Best Tailgate Assists of 2023 (Top 10) – Expert’s Guide

How many times do you have to open your tailgate during a day? 5-10 times, maybe even more?

Many of the truck owners are accustomed to opening their tailgate and let it fall freely. Some try it to control with hands, only to discover it’s slipping out of hands and getting slammed.

While that might not cause any notable harm if your truck is new, it definitely starts to weaken the structure. As for older trucks, such incidents significantly reduces the remaining lifetime of the vehicle.

Using the best tailgate assist can be a cheap yet effective solution to this problem.

best tailgate assist review
Truck Tailgate Assist

Top 10 Best Tailgate Assist Comparison

Image Product material
Gorilla-Lift-2-Sided-Tailgate-Lift-Assist Gorilla-Lift
(Editor’s Choice)
Powder Coat Finished Steel 2 Sided Tailgate Lifting
Check Price
Dee-Zee-DZ43301-Truck-Tailgate-Assist Dee Zee DZ43301
Coated Steel
Shock absorber, Ball and socket connection.
Check Price
Vepagoo-tailgate-assist Vepagoo DZ43301 Coated Steel
Saft Control
Check Price
Dee-Zee-DZ43203-Truck-Tailgate-Assist Dee Zee DZ43203
(Editor’s Choice)
Coated Steel
Shock absorber, Ball and socket connection
Check Price
Winunite-for-2015-2021-F150-Tailgate-Assist Winunite for 2015-2021 F150
high quality Steel
all tools included
Check Price
Hopkins-EASYLIFT-Go-Gear-Tailgate-Easylift Hopkins EASYLIFT
Hardened Spring Steel
U Shaped Torsion Bar
Check Price
Orion-Motor-Tech-Store-tailgate-assist Orion Motor Tech Store
Coated Steel
safely control the drop rate
Check Price
Dee-Zee-DZ43200-Truck-Tailgate-Assist Dee Zee DZ43200 Coated Steel
Shock absorber, Ball and socket connection.
Check Price
Ford-FL3Z-99406A10-A-Tailgate-Shock-Assembly Ford FL3Z-99406A10-A
Painted Steel
Latch And Dampener Rod Behind Tailligh
Check Price
aEagle-Truck-Tailgate-Assist-Shock-Kit- AEagle Tailgate Assist
Painted Steel
Shock absorber, Ball and socket connection.
Check Price

Our Top 10 Picks Of Best Tailgate Assist

With the market flooding with cheaply made, non-durable tailgate assists, it’s no easy feat to search and pick the right ones. Lots of people go for cut-rate choices to save some bucks, only to find out soon that they need a new one. Sticking to prominent brands might be a good idea to avoid regrets later.

Just evade the hassle, shall we? We have scoured tons of customer reviews just to find you the clear winners of the race. Here are our top choices for Tailgate Assist.

1. Gorilla-Lift 2-Sided Tailgate Lift Assist | Best For Heavy Utility Trailers

Who can describe the quality of a product better than the users? Gorilla Lift tailgate assist reviews show that it has been widely accepted by its consumers. Which means, it has passed the test of time. It takes off the weight of heavy tailgates, letting them move without any strenuous effort.

Tailgates often come with different dimensions and weights. Any inflexible, obstinate tailgate will be a disappointment for the users. Keeping that in mind, the Gorilla-Lift comes with an adjustable mechanism. If the tailgate is heavy, it will reduce the opening rate and stop a sudden drop. As for lighter tailgates, the assist makes sure they don’t pop off the ground.

Gorilla Lift 2 Sided Tailgate Lift Assist review
Gorilla Lift 2 Sided Tailgate Lift Assist

How do they make sure of that? First of all, the cable is made of robust steel with powder finished coat, capable to withstand different weights. The package includes two setups for each side of the truck. Both sides contain a spring that works as a dampener, and attaching a plastic plug makes sure the release is slow and steady. Finally, the full lifting setup is encased inside a housing. The cable length and the spring make sure the assist works well with both heavy and light tailgates.

The housing also makes attaching the setup a piece of cake. As they provide bolts with the package, all you have to do is drill the rail and attach the housing. The bolts are long enough to be attached with tube rails or angle irons, whichever you have.

The tailgate assist cables work as a replacement for regular cables. Thus, vehicles that don’t come with factory tailgate cables, will be the most suitable to use this assist on.

What We Like
  • You can lift and open the tailgate with a single hand.
  • Gorilla Lift tailgate assist works well with both heavy and light tailgates.
  • Cables are made of strong steel, assisted by spring for steady release.
  • Visible yellow colored housing that can be repainted to any color of your choice.
  • The package doesn’t include plastic caps for the end of the rails.

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Bottom Line

You can always find some plastics to make sure the ends are concealed. This way road salts and debris can’t enter the rails.

The tailgate assist cables work as a replacement for regular cables. This product works in two ways, as an assist and a cable. Thus, it will be a great addition for vehicles that don’t come with factory tailgate cables.

2. Dee Zee DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist | Best For Ram 1500 Trucks

Dee Zee has been around the market since 1977. When a company features finished products that are used widely for the likes of Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, you have to admit it’s trustworthy. They have an inclination to classic styles with modern looks and that’s what they did with the Dee Zee DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist.

The tailgate assist ram 1500 is rather simple. It doesn’t need the whole truck rail to attach and operate. Instead, it works in conjunction with the truck/pickup cable supplied by the factory. You do not even need to attach it on both sides of the vehicle. Dee Zee recommends it to be attached on the driver side, which should be enough to operate the assist.

Dee Zee DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist review
Dee Zee DZ43301 Truck Tailgate Assist

The most notable feature of this Dee Zee tailgate assist is how easy it is to set up. You don’t need any drilling to set it up. Since all hardware comes with the package, you’ll only need simple hand tools to mount it. The tailgate assist has custom designs for different models and brands, so make sure you order the right model for your vehicle.

The mechanism is simple but effective. It uses dampened single gas shock that collaborates with the factory made cable. The gas shock releases the extended part to make sure the gate opens in a controlled drop rate. The product has been tested and vouched for heavy use by the consumers.

The company provides an installation guide with the package. The guide contains detailed information, pictures, and tips to install and maintain the assist. As if it wasn’t enough, the guide even contains a link to a comprehensive video. For a person who knows his way around trucks, the installation should not take more than 30 minutes.

What We Like
  • The drop rate of the tailgate is safely controlled by a gas shock dampener.
  • Custom made for different models of Ram and Rebel.
  • Only one assist needed for each vehicle, mounts on the driver’s side.
  • Comes with necessary hardware and detailed installation instruction.
  • You might find it difficult to install the blind nut.
How to Overcome the Limitations
Dee Zee actually addressed the blind nut installation issue in their instruction manual. Just use multiple drops of thread locker on it. Then set up the 3/4 inch spacing and leave it to dry for a few hours. After that, install the blind nut as instructed.

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Bottom Line

The DZ43301 works with a wide variety of models. It fits and works with popular models like Ram 1500 (2009-2018) and Ram 2500/3500 (2010-2018). Since the price is moderately cheap, this can be your ultimate tailgate assist.

3. Vepagoo Tailgate Assist Shock Struts DZ43301 | Best for 2009 – 2018 Dodge Ram

  • Material: Metal/Steel
  • Working Principle: Shock-Absorbing System

Vepagoo is another incredible brand to offer you the best Tailgate Assist. When it comes to customer service, remember one name, and that is VEPAGOO!

They are very renowned for their undisputed customer service. Moreover, when it comes to the reliability of this product, I can assure you that this is a very reliable tailgate assist. 

Another important thing related specifically to this product is the speed. The tailgate comes too slow neither too fast. It comes down at a perfect speed. This is a very important aspect because all you want from a tailgate assist is speed control. If it does not provide that well, then you have wasted your money.

Vepagoo Tailgate Assist Shock Struts DZ43301 review

The next important thing that a good customer keeps in mind is the installation factor. Well, if you forget by any chance, don’t worry because Vepagoo provides all the necessary equipment along with the installation guide to help you do the process easily.

There are two things that you should keep in mind before installing it. Firstly, there is no need for punching during installation. Moreover, you have to mount it on the driver’s side. So, forget about slams and bounces of your truck’s tailgate after installing it.

Moreover, this tailgate goes on 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, 2019, and Ram Classic 1500. 

There are a few more things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, the gas shock is a sensitive component during installation. If you do not go gentle while installation then you can get it broken.  

But you do not have to worry a lot because Vepagoo strives hard to live up to your satisfaction. Secondly, you have to be careful while installing the cable clip. Otherwise, things can go wrong.

What We Like
  • This is a very reliable product when it comes to the overall usage
  • The speed is incredible to elevate your experience of tailgate assist
  • The material seems pretty robust to handle the tailgate well
  • The installation process is pretty easy, and necessary equipment is included
  • Things can go wrong if installation steps are not followed properly
  • You have to be careful about the cable clip during installation

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Bottom Line

A sophisticated tailgate assist at a good price can be hard to find, but this is one of them. It fulfills all the necessary requirements and does not have a tough time during installation. Overall, it is pretty reliable, and you get incredible customer service if something unfortunate hits up.

4. Winunite Tailgate Assist | Best for Ford F150

  • Material: High-quality Steel
  • Working Principle: Shock-Absorbing System with Mount Ball

What does a customer expect when they look for a product in the market? I would say great features and expert reviews to have internal satisfaction. Things get to a whole new level when you find a highly recommended product. 

Well, this is one of the highly recommended products from my side. First off, let me talk about the material. Mostly, steel is used for the production of tailgate assists. But Winunite strives to serve you better. They have upgraded their material quality, and now you get an even better and heavy-duty steel.

Apart from that, robust welding and riveting handle the rest of the job quite well. So, if you own the 2015-2021 F150, then this is the product to go for.

Winunite Tailgate Assist review

Moreover, if many people face mount ball issues with their tailgate assist, they do not have to worry anymore because the extra mount ball for replacement purposes covers the job.

Also, if you are tired of seeing your truck’s tailgate slamming every time you open it, then you deserve something that makes that sound vanish and protects your truck’s tailgate as well.

Keeping that in view, Winunite beautifully facilitates you. It offers you all that is necessary to prevent your tailgate from that fuss. Because the system is based on shock absorbing and the speed is also pretty amazing. Overall, it makes the whole process smooth at a very low price.

When it comes to the installation part, you do not have to worry about that as well. Just follow the right steps in the right direction, and life is easy. I would call it a piece of cake because it takes 6 minutes or even less to install if you go carefully. 

I personally recommend you going through instructions and watching a video on YouTube as well. It makes life easier because it is better to spend some time rather than damaging the thing.

Overall, this product is a gem if it meets your compatibility demands. So, if you like it, go for it!

What We Like
  • The upgraded steel takes the durability of this product to a whole new level
  • The speed is incredible to avoid slamming and noises
  • The installation is pretty easy owing to the provided equipment and instructions
  • The price is also very good, and you get true value for the money
  • There are some compatibility issues with higher models of trucks

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Bottom Line

When the material quality gets better, the product gets better. The high-grade steel used in this product makes it sturdier and elevates the experience. The easy installation process is like a cherry on top. Overall, this is an incredible product.

5. Hopkins EASYLIFT Go Gear Tailgate Easylift | Best For Universal Use

The Hopkins Go Gear Tailgate EasyLift lives up to its name. It ‘lifts’ 80% of your tailgate weight. This means if your truck tailgate weighs 30-40 pounds, it’ll feel like 4-7 pounds. This way, you can open or close your tailgate with one hand.

So how do Easy Lift Tailgate Assist do that? This is basically a U-shaped structure made of hardened steel springs. However, the ‘U’ isn’t narrow, in fact, it covers the entire length across the tailgate. It acts as a ‘torsion bar’, the bar gets installed in the gap between the truck bed and the gate. This mechanism allows the tailgate assist to work with tonneau covers, truck toppers, even plastic and sprayed bedliners.

Hopkins EASYLIFT Go Gear Tailgate Easylift review
Hopkins EASYLIFT Go Gear Tailgate Easylift

So what the setup does is, when you open the gate, you twist the spring, increasing the tension on the bar. It provides some level of resistance when you start lowering the gate, making the process smooth and steady. While closing, the stress on the bar is released, making it easy to shut the gate.

The setup doesn’t actually control the drop rate of the tailgate. Rather, it makes it easy to open and close the gate, avoid wear, hinge damage, and risk of injury. The total process can be done with one hand, allowing you to load an armful of gears.

The installation is pretty easy. You have to drill two holes, one on the truck bed and another on the bottom of the tailgate. The torsion bar slides into both holes. A noteworthy thing is the bar has little jogs on both sides of the ‘U’, vertical and horizontal. This allows the bar to fit properly and avoid coming out while in use. EasyLift Tailgate Torsion Bar comes with a detailed instruction guide to eliminate any guesswork and make the installation easier.

What We Like
  • A ‘U’ shaped torsion bar reduces the tailgate weight up to 80%.
  • The torsion bar is made of hardened steel, thus lasts longer despite heavy use.
  • Comes with an installation chart, can be installed in 20 minutes.
  • Since it works with different truck beds, compatible with most of the trucks & pickups.
  • The template might not come as the exact dimensions of the rod.
How to Overcome the Limitations
To resolve this problem, double check before drilling any holes. Furthermore, you can install the tailgate end first and then drill the truck bed end accordingly.

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Bottom Line

Usually, tailgate assists come for specific models. Since EasyLift gets attached to the truck bed and tailgate through drilling, it can be used any model that has a hollow truck bed. With it’s one size fits all universal design, it should fit almost any truck model.

6. Dee Zee DZ43203 Truck Tailgate Assist | Best For Ford F250

There’s a reason why Dee Zee DZ43203 Tailgate Assist is widely popular. For instance, you don’t need to install it over the rails. You don’t have to purchase for both sides of the tailgate. Above all, you don’t need additional drilling. In short, this is a high-quality product that comes with versatile features and is built for heavy use.

The tailgate assist comes with a built-in shock absorber. This means your vehicles won’t jolt every time you open your tailgate and let it fall. In fact, the integrated ball and socket connection makes sure the drop rate is controlled and steady. The assist is custom made for different models, so you won’t have to worry about the fitting if you choose your model properly.

Dee Zee DZ43203 Truck Tailgate Assist review
Dee Zee DZ43203 Truck Tailgate Assist

The tailgate assist kit comes with the necessary hardware. It doesn’t take away the glory of factory cable, rather it works under the same setup with it. Since no drilling is required, all you need is basic hand tools to set it up. Dee Zee DZ43203 can be attached to any side of the gate, although the manufacturers recommend mounting it to the driver’s side.

What We Like
  • Controls the drop rate of the gate to prevent harm to the vehicle body.
  • Works with the existing setup, no drilling needed.
  • Comes custom-designed for different truck models.
  • It contains an integrated shock absorber to prevent tailgate crash downs.
  • The installation process needs Metric Allen Wrench which doesn’t come with the package.

Bottom Line

Lots of people use Ford 250 model apart from the popular F 150 models. This one fits the f250 models perfectly. Since original ford spare vehicle parts come with a high price tag, this one can be your ideal alternative.

7. Orion Motor Tailgate Assist | Best for Ford F150

  • Material: Forged Steel
  • Working Principle: Shock-based

Next up, we have Orion Motor Tailgate Assist. I want to talk about four aspects mainly. Because the brand itself emphasizes them, also, before jumping into a discussion, let me clarify the reliability of this product. This product offers good features and ensures durability; therefore, it is a pretty reliable product in my view.

Now, let’s get right in! Firstly, the material and quality of construction come into the spotlight. As far as the material is concerned, you have forged steel of pretty good quality in this tailgate assist. That means robustness. Moreover, the construction has been done so well to satisfy your requirements.

Secondly, the basic purpose gets fulfilled. You buy a tailgate assist in controlling the instant slamming and striking of the tailgate. To make it better and remove all the unwanted mess, this tailgate assist does the job so well. It safely controls the drop rate of your truck’s tailgate.

Orion Motor Tech Store tailgate assist review

Thirdly, it is like a one-person army. By single-handedly taking the impact and solving the problem, it resolves the issue. Isn’t that incredible?

Lastly, the installation is pretty easy and friendly. Because the process is simple, and you don’t even need any drilling as well. So, you can deal with the process efficiently. In fact, it will take minutes to get done with the process. I would recommend watching tutorial videos on YouTube as well because they mostly make life easier.

Moreover, the product is corrosion-free. So, you don’t have to worry about external conditions as well. Because this tailgate assist can take care of itself, to top it off, this product is also rattle-free.

Apart from everything, the company offers after-sale services to help you through problematic situations related to this product.

What We Like
  • The forged steel is all that you need for long-lasting results
  • The installation gets pretty easy with low requirements and maximum facility
  • The results are great as this product controls the tailgate quite well.
  • The product is pretty reliable in my view.
  • In some products, a strange sound comes out of the device (maybe a shock absorber lubrication issue)

Bottom Line 

This product has a lot of good things to offer you. Like when it comes to material, you get robustness. When you talk about installation, it is a cake. When it comes to performance, it’s pretty awesome if we compare it with the price. So, overall, it is a good package for your truck’s tailgate.

8. Dee Zee DZ43200 Tailgate Assist | Best For Ford F-150 Older Models

Yet another product from Dee Zee got featured in our best tailgate assist list. The Dee Zee DZ43200 Truck Tailgate Assist is special in the way that it fits FORD F150 04-14. Since many users search a compatible tailgate assist for this specific model, this product surely comes as a convenience.

The DZ43200 comes with the design Dee Zee is specifically known for. A shock absorber that works with the existing factory cable setup. Even you won’t need additional drill holes, as it uses the same drill hole the factory cable is attached with.

Dee Zee DZ43200 Truck Tailgate Assist review
Dee Zee DZ43200 Truck Tailgate Assist

The mechanism is what we call a gas shock dampener. This means, the tailgate slowly lowers when you open it and closes with the help of one hand. Basically, this accessory takes the weight off the tailgate and makes the gate maneuverable with a single hand.

You don’t need more than one tailgate assist for your vehicle. The manufacturers are so confident with the product that they actually provide a long warranty period.

What We Like
  • Custom tailgate assists shock to make loading and unloading stuff easier.
  • Tested for durability, vigorous, and heavy use.
  • Doesn’t need additional drilling, necessary hardware comes with the package.
  • Compatible with the FORD F150 04-14 model.
  • The nutsert might not spread completely within the recommended 9 revolutions.
How to Overcome the Limitations
If you have hard time while tightening the nutsert , we suggest you insert the whole screw instead of the recommended ¾” and tighten the nut again until you feel it has fit tightly. Turn it a few times more than nine revolutions and you should be done.

Bottom Line

The tailgate fits previous makes of the popular Ford f150 model(2004-2014). Since you need only one assist that’ll cover both sides, it’s safe to say you have a cheap yet top quality solution at hand.

9. Ford FL3Z-99406A10-A Tailgate Shock Assembly | Best For Ford F-150 Newer Models

The product we reviewed just before was compatible with FORD F150 04-14 models. What about the latest Ford versions? We are talking about the Ford F-150 2015-2018 versions. While there is a lack of tailgate assists for these newer models, one product is enough to quench your requirements. Yes, we’re talking about the Ford FL3Z-99406A10-A Tailgate Shock Assembly.

What can be better than a product coming from Genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)? The Ford f150 tailgate assist comes from the Ford itself, thus eliminating any worry of adjustment and fitting. Since the products are made from original factory specifications, your investment is secure and free from the hassle of returning, adjusting, and repairing.

Ford FL3Z 99406A10 A Tailgate Shock Assembly review
Ford FL3Z 99406A10 A Tailgate Shock Assembly

So, how this attachment works on your Ford? The basic idea is simple, you remove the tailgate first, which will require another person to help. Then remove the factory latch (the old latch) which made of plastic from behind the right taillight. After that, you fit the steel latch provided with the package on the exact holes and put the T-50 bolts back in.

Attach both sides of shock dampener rod (provided with the package), the angled side with the mount inside the taillight, and the straight side with the roller arm. You’re done. Now put the tailgate back in and watch it work.

What We Like
  • Compatible with the newer models of Ford 150.
  • Easy to install once you understand what to do.
  • Comes from genuine manufactures, the quality is top class.
  • Ford tailgate assist is made of strong steel, durable, and value for the money.
  • The tailgate still makes a “thump” just at the end of the travel.

Bottom Line

Products from original manufacturers are always top notch, something you can rely on. Although the FL3Z falls in the higher price category, it’ll last for a long time. You might be spending a few extra bucks now, but you’ll recover every penny with time.

10. AEagle Truck Tailgate Assist Shock Kit | Cheap Tailgate Assist

This one a tailgate assist for pickup trucks, compatible with Ford versions, but comes with a much cheaper price tag. The AEagle Truck Tailgate Assist Shock Kit might not be an OEM product, but it delivers result when it matters.

The mechanism is different from the Ford FL3Z-99406A10-A. Despite being an F150 tailgate assist, it resembles the mechanism of Dee Zee products. This one is also made for different models of trucks and pickups, mounts on the driver’s side, and needs no drilling whatsoever.

aEagle Truck Tailgate Assist Shock Kit review
aEagle Truck Tailgate Assist Shock Kit

The package includes one shock, one ball mount, two ball mount plates, and one torque wrench. Therefore, you don’t need any additional drilling. The accessory works with the same setup of the factory cable. It controls the drop rate of the gate and prevents it from slamming down with an unnerving thud.

What We Like
  • A Cheap pickup truck tailgate assists with a slim design and decent quality.
  • Works with different makes and models including the Ford-150, 2015-2018.
  • Necessary hardware is provided by the manufacturer, easy installation.
  • Black coated steel ensures that the product lasts for a long time.
  • The installation might be a challenge for the ones doing it the first time.

Bottom Line

Despite being cheap, this product comes with its share of benefits. For those who have budget restraints and need a tailgate assist for their Ford models, this one can be a nice alternative. It is compatible with F-150 (2015-2018) models. In fact, it fits Ford’s Crew, Standard, and Extended Cab Pickup, models.

Best Tailgate Assist Buyer Guide (A-Z)

What Is A Tailgate Assist

Tailgate assist, also known as tailgate shock assist, is an accessory that controls the drop rate of your tailgate. Instead of letting the gate drop freely, it slows down the dropping rate. It works with the existing tailgate cables of the vehicle to facilitate a slow, consistent, and smooth lowering. They usually come with integrated dampener that makes sure you can open the tailgate by using a single finger. Convenient, isn’t it?

Why You Need A Tailgate Assist?

Well, no one loves to hear the thump caused by a free falling tailgate. But it can happen from time to time, even though you don’t intend it. Your hands might be full of tools, equipment, and papers, and trying to open the tailgate concurrently can result in dropping the gate.

On the other hand, putting what you have in hand on the street in order to open your tailgate might not always be a good idea. The road can be muddy, or wet. Apart from that, it makes you a laughing stock.

Tailgate is by no means a lightweight object. A free falling tailgate can be dangerous and injure bystanders standing near it. It’s very possible that you might injure yourself. Even if no one is harmed, the pickup/truck is going through a jolt every time you open the gate. Maybe not now, but within a year or two, your truck will start to return the favor, which might result in hundreds of dollars for maintenance.

Using a tailgate is a simple solution that can eliminate those risks. You don’t have to worry about putting your stuff on the road, injure yourself or any other, or even hurting your vehicle. All you need is a single finger to open the gate and you’re good to go.

How To Choose A Tailgate Assist For Your Truck

There are several factors that decide which tailgate assist kit you need. Purchasing the wrong type won’t only cost you time, it’ll waste your money and effort. Spending a little time setting your priorities will benefit you in the end.


Depending on your purpose of using tailgate assist, the product can be different. For example, if you don’t have tailgate cable pre-installed in your vehicle, you will have to buy a tailgate assist that works both as a shock dampener and tailgate cable. Two-sided tailgate lift assists will serve you right in this situation.

If you want to control the drop rate of your tailgate, then a gas shock with a ball and socket will come in handy. They don’t need to be installed on both sides. When it comes to price and protecting you tailgate from rough landing, they deliver the best performance.

There are some tailgate assists that won’t control the drop rate uniformly but reduce the free-falling effect. They use torsion energy to keep the velocity contained. These tailgate assists are usually cheap and easy to install.

Working Principle

The working principle often defines the volume of work you have to do to install the tailgate assist. Depending on the working principle, there are several types of tailgate assists.

  • Two-sided Cable: Installed on both rails of a pickup/truck.
  • One-sided gas shock: Installed on the driver’s side, uses gas shock as a dampener.
  • One-sided spring shock: Installed on the driver’s side, uses painted spring as a dampener.
  • U shaped torsion Bar- Attached to the truck bed and tailgate.

Vehicle Models

One of the most important buying factors. You have to make sure the truck or pickup tailgate assist you’re buying is compatible with your vehicle model. Even if the model matches, matching the year is necessary. Most of the product returns happens because the customer has in haste and bought the wrong model. That’s why, companies like Dee Zee, AEagle provide clear information on which models the product fit. If you don’t see your vehicle model there, you can contact their customer support to investigate further.


Products from original equipment manufacturers have some benefits of their own. You won’t have to worry about the quality and compatibility issues. You won’t have to drill or alter any structure of your truck. Above all, they’re usually happy to replace the product if you face any issues.

However, the thing that refrains most of the customers from buying OEM is the price. They usually come with a higher price tag. We wouldn’t say the products don’t deserve the price, but it is a deciding factor for buyers with a restrained budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tailgate Assist Do I Need?

That depends on your budget, truck model, and the mechanism you feel comfortable with. For example, if you want budget options, then Dee Zee, AEagle are suitable options. EasyLift and Ford will come with medium to higher price tags.

As for truck models, Dee Zee, EasyLift, and AEagle work with most of the models available on the market. Products coming from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like Ford will be for specific models of the company. However, coming from the original manufacturer, they tend to be of better quality.

Mechanism and the ease of installation are interconnected. The mechanism used by Dee Zee and AEagle doesn’t need any drilling. AEagle comes with a U-shaped torsion bar that needs drilling on the tailgate and truck bed. Ford tailgate assist replace old latch, thus needing no drilling. But, you have to disassemble the tailgate and the taillight, which is the heck of a work!

How Does Tailgate Assist Work?

It depends on the mechanism the accessory operates in. Some tailgate assists hold the gate through a spring shock dampener, allowing it to open and close slowly.

Some assists come with a long cable housing attached alongside the rails. They replace the factory cables and effectively control the drop rate.

Some tailgate assists are set up between the truck bed and the tailgate, working as a damper in between.

Manufacturers like Ford provides tailgate assists that only go with their truck models. The dimensions come exactly matching the specifications of the car. These types of assists are installed behind the tail light.

How To Install Top Tailgate Assist?

Depending on the type and appliance, there are several ways to install tailgate assist. Almost every tailgate assist comes with an instruction manual. If you have a hard time understanding them, you can look up on YouTube. However, we are going to discuss different installation processes briefly so that you get a rough idea.

1. Two-Sided Tailgate Lifting (Example- Gorilla Lift):

The package comes with two 3.5’ rails and long bolts to attach them. You have to attach them to the top rails of your vehicle. First, drill through your top rails and the housing of the tailgate assists. Then you have to use the bolts to securely attach them.

A tip, attach the cables on the tailgate first to see where the permanent attachments should be. This way, you’ll be able to make sure your tailgate lays flat to the ground.

2. Ball & Socket Connection (Example- Dee Zee, AEagle):

The package comes with a nutsert and nutsert tool. The nutsert is expanded when tighten, and that’s what we’ll use as the working principle.

First, install the nutsert to the tailgate pivot point using 10 mm wrench and M5 Allen wrench. Tighten the nutsert with nine 360-degree clockwise turns. Keep the nutsert and remove the nutsert tool when finished. Apply ½ drops of thread lock on the thread of the ball mount. Attach the ball mount to the nutsert.

Remove the tailgate cable and cable bolt using the wrench provided with the package. Attach the ball mount plate and put the bolt and cable back in. Attach the larger part of the gas shock to the ball mount plate and the narrow part of the shock to the nutsert. You’re pretty much done with the process.

A tip, sometimes the nutsert might not tighten properly with the recommended 9 turns. You have to use the full length of the bolt instead of ¾” and keep turning it clockwise until it tightens securely.

3. Torsion Bar (Example- EasyLift):

You’ll need a drill to install this bar. Basically, you have to drill two holes. One on the truck bed, and another at the bottom end of the tailgate. The first one is known as ‘A’ side and the latter is known as ‘B’ side. The ‘A’ side remains vertical after the setup while the ‘B’ side stays horizontal.

Although the manufacturers recommend attaching the vertical ‘A’ side first, many users prefer the other way around. If you get your tailgate end rightly drilled, that makes the measurement easier to drill the truck bed end.

Wrapping It Up

It happens even to the best of us. We try opening the tailgate with an armful of stuff on our hands and bam! The gate slips out of hand and drops. Not only that unsettles the mind of a vehicle lover, but it may also lead to potential harm.

A free falling tailgate can injure your body. Apart from that, your vehicle structure starts to weaken with every shock the tailgate cables experience.

Wouldn’t it be great to avoid those circumstances, being able to open your tailgate with one hand and unload cargo with ease? The best tailgate assist will help you achieve those feats. Being top quality, it’ll also last longer to make the purchase worth every penny.

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