10 Best Truck Bed Extender for 2023 | Compared & Expert’s Guide

Truck beds are a great option to carry around things. Whether it could be your grocery shopping or moving around your furniture, they carry many advantages. However, time and again you might need to move around things that would not fit into the regular “6 feet or so” truck beds.

But this should not be a reason to worry. Getting a truck bed extender should do the trick for you. With the variety of options that are available, it does get a bit tricky to choose the one which you would need.

Best truck bed extender review
Truck bed extender

We have researched on the various truck bed extenders that are available in the market, and have come up with our choice of the 10 best truck bed extenders. We have listed out the best features of each of the bed extenders and also their drawbacks. This will help you make an informed choice when buying a bed extender for your truck.

Why is a truck bed extender needed?

Having a truck bed extender is a matter of additional convenience. They add on couple of feet to your truck bed, which comes in handy when you need to haul large loads.

Most of the bed extenders are designed such that they can be hooked up easily to the truck and when not needed, you can remove them effortlessly.

So when you are hauling something big, all you need to do is to put the tail gate down and flip the extender for the additional length.

You can easily flip back the extender and put up the tail gate when you need to haul smaller things. So, whether you are looking out for hauling smaller items or larger ones, it is always good that you have a truck best extender handy.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Truck Bed Extenders

Image Product Type
Purpose Price
Genuine Ford FL3Z-99286A40-C Bed Extender Genuine Ford extender
Bedside Steel
For small items
Check Price
ReadyRamp-I-Beam-Full-Sized-Bed-Extender Ready Ramp’s extender
(Editor’s Choice)
U type
For Heavy Use
Check Price
Dodge-Ram-Black-Aluminum-Tailgate-Bed-Extender Mopar’s Bed extender
U type
For Large items
Check Price
AMP-Research-74813-01A-Black-BedXTender AMP Research’s simple
(Editor’s Choice)
U type
Heavy storage
Check Price
Lund-601021-Hitch-Mounted-Truck-Bed-Extender Lund’s Hitch mount
Hitch type
Long Haul
Check Price
ECOTRIC-Pick-Up-Truck-Bed-Hitch-Extender ECORTIC Pickup
Hitch type
For Boat Kayak
Check Price
Erickson-07605-Pick-Up-bed-Extender Ericson Additional
Hitch type
Big, Max 350 lb.
MaxxHaul-70231-Hitch-Mount-Truck-Bed-Extender MaxxHaul’s adjustable
Hitch type
Long Haul
Truck-Bed-Extender-with-Roof-Turbo-Rack Goplus Heavy duty
Hitch type

High Load
(750 Lbs)
Goplus-Pick-up-Truck-Bed-Hitch-Extender Extend A Truck 944
Hitch type
Long Haul

10 Best truck bed extenders to watch out for

If you are having a pick-up truck, you are fortunate enough since you can access a bigger payload and a storage room. However, at times you might need some additional space for the storage of your bike, snowmobile, expansive lawn mower or some other stuff.

If you have the best truck bed extender on board, it will unlock your truck’s value and save you from such kinds of situations. Here is a look at the top 10 extenders.

1. Genuine Ford Bed extender- for added length and storage

Having some additional space always helps. You could be having a trailer that can carry huge loads, but adding on those two additional metres with a bed extender would help in creating more space for your trailer. This Ford Bed extender not only provides that additional space but also doubles up as a storage unit for you to place tools and other smaller objects.

The bed extender is one of the best ford ranger extenders offering multiple purposes. It is a sturdy built extender that can be fit onto any truck. It offers two additional metres of bed length once you pull down the tail gate and add the extender. This setup is ideal for carrying most of the equipment you use for camping. The good aspect is that even after adding the extender, the tail gates of the trailer are still visible which is in compliance with the DOT regulations in respect to lighting.

top line truck bed extender review
Genuine Ford FL3Z-99286A40-C Bed Extender

The installation and removal of the bed extender is easy. The easy release mounting bracket facilitate easy installation of the extender whenever you want to without much effort. When not in use either as an extender or as a storage option, it can be laid out on the bed of the trailer and does not use up any space.

The powder coat finish not only provides an elegant look to the extender but also enhances the durability aiding to the overall strong built.

It comes with adjustable straps which secure the bed extender to the trailer when the tailgate is down. It has a mechanism against any potential theft. When the tail gate is up and locked, the bed extender cannot be removed.

  • Can also be used as a storage option to store small items or tools when the tailgate is up.
  • Multiple utility features
  • Good functionality and fit
We Don't Like
  • Access to the bed light switch is quite difficult
  • As per the plastic construction, it is overpriced

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Bottom line:

The bed extender scores are high on multiple aspects. It works very well as a constant companion to the truck irrespective of the size of the haul you are carrying. This bed extender is built to last and can take a good amount of wear and tear, something you do expect on a camping trial. Without any major defects in the product, the bed extender is a good addition to have.

2. Ready Ramp’s Bed extender to Motorbike ramp convertible

This bed extender is the only one of its kind where it can convert into a motorbike ramp. It is a patented design developed by Ready Ramp, which can be used both as a bed extender as well as motor bike ramp. This can be used with a wide variety of trucks of different makes like – Toyota Tundra, Ford F150, Nissan Titan and a host of trucks of Chevrolet.

The bed extender offers multiple utility options. It provides additional space for your truck bed, where you can keep all your gas cans, camping gear and other items. Apart from being used as an extender, you can even use it to store and secure various items and preventing them from falling of the truck during transit.

best rated truck bed extender review
ReadyRamp I-Beam Full-Sized Bed Extender

The unique patented design allows the bed extender to double up as a ramp for motorbikes. It has the capacity to carry any of the dirt bikes or street backs that are under 600 lbs.

Available in two different sizes, the ramp would fit with nearly all the trucks that are on the road, making it a reliable option irrespective of the make of truck that you own.

With this bed extender, it is not all about utility. It scores well even on the looks. Black Satin and Silver are the two colors that are available which would enhance the overall look of any truck that this bed extender is put up on.

The high hinged design of the ramp ensures that there are minimal scratches or withering on the surface. Furthermore, the rubberized ramp lip prevents the truck form being spoiled due to the contact.

It does take some time for the initial set up. But once that is done it is quiet easy to attach and remove it. It has a mount to attach to the truck, removing any effort involved in drilling.

  • Dual functionality is highly useful while hauling motorbikes
  • Well built, sturdy and lightweight ramp
  • Fits snugly to any full-size pickup.
We Don't Like
  • Lack of buckle strap or ratchet that would provide security

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Bottom line

The bed extender cum ramp from Road Ramp is one of the best rated truck bed extenders and there are multiple reasons for it. It scores high on utility, looks, ease of use and many other aspects. The idea of one model fits all, makes it a go to option irrespective of which make of truck you own.

3. Mopar’s Bed extender for Dodge Ram

You own a Dodge Ram truck and are thinking of having in some additional space for your truck bed. This bed extender from Mopar is built exclusively for this purpose. This bed extender serves very well the primary purpose it is built for, to provide extra space and secure the items on a Dodge Ram.

Fit for multiple models of Dodge ram, this is a good option to explore if you own a Dodge Ram and looking for some additional comfort of space. This fits well for all Dodge Ram 1500 models between 2009-2018, Dodge Ram 2500 models between 2010-2018, Dodge Ram 3500 Models between 2010-2018.

best bed extender for truck reviews
Mopar OEM by Mopar

The Bed extender is of V-Shape and comes with the mounting and all others needed to install onto a truck. The installation process is easy and can be removed and added back to the truck as needed. There is some amount of drilling which needs to be done, but the dimples and other pointers indicate the places to be drilled and can be handled by non-professionals as well.

It is designed in such a way that the cover cannot be unlatched unless you open the tailgate, providing additional security features against any potential theft. Further, the straps provided help to bind the bed extender to the tailgate latches for security.

When not in use, the bed extender can be slipped under any bed cover and secured.
It helps in securing the items placed on the bed from rolling off when the tailgate is pulled down.

Although on the lighter end, the product is built strongly and is durable against most of the wear and tear. A bit of caution in handling is however advised while using the bed extender.
The overall look is also good and fits in perfect with most of the Dodge Ram models.

  • Clip is durable and the metal bars are of high quality
  • Easy to install as well as remove
  • Fits in a nice way under the bed covers
  • Avoids rolling of the items around the bed
We Don't Like
  • Not much powerful to keep heavy items

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Bottom line

Built keeping specifically Dodge Ram trucks in mind, the bed extender from Mopar does a good job. It fits in snugly with the specified models, is easy to install, remove and add back as well adds on to the look of your Dodge Ram. It secures most of the items that you keep on the truck bed, but may not hold back items on the heavier end like an ATV.

4. AMP Research’s simple yet effective design for additional space

The Truck Bed extender from AMP research uses a classic design to provide a no frill additional space option for your truck bed. You can add up to nearly two feet of extended space by flipping the tailgate and adding this bed extender. The product is one of the top line truck bed extenders that is currently available in the market.

The Bed Extender has a simplistic and classical U design which enhances the haul carrying capacity of your truck.

It is easy to install and remove. You need to flip open the tailgate of the truck to add the bed extender. It provides an additional space of nearly two meters. If you do not need the extra space, you can flip and keep the bed extender on the bed and close the tail gate. This provides an additional option to secure your tools and other such items.

chevy colorado bed extender review
AMP Research 74813-01A BedXTender

The extender is made of aluminum and has a powder coat finish, making it durable and strong. It has a clam shell design that is torque resistant. The aluminum alloy tubes from a rounded rectangle shape which makes it a secure design.

Although the initial installation can be a bit tricky, it is overall an easier task to install the bed extender on back of the truck.

The product is light yet sturdy and has a look that blends well into most of the pickup trucks. The clips that hold the extender bed are a convenient option if you are looking at removing it or just thinking of flipping it over to convert it into a storage box. There is no drill adapter option available which saves you the effort of drilling.

The overall build quality of the product is at par with any bed extender manufactured by any of the truck companies themselves.

  • Light weight of the unit for easy flipping and removing
  • Convenient and effective to use
  • Great tie down clips
  • Includes all the hardware for installation
We Don't Like
  • Because there is no self taping among the mounting screws, the installation gets hard

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Bottom line

The product is ideal for anyone who is looking at a bed extender that is simple but effective. While it offers additional space to the truck bed, the best part of it is the storage option it provides when it is flipped and placed inside the tailgate. It literally saves on the space and cost involved to have a toolbox, as the tools and other small items are now secure inside the flipped bed extender.

5. Lund’s Hitch mount truck extender- for additional height clearance

While one of the main purposes of having this bed extender is to provide additional truck bed space, the differentiator which makes it one of the supreme kayak hitch extender is the additional height clearance that it provides. Once in place, it has the capacity to carry items such as canoes, large wooden boards etc.

The Hitch mount truck bed extender from Lund is ideal to carry long items on your truck. Items like timber, pipes, camping options like canoes, kayaks etc can be easily placed on the bed extender and carried around.

best hitch truck bed extender review
Lund 601021 Hitch Mounted Truck Bed Extender

The design is such that it provides nearly 7 inches of ground clearance making it all the more suitable for carrying long items as it helps to keep them off the ground at a considerable height. It offers great flexibility with its adjustable options.

Built for heavy duty, it can carry considerable weights and still not fletch. It has a distributed load capacity of up to 750 pounds, and an ideal option for hauling anything which is big and heavy. The overall assembly of the product is easy as it comes in three separate parts. It has side wings that allow the feasibility of extending from 27 to 49 inches.

The red flags and the red strikers provide a good safety feature for the extended bed. The overall design and the security features of this Bed extender are DOT approved, making it an ideally safe option.

  • Provides great options for flexibility
  • Comes with side support which can also be folded down if not required.
  • Heavy-duty built
We Don't Like
  • Rusty components because of the poor quality of paint

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Bottom line

The Bed extender is a great option for any truck owner who has a canoe or a Kayak. It not only provides great flexibility on the length but also has the capacity to take up huge loads. This makes it an ideal Kayak hitch extender. Apart from that, this hitch bed extender is also ideally suited for hauling items of greater lengths.

The seven inch height clearance that the design provides ensures that any haul that you are placing is secured and well above the ground level. So, if you are into hauling lot of long stuff, this could very well be the ideal bed extender.

6. ECORTIC Pickup truck extenders – for Longer hauls

The Hitch Pickup truck bed extender from ECORTIC is well suited for hauling long items like kayaks and lumbers. It provides flexibility to adjust the height of the extender as well as the width allowing it to be for hauling various products of different dimensions and loads. It is strongly built and has the capacity of supporting heavier hauls.

The truck bed extender is suited for 2 inch trailer hitches. Longer loads like pipes, timber, kayaks etc can be hauled using this extender.

best kayak truck bed extender review
ECOTRIC Pick Up Truck Bed Hitch Extender

It supports an overall weight of 750 lbs which is big enough for heavier items. Although as stated ideal for 2 inch trailer hitches, it can also fit well for receiver hitches of dimensions 1.25 inches. However, a hitch adapter needs to be used for this dimension.

One of the flexible options that this hitch truck bed extender provides is the adjust-ability options in the height as well as the width. Therefore items of varying dimensions can be securely fitted into the bed extender. The height can be adjusted between the range of 4 inches to 10 inches and the width provides an adjustable range of 28.25 inches to 48.75 inches.

It involves some amount of initial drilling work to secure the bed extender to the truck. Ideally, it should be set up in about half an hour. But the monetary savings it offers when compared to other hitch bed extenders with easier installation options is worth the effort.

It comes with a safety flag providing security options on the road. This is especially useful when transporting items of longer dimensions.

  • A good option for trailer trucks transporting heavy leads.
  • Use of high-quality steel material
  • Easy adjustment in width and height and fits conveniently into any truck’s trailer hitch
We Don't Like
  • Different size of pieces that cause rattling

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Bottom Line

As is the case with most of the bed extenders which are of this model, it is quite useful for transporting around longer sized items. It is one of the ideal options for owners with a kayak, canoe, or boat as it effectively also carries along a good amount of weight. If you are looking for a simpler and less process option, this hitch bed extender from ECORTIC is a good option to explore.

7. Additional length option with Ericson Pickup Bed Extender

A 4 feet extended support, adjustable height options, simple design – these are a few of the many features offered by Ericson Pickup extender. It is a good option to be paired up with smaller pickup trucks or the SUVs. It does surprise you with the range of support it can extend to haul longer sized items. The extender does not need any additional trailer to haul longer items, making it one of the best pickup bed extenders available.

Ericson is a known name in the world of tie-down and towing products and they manage to live up to the reputation with this Ericson Pickup bed extender junior. As the name indicates, this bed extender is a junior version of the larger bed extender from Ericson and is well suited for smaller pickup trucks.

truck bed extender hitch review
Erickson 07605 Pick-Up bed Extender

It provides an additional extended length to the truck bed up to 4 metres which is a good length to haul longer items. The overall capacity of load that is hitch extender can bear is 350 lbs.

The weight of this bed extender from Ericson is only 29 pounds, making it a light weight option. However in contrast, it is sturdily built and can carry heavier loads.

This goes in well with 2 inch receivers on the truck. The overall dimensions of the bed extender are 52 inches X 50 Inches X 25.5 inches. It easily slides into the hitch and comes with an effective foldable design.

The colour of the extender is black and blends well with the design of most of the trucks. The powder coating makes it highly durable and resistant to outside factors.

It features two lops welded onto each end of the cross bar. This helps to tie down any of the products that you are hauling and make it more secure on the move.

  • Well designed, secure and convenient to put-in into the hitch
  • Can accommodate highway speeds since it is heavy enough
  • Unlikely to break or bend
  • Affordable and easy to load than the other popular models
We Don't Like
  • Powder coating allows for rusting in extreme weather conditions such as rain

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Bottom line

Ericson’s Big Bed Junior is a good option to have extended length for trucks or SUVs which have smaller beds. With a heavy duty built, the extender can haul most of the items like lumber, extension ladders, long sheets of plywood, hunting or camping gear, canoes etc. The brand is a trustworthy one and the overall build quality can be relied upon for regular use to haul longer products.

8. MaxxHaul’s adjustable and convenient option for Bed extenders

The MaxxHaul Hitch mount truck bed extender is one of the better options available for hitch mounted load extenders. It is designed to fit the regular 2 inch hitches available on most of the trucks and offers good options for adjustment and convenience to haul longer and heavier products. It is a heavy duty product capable of longer durability.

The hitch bed extender provides great flexibility in hauling longer sized items. The wide range of items like Kayaks, canoes, lumber, Ladders, racks etc can be conveniently transported. One of the primary reasons for it being a better option for a hitch bed extender is the extant of flexibility of adjustment it provides.

hitch mounted load extender review
MaxxHaul 70231 Hitch Mount Truck Bed Extender

It has adjustability options for both height as well as for width. This adjustability ensures that a wide range of items of varied dimensions can be conveniently hauled. The height has an adjustable range from 4 inches to 10 inches. The width is adjusted between the range of 28.25 inches to 48.75 inches.

It is made of durable strong steel and can support a haul load of up to 350 pounds.
This hitch mount would fit into two inch hitches. It has 4 quick release clevis pins which help to easily assemble as well as disassemble. Another flexible adjustment option it provides is that the side arms of the hitch bed extender can folded downwards. This provides much more space as well as option for portable work area.

The truck bed extender has a powder coat finish which adds to the durability. It comes with a red reflective tape on the front part as well as onto the sides. This provides additional safety as the extended long load can now be identified easily on the road.

  • Keeps the space of bed completely purposeful
  • Durable and nice appearance
  • Easier potential to haul wood beams, conduit or pipes without any issue
We Don't Like
  • You will need to buy a separate hitch pin as it does not come with one

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Bottom line

One of the best options currently available in market for longer hauls, the hitch bed extender form MaxxHaul is suited like most of the other hitch extenders for hauling products of longer dimensions. The adjustment options of height as well as the width accommodates and securely fastens the items of varied dimensions. One of the edges it has is the easy pin option which allows for easy assembly and disassembly of the extender.

9. Extend A Truck 944- Truck bed extender for the long hauls

If you are looking at an extender which is well suited for hauling things which have longer dimensions, Darby Truck bed extender is a reliable and sturdy option. It has a simple and minimalistic design, which is easy to attach to the trailer and conveniently place it on the truck bed when not in use.

The extender is conveniently suited for hauling long things. It has a 4 feet wide support which provides safety and security to your long haul, whether it could be a load of pipes or a boat. Most of the long hauls do have heavy weight and the metal used in the make of the extender is of good quality and it can sustain the heavier loads.

Truck Bed Extender with Roof Turbo Rack review
Truck Bed Extender with Roof Turbo Rack

When not in use, the extender can be stored flat behind the seat. This provides the convenience of easily storing it and taking it around. Since it is easier to attach to the truck bed, it can be used whenever the need suddenly arises. The tail gate can be opened up fully even after the hitched is attached to the truck. The height of the extender can also be adjusted to haul things onto roof top.

One of the unique aspects which make it one of the best hitch truck bed extender is its versatility. This truck bed extender can be used to haul at the bed level as well on the roof top.

One another area where Extend A Truck Bed extender stands out is the minimal time and effort needed to put it on. Although it appears to be simple in design, the extender is a sturdy one and can easily and safely carry around items like Kayaks or canoes apart from other regular long sized hauls.

  • A strap can be used for added security
  • Even beginners can install it in a couple of minutes
  • High quality metal to withstand larger loads
We Don't Like
  • The paint job and the welds are not of good quality

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Bottom Line:

The hitch type bed extender is a great option for anyone who is looking at hauling long objects. It’s easy to install and remove feasibility makes it convenient for those who use the truck for regular purposes apart from hauling long items.

10. Heavy duty adjustable hitch bed extender from Goplus

Goplus Pickup truck bed extender is a heavy duty option to haul longer size options. If you own a kayak or regularly needs to transport longer hauls like lumber, pipes etc this would be the perfect truck bed extender hitch option to fit with your truck. With multiple adjustment options, there is a great deal of flexibility that this bed extender provides.

Heavy duty is written all over this bed extender. It is made of high grade strong steel and is capable of supporting huge haul loads of up to 750 lbs. The heavy duty steel which goes into manufacture of the tubes in the extender has longer durability and can sustain regular wear and tear.

hitch mounted load extender review
Goplus Pick up Truck Bed Hitch Extender

It suits well for long distance hauling as well, as the strong steel pipes can sustain the vagaries of longer travel.

Adjustability is one of the important features of this bed extender. The arms of the bed extender can be adjusted both vertically as well as horizontally. This helps to maximize the size and potential to carry heavier and longer loads.

It can fit easily into 2 inches hitch which is found on most of the trucks. It has an adjustable height as well as width feature. The range of adjustment in the height is from 12 inches to 19 inches. The width can be adjusted from 29 inches to 49 inches.

The reflective tapes provide a good safety feature, providing an estimate of the longer haul that the truck is carrying. The bed comes with a Pink flag which is an added security feature.
The simplistic design focuses more on providing utility.

  • Works well for long distance loading
  • Reflective flag and tape help to avoid accidents due to larger visibility
  • Stainless appearance and easy storing options
  • Light weight, yet supports heavier objects
We Don't Like
  • Some users find that it does not fit tightly and moves around much

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Bottom line

The bed extender is made for the purpose of hauling longer items over a long distance and it fulfills the intended purpose. Kayaks, Canoes, Lumber, racks etc can be effectively hauled across. While the adjustment features provide a good option for hauling items of different dimensions, the sturdy steel built of the pipes ensures that the bed extender is strong enough to sustain heavier weights. If you are looking for good and sturdy option for hauling your canoe or lumber, this is the bed extender worth checking out.

bed extender for pickup truck review
bed extender for pickup truck

Types of Truck bed extenders

There are three popular types of Truck bed extenders based on their design and utility. Understanding these different types of bed extenders would help you in choosing the right one for your requirement.

1. Tail Gate truck bed extender:

This is the most popular style of truck bed extender used. It is generally made of metal and has a cagey or a metal bars design. These extenders are particularly useful in hauling cargo which is long, for example Pipes.

This type of truck bed extender comes in two styles – fold down style and swinging style. In the former option you can fold it on to the tail gate when not using it. Whereas in a swinging style extender, it is rested upon the truck bed.

Even when you are not hauling large cargo, these extenders can be useful in securing the smaller items on the truck bed.

2. Loading Extender:

This is an ideal option if you regularly haul long and large cargo like Timber. The extender is made up of metal bars which are mounter on the trailer of the truck. These bars extend beyond the tail gate and provide additional length to support large items.

The items are secured from falling during the transportation.

3. Loading ramp extender:

Basically, this is similar to the tail gate bed extenders. This has an extender along with a ramp. The sides of the extender can be folded flat and used as a ramp. This would be an ideal option if you are in the transportation of vehicles like bikes or other two wheelers.

With the ramp in place, you would need minimal effort in loading or unloading the vehicles.

How to choose best truck extender

The list of the best truck bed extenders is based on our experience and research on the best available options and parameters. However, what might be in general considered to be the best product necessarily does meet the expectations of everyone.

So is the case with the best truck bed extenders. The best judge to determine the most suitable option would be you. Therefore, a best truck bed extender is not always something which is loaded with features and compatible with most of the public, but it is something which is compatible to your own requirement.

Here are few aspects to consider before you think of buying a truck bed extender.

1. Identify your requirements :

The first step would be to determine what would be your requirement to buy a truck bed extender. If most of the items that you haul around aren’t longer in their length than a regular pickup trucks bed length and tail gate length, you can go for the conventional U shaped bed extenders.

This provides you an additional length by couple of meters as well as additional load capacity.

The design is more suited for large equipment of great size but the length being limited to that of your opened tailgate. This also double up as a storage option to secure the cargo, when you do not require the additional length it offers. They help to protect different items in the cargo from rolling off the truck bed.

Another option is a bedside extender, this goes beyond the width of your tailgate. This is mostly used for loading and unloading of the car and is more like an extended arm to your truck bed. It can also be effectively used in case you need haul longer sized items like pipes, lumber logs etc.

Hitch bed extenders are a good option when you have items which are longer as well as do have considerable weight. If you are someone who has a kayak, a boat or a canoe, the Hitch bed extenders are a good option as they not only provide the additional length required but also are capable of holding onto heavier weights.

bed extender for truck review
bed extender for truck

2. Check out the compatibility with your truck

Bed extenders come in different types and designs. While the focus of most of them is to be compatible with a majority of the trucks, not all of them are made to fit universally. Few of the bed designs are made to fit a specific type of truck. So, it is important that you select the bed extender which Is more compatible with your truck. For this, you need to know the details of both your truck as well as the bed extenders that you would be checking out.

Do not reply on the claims of the manufacturers who state their bed extenders to be universal. Ensure to check all the features and decide upon the compatibility. A thorough read of the specification will be of great help in deciding the right option.

There are adjustable adaptor options available, which can help to attach a non-compatible hitch to the truck. However it is advised not to go for such options unless needed.

3. Built of the bed extender and installation options

Different types of materials are used in manufacturing the bed extenders. Few of them use metal, others plastic and few of the manufacturers combine both of them in their design. The extenders made of aluminium are generally the stronger ones and can withstand sustained use. They also tend to be on the lighter side.

Check out for the options available in fixing the bed extender to your truck. Whether it is a fixed installation, a pivot or something which can be easily attached or removed. If you are using your truck for transportation, the one with a pivot will be more suitable. Also, check out if there is any need for additional components. For example, an adapter hitch.

The ease of installing a bed extender to the track is also an important aspect that needs to be looked into. Most of the manufacturers provide the installation kit along with the directions. Few of the bed extenders require drilling, while few others can be mounted onto the truck.

The mounting options are easier ones to install as there is no need to spend time on drilling. Such bed extenders can also be easily attached to the truck and removed. Whereas the ones which require drilling, generally tend to be more fixed in nature.

If you are looking out for a bed extender which you can use when required and remove it when not needed, opting for mount type of bed extenders is a good option.

Truck Bed Extender review
Truck Bed Extender

Installation guide of different kinds of truck bed extenders

Each of the Truck Bed extenders come with their own installation specifications. Generally, the manufacturers provide all the items needed for installation in the installation kit along with the bed extender and a detailed guide of how to install. While this is very much individual product specific, there are few tips which can help to properly install the truck bed extenders onto the trucks easily.

  1. Check out if the truck bed extender needs to be drilled or mounted upon the truck.
  2. In case of drilling, ensure that the all the required screws and others are provided in the installation kit. Most of the manufacturers do provide this as part of the package.
  3. Checkout for any indentions or dimples on the truck bed extender. These generally are the spots where the holes needs to be drilled and the screws placed.
  4. Mounting options for installation is a much easier one than the drilling. The mounts are provided as part of the installation kit, which can be attached to the truck and the bed extender mounted on to the truck.
  5. Few of the extended beds do not come as single items but as multiple parts. Follow the guidelines provided to combine these parts and build the bed extender.
  6. Straps and clips are few of the other options used to hold the bed extender to the truck.
  7. One another common type of installations options are the hitch type. In this type, there is a hitch provided in the bed extender which can be placed into the receiver of the truck.
  8. Additional straps or ropes can be used to fix the extended bed onto the truck. In most cases, these do not form part of the installation kit.
  9. The installation process has a bearing with the purpose of the bed extender. Most of the cases where in the bed extender is not used regularly, a mount option is used so that they can be attached and detached from the truck more easily as required.

Frequently asked questions

The main function of truck bed extenders is to provide extra space to the truck bed to be able to haul additional or large sized items. However there are various specific purposes that these bed extensions are used, which create a scope for multiple questions.

Most of the questions would be around understanding the suitability of a particular type of bed extender to a specific purpose.

Question 1. What type of bed extender is needed to haul a large sized item?
Answer. A U shaped conventional type would provide the additional length up to two meters and the width needed for hauling a large item.

Question 2. What is the best option for transporting long dimensional items?
Answer. Hitch type truck bed extenders are ideally suited for hauling long sized items.

Question 3. Is there any other purpose for U shaped conventional Bed extenders?
Answer. The conventional bed extenders double up as storage option by securing the items from rolling off a truck bed.

Question 4. Can a 2 inch hitch be used for receptor of another dimension?
Answer. You can use a 2 inch hitch with receptor of another dimension by using a suitable adaptor.

Question 5. What are Truck Bed extenders made up off?
Answer. Multiple materials like Metal (Aluminium, Steel etc), Plastic etc are used in making the extenders. One can opt for his suitable truck bed extender as per the choice of material.

Question 6. What is the use of rolling ramps?
Answer. A rolling ramp functions as an additional extension of the truck bed and can be used to load the cargo into the truck.

Question 7. What is compliance with DOT regulations?
Answer. DOT regulations require the tailgate to be visible clearly so as to avoid any potential accidents. Manufacturers comply through providing reflects and flags.

Question 8. Is drilling compulsory for installing?
Answer. Few designs require drilling and few of the designs have molds which are used for installation.

Question 9. Are Bed Extender designs universal?
Answer. Most of the designs are specific to a particular make. However few of them can be used on most of the trucks.

Question 10. Are bed extenders fixed?
Many bed extenders come with options to remove and attach. So, not all of them are fixed once installed.

Wrapping Up

Many parameters go into identifying the best truck bed extender. The utility of the extender, flexibility of design, ease of installation, the durability, strength of the extender etc. can be a few. Many of these parameters are similar to the ones you would be looking for when freezing upon the final choice of bed extender.

One more important aspect which needs to be considered apart from the parameters is to understand the requirement which the extender needs to fulfill. This understanding forms the basis of making a choice.

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