Best Subwoofer for Car 2023 (Top 10 Picks)

Small things here and there all add up to cracking away at the dam, until it breaks!

Same goes for your car stereo system. You can have a mighty audio system, but it will struggle with lower sound frequency. Your listening experience will power and definition.

Unless you install one simple thing. A motor vehicle subwoofer.

Not only will it add bass to your sound, but also enhance lower frequencies. You’ll hear sounds you didn’t even think were there!

The best subwoofer isn’t about drowning people in sound as you drive by, it’s all about bringing balance between high and low-end outputs. In this article, we’ll help you bring that balance to your car audio system.

Best Subwoofer for Car in 2023

best subwoofer for car
Subwoofer for Car

A subwoofer can make or break your vehicles sound system. It delivers a powerful bass response to catch low-frequency sounds.

However, they come in a variety of designs, features and efficiency level. The choice you make will also depend on your budget, available space and music preference.

We want to help you choose a dedicated subwoofer. The kind that’ll accentuate the beats and punches in the music.

Shortly, we will discuss the top models in the markets. They come in different sizes and features. And whatever your requirements are, we hope this list will have them covered.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Best Car Subwoofer Comparison Table

Image Product Size
Power (W)
Orion-HCCA122-HCCA Orion HCCA122 HCCA
(Editor’s Choice)
Check Price
Rockford-Fosgate-P300-subwoofer Rockford Fosgate P300
Check Price
MTX-Audio-Terminator MTX TNE212D
(Editor’s Choice)
Check Price
Kenwood-KSC-SW11-Compact-subwoofer Kenwood KSC-SW11
Check Price
Rockville-RW10CA-Subwoofer Rockville RW10CA
10 200
Check Price
Skar-Audio-EVL-12-subwoofer Skar Audio EVL-12
12 1250 2500
Check Price
American-Bass-Usa-XFL-1244-Subwoofer American Bass XFL 1244
12 1000
Check Price
Planet-Audio-AC10D-1500-Watt-subwoofer Planet Audio AC10D
1500 Check Price
JBL-GT-BassPro12-12-Inch JBL GT-BassPro12
Check Price
Polk-Audio-DB651-subwoofer Polk Audio DB651
6.5 120
Check Price

Our 10 Picks For The Best Motor Vehicle Subwoofer

In this short review, we will be presenting some of the best subwoofers for cars, and try to give you a wider image of what we think are the best subwoofers on the market. They are all high-valued products that will open a totally different world of sound for you. So, let’s start.

1. Orion HCCA122 HCCA Black Coil Series | Best Motor Vehicle Subwoofer

If you want to feel the bass under your skin, then this one is the right pick. It’s not like usual all in one device that lacks power. Rather, this one comes with 2500 RMS, meaning it can continuously operate on 2500 watts. Also, the peak wattage being 5000 means it can handle 5000 watts.

This is a polypropylene cone woofer. Not only it can withstand the agonies of the road, but it can also deliver a crisp sound with its symmetrical surround. The 12 inches subwoofer can be facilitated in any vehicle.

Best Motor Vehicle Subwoofer review
Orion HCCA122 HCCA

You’ll get expert grade low-frequency response with its 84-decibel sensitivity. Although the outlook might seem simple, you can rest assured the enhanced voice coil cooling system will keep the temperature controlled, keeping this beast up and running.

Performance alert!! The Orion might deem too powerful for most people to handle. Make sure you provide a strong battery because the eloquent features will need it. Also, you’ll need a high-quality amplifier to make sure the sound reproduction is top notch. Our suggestion, hire a professional to install it, and experience loud, crisp, low bass sound uninterruptedly.

View Details on Amazon

  • This is one of the most powerful subwoofers on the market.
  • Efficient air cooling system to keep the temperature controlled.
  • Top quality low-frequency response.
  • Durable, well built with polypropylene and rubber tri-radius surround.
  • Single subwoofer with a convenient 12 inches size.
  • Dual flat conex spiders to enhance sound clarity.
Potential Flaws
  • Powerful battery needed. If possible, a second backup too.
  • The voltage might drop if isn’t installed properly.

Bottom Line
While the scary bass might frighten some people, it’s an actual delight for bass lovers. Make sure you provide it with a powerful battery and you’re good to go. It’s only natural because great features need powerful backup. Make sure you appoint a professional to install it unless you’re a car savant. Go through these one-time hassles, and you’ll get the experience of a lifetime.

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2. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch | Best Sealed Subwoofer For Car

Powerful, yet affordable. Being already enclosed for quick installation, the Rockford Fosgate P300 is something you can add to your audio system with sheer ease. The device comes with the most convenient 12 inches size.

Furthermore, the subwoofer has a built-in 300-watt amplifier. That means all you have to do is plug it with the power and audio source. The surrounding enclosure is made of ⅝-inch MDF and protected with industrial grade vinyl.

best subs for car review
Rockford Fosgate P300 subwoofer

The compact design makes it suitable to install in closed spaces, like the trunk, back of the seat or small cars. Apart from easy installation, it excels in performance too.

For instance, it has separate low and speaker level inputs. This along with the remote bass level control and low pass crossover provides an astonishing deep bass. There are thermal and over-voltage protections which make sure, the device doesn’t fail to deliver.

As for the build quality, the device features reinforced paper pulp cone, along with StampCast basket for venting. All of these makes it compact, yet well-crafted and dependable.

View Details on Amazon

  • The Fosgate P300 has a frequency range of 35 Hz -150 Hz.
  • Peak power 600 watts, with an RMS of 300 watts.
  • All-in-one build, can be installed easily thanks to the enclosed surrounding.
  • Efficient thermal and voltage protection.
  • Built-in class D amplifier, superior bass reproduction.
Potential Flaws
  • You might face problems with longevity.

Bottom Line
This is a cheap car subwoofer. Which means you don’t have to dig deep in your pockets. Yes, there were issues with longevity, but most of the users were able to use it for a long period. And with the quality it provides, this product will make sure every penny was spent well.

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3. MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D | Best Budget Car Subwoofer

This is a complete package that comes with a subwoofer system, a mono amplifier and an installation kit, everything you need to get started immediately.

The MTX comes with a huge RMS of 400 watts, along with the peak power and maximum power being 800 and 1200 watts. The separate amplifier allows you to set in your ideal audio quality.

Best Budget Car Subwoofer review
MTX Audio Terminator

This a combo of two speakers and sealed box. Together, they are surrounded by rubber to protect the structure from clatters. Each speaker is built of polypropylene cone, and 12 inches in size.

The speakers have 2-inch voice coils made of aluminum and a 48-ounce magnet. Together, they deliver the lowest bass you can dream of. The enclosure is made of ⅝-inch MDF and covered by aviation grade black carpet.

You might think the sealed box will produce too muddy sound, but that won’t be the case for MTX. The sound is deep, but not unclear or irritating. This device has a cooling processor named Spider Plateau Venting. This processor refreshes the air around the coil, making sure the device doesn’t get overheated.

View Details on Amazon

  • Strongly built, made to withstand torture along the road.
  • The dual speakers can cover very low frequency.
  • The all-in-one device comes with a really cheap price tag.
  • Superior construction with polypropylene cone and rubber surround.
  • Amazing sound sensitivity at 86.4 decibels.
Potential Flaws
  • Might not fit in tight spaces due to the huge enclosure.

Bottom Line
This one is a value for the money subwoofer. It comes with two speakers and an RMS of maximum 1200 watts which is truly unmatched. Yes, you might have a hard time fitting it in tight spaces, but look for alternate space if that happens. It’s a small price to get bone thumping bass and many people will trade the small setback with its amazing performance without thinking twice.

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4. Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact | Best Compact Subwoofer For Car

Not all of the car owners look forward to winning an SPL competition. I mean, they want a decent subwoofer with satisfying performance and compact enough to fit small spaces.

Kenwood KSC-SW11 is exactly what they’re looking for. It has a low profile build, so compact that can be placed under or behind the sit. But don’t misunderstand it with inferior products, this one here has a built-in amplifier.

The power is lower when you compare it with other models, but enough for standard users. The 75 watts RMS and 150 peak power is enough to catch low-frequency sounds. Also, it comes with a remote bass level control so that you can determine your sound level.

best compact powered enclosure subwoofer review
Kenwood KSC SW11 Compact subwoofer

The installation is surprisingly easy. Just tuck it on a closed space, connect to your car battery and audio source. The sensitivity is pretty great at 110 decibels. Despite the small size, this subwoofer can pack a decent bass punch. Some users even use more than one unit since the footprint is pretty low.

The built quality is reliable though. The speaker basket is constructed of steel, with a rubber cover surrounding it. The enclosure measures at 8-1/4″ x 5-1/8″ and is made of aluminum, giving the product durability.

The product being compact has some drawbacks too. Don’t expect the sound to jiggle your bone or shatter windows. Also, air circulation is naturally limited. But that’s what it is, an entry level car subwoofer without bulky construction. It will still add a decent amount of low-end.

View Details on Amazon

  • All in one car subwoofer with a compact build and decent performance.
  • Good construction, the aluminum enclosure makes it strong against impacts.
  • Wired remote to control volume and low-pass crossover.
  • Decent frequency response at 35 Hz to 150 Hz.
Potential Flaws
  • The speaker is small, which will yield a lower volume than high-end products.

Bottom Line
Not every user want the same thing. Not everyone is looking for a glass shattering sound system. Although this product lacks volume and top-level bass, it still won’t disappoint you with what it has. It’s compact, easily installable and if you need, you can use two units instead of one.

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5. Rockville RW10CA 10″ Active Powered | Best Slim Car Subwoofer

The Rockville subwoofer checks many boxes with its versatile features. It’s lightweight, compact, provides good bass and finally, self-powered. While taking an extremely low footprint, this one delivers sonically low frequencies with ease.

The device is only 10 inches in size and 2.7 inches thick. You can keep it in compact spaces, like under the front passenger seat. It comes with a built-in amplifier, so you can rest assured your car won’t be a muddle of wires.

The device comes with an RMS of 200 watts, while the peak being 800 watts. Well, it won’t unnerve the neighborhood, but it will produce surprisingly deep, loud and clear bass.

Best Slim Car Subwoofer Review
Rockville RW10CA Subwoofer

The special technology used in this device makes installation a piece of cake. You don’t need remote wires from your receiver to on/off the unit. It has a high-level input, the circuit senses when an audio signal is present, and turn the radio on.

Likewise, the amplifier installed in this subwoofer will automatically shut down as soon as you turn off the music signal. Also, all the inputs and outputs are on one side, which makes the installation easier and cleaner.

But that’s not all it has on its sleeve. It comes with soft delayed remote turn on and adjustable input sensitivity, just so that you can be in control of the sound level. Overheating can be a real problem for such compact devices. The RW10CA address it with thermal protection, overload protection, and short protection circuits.

View Details on Amazon

  • This is a CEA-2006 compliant device and built for under seat use.
  • MOSFET- made transistor ensures optimum power delivery and circuit safety.
  • Volume level control and low pass filter to fine-tune the audio.
  • Slim and compact, can be used in tight spaces.
  • Phase Switch 0° or 180° allows subwoofer polarity.
Potential Flaws
  • Durability might be an issue.
  • Might produce lower sound, especially when it’s installed under the seat.

Bottom Line
Although the sound quality and durability might be an issue for many, we won’t exactly call them deal breakers. Because usually, you can’t have both compactness and the best bass quality. Still, this one packs quite clear and satisfying sound for such a thin and compact device.

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6. Skar Audio EVL-12 | Best Powered Subwoofer For Car

This is a high-grade car subwoofer that’s built with utmost quality and avails low-frequency sound reproduction. It’s a pretty powerful subwoofer which operates at 1250 watts RMS and 2500 watts peak power.

The high RMS power means it won’t burn out easily while delivering peak performance. It has 4 layers of CCAW black aluminum voice coil sized 3 inches, which means the device is able to deliver deep, crisp, loud audio.

For a strong device like this, fail-safe security is important. Skar does it by its own innovative airflow design, which prevents the device from overheating. It has an audio sensitivity of 85.1 dB, which indicates the sound should be up to the mark.

best subwoofer for car review
Skar Audio EVL 12 subwoofer

The build quality is something you can depend on. The Skar EVL-12 is made of competition grade paper cone, which promises it will last around longer. And the high roll foam surround makes sure the device is safe and intact after installing.

This subwoofer comes with a suspension design that is unmatched to most counterparts. It consists of a single damper and two layers of spiders. The whole device is powered by a strong double stack ferrite motor.

View Details on Amazon

  • Skar is fitted with 8-gauge push terminals for easy installation and steady power flow.
  • Multi-spoke basket to ensure optimal cooling.
  • A frequency response of 35 Hz- 350 Hz with 85.1-decibel sensitivity.
  • Double cone construction and foam surround.
  • Skar audios signature red-colored single damper with a two-layer spider.
Potential Flaws
  • Feature-wise, it’s still a pretty basic model with fewer customization options.

Bottom Line
The device comes with a low price. It has a great build quality. While you might miss the lack of sound customization, the power and sound quality would compensate for that. Also, it has an efficient cooling system which allows the device to run for a long time.

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7. American Bass USA XFL 1244 | Best 12 Inch Car Subwoofer

If you’re an SPL enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard of American Bass. The XFL 1244 comes from their latest line of rugged, quality subwoofers. It can produce pretty low-end and loud bass while handling a great amount of power at the same time.

This is a 12 inches subwoofer. The 3”, 4-ohm voice coils can operate continuously at 1000 watts while having the maximum power rating double that power. This ‘bad boy’ comes enclosed in an aluminum basket, providing safety for the device.

Best 12 Inch Car Subwoofer Review
American Bass Usa XFL 1244 Subwoofer

The device is made of non-press paper cone that is Carbon-Kevlar enforced, and triple stacked 220 oz. magnets. The cones are surrounded with several layers of foam, the two are connected together by both stitching and adhesives.

The internal design is equally robust. The aluminum voice coil is connected to 3 layers of progressive spiders. The spiders connect the coil and suspension. The spider diameters are attached to the device frame through a synthetic spider landing. If the device bumps into the trunk, worry about the trunk, not the subwoofer.

View Details on Amazon

  • Heavy duty 12 inches subwoofer with 35 pounds of weight.
  • High energy magnet of 220 oz. to produce crisp bass.
  • Strongly built with a paper cone, foam surround, and aluminum basket.
  • Comex spiders cooling pump motor to prevent overheating.
  • The motor is guarded by a black rubber bumper.
  • Uni-rubber gasket and rubber magnet boot.
Potential Flaws
  • The device might feel heavy to many users.

Bottom Line
While it’s not exactly your ideal compact, lightweight device, it excels pretty great in the actual job. No, it won’t probably deliver hard hitting bass. But hey, most of the users don’t seek bone-jarring bass. It still provides an above-average sonic experience which is more than enough. With the high power handling, robust design and affordable price tag, I’d say it’s a pretty balanced one.

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8. Planet Audio AC10D 10 Inch | Best Cheap Subwoofer For Car

Even the smallest things can surprise you. And that’s even truer for Planet Audio AC10D. This is a 10 inches subwoofer. You might even misjudge it for an inferior product at first. But trust me, this baby here has several tricks up its sleeve.

Made of polypropylene injection cone and foam surround, the device is resilient and durable. The subwoofer is enclosed in a die-cast basket which guards it against crashes. Also, this basket is corrosion free and has high thermal and electrical conductivity.

best budget car subwoofer review
Planet Audio AC10D subwoofer

The device comes with two voice coils, performing better than the single coiled ones out there. These coils are durable and can withstand high temperature. The product operates at 1500 watts maximum power, or so the manufacturers say.

The AC10D isn’t about leaving a big footprint, rather balancing things for better output. It produces the right ohm load to retract maximum efficiency from the amplifier. It delivers a pretty good sound sensitivity of 87 dB, which products double its price can’t often deliver.

View Details on Amazon

  • Dual voice coils of 4 ohms, delivers resonant frequency of 39 Hz.
  • Cheap, Compact, lightweight 10 inches subwoofer that can be installed easily.
  • Polypropylene cone surrounded by foam and die-cast basket.
  • Voice coils with superior material to withstand high temperature and fatigue.
Potential Flaws
  • The product might not handle as much RMS as it claims.

Bottom Line
To tell you the truth, this is a super affordable, cheap subwoofer. Anything you get at this price is a win. The product might not be completely truthful about power handling (who are these days?), but it still can manage a decent RMS. And if installed right, this fella can still surprise you with hard bass.

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9. JBL GT-BassPro12 | Best Bass Subwoofer For Car

The GT-BassPro12 comes with raw power, a slim design, and heavy-duty build quality. The design will instantly draw your attention and when you hear those punchy beats, you’ll be dazzled.

It has an RMS power of 150 watts and a peak power of 450 watts. The amplifier is flawlessly matched with the woofer. What’s impressive is the proprietary Slipstream port, which filters unwanted noise at high outputs. It has a signal sensing turn on, which reduces work on the user’s part.

Best Bass Subwoofer For Car review
JBL GT-BassPro12 12-Inch

When the head unit sends an audio signal, it automatically turns on. These features make it compatible with aftermarket radios which come with remote turn-on lead.

It has an external speaker and oversized speaker protection bars. The speaker looks cool on the outside, while the open design and vented pole piece keep the inside of the motor cool. The device comes with a die-cast basket which keeps the sound reproduction at peak level.

The remote level control of the GT BassPro will help you fine-tune the bass output. Also, the low pass, input level, phase controls and bass boost help to define low end beats accurately.

View Details on Amazon

  • Solid build, open speaker design with extended speaker bars.
  • Sidestream port and enclosure to ensure maximum output.
  • Remote level control to adjust the bass from the driver’s seat.
  • Vented pole piece to keep the motor cool.
  • Progressive spider to employ control on the cone’s motion.
Potential Flaws
  • The unit might feel heavy and bulky.
  • Low watt amplifier has performance limitation.

Bottom Line
This device is a low budget, decent quality subwoofer. It might look bulky, but the appearance looks pretty chic. As for the performance, you won’t be disappointed if you keep your expectations in check. The solid build means it will last longer and pay you every penny back.

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10. Polk Audio DB651 Review | Best Small Subwoofer For Car

This is a marine grade device, which means it comes with good weather resistance, compact footprint and easy installation. This stylish subwoofer contains stainless steel mounting hardware and strong ABS grilles that’ll add a touch of elegance to your car.

This is a 6.5 inches subwoofer. However, it also fits 6.75 inches openings with the help of adapter rings that come with the package. The cone is packed with mica/polymer composite that is lightweight. And the rubber surround makes sure the cone doesn’t collapse under heat, moisture, and collision.

Best cheap car subwoofer review
Polk Audio DB651 subwoofer

The device is equipped with polymer/silk dome tweeters. These tweeters facilitate precise aiming of the sound thanks to the built-in neodymium magnets. The units work equally well with OEM factory systems and aftermarket head units.

The voice coil is a low mass Kapton voice coil. It comes in two layers. With a high and low pass crossover filter, the high frequencies will go to the twitter, while the low ones will go to the subwoofer. The separation yield better sounding experience for the user.

View Details on Amazon

  • Each pair can handle 120 watts RMS and 360 watts peak power.
  • Stainless steel hardware and muscular grilles make the device durable.
  • Can withstand moisture and temperatures from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.
  • Multi-hole mounting and shallow depth magnet design for easy installation.
  • High-efficiency design needs less amplifier power to yield decent sound.
Potential Flaws
  • The bass quality might not be top notch.

Bottom Line
There are very few products on the market that come with the build it comes with. This one is made to withstand harsh conditions, bad weathers, and moisture on the sea. So it’s assumable that it will feature even better on the road. The bass might not be super high, but the quality is still above-average, and probably enough for standard users.

How to choose the best subwoofer for the car

Choosing the perfect subwoofer along with the amplifier is not a big deal at all but calls for some SBC of mathematics. While choosing the best subwoofer according to your speaker we need to consider a few electrical phrases. Let’s get introduced with them.

Subwoofer Size:

It is actually nothing without a term related to the amount of money. The more you are going to spend, the larger, loud and deep bass you are going to achieve. But the tip of the iceberg is considering the space of your car. If you don’t have enough enclosure, your desire of installing larger subwoofer might be turned into a nightmare. So, size matters.

RMS Power:

RMS stands for Root Mean Square. This term is widely used to express the most tolerable margin that a subwoofer can intake. When you go for a subwoofer don’t forget to match the RMS watt with the amplifiers watt. Most of the amplifiers nowadays in the market come with some handy features like adjusting the power of the amplifier with the RMS of the subwoofer.

Peak Power:

Just like the before, another term to take into account is Peak Watt. Peak watt is the maximum power a subwoofer can tolerate. A little bit of power movement in this range may result in permanent damage to your subwoofers and speakers. So, while you for a subwoofer just pay a bit attention to it.

The Impedance:

You should be well known with the term “resistance”, especially, if you studied science in high school. Here the impedance rating stands for resistance. This is the last but not the least major factor to take care of. As I am talking about the science background, you can take this as a big deal. But, believe me, this is not the rocket science at all. Let me uncover the curtain and dig a bit deeper.

Resistance is the property of the substance which reduces the amount of electricity flow through any substance. The modern subwoofer comes with usually 2 or 4 ohms electrical resistant. The greater the number the less amount of electricity will be flown and the less performance you will receive.

This is as easy as a pie. If you have two 4 ohms subwoofers, your amplifier should come with 8 ohms. The calculation is as simple as that.

The frequency Scale:

Another important thing to pay attention is frequency. Yes, all of us deserve for loud but low bass but they don’t know the science playing the role. Consider the functions of the treble, they are engineered to provide with the maximum level of frequency. As we want loud and low bass, so we should opt to the lowest level of frequency on the contrary. The minimum level of frequency that human can perceive is 20Hz. So, the best subwoofer should be engineered with a frequency value around 20Hz. Say 25 or 30, as an example.

FAQ About Best Subwoofer for Car, Truck, SUV

  • What is the function of the subwoofer?

The function of the subwoofer is pretty simple. A subwoofer simply adds an additional dimension in your music listening experience by producing low-frequency bass.

  • I want to buy a subwoofer. Which one will be the best?

Actually, the definition of the term “best” varies from person to person. Any staff which is worthy to me may not perform up to marks from your perspective. So, I never prefer taking the benefit of the doubt. But there are some well-known brands out there in the market-dominating with flying colors like JL Audio 10W3v3-4, Power Acoustik MOFO-154X, Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 and the list grows on.

  • How much will it cost to install a subwoofer in my car?

Actually, you cannot kill two birds with one stone. Stop daydreaming; I must say if you are expecting huge performance with a light wallet in your pocket. Money speaks for itself and I am sure Bob’s not your uncle. But you will have a wide array of car subwoofers pricing between $37 and $400.

  • How to get low bass?

Most of the people actually don’t know the way they can have the lowest Bass. But I will let the cat out of the bag. The tricks of the trade is going for the lowest frequency. The lower the Hz is the louder and lower bass you can expect, as per the rule of science.

  • Do I need an amplifier to power the subwoofer?

Yes, subwoofer must be powered with an amplifier. Without an amplifier, your subwoofer is actually nothing but a toy. If you are determined to install a subwoofer in your car, don’t forget to order an amplifier in addition.

  • What does it mean by component subwoofer?

Component subwoofer means only the bare speakers without any actual subwoofer. You can turn your component subwoofer into a real one by adding an amplifier powered subwoofer in the sound system.

Wrapping up

Many people, many minds. And that’s what makes choosing an ultimate winner a difficult one. Some are looking for bone-jarring thumps, while some are looking for compact devices to fit in small spaces. That’s why it’s never easy to make a list of best motor vehicle subwoofers.

But we did because we considered the versatility of our readers. The products we reviewed aren’t all bass winners. But they do have specialties of their own, and that’s probably the reason our readers with different requirements will love them. Let us know which one worked for you.

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  3. Author has kept superb unknown ideas, that will help most of music lover. It is not only includes huge ideas but also user friendly with figure-out post. If anybody read this article will reinforce to get this. Thanks a million for this post.

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