Best Tailgate Net (Review) – Top 7 Picks

Carrying any stuff in the truck’s bed or the back of the SUV can be a complicated process since they can encounter damage.

If the things you carry are sensitive to vibration and shaking, you must have a tailgate net for safety.

Tailgate nets are very helpful for carrying stuff on the bed of trucks and the back of an SUV. They help to keep your things still while you are driving. They have extra features that we will talk about in this best tailgate net review.

Best Tailgate Net
Best Tailgate Net

Top 7 Best Tailgate Net Comparison

ImageProductMade with
Best Suitable For
Covercraft-ProNet-PN007Covercraft PN007
(Editor’s Choice)
Heavy duty Polyester
Full, Mid and Mini Trucks
Check Price
Grizzly-Gear-Extra-LargeGrizzly Gear
PVC, Polyester and Nylon
Nylon-reinforced rubber
72 x 96
Check Price
TC-Sportline-TR-12TC Sportline TR-12
PVC, Polyester and Nylon
Mini, Mid and Compact Sized Trucks
51 x 15
Check Price
Zento-Deals-BlackZento Deals NE1
Heavy Duty Fabric
Pickup Truck and SUV
44 x 12 x 12
Check Price
Bully-TR-02WK-HeavyBully TR-02WK
Reinforced Fabric and Soft Nylon
Mid Sized / Compact Trucks
12.4 x 12.2 x 11.3
Check Price
Aochol-AdjustableAochol 4350417665
Heavy duty Polyester
Car, SUV, Truck
35 x 12
Check Price
Covercraft-ProNet-PN012Covercraft Pronet
Heavy Duty Fabric
Full, mid and mini trucks
UnspecifiedCheck Price

Best Tailgate Net Choices in 2022

Although tailgate net is a simple product, it is better to have one that will last long. You don’t want to buy it frequently.

Tailgate nets are handy for trucks and other vehicles. But you need reliable ones. In 2021, the manufacturing of tailgate nets has been increased since more people are purchasing it. We have better types of components available now that make the products more durable.

Few brands are well-known in this field. If you want to make a worthy purchase, they are the best choice in this year.

Our 7 Picks of Best Tailgate Net Review

There are many tailgate nets that you will be able to find in the market. Still, only a few of them will be able to provide satisfactory service. By consulting buyers and experts, we were able to come up with the 10 best tailgate nets that you can buy in 2019.

1. Covercraft ProNet PN007 – Heavy-duty Tailgate Net

Covercraft is a famous brand that has been manufacturing many automotive accessories since 1965. The brand is certified to the ISO 14001:2015 standard, which makes it one of the big players.

Covercraft ProNet PN007 Review
Covercraft ProNet PN007

Covercraft ProNet PN007 has a collection of styles and colors from which you can choose from. It requires only four holes to produce a perfectly flat, sag-free installation. Easy to open and close so that you can use it fast.

The fabric used in this product is heavy-duty and the mounting hardware is made of stainless steel. These features speak for their durability and performance.

Moreover, it is expandable to the required size and can be used for carrying more items without any hesitation.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Helps to increase the mileage for full-size trucks and this helps to save gas.
  • Easy installation feature enables to mount it quickly.
  • Heavy-duty, 22-ounce fabric, is durable enough for heavy loads.
  • Mounting gears are made of stainless steel for being rust-free and increasing durability.
  • Easy and fast to undo and put back in for quick and easy load taking.
  • Expandable for big trucks and also fits mini and mid-sized vehicles.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Fabric is thin as some users have complained.
  • Small items can slide through it for having holes.

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Bottom Line

Our experts and users highly recommend this tailgate net. This is why we considered putting it on the top of our list. The product will give you excellent service, and you’ll be able to enjoy it most if you are buying tailgate nets for the first time.

2. Grizzly Gear Extra Large Bungee Cargo Net – Large net for carrying more stuff

To meet all your hard-core load carrying needs, this product is designed to withstand a bear and a moose with a few added bars of protein. The name should give you enough confidence.

Grizzly Gear Extra Large Review
Grizzly Gear Extra Large

It is an XL Size Cargo Net with 28 Durable Nylon Hooks. 28! That means you’ll be able to get a good grip and it’ll ensure that things on your cargo aren’t flying away.

The larger and much stronger capabilities of the Grizzly are sure to satisfy most customers, and the fact that it is made of durable materials makes it even more likable.

Highlighted Benefits
  • The net is stretchable up to 12′ x 8′, and that makes it easier to carry more load on your vehicle.
  • The Rustproof ABS has a tensile and flexural strength the can exceed 6,000 PSI and can provide a good grip under heavy loads, and you don’t need to worry about rust issues.
  • The Nylon-reinforced rubber bungee mesh has high elasticity and is moisture resistant for durability.
  • To hold smaller items, it has a grid pattern that has a dimension of 7 x 7 inches.
  • The Net can roll up and hook itself for providing compact and safe carrying.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Few have complained about it being too stretchy.
  • Small objects could always fall out.

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Bottom Line

If you are looking for big sized tailgate nets, this could be the one to choose from. This is a unique feature of this product which makes it one of a kind. It also has many positive reviews that back it up.

3. TC Sportline TR-12 – For compact and full-size pickup trucks

Established in 1994, TCSportline is known for their high-quality products that have been used by many customers. Not only their products are high-quality but also they provide excellent customer service, which makes them stand out in the crowd.

TC Sportline TR-12 Review
TC Sportline TR-12

TC Sportline TR-12 fits mid and compact-sized pickups and is greatly expandable. It is made from a combination of PVC and polyester for durability.

Designed for giving fuel efficiency, this tailgate net keeps the fuel budget low, unlike traditional tailgates that are known for causing air drag.

Highlighted Benefits
  • It has unmatched durability for long-term usage.
  • Slides and shafts make installation easy.
  • It’s made of stainless steel, so rusting won’t be an issue.
  • It can withstand a lot of heavy loads which you might carry.
  • Has good looking design.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • It has a price to match that look.
  • The materials need maintenance now and then.

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Bottom Line

This tailgate net is made for compact and midsize trucks, and if you have such vehicles, we can safely recommend this to you for having a complete satisfaction.

4. Zento Deals –  Best Organizer Storage Net

Made for the everyday man, you have the Zento storage net. It is a mesh pocket organizer for your precious stuff. This product is designed to secure the cargo space fully in a vehicle for carrying things without worries.

Zento Deals Black Review
Zento Deals Black

The three-pocket system lets you keep your things organized. This makes it unique from other products on our list.

This storage net is expandable from 44-inch to 55-inch and can be adjusted 12-inch in both depth and height which makes it able to fit most vehicles.

The fiber of this tailgate net is okay but surely not the best. It is one of the things that they should work on. But other than this, we can safely recommend it to you.

Highlighted Benefits
  • They are designed to provide high security to the back of your vehicle. This helps to keep the trunk of your car safe to store items and offers features to organize them.
  • They can hold groceries and prevents your stuff from flying away while you drive.
  • Three space pocket helps to organize.
  • Adjustable storage helps to keep all kinds of things without hassle.
  • It is durable, and the mounting gears are rust-free.
  • It can fit many types of cargos of trucks and SUVs.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Customers have complained about the fiber of the net.

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Bottom Line

This durable and premium quality storage net is loved by SUV and truck owners as they can keep their items organized using this item. As a result, we recommend it if you want to keep your stuff organized. The different individual pockets allow for proper storage and ease in storage.

5. Bully TR-02 – Tailgate Net for Mid-sized Pickup Trucks 50-56 inches Wide

Bully is a popular product for making different types of truck accessories. Providing high-quality and premium accessories that users trust. They have been famous in this field for quite a long, and that makes their product recommendable. Bully TR-05 is no different than that.

Bully TR-02WK Heavy Review
Bully TR-02WK Heavy

This tailgate net is made specially to prevent any kind of scratching. For durability, it has high-quality and industry-grade materials such as industrial fabrics. This allows users to enjoy the service of this product for a long time.

It has some downsides, too. One of them can be the nylon straps that users have reported to be too short. Other than that, it is an excellent product. But it is advised to check all the pros and cons before purchasing.

This product combines a proper mix of aesthetic value and trustable construction. Durable and robust fabric makes it the right choice.

Highlighted Benefits
  • The materials help to prevent scratching and keep the vehicle unaffected by it.
  • The fabric is heavy-duty and can withstand a lot of pressure.
  • Fits a tailgate opening 50 to 56 inches wide.
  • Essential mounting tools are included with the package.
  • Easy to install.
  • Increases fuel efficiency by lessening drag.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • The nylon straps have been said to be too short.

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Bottom Line

The brand name and reviews suggest all but bad things about this tailgate net. The safety of being non-scratching and being made of the industry-grade reinforced fabric guarantees a good product and an all-around pleasant experience.

6. Aochol  – Highly adjustable cargo net for trucks

Aochol’s high-quality net is heavily adjustable with your vehicle for carrying more than enough objects. They are one of the few brands that offer premium services with their products. This cargo net is no different.

Aochol Adjustable Review
Aochol Adjustable

The organization feature of this product makes it very unique. You can keep your things separately so that they don’t have any contact with each other while you are driving.

The product is durable and long-lasting. Water does not affect it and its mounting gears. People love it for being such a durable product.

For preventing any type of damage from shaking or brakes, the net can be adjusted for a compact fitting. This way, even if you are riding on a bad road, you can be sure of your things’ safety.

Such features make it a unique piece of equipment, and this is why it is highly recommended by many people who have used it and left positive reviews which you can check yourself on Amazon.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Has premium quality gears and net that makes them suitable for every type of environment.
  • Net is made out of durable nylon and polyester.
  • Prevents items from falling around and keeps them organized.
  • Can be used fast for having easy procedures.
  • Has a big storage capacity that allows carrying a lot of things.
  • Has easy assembly feature.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Few customers have complained about not receiving the mounting hardware

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Bottom Line

Being more open-ended and having a unique design makes it a more charming option when it comes to tailgate nets, and alongside that, the included storage bag and nylon composition makes it a reliable and safe product.

7. Covercraft ProNet (PN012) – Affordable and Durable

The good old Covercraft brings you the Covercraft ProNet Tailgate Net for Mini Pickup Trucks. Being one of the best brands in tailgate net production, their PN012 is a great product when it comes to durability and function. It has a selection from which you can choose from.

Covercraft ProNet PN012 Review
Covercraft ProNet PN012

The PN012, being no different from famous Covercraft products, has many features that make it durable. Its net is high-quality and industry-grade. The net is made of heavy-duty fibre that has the ability to withstand pressure.

The mounting gears have heavy-duty steels that make it durable. It doesn’t take much time to be installed and provides a perfect fit for compatible vehicles.

Since it is big, you should check the compatibility of this product. As some users said that it was too lose for their small truck. If you are careful with purchasing it, such problems can be avoided.

Highlighted Benefits
  • Increases mileage and give fuel efficiency.
  • Gives a perfect installation by being quick and fast.
  • The fabric is heavy-duty and can withstand high pressure.
  • Mounting gears are made of durable stainless steel.
  • Has a variety of collection from which anyone can choose from.
Cons/Potential Flaws
  • Few have complained about it being too loose to fit their trucks.

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Bottom Line

This durable yet aesthetic piece of product is sure to satisfy most users with it’s patriotic and durable design. Most users will be satisfied with its all-around feel and will appreciate what it represents. But the colour is not going to be permanent, and that might be a matter of concern.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Tailgate Net

When you are willing to purchase the best tailgate net, there are few factors to consider. These factors are not so complicated to understand and will help you while buying tailgate nets.

These help you to both get a proper, usable product and a less heavy strike to your wallet. It is essential for one to think about the aspects of the tailgate nets; it’s extremely important to keep them in mind.

From our experts, we have gathered some important insights that helped us in making this. We also have gathered user reviews to know what features they liked. By the end, we were able to safely come up with factors that were the most important when buying tailgate nets. They are:


Components of a tailgate net speak for its durability and function. If a tailgate net is made with low-quality materials, it is inevitable to get damaged quickly.

You don’t want to see that your stuff on the bed of your truck is gone along with the tailgate net. This is why we emphasized on the components tailgate nets are made with.

Most tailgate nets are made of fabrics. Some have heavy-duty fabrics which make them long-lasting. Nylon is also a durable material. There are also durable plastics like PVC that will assure the product’s longevity.

The hooks need to be heavy-duty like the net. You want the net to be always connected and not get lost. Stainless steel hooks or quality plastic hooks are the good ones that you should purchase.

And a proper understanding of the fabrics is important, too. Few synthetic fabrics do not rot, nor do they tear easily, but others do so it is important to know about them.


Do you want the net to be on the back of your truck’s bed or the top? This is an important question. Trucks have a built-in tailgate, but they can cause drag, and it adds to your fuel budget. People use the back tailgate net for lowering their spending on fuels.

You can also purchase a net that will be able to cover your truck’s bed from the top and will keep your things safe from flying away. You can have both if you own a truck. In SUVs, you’d like to get tailgate nets for the rear.

Not only that, personal preference or aesthetic concerns are important too. A vehicle is just as important as other technology, so it needs to look good while working.


You can use the tailgate net by mounting it by utilizing the hooks or some other elements that will come with the product. Mounting is very important as you do not want the net to fly off when you are driving.

Expansion Feature

If you got too much stuff to fit in your truck’s bed, you need the tailgate net to have an expansion feature. Expandable tailgate nets can also be used on different sized vehicles. As a result, it is an important feature to have.

Not only that, it is an important feature to have for tailgate net. In sudden cases of emergency, one cannot expect to just grab onto their goods while driving, so it is very important to have a tailgate net.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are about to buy tailgate nets for your trucks or you are a seller who’s looking for a good product, you might have some questions on your mind. To help you make the best purchase, we have included ten most frequently asked questions when buying tailgate nets.

Q1. How does tailgate net save my fuel?

Answer: Since it’s a net, air can flow through it. It lessens the drag caused by air and thus, saves your vehicle’s fuel.

Q2. Is the installation of tailgate net easy?

Answer: Yes. They are very easy to install and don’t take any effort.

Q3. How long does it take to mount tailgate nets?

Answer: It depends on the type of tailgate. But on average it takes not more than 15 minutes.

Q4. Can I customize the tailgate net?

Answer: Yes. Tailgate nets are customizable, and you can customize them to your liking.

Q5. How often do I need to change my tailgate net?

Answer: If you’re using a durable product, you won’t need to change it for many months. It depends on the product’s quality.

Q6. Do tailgate nets need maintenance?

Answer: They don’t need them, but it is wise to check the mounting now and then.

Q7. Does a tailgate net have a warranty?

Answer: Some good brands will give you a warranty even on this simple product.

Q8. Does rain affect a tailgate net?

Answer: If it is made out of high quality, durable and heavy-duty  PVC, nylon or fiber, it won’t have any effects from rain.

Q9. Can I use tailgate nets for other works?

Answer: Why not? They are durable and can be used for anything you want.

Q10. Are there different designs for tailgate nets?

Answer: There are some brands that make tailgate nets differently. You can purchase them.

Wrapping Up

To lessen your spending on fuel and gas and making your truck more useful, tailgate nets are a good addition. With the help of all the useful features that we have described in this review, you can buy the one you need.

Make sure the product has an affordable price with a warranty. This will help you with the process of buying your tailgate net.

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