Best Sander for Cars Body Work (Painting) 2023

If auto bodywork is your professional job then an electric sander is out of the question. However, what if you are a DIY type of person who wants to do some bodywork at home? Wouldn’t, in that case, the best sander for cars be just the right tool for the job?

Well, yes you can use an electric sander. The electric sander is in most cases used when there is no air compressor and air tools available. Most professionals avoid electric sanders because they have a high RPM, they get hot very fast, and they don’t have a variable speed.

best sander for cars review
Sander for cars

If you can, definitely go with the air tools, but if you use an electric sander, remember to only use it to remove the paint and rough the surface. After that sand by hand to get a proper finish.

Best Sanders for Car Painting Comparison

Image Product Item
Power Overall
Griot's-Garage-10813STDCRD Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 7 pounds 850 watts 9.2/10 Check Price
TCP-Global-Model-EP-502-6 TCP Global Model EP-502-6 7.5 pounds 900 watts 8.7/10 Check Price
Chemical-Guys-BUF-Porter-Cable-7424XP Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 10.95 pounds 680 watts 8.6/10 Check Price
TORQ-BUF501X-10FX-Random-Orbital-Polisher TORQ BUF501X 10FX Sander 9.6 pounds 700 watts 8.4/10 Check Price
ARKSEN-7-Variable-6-Speed-Electric-Car-Polisher ARKSEN 7″ Car Polisher 8.3 pounds 1600 watts 8.0/10 Check Price
PORTER-CABLE-7424XP-6-Inch-Polisher PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 7 pounds 500 watts 9.2/10 Check Price
TORQ-TORQX-Random-Orbital-Polisher TORQ TORQX Random Orbital 6.2 pounds 680 watts 8.2/10 Check Price
ARKSEN-7-Electric-Polisher-Buffer ARKSEN 7″ Electric Polisher 12 pounds 1600 watts 7.8/10 Check Price

What sanders do I need?

Well, you basically have a choice between two types of electric sanders. On one side you have a belt sander and on the other orbital finishing sander. What’s the difference?

The belt sander has a high speed and brute strength that can’t be beaten when it comes to sanding big, flat surfaces. The tool uses sanding belts that are a continuous loop of sanding paper. The belt goes around the two spinning cylinders and spins with them.

The orbital finishing sander is much lighter, quieter, and easier to control. This type is not really useful for some heavy removal, but it’s excellent for extra smooth finishing and edge rounding.

The orbital finishing sander accepts the square sheet of sanding paper that is held down by two springs and it vibrates in small circles. This type of vibration allows you to sand in any direction you wish.

Which one of these do you need? Well, you might need both… Or you can buy just a random orbit sander which is something between these two. More about that below.

Our 10 Picks of the best sanders for cars Review

There are various choices out there, but if you want the best sander for cars, you need to go over a few options, study each of them and then decide which one is for you.

Below are our top picks and the reviews of those products so make sure to check it out.

1. Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ – Best for detailed jobs

riot's Garage 10813STDCRD 6" sander review
Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ sander

This is really Griot’s third era orbital so it has experienced a few developments and changes based on client input and recommendations. The company is so devoted to consummating the auto care items, apparatuses, and embellishments that they offer.

Much the same as the first and second era orbitals, the third era is a safe and compelling machine with 7 Amp 850 Watt intense engine. Be that as it may, Griot’s has overhauled the outside to make it more agreeable and simple to utilize.

6-position handle – The handle is flexible and removable as a few people wouldn’t like to utilize the handle, while others want to clean with one hand. It has a rubber treated palm grasp and finger indent on the head in addition to shaped hand and finger holds on its lodging to guarantee finish, non-slip control.

The speed control dial and power switch – These were moved to various areas with the goal that it is effortlessly available to the client

Hook-and-loop backing plate – This element makes it simple for the client to append or supplant any foam cushion they want to utilize. It works under low speed and low warmth conditions, so there is no dread of burning your paint.

Due to its great engine, ergonomic and safe outline, the Griot’s Garage Random Orbital Polisher is solid enough for experts and safe enough for novices.

This is a standout amongst the most flexible polishers in the market as it is successful in securely expelling whirl marks, water spots, oxidation, light scratches, and different defects rapidly with little exertion and it fits a wide range of clients.

Griot's Garage 10813STDCRD sander review
Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD sander

View Features on Amazon

Pros & Highlights

  • Adjustable and removable handle
  • 6-inch hook and loop disc
  • It’s capable of getting too tight spots
  • Very affordable
  • One of the most powerful dual action polishers

Cons & Potential Flaws

  • It’s a bit noisy
  • Heavier than most other dual action polishers

2. TCP Global Model EP-502-6 – Best for beginners

best sander for car body work review
TCP Global Model EP-502-6

One of the principal things that grabbed my attention is the way how quiet it is. It is somewhat noisy on the most elevated setting yet far calmer than comparable models. It additionally had awesome equalization.

By equalization, I mean the rotational power of the engine inside. This instrument does not vibrate and shakes you until your dead. It was smooth and simple to control which persuades that there were a decent scrupulousness and quality in its outline stages.

It accompanies 5 froth waffle cushions each offering an alternate reason from overwhelming slice to light slice to light clean and everything in the middle. There is a fleece cleaning cushion too and inside the case itself was another fleece cushion.

The gadget itself professes to have a computerized rpm show yet it doesn’t very work that way. It indicates 1.0-3.5 which I thought was RPMs anyway the maker’s page says it’ll go to 6500rpm. Not a major ordeal to me by and by but rather something to know about on the off chance that you buy.

When you turn the gadget on it begins at 0 it isn’t turning regardless of whether you last turned it off at max speed it begins at 0 each time which is an awesome piece of a fore idea for wellbeing.

The case additionally has 2 unique handles you can utilize. A T bar style handle you tighten to the side or an H formed handle you hold from the top.

The product works as advertised and it has everything you need to be included in the package. What’s more, the price is more than affordable.

TCP Global Model EP-502-6 sander review
TCP Global Model EP-502-6 sander

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Pros & Highlights

  • Very quiet tool
  • Works as advertised
  • More than the affordable price for what you get
  • Variable speeds

Cons & Potential Flaws

  • The quality of the included pads could be better

3. Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 7424XP – Best for those who need everything

best sander for removing paint review
Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 7424XP

The Porter Cable 7424XP Complete Detailing Kit accompanies all that you have to have to evacuate whirls and scratches with your most loved Chemical Guys cleaning compound.

Doorman Cable set the business standard for handheld dual action polishers. Putting the turning cushion head on a pivoting stabilizer makes the special dual action development that shines with no twirls or visualizations.

This tough enumerating machine utilizes a delicate dual action polisher movement that is alright for anybody to utilize, and simpler to learn than the revolving polisher procedure. Remove profound deformities and scratches, then refine to consummate reflexive sparkle and reflection with the Porter Cable 7424XP!

The total pack accompanies a strong hook-and-loop backing plate, Polishing Pad Cleaner, Polishing Pad Conditioner, and all the cutting and finishing cushions you need to completely detail any auto, truck, bike, or SUV.

The Hex-Logic froth cushion arrangement comes color-coded for particular jobs on various sorts of paintwork. Utilize the Orange and White Hex-Logic cushions to evacuate twirls and scratches, and refine unadulterated reflection and sparkle.

Spread a layer of shine upgrading coat with the Blue cushion, then spread sealant and wax with Black and Red. Buff off cleaning buildup with the ultra-delicate Monster Extreme Thickness Microfiber Towels to check your work without scratching the paint with a hard towel.

The Porter Cable 7424XP Complete Detailing Kit is the one answer for cleaning and completing paintwork to flawlessness with the Porter Cable DA polisher.

The Porter Cable 7424XP set the business standard for conservative double activity cleaning machines. The little impression of the 7424XP enables the client to move the machine around tight corners, under entryway mirrors, and around bends and shapes to convey predictable cleaning power on any vehicle.

The delicate orbital movement of the dual action component spreads the cleaning warmth and work out over a bigger zone than a rotational polisher. This dual action shields touchy surfaces from excess warmth and damage caused by erroneous cleaning methods.

Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 7424XP sander review
Chemical Guys BUF Porter Cable 7424XP sander

View Features on Amazon

Pros & Highlights

  • Complete kit with everything you need
  • Fantastic for beginners
  • Very quiet
  • High quality
  • Affordable price considering what you get

Cons & Potential Flaws

  • Unsatisfactory customer service

4. TORQ BUF501X 10FX Random Orbital – Best for all surfaces

best random orbital sander review
TORQ BUF501X 10FX Polisher

TORQ BUF501X 10FX polisher is a productive device for handling both coated and uncoated metallic surfaces. It ensures amazing final products that are accomplished attributable to the imaginative advancements actualized, and we mean to develop this subject.

As a matter of first importance, the maker has planned the gadget with “savvy” electronic building that guarantees delicate start and keeps up consistent speed rate paying little mind to the heap connected.

Furthermore, the polisher highlights a truly ground-breaking engine with a general intensity of 700 Watts, therefore the faultless task is guaranteed.

Moreover, the machine’s variable speed advanced control makes it simple for a client to adjust the speed contingent upon the surface he is cleaning with the end goal to accomplish great outcomes and stress not over consumes and twirls that may show up.

To indicate, the activity speed can be balanced from 0 to 4200 rpm and clearly, the polisher is fit for dealing with any errand. You will see the current speed on a computerized presentation and will have the capacity to change it when required.

At long last, the TORQ BUF501X 10FX model highlights overheat insurance as an extraordinary opening on the machine’s lodging.

This polisher isn’t just a high-innovation yet additionally an easy to use a machine that will adapt to cleaning and waxing an assortment of surfaces.

With the mix of lightweight and ergonomic plan with an assistant arch handle the polisher fits impeccably in hands and lessens the likelihood of weariness even following a few hours of utilization.

In addition, you don’t have to hold-down any control switches amid the cleaning procedure as the machine is designed with push catches. Such building choice is very sensible sinсe it ensures consistent task without a need to give your hands a rest considering the way that cleaning is a tedious procedure intrinsically.

Indeed, the polisher comes fitted with a 10 feet control string that additionally adds to the machine’s handiness.

TORQ BUF501X 10FX Random Orbital Polisher review
TORQ BUF501X 10FX Random Orbital Polisher

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Pros & Highlights

  • Very easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Consistent speed
  • Overheat protection
  • Affordable

Cons & Potential Flaws

  • Poor pad quality

5. ARKSEN 7″ Variable Speed Car Polisher – Best for home application

best orbital sander for auto body work review
ARKSEN 7 Variable 6 Speed Polisher

This 7 in. electronic polisher gives all the power and controls you require for a wide assortment of uses. The solid engine produces between 600-3100 RPM for ideal cleaning. It consolidates 1600 watt and variable speed control with a pre-set most extreme speed dial.

The outcome is quick and ground-breaking cleaning for clear-coat finishes, and more. It can likewise be effectively changed over to a sander.

Adaptable Design for a Range of Applications: Perfect for home or business applications, perfect for car and marine itemizing and additionally stone cleaning work.

Power with Variable Speed Control: the variable speed that conveys 600 – 3,100 RPM, with electronic speed control to keep up consistent speed under load. The delicate start feature guarantees smooth startups, and the bolt on the catch is intended for constant use at one speed.

Detailer Dream: Ideal for reestablishing dull auto paint, expel fine scratches to uncover a lovely gleam finish.

Hook and Loop: Variable speed control with a pre-set most extreme speed dial. The outcome is quick and great cleaning for clear-coat finishes and the sky is the limit from there. It can likewise be effortlessly changed over to a sander.

It has a solid development and 1200W engine and incorporates a simple to D-Type handle and trigger control.

Immaculate Finish: Six variable speeds, simple to deal with buffer for a perfect finish on various materials and applications.

ARKSEN 7" Variable 6 Speed Electric Car Polisher review
ARKSEN 7″ Variable 6 Speed Electric Car Polisher

View Features on Amazon

Pros & Highlights

  • 6 variable speeds
  • Very easy to use
  • Excellent high-quality motor
  • Quite cheap

Cons & Potential Flaws

  • Low-quality pads

6. PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Polisher – Best Beginner friendly Premium Sander

Affordable sander for car painting review
PORTER CABLE 7424XP 6 Inch Polisher

Porter Cable 7424XP is a refreshed and all the more intense form of the 7424 polisher that has been a standout amongst the most prominent and dependable machines in the market for quite a long time.

All things considered, the 7424XP model has safeguarded all easy to understand highlights of the first polisher yet the machine’s ergonomics and specialized qualities have been incredibly made strides.

Subsequently, a new polisher is equipped for expelling substantially more flaws in a shorter time and with less exertion. Notwithstanding the improved power and expanded number of cleaning circle pivots, the machine has been upgraded for a more comfortable utilization.

It includes a significant savvy speed dial arrangement with the goal that a client can quicken or back off the speed while cleaning. Additionally, the producer has coordinated the “On/Off” catch rather than a trigger for more noteworthy toughness.

Porter Cable polisher comes fitted with a helper side handle that can be settled on the left or right half of the head to give clients extreme control over the procedure. All things considered, with the most recent Porter-Cable polisher both novices in detailing and prepared experts will have their cleaning ventures faster and with improved outcomes.

We should specify that an auto surface cleaning is an essential procedure for both prettifying paint-and-enamel covering and shielding it from untimely failure. This is the motivation behind why a ton of producers has a tendency to manufacture distinctive fluid polishers with the end goal to restore an auto surface as well as secure it.

Along these lines, you ought to choose the sort of polisher that will work best for your necessities, giving you wanted outcomes. Cleaning pastes are normally arranged by abrasive size and the volume.

You can discover coarse abrasive paste to adapt to the worn-in residue and fumes leftover or fine paste to evacuate slight paint abandons. Here and there the utilization of two distinctive grating pastes is required.

PORTER CABLE 7424XP 6 Inch Variable Speed Polisher review
PORTER CABLE 7424XP 6 Inch Variable Speed Polisher

View Features on Amazon

Pros & Highlights

  • Very convenient adjustable auxiliary handle
  • Powerful motor
  • On/off catch instead of a trigger
  • Great for both beginners and experts

Cons & Potential Flaws

  • Some quality control issues

7. TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Polisher – Best for all surfaces

Top orbital sander for automotive review
TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Polisher

This random orbital buffer unit offered by Torq Torox is costly, well-made, and appropriate for experts. Clients love the nature of the frill, however, some do take note of that the bundle touched base with missing mixes.

The Torq Torox auto buffer estimates 20.5″ x 8.5″ x 8.5″, and it includes a weight of 8.6 pounds, streamlined controls, a fair inside outline, lightweight development, a 680-watt engine, a PRM of 2800 – 7800, and an 8-mm double activity circle.

The bundle incorporates a Torqx dual action polisher, three buffing cushions, and four V-Line test compounds.

When all is said in done, clients are to a great degree happy with the execution, usefulness, and accommodation of the Torq random orbital cleaning pack.

A purchaser remarks that the orbital polisher unit contains all you have to settle any scratches or whirl blemishes on your auto. He says that the support is very much adjusted, durable and that it would keep going for a considerable length of time.

Another client expresses this is a high caliber orbital pack and that the polisher is solid, simple to move and the vibration is insignificant. He profoundly prescribes it as the best orbital cushion pack. In any case, a few clients have griped that they got an imperfect orbital cushion and that it began to turn on and off arbitrarily.

This is without any doubt one of the best polishers out there. It’s easy to use for both beginners and experts in a job.

It effectively removes all watermarks, stains, and swirls as well as the defects on the surface of the car.

The heavy-duty construction implies that this machine can last for a long time and it will work effectively from day one.

TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Polisher review
TORQ TORQX Random Orbital Polisher

View Features on Amazon

Pros & Highlights

  • No load required to start
  • Easy to use
  • You don’t have to hold down the power switch
  • Various Speeds
  • It’s suitable for various surfaces

Cons & Potential Flaws

  • Not for detailed polishing
  • Doesn’t work well with deep scratches

8. ARKSEN 7″ Electric Polisher Buffer Waxer Sander – Best for inexperienced

top-rated orbital sander review
ARKSEN 7″ Electric Polisher Buffer

Arksen 7-inch Electric Polisher is one of my most loved car paint buffers, particularly among the budget polishers. It takes everything the Porter Cable 7424XP was great at and enhances it and in addition to it has a lifetime guarantee against deformities.

It is made in China, however, was designed in the US by the company’s engineers and they have a notoriety for unwavering quality and no BS guarantee claims.

The polisher is one of the least expensive alternatives for an appropriate orbital polisher. It accompanies a 7″ backing plate and can use as little as a 3″ backing plate to increase its forcefulness and get into extremely tight spaces for that fine detail work.

The engine is a standout amongst the greatest in its class so you don’t need to stress over the cushion slowing down on you as much as you would the Porter Cable or Chicago Electric 6″ Polisher.

In any case, it’s not too powerful that you risk harming your paint. It will even slow down before any harm is done from an excessive amount of descending weight on the machine.

I truly appreciate the twofold elastic grip embeds at the head and tail of the apparatus. It incredibly decreases the vibration felt and weakness from utilizing it. It’s not as smooth as the greater (and more costly) long toss polishers yet it’s smoother than other options in a similar class.

ARKSEN 7 Electric Polisher Buffer review
ARKSEN 7 Electric Polisher Buffer

View Features on Amazon

Pros & Highlights

  • Very cheap yet high-quality
  • Powerful engine
  • Nice rubber grip
  • Suitable for tight detailing
  • Smooth operation

Cons & Potential Flaws

  • Made in China
best sander for car painting review
sander for car painting

How to choose a sander for car painting

Picking the best power sander to add to your workshop can be troublesome. The sander is a genuine staple of any body shop. While the reason that you require one might be self-evident (sanding things) the choice that is ideal for you probably won’t be very as clear.

Looking for power devices is an entangled procedure with a lot of factors to consider on the off chance that you are to get the one that is appropriate for your requirements. The power sander is no special case.

Why do you need a power sander?

Great inquiry. In fact, you needn’t bother with one as sanding can be done physically, or, in other words, more moderate. Trust me when I saw, in any case, that you would prefer not to physically sand your car, particularly in the event that you are an eager do it yourself that is frequently subjected to this task. It is slow, monotonous, and exhausting.

The power sander makes sanding somewhat more pleasant. It will spare you time, and add an accuracy and consistency to your work that you can’t get past manual sanding.

Presently, on the off chance that you don’t end up in the situation of sanding all the time, I would, obviously, prescribe against putting resources into a power sander as they can be somewhat expensive. My figure, nonetheless, is that in the event that you are perusing this article you don’t fall into that class.

Distinctive types of sanders

As is valid for most power devices, sanders come in various shapes and sizes which is the reason it is critical to acquaint yourself with the distinctive choices accessible.

best belt sander review
belt sander

Belt Sander

For some individuals, the belt sander speaks to something of the highest quality level for apparatuses of this nature. It is ground-breaking, adaptable, and incredible for most sanding employments.

This instrument is controlled by a back engine that feeds a consistent sanding belt over two cylindrical drums. It can work rapidly and with incredible power making it a great choice for uneven surfaces and for scratching past finishes off of workpieces.

Because of the outline of the belt sander, it is to be utilized on flat surfaces. To legitimately work this instrument you should sand parallel to the grain and keep up a constant movement to guarantee that the workpiece does not experience the ill effects of sand depressions.

You can discover the belt sander in a wide range of sizes. Littler sanders will be simpler to control and hence, more predictable than their bigger partners. Then again, greater sanders advantage from the somewhat additional power which relying upon to what degree you intend to utilize your sander can be truly enormous in addition to.

It’s a decent, all around adaptable device that will be an awesome expansion to the shop of any do it yourselfer that ends up in the need of sanding flat surfaces.

best Orbital Finishing Sander review
Orbital Finishing Sander

Orbital Finishing Sander

The orbital finishing sander is a gentler apparatus that is for the most part very conservative and simple to work with one hand. They likewise have the advantage of being on the calmer side which is decent as that is a quality that not very many power devices brag.

The orbital sander unquestionably isn’t so intense as its belted elective which implies that it won’t be good for working through heavier stock expulsion. In the event that you are hoping to cover up an edge or simply put a to a great degree smooth finish on a workpiece, this instrument will be extraordinary for you.

It can likewise be utilized to get out chipping paint. On the off chance that your requirements reach out past these capacities you may need to put resources into an extra sander—however in the event that your financial plan permits I would suggest the orbital sander and also it is extremely helpful to have around.

The orbital sander works by anchoring quarter sheets of sandpaper between spring stacked braces that hold the paper set up against the stack of the sander. Upon actuation, the cushion will then vibrate in the little circles that will enable the client to sand in various ways.

best Random Orbit Sander review
Random Orbit Sander

Random Orbit Sander

The name might just persuade that this next instrument is the equivalent as the last we took a gander at and undoubtedly they are from various perspectives comparative, both in appearance and in the movement in which they drew in a workpiece — with the two devices moving in an orbital or round fashion.

There are two central refinements between the orbital finishing sander and the random orbit sander. The first is the way that as opposed to utilizing a square cushion, the random orbit sander includes a cycle one.

Second, this round cushion both vibrates in a roundabout movement and spins in circles. The outcome is an apparatus that can be utilized similarly as a belt or orbital sander.

While this device won’t work through stock with a remarkable same speed as a belt sander despite everything it takes care of business. As a reward, it is additionally equipped for the ultra smooth sanding that portrays the orbital sander.

It is hence that the arbitrary circle sander is the most adaptable device on the rundown. One thing that is important is that it will be somewhat harder to control than the orbital sander which may obstruct beginners.

All things considered, it is as yet the apparatus that I would prescribe to any individual who is by and by in the market for just a single sander, as this model can encapsulate the best characteristics of both of the past instruments that we analyzed.

  • Stock your needs – Before you settle on whatever else, consider what you will be utilizing your sander for. Do you require the intensity of the belt sander? The artfulness of an orbital sander? Or then again something that offers a blend of both? Having a firm handle of your needs will hone your concentration and settle on your definitive choice significantly simpler.
  • Estimate – You will find that sanders come in all shapes in sizes. As I specified before, the greater the sander, the more power you can anticipate that it will have, while littler sanders will be more precise. You unquestionably would prefer not to get a device that you won’t have the capacity to control however a smidgen of additional power is likewise constantly supportive.
  • Think about your level of involvement before settling on a size. Is it accurate to say that you are positive about your capacity to deal with the bigger devices, or would something that is somewhat more sensible be more qualified for you? There is surely no disgrace in being reasonable.
  • Cost – An undeniable yet important thought. Everybody has a financial plan, however, fortunately, paying little mind to what yours is you can, in any case, locate a decent sander at a cost that falls inside it. Try not to fall into the snare of expecting you can’t get a decent instrument for a lot. Do your research. There are a lot of incredible sanders out there that are accessible at a great cost.
  • Guarantee – People that have involvement with power devices are now very much aware of the significance of a decent guarantee. With most power tools there are heaps of working parts that make the instrument work the manner in which that you need it to. Tragically, with every one of these parts, there is likewise a lot of space for something to turn out badly. At the point when that occurs, a great guarantee is the main thing remaining among you and a costly bill, so ensure that the sander you select has one.
  • Power Source – This is another thought that relates to most power tools. You will discover sanders that are fueled either by a line that stretches out to a wall outlet or by rechargeable batteries.
how to use sander in car painting
how to use sander in car painting

How to use sander in car painting and the purpose of it

There are numerous approaches to sand paint off metal, however, an orbital sander and a sanding blocks are the most widely recognized devices to utilize. Orbital sanders do the majority of the diligent work for you and are more proficient than sanding blocks.

Join an 80-grit sanding disc to your sander and start sanding the metal surface from which you have to evacuate paint. Since 80 coarseness is quite coarse, quit utilizing it when the paint is almost off. Along these lines, you won’t sand excessively into the metal and debilitate it.

Expel the 80-grit disc from your sander and supplant it with a 200-grit plate. Get done with sanding off the paint with the new circle. The 200 coarseness will give your metal a smoother finish than the 80 coarseness and won’t delve into the metal to such an extent.

Utilize bits of loose sandpaper to reach any tight spaces where paint stays on the metal. Sand by hand with 80-grit sanding paper, and then 200.

Utilize steel fleece to give the metal a smooth wrap up. Rub the steel fleece in circles over the metal. In case you’re content with how the metal showed up after you sanded it, skip this.

This is pretty much all you have to do. After that start applying your primer and continue with your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are pads reusable and washable? What is the average life of the pads?
Answer: Yes…pads are reusable if the quality is good. If cleaned after each use and taken care of I believe the pads can last for several years.

Question: Can a 5.5-inch pad work on a 6-inch machine?
Answer: No, it can’t. The pad must be the same size in most cases.

Question: Can a polisher be used as a sander?
Answer: Well, it can, but I recommend using a different, dedicated sander.

Question: How many polishing pads should I use for one whole compact sedan? Is one enough?
Answer: One is enough if you wash and dry the pad properly.

Question: Is it ok to compound, polish, and wax in direct sunlight? I don’t have a garage or cover.
Answer: If you don’t have any other option, it is best to do it early in the morning before the car gets hot.

Final Thoughts

The majority of the gadgets that we’ve included here in this guide will give some amazing sanding, cleaning, buffing, and waxing solutions for your vehicle. Some are extraordinary for extra purposes like sanding wood and smoothing out cement and marble.

As we would like to think, out of the majority of our determinations, the most premium, and by and the large best item is the Griot’s Garage 10813STDCRD 6″ Dual Action Random Orbital Polisher with 10′ Cord.

This is a direct result of its amazing variable speed settings and in addition the consideration of a sanding capacity. This gadget is anything but difficult to utilize serenely, has a delicate start with the goal that you don’t harm the surface, and is additionally intense when required.

However, most of these will easily get the job done with ease and quality.

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