10 Best Truck Bed Mats and Bed liners (Review) 2022

Accidents happen. You throw a lot of stuff in the bed of your truck and if you ever heard the sound of scratching when doing it, you know how it feels to actually hear the sound of your money going down the drain.

So, how about we throw in some protection. Remodeling your truck by putting in the right accessories can take it from good to great. Protect your truck bed surface from dents and scratches that are bound to occur when shifting cargo by installing the best truck bed mat.

10 Best Truck Mats and Bed Liners Comparison

Toyota-Accessories-PT580-35050-SB-Bed-MatToyota Accessories PT580
(Editor’s Choice)
54 x 8 x 8
RubberCheck Price
Bedrug-Full-Bedliner-BRT09CCK-fitsDee Zee DZ8700570 x 8 x 8
RubberCheck Price
Dee-Zee-DZ87005-Heavyweight-Bed-MatDee Zee DZ8700960 x 8 x 8
RubberCheck Price
Dee-Zee-DZ87009-Heavyweight-Bed-MatWestin 50-6315
(Editor’s Choice)
52 x 8 x 8
Check Price
Westin-50-6315-Truck-Bed-MatToyota PT580-35050-LB72 x 52 x 0.3
Check Price
Toyota-Genuine-Accessories-PT580-35050-LB-Bed-MatBedrug Bedliner BRT09CCK15 x 68 x 15
Foam and
Check Price
Westin-50-6245-Truck-Bed-MatWestin 50-624563 x 8 x 8

Check Price
Dee-Zee-DZ86917-Heavyweight-Bed-MatDee Zee DZ869179 x 7 x 65
RubberCheck Price
Dri-Dek-Pickup-Truck-BedDri-Dek Pickup Truck Bed12 x 12 x 0.6
Check Price
Westin-50-6365-Black-Truck-Bed-MatWestin 50-636564 x 8 x 8
RubberCheck Price

Best Truck Bed Mat and Bed Liner Choices in 2022

If you recently bought a new pickup truck you should make sure that your expensive vehicle is clean and protected. The same goes if you want to prevent further damage to your old one.

best truck bed mat review
Truck bed mat

The truck’s bed is one of the more important areas to look out for. Maybe you just want to protect it from the everyday wear-and-tear or you use it for serious contracting jobs. Whatever the case, you should protect it with a good, sturdy bed mat.

When choosing the best truck bed liner and mat, you have several options. There are bed mats, truck bed liners, and spray-on’s. Which one you need or want depends on how much money you want to spend and how much coverage you want.

What Truck Bed Protection is Best for Your Rig?

As previously mentioned, there are three types of truck bed protection. The bed mats, bed liners, and spray-on’s. The bed mats are made out of durable materials, like rubber, plastic or carpet. They protect from damage and are long-lasting while being easy to clean up. This solution is not permanent and is considerably less expensive than some other options.

Truck bed liners are the most expensive option. They cover the entire surface of your truck bed, including the three sides. This means they provide great protection, even from rust. Because the cover everything you might have trouble accessing hidden compartments in your truck bed.

Sprays on truck bed liner

Spray-ons are a good solution for custom-made trucks. If applied correctly it can offer great protection and durability. However, before its applied it requires the paint in your bed to be scuffed which could void your warranty.

Our 10 Picks of Best Truck Bed Mats and Liners

There are thousands of bed mats for trucks on the market today. Finding the one for you might become frustrating when met with so many options. To make your life easier and stress-free we made a list of ten products. One of them is certainly the best truck bed mat for you. There are many truck bed liners available in the recent market to cover the whole truck surface.

1. Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat – Cheap but no slip

This Toyota Accessories PT580 bed mat is a half an thick and it’s very heavy-duty. It is the best truck mat for bed on the market today. It was custom designed for an exact fit. The bottom has little circular bumps so that it would not slide around while it’s sitting in the bed of your truck.

best pickup truck bed mat review
Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-SB

The top is very slip resistant so that you can throw tools or whatever you’re carrying in the back of your truck and it won’t slide around. The best part, you can climb inside of your truck and you won’t bruise your knees trying to kneel.

As most know, some of the trucks today come with beds that are completely made out of plastic. What that means is that it’s very slippery. You throw something in the bed of the truck, it will slide all around and it will bang up your bed. This is not something you want. This is a great, easy solution.

And compared to bed rugs, for example, a lot cheaper, too. Bed rugs go at 400$ and up, while a mat costs only about a 100$. This mat has a really nice ribbed texture and also says Tacoma in the middle, which is a nice touch. The rubber looks and feels like car rubber and it’s tacky so that guarantees no sliding.

The mat weighs 30 pounds. It’s solid and it’s made pretty thick. Installing this particular mat is a piece of cake. All you have to do is take the mat, put it right side up, and just put it down. No rolling, cutting, or adjusting needed.

The mat is removable which means you easily take it out to clean everything if needed or if you want to transfer it to another car.

best pickup truck bed mat
Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat

The rubber compound it’s made from was tested for cracking, breaking, and fading even in extreme temperatures. This might just be the best heavy-duty truck bed mat on the market today.

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Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-SB Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • A good fit for Tacoma
  • Heavy-duty rubber
  • Affordable
  • Slip-resistant
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • No sticky-tape on the bottom

2. Bedrug Full Bedliner BRT09CCK – Perfect fit for campers and adventures

Bedrug is the most innovative and unique truck bed liner there is. It’s custom designed to fit your specific year, make and model. The Bedrug works on truck that have an existing spray-on liner or no liner at all. It provides impact and slips resistance protection for your truck bed.

best sleeping mat for truck bed review
Bedrug Full Bedliner BRT09CCK

It can be cleaned with a power washer, vacuum, or hose. It fits into the ribs and contours of the truck bed to provide a smooth, void-free loading surface that is also easy on your knees. Oil, bleach, and battery acid will wash right off. It weights 23 pounds and is 15 inches long.

Install it by taking it out of the box and leaving it in a warm area to help it flatten. Attach a long piece of hook tape to the top side of the tailgate portion and apply short pieces evenly on the bottom of the same panel. Put the double sided tape to the strips on the Bedrug, making sure to leave the backing on the adhesive.

Starting at the passenger size use the zipper to attach the floor panel to the front and side panels. Place short pieces of hook tape to each side of the side panels making sure to evenly space the tape. Apply short pieces of hook tape evenly across each of the lower strips on the front panel and attach a long piece of hook tape to the top side of the same panel.

Before placing the Bedrug in the truck bed make sure to remove all debris and clean the surface with soap and water.

For optimal adhesion be sure the truck is above 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the Bedrug in the bed of the truck making sure to push it forward so that it fits exactly in the corners. Use alcohol to clear areas where the tape will adhere. Remove the backing from the tape and press the Bedrug firmly into place. Cut through a slit for the tie-ins.

best sleeping mat for truck bed
Bedrug Full Bedliner BRT09CCK fits 09 bed mat

The bedrug looks like a carpet truck bed mat but it’s actually made out of a plastic material that you can wash easily.

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Bedrug Full Bedliner BRT09CCK Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Looks and feels like carpet
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Light
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Tedious installation

3. Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat – Great for those who want to be save

Dee Zee makes it easy for you to prevent damage to your truck bed with their bed mats and tailgate mats. It’s constructed out of highly compressed rubber compound. Therefore, it’s resistant the most oil and fuel spills that might occur in transport.

best heavy duty truck bed mat review
Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight

The rubber fibers are heavy-duty and can resist all tears or abrasions. Even under extreme temperatures the Dee Zee bed mat won’t break or crack. The rubber material even deflects the UV rays that are harmful and could fade it.

But, because of the type of the rubber material used in manufacturing it will significantly decrease fading. The mat is, like other Dee Zee Bed Mats, .375 inches thick. This model of Dee Zee is also the best-rated truck bed mat out of its companions.

When the cargo you put in your truck shifts around it can cause a lot of damage. And not just to the overall appearance of your truck. Dents and scratches can be expensive to fix. That’s where the Dee Zee Bed mats come in.

They are cost-effective and they save your time and you would spend looking for loose items that have tumbled around. Dee Zee mats are made to fit in your truck with custom measurements.

The contouring that goes around wheel wells provides even better coverage. On the bottom side, the densely packed rubber cleats help keep the mat in one place.

While at the same time, it allows water to drain, from when it inevitably rains or you go through the car wash. The mat itself is heavy enough (40 pounds to be exact) so when unrolled there are no folds or creases.

best heavy duty bed mat for truck
Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat

Installing your bed matt is as easy as it gets. Simply roll out the mat so that the rubber cleats grip your truck bed. Make sure to reverse roll it out because that will keep the corners from curling up. With this extra protection, let your truck do the hard work but without showing it.

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Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Heavy
  • Wheel wells contour
  • Rubber cleats
  • Easy install
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Slow response from customer service

4. Dee Zee DZ87009 Heavyweight Bed Mat – A perfect fit for a chevy colorado

The Dee Zee DZ87009 works great as a Chevy Colorado bed mat because the measurements fit inside it perfectly. You chuck a lot of things into your truck why not add some protection while you’re at it. Dee Zee is a trusted brand that makes cost-effective solutions.

best rated bed mat review
Dee Zee DZ87009 Heavyweight Mat

When you load and unload the truck or when the cargo shifts during transport dents and scratches are bound to appear. But they don’t have to. Not if you use the best rubber bed mat like the Dee Zee 897009.

This particular model weighs 45 pounds which means you don’t have to worry about dents or rolls. The mat will lay completely flat. It’s 60 inches long. The finishing color is black and it comes in a custom fit. It fits Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon the best but you can check measurements for your particular truck.

The rubber fibers are tightly compressed Nyracord Rubber Compound. It’s made extra thick and measures at .375 inches. Because of the special Nyracord Rubber, this mat can handle more common oil or gas spills.

This makes them ideal for transportation of motorized work tools or all-terrain vehicles. They also deflect the UV rays which could break, crack or fade the mat. The rubber was tested at the most extreme temperatures.

For ultimate coverage, the custom fit also features contours around the wheels. You don’t have to worry about water getting trapped underneath and causing rust because of the rubber cleats. They help the water drain but also keep the mat securely in its place.

best rated bed mat for truck
Dee Zee DZ87009 Heavyweight Bed Mat

Because the mat is 60 inches long, you might have to trim it in order to fit it inside trucks that a shorter bed. The mat itself is soft enough to roll around and fold easily but it’s still resilient enough to handle impact.

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Dee Zee DZ87009 Heavyweight Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Easy to roll
  • Heavy
  • Easy to install
  • Deflects UV rays
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Discoloration

5. Westin 50-6315 Truck Bed Mat – Recycled rubber for the environmentally friendly

Having a Westin 50-6315 bed mat in your truck is great because it will protect your bed and your cargo from shifting around and causing any damage to either of them. This particular model is a heat-molded.

best rubber bed mat review
Westin 50-6315

It’s a custom fit bed mat so it has a contour around all the edges, wheel wells, and in the back around the tailgate. It was specifically designed to line and protect the bed of your truck from any damage.

This mat was designed with ribs on it so when you have cargo inside you won’t have to worry about it sliding around. This is because of the non-slip surface. The Westing 50-6315 is made out of 100% recycled rubber.

So, it’s good for your truck and for the environment. It’s five of a sixteenth inch thick so it will give you nice protection when you have cargo loaded up in your truck. You won’t have to worry about damaging the floor of your bed truck anymore.

Underneath the mat, there are cleats, spread out in triangle shapes all over. The texture underneath is a little different so it will grab the floor of the bed nicely and it won’t move around.

This particular Westin model features an easy drop-in installation. Simply put it in the bed, fit it around the corners and you’re good to go. It comes in black so it will go nicely with whatever your truck color is.

best rubber bed mat
Westin 50-6315 Truck Bed-Mat

The mat is soft on the knees for when you have to climb in, so you don’t end up in bruises. It’s thick and has a robust feel to it. The cut will fit perfectly into your truck right against the back of the bed. It also features cut out notches for D-rings tie downs in the back by the tailgate.

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Westin 50-6315 Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Made out of 100% recycled rubber
  • Soft
  • Cut out notches for D-rings
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Heavy smell

6. Toyota Genuine Accessories PT580-35050-LB Bed Mat – Genuine oem Toyota Tacoma part

Keep your truck bed looking new with a custom fitted truck bed mat. It protects your truck bed from dents and scratches and reduces mold and mildew by allowing drainage and increases airflow.

chevy silverado bed mat review
Toyota Genuine Accessories PT580 35050-LB

The bed mat is made out of heavy durable material, that is also skid resistant to help keep items in place. A ribbed construction helps provide impact resistance when loading items into the bed acting like a shock absorbent.

The premium finish is UV resistant. This helps keep the mat looking new for years to come. The tailgate protector is also available separately.

A truck mat will give you a flat surface on the surface of the bed so you won’t have the hills and valleys that could make your cargo uneven as it sits in the back. It also gives you a non-slip surface.

That way you won’t have so much of everything just rolling inside the bed of the truck every time you hit the brake pedals or the gas. With a bed truck mat, you get to keep all of your storage compartments and outlets, all of your tie-up hoops that are built into the bed of the truck.

This particular model is made for long bed trucks, but it also comes in a smaller size for trucks with smaller beds. It weighs in at 30 pounds.

chevy silverado bed mat
Toyota Genuine Accessories PT580 35050-LB Bed Mat

The matt is one of the longer models of bed truck mats, it’s 72 inches long. The rubber is half an inch thick. It comes in a nice black color so it matches all other colors. The model is also a genuine OEM Toyota Tacoma Rear part. Toyota Bed mat can be trimmed to fit inside a truck bed that has a truck liner, as well.

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Toyota Genuine Accessories PT580-35050-LB Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Extra long
  • Nonslip surface
  • Not as heavy
  • Thick
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Certain models can have bumps

7. Westin 50-6245 Truck Mat for bed – Heavy duty mat for who are ready to go

The Westin 50-6245 Truck mat is pretty heavy duty, it weighs 44 pounds. It’s 63 inches long, making it one of the longer models on the market today. The mat is thick and will last a long time. Westin Bed mats are specifically designed to protect and line the bed of your truck from any damage that can come from direct contact with the cargo that you’re transporting.

Universal truck bed mats review
Westin 50-6245

All of the Westing Custom Fit Bed mats are molded by heat for application in specific vehicles. They are available for Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Toyota, and so on and are available for short and long bed trucks. Westin 50-6245 is made in the USA, 100 percent out of recycled heavyweight rubber. It features a ribbed, non-slip surface to keep all of your cargo in its place.

It comes in black color with a smooth finish on top. The bottom has small circular bumps that are spread out all over the mat in small triangle shaped clusters. These are known as rubber cleats. The rubber cleats help it to get a good grip on the bed of your truck so it doesn’t move around or fly away.

The fit is very close for most of the cars, but could require minimal trimming for perfect results.

Because it’s made out of recycled rubber, the smell will be present for some time so keep that in mind. If you plan on going hunting or camping make sure to leave it outside for it to dissipate so your things don’t smell like rubber. Once that is gone this might be the best sleeping mat for a truck bed. All that aside, this bed mat is heavy duty and can withstand almost anything you throw at it.

Universal truck bed mats
Westin 50-6245 Truck Bed Mat

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Westin 50-6245 Truck Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Recycled rubber
  • Made in USA
  • Easy to clean and wipe
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Unpleasant smell

8. Dee Zee DZ86917 Heavyweight Bed Mat – Detailed contours for straightforward drivers

The Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed mat on the bottom side has rubber cleats that will hold both the mat and the cargo in place. The cleats help grip the truck bed to make sure that the mat itself doesn’t go sliding around when you’re driving your truck.

tractor supply bed mat review
Dee Zee DZ86917 Heavyweight

The mat is pretty thick and that will help protect your pick up bed. It’s .375 inches.

Even though the mat is thick it is still pliable enough and the extra thickness helps protect the bed. It also prevents the mat from cracking, rusting or tearing.

In some cases, when you first roll your mat out because it’s rolled up in packing it might take some time in the sun for it to flatten out, once that happens you will get a good idea of how well it’s cut out to your pickup bed.

The texture of the mat, made out of ribs and channels will help hold all of your cargo in place. That way it won’t shift or move around while you’re traveling down the road. They will also help contain anything that may spill or collect on top of it.

To install it, simply line it up with the truck bed, let it roll out and then just straighten it up if needed. You will definitely like how well it contours the bed of the truck because it doesn’t leave anything that’s on the floor of the bed uncovered.

carpet truck mat review
Dee Zee DZ86917 Heavyweight Bed Mat

That will help keep it clean. So you just have to take out the mat clean it and you won’t have to do nearly as much cleaning underneath of it. Because of this custom fit it will contour all the lines around the edges to give you maximum coverage. The Dee Zee Bed Mat is 65 inches long and weighs 44 pounds.

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Dee Zee DZ86917 Heavyweight Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Heavy Duty
  • Thick
  • Good fit
  • Sticky top to prevent sliding
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Some models might have manufacturing blemishes

9. Dri-Dek Pickup Bed Mats – Colorful truck met for those who are artistic

If you always wanted to get your truck bed a custom look that no one else has then the Flexible Dri-Dek interlocking tiles are a perfect fit for you. There are a total of twelve colors to choose from. Since they come in six, twelve, and packs of twenty-five you can use multiple colors to show off your unique sense of style. With Dri-Dek all of your gear will ride dry and quiet.

best pickup bed mat review
Dri Dek Pickup Truck Bed

The special design is ventilated which allows water to drain and evaporate, so everything is nice and dry, no need to worry about rust of mold buildup. Clean up is a breeze, just roll it up and either take a pressure wash or use a hose to clean it.

When you’re done just put it all back in. You can also line your tool boxes and compartments to protect both the tools and your truck if you’re working in the rain. The water will drain under the surface and allow air to circulate.

The unique surface prevents everything from sliding and hundreds of flexible supporting legs (248 to be exact) brace the impact of rough terrains on your cargo. The flexible modular tiles snap together and can therefore fit to all truck beds or even tool boxes. Compliment your truck appearance and mix and match twelve colors, like blue, red, green and so many others.

The installation is very quick and very easy. Custom trimming is easier than with any other type of bed truck mat. Simply measure the square footage of the bed and that number is the number of tiles you will need for your truck.

best Pickup Bed mat review
Dri-Dek Pickup Bed mat

If for example, your truck bed is 6 inches by 6 inches you require 36 tiles. Individual Dri-Dek tiles quickly snap one into another to fit areas of any size.

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Dri-Dek Pickup Bed Mats Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Variety of colors
  • Quick clean up
  • Quick installation
  • Custom trimming
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Precision needed for trimming the contours

10. Westin 50-6365 Bed Mat – Universal fit for cars other than Toyota

The Westin 50-6365 Bed Mat is 64 inches long. It weighs 42,1 pounds. The bed mats are an easy and cheap way to protect the bed of your truck. This is one of the best universal truck bed mats because it’s non-vehicle specific. The Westin 50-635 bed mat helps protect your truck bed and your cargo by lining it with heavy duty rubber. It’s half an inch thick.

best black bed mat review
Westin 50-6365

That way it preserves the value of your pick up truck. The mat has a nonskid surface in order to prevent the cargo from shifting. The rubber cleats at the bottom help to keep your mat in place. The bed mat is made out of a thick, heavyweight rubber so it won’t crack or break. It is also resistant to any chemicals that might spill on it.

Westin is a custom fit and it is heat molded. The mat will provide full coverage over the length of your truck bed. At the same time, it will also give you easy access to your D-rings on the end by the tailgate. It’s perfectly contoured to your vehicle and it extends all the way up to the cabin of the truck.

The Westin bed mat for trucks will come rolled up and packaged in a nice, big plastic wrap. Because it’s so tightly wrapped it might seem a little bit uneven immediately after you unwrap it. Don’t worry, all you have to do is lay it out flat in the sun or a warmer area for it flatten completely.

That way you will get the nice tug fit. It will fit like a glove and you won’t see it flutter even when speeding down the highway or going through a high-speed car wash. All Westin mats are made in the United States from 100 percent recycled rubber.

black truck bed mat review
Westin 50-6365 Bed Mat

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Westin 50-6365 Bed Mat Pros & Cons

Pros & Highlights
  • Made out of 100% recycled material
  • US product
  • Non-vehicle specific
  • Heavy duty material
Cons & Potential Flaws
  • Strong smell

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Truck bed mats are probably the cheapest way to protect the bed of your track. They’re also the easiest because in most cases require minimum effort for installment. When looking for the best truck bed liner and mat for yourself here is what you need to look for.

  • Material

Truck mats come in a wide variety of materials these days. They can be made out of rubber, marine gray carpet, or even plastic and carpet.

Truck owners that use their trucks for moving a lot of construction materials or any cargo in general, usually go for rubber mats. They prefer this choice because it can put up with a lot of abuse. They are considerably thicker than any other alternative, like plastic or textile.

It’s a good idea to get a rubber product if you want to get a heavy duty truck mat. Rubber bed mats are made out of recycled tires. They offer the most protection against heavy loads, chipping and denting your truck.

The knobby top on rubber mats and carpet on carpet mats minimize load shifting. Installation is very simple, simply clear out your truck bed and roll out your new truck bed liner. Some bed mats install with velcro or snaps.

However, even then you need to pay attention to certain details. Not all rubber mats are made the same. Some are not UV-resistant. This means that they don’t reflect the harmful effects the sun has on it. Discoloration may occur or even melting if the rubber is not of good quality. Some are also harder to clean.

Another option when it comes to bed materials is marine gray carpet. Marine gray carpet offers a luxurious feel. It also comes with added comfort on your knees when crawling around in your truck bed.

Two other alternatives are plastic and carpet. Both of these options are usually of lower quality and could cause more damage than they’re worth.

Plastic mats tend to be too thin to provide any sort of protection. They can also melt if the sit for too long in the sun. Carpet mats are another cheap alternative. They tend to stain and therefore offer no protection when it comes to water. If you don’t take a plastic mat or a carpet mat out to dry, you can get rust, mold, and mildew in your bed truck.

  • Fit

Pay close attention to the way the bed mat will fit inside the bed of your truck. If it turns out to be too small it won’t offer enough coverage and therefore protection. On the other hand, if it’s too big it will be difficult to install it properly.

You might need to trim it, which might not look nice or if you leave it in it could fly away when driving on the highway. Rubber and carpet truck mats and tailgate mats are available for virtually any type or model of pick up trucks.

Your mat can take years of abuse and keep your bed truck protected if properly installed. Still, if you’re not sure which size to get for your truck, go for a bigger one and then trim it.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to find out what the exact dimension of the mat is or if they are a good fit for your particular type of truck. Either check online or call the customer service of the manufacturer. Some places even have a size chart already available.

  • Traction

Always look for a mat that is skid-proof. Rubber track mats almost always have the cleats that help grip the truck bed to make sure that the mat itself doesn’t go sliding around when you’re driving your truck.

The tacky surface helps protect both the bed of your truck and therefore it’s valued but it also helps keep your cargo safe. This ensures that boxes or tools don’t slip on the surface and remain in the same position you placed them in. The mat itself also needs to stay in place.

This is usually achieved with rubber track matts but some bed mats install with velcro or snaps. For additional protection, you can add a tailgate mat. Rubber and carpet truck mats and tailgate mats are available for virtually any type or model of pick up trucks. Your mat can take years of abuse and keep your bed truck protected.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning your truck mat can be very easy. If it’s made out of rubber all you need to do is take your hose and spray it down. Or easily remove the bed mat and spray it down with a pressure washer and let it hang to dry.

Frequently asked questions

Truck bed liners help you prevent any unwanted abrasions, scratches or messy paint spills. Yet, there is much more to them then this article has covered. If there are any questions left unanswered, look down below and check out our FAQ.

Q1. How long will floor mat colors last?
Answer: Depends completely on the manufacturer. Most can last up to 50 washes, and higher quality ones even more.

Q2. How do I clean floor mats?
Answer. Various ways and systems. But the best way is to get a machine washable mat. Otherwise, vacuum or beating them, or, if they’re rubber, by just mopping them.

Q3. What shapes can I get?
Answer. Depends on the manufacturer. The sky is the limit.

Q4. What sizes can I get?
Answer. Whichever one you want. Of course, you can contact the company directly, as they may even have a custom production option.

Q5. Should I get a mat?
Answer. Yes, yes, yes. It’s safer to drive, easier, and cleaner. For a small price, you get a lot of benefits.

Last Words

You might think that a pickup bed mat isn’t something you need. It might seem that if you just spend more time handling stuff you put inside it with extra care you could prevent damage. But that ends up eating even more of your precious time.

Or you think you’re saving money by not getting one. You’re not. So, why not get both? Why not save money in the long run and also be more efficient with your time? Save your money and your time by buying a truck bed mat to protect your investments.

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