or on a service truck or a tow truck. It has few of the best toolbox services as it is very durable and tend to be of very high quality. The cost of this truck box is almost double of what the supreme truck beds toolbox mostly cost.

The good thing about these boxes is that they are great for additional security and weather resistance which will keep your things dry and good. You can also opt for a lock that comes with the box as it will help in maintaining security when you are not at your truck. In short, the benefits of this truck box are that it’s secure and heavy duty. The drawbacks are that it is expensive and comparatively smaller.

3. Deeze bed toolbox

These types of toolboxes usually seem to be on all personal work trucks. They are very secure when one is driving down the road. They are very durable as they are made with defensive gloss black powder coating.

The best thing about them is that they don’t take too much space because of their narrow design. Some more features include: it comes with the paddle to keep things secure and closed cell gaskets which will keep your stuff dry. The benefits are that its rust proof and the designs are narrow. The disadvantages are that it’s expensive and very heavy.

4. Black Poly all purpose chest

They come in various sizes so they can be used in your truck and house as well. The prices of these boxes are fairly high as they are made really well. The important point about them is that the weight is really light because of Poly all material which has been used in the making.

Another good thing about this is that you can use any lock of your own and you don’t have to trust an inbuilt lock mechanism. You can use these on garages, pickup lead trailers etc. They are very durable as they are not made up of metal. The benefits are that its rust proof and you get many mounting choices. The disadvantages are that it’s expensive and hefty.

Ultimately the choice is yours, as you can choose it according to space and your usage.

Installing Truck Bed Storage System
Installing Truck Bed Storage System

How to Install a Truck Bed Storage System:

Truck bed storage systems have increasingly been in demand for improving the advantage of pick-up vans and trucks. They are equally beneficial for storing tools and supplies.

These storage units are very beneficial, but they need heed and effort for proper installation in the trucks. Here are few step by step instructions of installation of a truck bed storage:

  1. The first thing you should do is measure the place where the system needs to be installed so that the design can be made for the storage system accordingly. You should make sure that you unload the van or truck and then take the measurement of the available space so that you can plan the storage unit.
  2. While taking the measurement of the truck bed, you should make sure that you also make a note of spare tires, wheel wells, permanent tool boxes and other available features which might extend into the storage area.
  3. The custom truck bed should not only be corrected for the truck, but it should also be appropriate for the tools and other materials. The foremost thing is that while designing you should make sure that every unit has its proper place so that items don’t shift while the truck is moving. Also, don’t forget to give extra space to handle new acquisitions.
  4. Remove the drawers if they are in the unit, and put them aside before installation. Take support from any of your friends and keep aside built boxes on the tailgate, put them in the truck, and move them halfway in.
  5. You should always use drywall screws for fixing wing boxes to the major box, and jolt the complete entity into place. You can use galvanized L-brackets to tighten the system to the truck bed.
  6. Once this is done, after that you should apply paste wax forth the runners on the ground of the drawers and put the drawers back into the storage entity.
  7. Tighten small brackets of metal to the edges of the vertical dividers which will help in overlapping the drawers marginally. It will help to keep the box to slide out when the tailgate is underneath; twirl the joints out of the way to remove the drawers.
  8. To make the drawer units weatherproof, you can cut a broad stripe of rubber liner to dress the units completely and imbricate the upper side of the unit with one foot.
  9. With the use of roof nails, locate the rubber liner and hit it to the unit. Put a nail at about every 6 inches. The liner will help to keep debris and water away from the drawers.

You can also put a pre-purchased truck bed liner on the upper side of the boxes. You should always select a liner that dresses the complete unit.

Also, pay heed that the rubber liner is in the lower position above the drawers before fixing the truck bed liner in position. Else, it can be captured beneath the purchased liner.

Make sure that you use L-brackets to fix the purchased truck bed liner into the truck.

It is important to select a high quality and best made truck tool box if you want to get a good value on the bucks you have spent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Truck Tool Box

Before selecting a pick-up truck bed storage for you, have a look on these common questions asked by the truck bed users to get more buying insights on these boxes.

1. Ques. Why should you purchase a truck storage box?
Ans. Whether you are an electrician, plumber, general contractor, carpenter or a trucker, carrying the essential tools to your work site is important. To safely keep your truck gears and personal stuff, this box is all you need.

2. Ques. Will my toolbox also keep the tools secure from extreme weather conditions, sun, rain etc?
Ans. Surely, yes! High quality tool boxes provide security of tools even in extreme weather conditions.

3. Ques. What material should I opt for my toolbox?
Ans. Different models of toolboxes are made with the help of different materials and the most popular ones include steel, aluminum and stainless steel. All of them come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should choose the best truck bed storage kit for you that adequately suits your requirements and budget.

4. Ques. What should be the size of my truck storage box?
Ans. When searching for a perfect truck toolbox for you, you should look at its size for making sure that they will fit adequately in the truck. For this, you can take your truck bed measurements where the tool box needs to be installed. You should then compare them with the tool box dimensions intended to purchase.

5. Ques. Will all the tool boxes fit my truck?
Ans. Different boxes are available in different dimensions. So, all the boxes will not fit in the same truck.

6. Ques. What does a typical truck toolbox weight?
Ans. Do not worry if you think that the box will add much of weight to your truck. A casual unit weighs around 20 to 30 lbs. which is convenient to lift and does not add any bulk.

7. Ques. What is the ideal spot to mount the box on a truck bed?
Ans. This question does not have any universal answer. The box style you have purchased will guide you about the perfect place for mounting. You can look into the buying guide section for the installation of the box.


Now you will not have to worry about the security of your truck accessories or tools, work gear or any other equipment. By purchasing top-line and the best truck bed storage, your problem will be easily solved.

The box will carry all your stuff in a safe manner, you can easily access stuff as well as organize it and keep your tools and equipment away from extreme conditions. Our list of the top box picks will give you high performance as well as not so pricey truck bed boxes so that your truck storage needs are fulfilled.

  1. I want to make sure that I get my stuff stored in my truck nicely. It makes sense that I would want to have a box put in back there! That way I can keep some tools without having to worry about them getting soaked.

  2. I would like information on the picture of the toolbox with craftsman on it. It looks as though it is mounted in a manner that it will slide back and forth in the bed. Cant find anything about it.

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