10 Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires | Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

Sawzall blades come in different shapes and sizes and TPI. Don’t know what TPI means? Yeah, we thought so. That’s why this review will help you pick out the best Sawzall blade for cutting tires.

Picking one can be tricky since you need to think of the materials, length, and TPI. TPI is the teeth per inch. We’ve researched many products, looked through lots of customer reviews, and finally came up with our review.

After reading this review, you will get the perfect Sawzall blade that ensures durability, TPI, and ease of use. So, let’s get started.

What is the best Sawzall blade for easily tire cutting?
Use the best Sawzall Blade.

Why Use Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires?

A Sawzall blade is one of the perfect tools you can use to cut tires. They are very sharp and come with varying TPIs. Which means you can pick the right tool for the job.

If the tire is old and very tough, you can find long Sawzall blades that will make easy work of those tires. Other than that, these blades are some of the most versatile and functional blades you will find.

The combination of versatility, sharpness, and maneuverability are a couple of the reasons why you should use a Sawzall blade for cutting tires. And not to mention, they can also make you feel like a professional. That’s a small little bonus on top of all this.

How to Select the Best Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires?

How to select the best sawzall blade?
Best Blade for tire

Before you run off and select the top product from this list (although that would be just fine, and you will be happy with it), we would like to run you through some of the things you need to keep an eye out for. Knowing how to select the right blade will help you make a more informed purchase decision.


When it comes to buying Sawzall blades (or anything really), durability matters. These blades will go through a lot in their lifetime. If you want your blades to last, durability is a major factor. And depending on the material, the blade’s sharpness can also be affected.


A higher TPI or teeth per inch is always preferable. The more teeth per inch, the cleaner your cuts will be. Also, make note that the longer the blade is, the deeper the cut.

Length and Size

Size and blade length also matters. You need to carefully choose the right blade size for the project at hand. A good rule of thumb is to go with a blade that’s longer compared to the thickness of your particular cutting material.


Then comes the fit. The fit is important since you need it to fit your unit. Otherwise, the blade is completely useless in a way. Look for the same fitting mechanism. That will ensure that you can work without facing any major problems.

Price and Brand

Lastly, we have price and brand. Settling on a price point is easy. Decide your budget and pick one from our list that fits your needs. Of course, you also need to keep the above-mentioned features in mind when purchasing one.

As for deciding on which brand to go with, you can just pick any from the list. All the brands here are reliable and have a history of producing high-quality stuff. You can’t go wrong with names like DEWALT and BOSCH.

Comparison Table of Top Sawzall Blade for Cutting Tires

Image Product TPI Material Comes with Pouch Price
WORKPRO-32-piece-Saw-Blade-Set WORKPRO 32-piece Saw Blade Set 5 – 24 Cr-V Steel Yes Check Price
DEWALT-DW4856-Reciprocating-Saw-Blades DEWALT DW4856 Reciprocating Saw Blades 5 – 24 Steel Yes Check Price
Freud-Diablo-DB-Carbide Freud-Diablo DB Carbide 8 Stainless Steel No Check Price
Freud-DS0903CP3-Diablo-9-Inch Freud DS0903CP3 Diablo 9″ 3 Metal No Check Price
DEWALT-DW4892-Reciprocating-Saw-Blades DEWALT DW4892 Reciprocating Saw Blades 6 – 18 Bi-metal Yes Check Price
Caliastro-Wood-Pruning-Saw-Blades Caliastro Wood Pruning Saw Blades 5 Carbon Steel No
BOSCH-RAP7PK-Reciprocating-Saw-Blade BOSCH RAP7PK 6 Bi-metal No
LENOX-8-inch-Model-20487B818R LENOX 8-inch Model 20487B818R 18 Bi-metal No

8 Best Sawzall Blades for Cutting Tires Reviews

The best Sawzall blades will be durable and able to handle cutting tires like a champ. That’s exactly what these 8 blades we rounded up for you do.

1. Best Overall: WORKPRO 32-piece Saw Blade Set

WORKPRO Reciprocating Saw Blade Set for tire cutting

Do you know what’s better than a single sawblade? A complete set of sawblades. This one is easily our top pick since it balances all the features you need in a good blade. It’s durable, can cut through tires like butter, and is compatible with most reciprocating saws.

It’s made from Cr-V steel which means this one is super durable and sharp. You can easily cut tires and even metals, plastic, and drywall. Can anyone say versatility? That’s what you’re getting here, basically.

The value doesn’t end there. You will love the included pouch that it comes with. That makes transporting and storing this thing super easy. We all have faced the problem; you own a couple of saw blades and then need to spend extra money for a way to organize them all. Well, WORKPRO takes care of that for you.

Speaking of taking care of things, since this one is a complete set, you get 32 pieces of different size blades. So, no matter what your project requirements are, you will have the exact blade to get the job done.

We loved how compatible these are as well. These will work with most reciprocating saws in the market, which just adds extra versatility and seamlessness to the whole thing. Let’s be honest here, the last thing you want is for it to turn into a puzzle piece.

No one has the time to figure which blades fit which saw. That’s just a massive waste of time. See what we mean –these are the overall best ones you can get? Not impressed yet?

These are made with power blast technology. Now, what does that do? Essentially that process gives these a lot of strength and rigidity. The metal won’t crack, and chances of breaking are reduced as well.

Pros/Highlighted Benefits

  • Made from super durable steel that will hold its own easily
  • A pouch is included for easy storage
  • Power blast technology reduces chances of metal cracking and breaking
  • Full set of 32 different sizes perfect for all kinds of jobs from big to small

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • Blade size is a tad bit on the larger size which can cause it to disconnect


This is the best overall Sawzall blade you can get for most tasks. It has a balanced set of features that will work for almost everybody.

  • Durability: A+
  • Cutting: A
  • Ease of Use: A+

2. Runners Up: DEWALT DW4856

DW4856 - DEWALT Saw Blades

DEWALT needs no introduction. They are somewhat of an industry giant and are known to produce high-quality products. These blades are no different. If you don’t need 32 blades in a set but still want quality, these DEWALT ones are an easy choice.

There are 6 pieces in the set which already sound more manageable. By the way, the color finish is something we quite like. They are bright yellow and scream ‘DEWALT’. Of course, the color does nothing for the performance, but it’s still a little detail we felt was worth mentioning.

It’s made from solid materials which makes it sturdy enough to cut through whole tires easily. The bi-metal construction not only gives the blades some flexibility but will also make them last longer and help preserve the cutting edge.

In fact, DEWALT says it will offer you up to 50% more longer life thanks to the patented design. The teeth are purpose-made for the most efficient cutting. And all our research and customer opinions seem to say the same thing.

This one features what’s called a raker teeth design. What that essentially means is that the teeth are very sharp. Have a large project coming up? These will be up for the task and will make quick work of any tire.

The sharpness brings us to the next point. Be careful when using it, though. You don’t want these to hurt you. When you’re not using them, you can keep them inside a durable case which makes it easy when it comes to storing them as well.

You aren’t limited to cutting tires with these blades either. The 6 blades in the pack are all made for different materials, which means you can cut metal, plastic, drywall, and even wood.

Pros/Highlighted Benefits

  • Durable bi-metal build quality that will last long
  • Can be used to cut different materials which make these quite versatile
  • Variety of blades included in the pack for different projects
  • Comes with a very strong pouch that makes storing these quite easy

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • Pack doesn’t have a long blade which might be needed for specific projects


This one comes in a close second and will satisfy most. If you don’t need the ridiculous 32-piece set, this one will do.

  • Durability: A+
  • Cutting: A
  • Ease of Use: B+

3. Best Blade for Versatility: Freud-Diablo DB Carbide

Freud-Diablo DS0408CF3 Carbide Blade Set
Freud-Diablo 4 8TPI 3PK SENS

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. This review is for Sawzall blades for cutting tires. Well, here is the thing, a blade that can cut hardened steel will easily handle tires. With these, you get the best of both worlds.

The blades themselves are made from stainless steel and are very durable. And the teeth are super sharp and will cut with ease. Speaking of cutting with ease, since it’s so sharp, you won’t fatigue your arms trying to cut through tires (and metal).

Part of that performance comes from the carbide tips. They will hold their cutting edge much longer compared to other poor-quality blades in the market. Binding? That’s something you don’t need to worry about with these.

The 4-inch blades mean you won’t need extra blades when cutting tires either. And that is undoubtedly exceptional value. We were quite surprised by how low vibration these are.

You practically can’t even feel it, and that’s great for someone who wants a comfortable using experience. With all these super cool features, the question isn’t whether these are good blades.

But rather, the question is whether these awesome blades are right for you. While these blades are super strong and durable, they aren’t the best for masonry projects. If that’s something you specifically need, then it may be best to look somewhere else.

Other than that, you won’t be disappointed with the performance of these sharp little guys. We call these little guys for a reason, though. These are 4-inch blades which might be limiting for some people.

Pros/Highlighted Benefits

  • Carbide tips make it super sharp and cut with ease
  • Very minimal vibrations when cutting make these very comfortable to use
  • Small size helps you with reaching tight spaces
  • Since it’s super sharp you need to put less effort when cutting

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • Might be too small for some users


Those who are looking for versatility in cutting different materials should pick this one. It can cut through metal and tires with relative ease.

  • Durability: B+
  • Cutting: A
  • Ease of Use: A

4. Best Long Sawzall Blade: Freud DS0903CP3 Diablo 9″

Freud Carbide Pruning Blade
Freud DS0903CP3 Blade

We couldn’t think of a more perfect place to include this one. This blade is also from the guys over at Freud like the previous one. There is one key distinction, though. The size.

Take everything good about the previous Diablo blades and add extra 5 inches and you will end up with this one. DS0903CP3 also comes with carbide tips which make it very sharp and durable.

This makes it perfect for cutting tires, and you don’t need to deal with binding of any sorts either. That’s a win-win right there.

The no-binding cutting experience comes from the cool plunge tip design. It’s little innovations like these why Freud has become such a popular brand. And the ratings and customer reviews speak for themselves.

These are made from high-quality metal. Combine that with the carbide tips. And you have a blade that will last you 50x longer than others. Which means these are an investment in every sense of the word.

We loved the overall performance in every aspect. More often than not, we see some blades perform exceptionally well in some areas but completely blow others.

With these, you get a completely balanced experience. It has ‘Perma shield technology’. What that does is lessen frictions. And the lesser friction you have, the fewer vibrations there will be.

And that is great for ease of use and comfort. You don’t need to deal with any sort of gumming when doing hard projects, either. The long size and extra sharp durability make these great for cutting heavy tires.

Pros/Highlighted Benefits

  • Carbide tips are super sharp which can handle any tough tire
  • Cutting life is 50 times longer than other blades and will last you longer
  • Perma shield lessens vibrations for a comfortable cutting experience
  • Requires little effort when cutting sidewalls; less fatiguing in the long run

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • There are only 3 blades in each pack which is a little disappointing


If you’re in the market looking for a quality long Sawzall blade, Freud hit the ball out of the park with this one.

  • Durability: B+
  • Cutting: A-
  • Ease of Use: A

5. Best Variety Set: DEWALT DW4892 Reciprocating Saw Blades

DW4892- DEWALT Reciprocating Saw Blades

Another DEWALT and another set of quality blades that just work. That’s basically what this set is. The previous set from DEWALT had only 6 blades. This one doubles that with 12 pieces in the set. And the quality is just what you expect from a brand like DEWALT.

The blades are bi-metal and super durable. That makes them very strong and gives you some fantastic cutting performance. If you want a set that can cut through tires and other materials easily, this is the one to get.

It doesn’t end there, though. The package also comes with a durable case which helps to keep these blades all clean and organized. You surely don’t want very sharp blades just lying around in the workshop, do you? No, you don’t.

The set contains 12 pieces, as we already mentioned. And they are different sizes with different TPIs as well. You can choose from 6 or 18 TPI, and each blade also specifies what it’s used for.

You can cut tires, wood, and metal with ease. We love how well these work for all different kinds of projects. Having 12 different blades to choose from really opens up your possibilities.  

One thing you don’t ever have to worry about is not having the right blade for the job. Whether you want to take on a small project or a big and complex one, you can rely on these blades from DEWALT. And that’s a statement you won’t hear being said for most Sawzall blades on the market.

Pros/Highlighted Benefits

  • Durable bi-metal construction that will last you a long time
  • Comes with 12 different pieces and you can pick the right one for your needs
  • Includes a sturdy case for easy and safe storing
  • Sharp blades that will work with tires and even metal or wood

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • Not the best for long process projects


This set has the best variety, which includes a reasonable number of blades. There are different blades for all sorts of tasks at varying TPIs.

  • Durability: A
  • Cutting: B+
  • Ease of Use: B

6. Best for Fast Cutting: Caliastro Wood Pruning Saw Blades

Pruning Sawzall Blades for Reciprocating
Wood Pruning Saw Blades

If you want a long blade that will work with most major reciprocating saw brands like DEWALT, Milwaukee, and more, then this one is a no-brainer. You get top-notch durability and superior tire cutting performance.

First up, let’s talk about the value you get with these. There are 5 blades in the set. That means you get more for your money. And speaking of the blades themselves, these aren’t the run-of-the-mill blades you can find either.

These are made from high-quality carbon steel. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? The build ensures you get great durability and also long-lasting cutting performance all wrapped in a convenient-to-use package.

Not only will these cut tires with ease, but they also will make it quick. You can do pruning with these blades too. A Sawzall blade that cuts fast and easily? Yep, you heard that right. Grab these blades, and you will be finishing your projects in no time.

That can save you time and also make it easier on yourself since you won’t feel too tired. Poor quality blades will take longer to cut and also tire out your arms. So, these are by far much better.

The blades have 5 teeth per inch and also come with a durable carrying or storage pouch. When you’re done with the blades or need to store the replacements, you will have a convenient little pouch to put them in.

Pros/Highlighted Benefits

  • Made from high-quality carbon steel and that makes these blades very durable
  • Very sharp cutting edge will cut through tires like butter and is great for pruning as well
  • Works with most reciprocating saw brands so compatibility is awesome
  • Has 5 pieces in the set which is just some added value to the overall deal

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • Not the best for small projects since they are so large


For fast cutting performance and a long blade, Caliastro’s blade is the right choice.

  • Durability: A-
  • Cutting: A
  • Ease of Use: B+

7. Best for Professional Use: BOSCH RAP7PK

BOSCH RAP7PK Saw Blade Set

Those who are professionals and need Sawzall blades to get the job done with ease can go for this one. And since it’s from BOSCH, you can be completely sure that what you will get is nothing less than quality.

This one has 6 teeth per inch which is one of the reasons it works so well for professionals. Of course, the more teeth per inch there are, the better cut you get. You can be sure your cuts will be smooth and come as clean as possible.

The build quality is equally as great. It’s made from bi-metal. If that sounds familiar, then you must have been paying attention. A couple of previous blades in this list had the same material. Which means these are just as durable as those.

It also has a hardened edge which makes it extra durable and will last you for a long time. Trust us, you don’t want Sawzall blades that are flimsy. They will break on you within a couple of weeks, and then you have to spend more to get new ones. Thankfully that won’t be an issue here whatsoever.

With such sharpness, you can cut metals, wood, and of course, tires. Speaking of cutting, you can cut pretty fast with these blades. When you’re in a professional environment, time equals money.

The more work you get done, the more money you will be making. Thanks to the 10/14 variable pitch of the teeth, you will cut through whatever you’re using it on faster.

That means you finish your projects faster, and you don’t have to grind as hard and won’t get tired soon. And since these are a set, you get different types of blades as well.

Each can be used for cutting different materials, which adds that little extra layer of versatility to the whole mix.

Pros/Highlighted Benefits

  • Durable bi-metal construction blade that will last you a long time
  • Cuts very fast so you can get more work done
  • Different type of blades for different materials that add some versatility
  • Less fatigue and strain on your hands which means these are easy to use

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • Doesn’t come with a pouch so you need to figure out how to store these yourself


Professionals will love this one. It’s a high performer with the good build quality and a sharp cutting edge.

  • Durability: A
  • Cutting: A
  • Ease of Use: B+

8. Best Durable Blade: LENOX 8-inch Model 20487B818R 

LENOX Tools Tire Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade
LENOX Tire Cutting Blade

If you want something that will last you for a long time, then don’t look any further than these. While all the other blades in this list are very durable, this one features T2 technology.

That essentially does two things. One is it makes it super-efficient when cutting. So, whether you’re cutting, be it tires or metals, you can do it with absolute ease. And the other thing is durability.

The T2 teeth technology will give you twice as much cutting life compared to other blades. Which sort of means you get more value for your money. On top of that, these are also power blasted. And of course, it’s made from bi-metal.

Power blasting technology reduces the chance of breaking and ultimately strengthens it quite a lot. So, when we say that these are durable, we mean it.

All that is fine and dandy, but what about the cutting performance?  You won’t be disappointed with that either. We love how sharp these are. Seriously though, these are insanely sharp.

You can easily go through medium to thin metals. Now imagine how easy it would be to work on tires. This one also has one of the highest TPI of any of the blades we reviewed here.

There are 18 teeth per inch. Yes, you read that right. And they are also designed to reduce friction as much as possible. This not only means you get less vibration but also less heat.

Easy and comfortable to use design that will give you very clean and fairly fast cuts. That’s more or less how we would describe these blades. All in all, this one is an easy recommendation from us.

Pros/Highlighted Benefits

  • Durable bi-metal construction makes these super durable and rigid
  • T2 technology gives you twice as much cutting life so these will last you longer
  • 18 teeth per inch will give you some of the cleanest cuts
  • Available in different sizes and lengths which means you can find the perfect one for the job

Cons/Potential Flaws

  • 25 blades in the set can be overkill for some


This one takes the crown for durability, thanks to the T2 technology. Thankfully, durability isn’t the only thing it has going for itself.

  • Durability: A+
  • Cutting: A
  • Ease of Use: B+

Final Verdict

So which one should you go for? If you want something with a lot of different blade types and sizes, then our first pick is the right one for you.

It has all the features you would want and is also made very durably as well. If you don’t want to deal with that many blade types, then the second option will do just fine with its sharp cutting edge and build.

Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people, especially beginner buyers, have some common questions. So, here is the answer to all of those. Most of them are related to the blades and the uses of the blades. We are sure this section will give you some great value.

  • Can you cut a tire with a Sawzall?

Yes, you can. Ensure the teeth are sharp, and the blade itself is made from durable material with a high TPI. Also, make sure you get the right type of blade for your Sawzall too.

  • What is the best tool to cut a tire?

This one is a bit tricky. What tool you need depends on the type of tire you’re cutting and also what kind of cut you want. Different types will require different tools, so there isn’t a one size fits all option.

  • How do you cut a steel-belted tire?

A good reciprocating saw and blades like the WORKPRO blades will do a fantastic job cutting through steel-belted tires.

  • What size blade is right for me?

As we mentioned earlier, it all depends on the type of project you’re working with.  What you need to keep in mind is the size of the blade compared to the width of the cutting material.

  • Can a Sawzall be used to cut through cast iron?

You can use a Sawzall to cut through iron. But be ready to replace blades quickly. Cutting cast iron will destroy blades faster.

  • What is a Sawzall?

Sawzall is a term that’s used to describe a brand of reciprocating saw. They use a back and forward motion to cut through different materials. The term is a registered trademark of Milwaukee Tool.

  • How long do Sawzall blades last?

This will depend on how you use it and what you cut with it. If you tend to cut harder material, the lifespan will be shorter.

  • How often should you change the blade?

It’s good practice to change the blade when you see they aren’t performing at their peak. You will notice it will cut slow and also produce more friction. Another telltale sign is the blade will create more chips.

  • Can you sharpen Sawzall blades?

You technically can. There are even professionals who do it. But given these blades aren’t that expensive it isn’t worth it to sharpen. Replacing them is more efficient.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Now that you know which is the best Sawzall blade for cutting tires, you can pick the one that suits your needs and projects. Our top pick, the WORKPRO 32-piece set is a full-featured set. But you also can’t go wrong with any of the other choices.


Sawzall blades come in all shapes and sizes. But which one is right for you if you want to work with tires.? We rounded up the best Sawzall blade for cutting tires.

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