Best Motorcycle Ramp for Pickup Trucks 2023

Although motorcycles are meant to carry us, sometimes they might need transportation too.

It can happen when your motorcycle is damaged and needs repairing. Or if you purchase a motorcycle and want it delivered at the doorstep. In some instances, the motorcycle needs to be transported by a truck so that it remains in peak condition before hitting the road, i.e. racing motorcycles, dirt bikes.

No matter what the reason is, the loading process itself is a tricky thing. A ramp has to endure the weight of the motorcycle, sometimes even the rider too.

best motorcycle ramp
Motorcycle Ramp

Use any low-quality ramp, and you’re facing damage and possible injury. That’s why you have to make sure you’re using nothing other than the best motorcycle ramp.

In this article, we’ll talk about motorcycle ramps, the models leading the market and what makes them special.

Types Of Motorcycle Ramp And Which Is Best For Whom?

There are several ways by which you can classify motorcycle ramps. The ways are-

  1. Classification by ramp width
  2. Classification by ground positioning.
  3. Classification by loading method.

We’re going to discuss each one of them and the options they come up with.

1. Classification By Ramp Width

There are two types of motorcycle ramps when you consider the width of the ramp. Single runner ramp and full-width ramp.

Single runner ramps usually come with 12 to 20 inches width. They are narrow and lightweight, which make them very portable. However, when it comes to loading support, the rider might not get adequate space to keep his feet on.
Full-width ramps are much better in this regard. They provide ample space for the motorbike and the rider to go along.

If you only have storage space for a single ramp but want the benefits of a full-width ramp, then you can go for folding ramps. There are bi-fold and tri-fold ramps that work as a wide ramp when outspread. But you can fold them two or three times after the work and tuck them into a compact space.

2. Classification By Ground Positioning

Based on the ‘feet’, or how they meet the ground, there are two types of motorcycle ramps. They are Block styles and Tapered ends.

Ramps that come with block style feet are usually more stable. They don’t tend to wobble as you load the motorbike. However, lifting the motorcycle from the ground to this ramp can be a bit hard.

Tapered ends, on the other hand, provides a smoother transition. As the end of the ramp-feet are tampered, they provide a more natural pathway for the rider. This type of ramp can be a great choice for heavier bikes.

3. Classification by Loading Method

All of you who think ramps are simple, manual pathways, are in for a surprise. There are ramps that can take the whole work out of your hand.

Manual ramps are the most used ramps, that’s because they are cheaper, sturdy and very easy to maintain.

But for delivering motorcycles or transporting racing bikes, a gentler approach is required. These bikes are not meant to take a scratch until delivered to the owner. That’s why, shop owners, distributors and cognizant bikers use electronic ramps which are run by a motor.

You just attach the front wheel of the bike to a wheel clamp and the motor allows it to move across the ramp. You don’t have to carry it by yourself and there is almost no risk involved.

Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Motorcycle Ramp

Image Product Folding Type Weight
Gen•Y-Aluminum-Ramps Gen-Y Motorcycle Ramp
Editor’s Choice
10000 Aluminum
Check Price
Titan-Ramps-Loading-Ramp-ATV-001 Titan Ramps ATV001
Editor’s Choice
Check Price
Yutrax-TX107-Silver-89-inch-Folding-Arch-Ramps Yutrax TX107 Bi-fold
Check Price
Rage-Powersports-Widow-Plate-Style-ATV-ramp Rage Powersports Tri-Fold
Check Price
Titan-Ramps-Aluminum-ATV-Loading Titan Ramps (94 -S) Bi-fold
Check Price
Black-Widow-AMC-400-Hitch Black Widow AFL-9012-2 Bi-fold
Check Price
Electriduct-4.3-Heavy-Duty-Curb-Ramp Electriduct ramp Un-Foldable
20000 Industrial Grade Rubber
Check Price
Yaheetech-Pair-7.5-Aluminum-Truck-Ramps Yaheetech ramp Bi-fold
Aluminum Check Price
Goplus-Steel-Loading-Ramps Goplus motorcycle ramp Un-Foldable
Galvanized Steel
Check Price
Race-Ramps-RR-56-2-56 Race Ramps Bi-fold
Space Age Foam
Check Price
motorcycle ramp for pickup truck
Motorcycle ramp for pickup truck

Our 10 Picks Of Best Motorcycle Ramp

The choices we make shapes our life and the same goes for purchasing motorbike ramps. You can’t take chances when a heavy vehicle like a motorcycle is involved. That’s why, we would like you to help you find a ramp that is safe, plus suits your needs and budget perfectly. Keep reading.

1. Gen-Y Aluminum Ramps | Overall Best Motorcyle Ramp

Everyone heard of the two-door chicken coop joke. I mean, if you have a bigger hen and a smaller one, you don’t have to build two doors, because the door made for the bigger hen will suffice.

Jokes aside, the same can be said about the mighty Gen-Y Aluminum Ramps. This is one multipurpose ramp which can be used for motorcycles, trailers, zero turn mowers, even tractors. Why wouldn’t that be, after all, the two parts of the ramp can carry up to 10000 pounds!

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Overall Best Motorcyle Ramp review
Gen Y Aluminum Ramps

Yes, you read it right, and the additional zero isn’t written mistakenly. The ramp is made of heavy-duty aluminum, nicely put together by lading AWS welders. The package contains two ramps with the ability to carry 5000 pounds each.

Apart from sturdy construction, the surface was made more gripping by attaching wide cross rungs. These serrated plate style rungs allow the wheel to bite into the surface, even if the surface is wet, making it ideal for all weather conditions.

A hybrid hook is provided, which attaches the ramp to the back of the truck firmly. Since the ramp comes with different sizes from 96 inches to 168 inches, you can determine the slope that works for your motorcycle. With these long loading ramps, the slope will be manageable for even low clearance vehicles.


  • Durable, sturdy construction with professional grade welding.
  • Serrated plates placed in regular distances to provide better grip for the bike.
  • Huge weight capacity that’ll allow a wide range of vehicles to load.
  • Additional hook attachment system so that the ramps don’t wobble or move during loading.
  • This ramps can be used for low clearance vehicles too, i.e. trailer.

Cons and potential flaws

  • The ramps are heavier than most of their counterparts.

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Bottom Line
Have you ever seen a skinny man becoming the weightlifting champion? It’s only normal that with huge capacity Gen-Y provides, the ramps got to be heavy. But on the bright side, they outwit most of the ramps on the market, very strong in construction and can be used for different vehicles.

2. Titan Ramps Loading Ramp ATV 001 | Best Atv Ramps For Lifted Truck

Titan loading ramps are ideal for people on the go. While they offer huge weight capacity of 1500 pounds, the ramps aren’t too heavy themselves. Being only 33 pounds, they are very easy to store, set up and transport.

Thanks to the weight capacity, you can use these ramps for bikes, ATV, lawn mower, even four wheelers. Depending on your vehicle, you can use either one or both the ramps. The 11.2 inches width will provide ample space for yourself and your vehicle.

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Best Atv Ramps For Lifted Truck review
Titan Ramps Loading ATV 001

The construction of this ramp model is a state of the art. The ramp is curved, which means you’ll enjoy optimal clearance every time you load the vehicle. If your vehicle has middle-sized wheels, like 4-wheeler or ATV, you won’t have to worry about their bottom bumping with the surface.

The rubber fingers at the end will bite onto the surface, making sure the ramp doesn’t slip away while the vehicle is loading. As if these weren’t enough, the manufacturers were ingenious enough to provide safety straps with the package.

The ramps are 91 inches long each. The length will provide a tolerable angle for even heavier vehicles. The surface is ladder rung, and it prevents the tires from slipping off. After use, you can fold the ramps into half their sizes and store alongside the vehicle.


  • A lightweight loading ramp with colossal weight capacity.
  • Aluminum made construction, strong, durable and stays rust proof.
  • Additional safety features like rubber ends and safety straps.
  • Arched ramp design to prevent the vehicle from clattering against the ramp.
  • The ramp can be used for other vehicle types apart from just motorcycles.

Cons and potential Flaws

  • The bolts and cotter pins should have come with more quality.

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Bottom Line
Being a cheap motorcycle ramp, this one delivers value for every penny you spend. The bolts, cotter pins might not look top notch, but they’re fully functional and durable. As for other parts, they look perfectly fine, as well as work splendidly. The ramps can be folded into really compact sizes and easy to store.

3. Yutrax TX107 Silver Folding Arch Ramps | Best Dirt Bike Ramp

Yutrax has many features a vehicle owner with limited storage and limited budget will adore. For instance, the ramps come with bi-fold design, which immediately shrinkages them into compact sizes. The weight is only 4.8 pounds which allow easy transportation.

Many might worry that the lightness comes at the expense of stability. That is not the case for Yutrax TX107. The aluminum construction is fully and firmly welded. The hinges that join the parts are robust, heavy duty and securely soldered.

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Best Dirt Bike Ramp review
Yutrax TX107 Silver Folding Arch Ramps

The folding motorcycle ramp comes with additional support to deal with the weight loaded into it. The surface has frame-like aluminum side rails which resist the surface from bending.

Apart from that, the surface contains taller rectangular cross sections at a regular distance to support the weight. These additional features allow the ramp to carry up to 1500 pounds.

The remarkable feature of this ramp is the arched surface. It comes with gradual bending design which prevents motorcycles or vehicles from scratching the surface.

The upper portion of the pathway is covered with mesh surface which allows more grip for the vehicle. To keep the ramp firmly on the place, the ends come with rubber coated tabs and safety straps.


  • The manufacturers offer a wide variety of lengths to choose from.
  • Strongly welded hinges, cross sections and meshed wires make the ramp durable.
  • Arched surface allows the user to load low clearance vehicle without bumping.
  • The ramp comes with a lightweight and compact design that can be carried and stored easily.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • The ramps don’t come with eyelets for attaching the strap hooks.

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Bottom Line
You can solve the strap attaching problem easily tough. You can hook the grate from beneath. However, this small drawback is outshined by so many convenient features, I won’t think twice before purchasing it. It’s not bulky despite being incredibly strong, and the gripping of the surface is great. So, what’s there to lose?

4. Rage Powersports  Widow Plate-Style Ramp | Tri Fold Motorcycle Ramp

Whether you’re heading out of town with your favorite bike or loading the tractor for a landscape project in the suburbs, this ramp makes the process a piece of cake. It folds three times to ultimately come down to 5-5/8″ height and 18” width.

This makes it easily storable in confined spaces. You can tuck it under the ATV or keep alongside the bike. The compactness of this ramp will make sure there’s an assuring gap between them.

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Tri Fold Motorcycle Ramp review
Rage Powersports Widow Plate-Style Ramp

Unlike many other ramps, the Rage Powersports come with thicker punch-hole patterns on the surface. This special type of pattern is known as widow plate style and provides a sure footing for the user and the vehicle.

The surface is extra wide, and honestly, you won’t find many ramps that provide such width. When expanded, the ramp provides 54 inches space, which allows the user to load a wide variety of vehicles. As for the capacity, it can carry up to 1500 pounds of weight.

The truck-bed ends of the ramp come rubber coated. The gripping nature of rubber helps to stay the ramp in place. Also, the manufacturers provide safety strap to tie the ramp with the tailgate.


  • Tri-fold ramp with a vast width and load carrying capacity.
  • The ramp conveniently folds into one-third of its actual size.
  • Solid punch-hole style design to provide extra grip for the wheels.
  • Additional safety features like rubber fingers and ratchet straps.
  • This ramp provides a great motorcycle loading system for trucks.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Open ends on the ground side.

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Bottom Line
There is a possibility that the open ends on the ground side might crush. But evaluating user reviews, that haven’t the case for any of them. While we hope ‘Rage’ will address this issue soon, it shouldn’t a problem for the users. Given the compactness of the ramp, it will always be easy to carry around.

5. Titan Ramps Aluminum ATV Loading | Best Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck

If you want all the features of a quality motorcycle ramp by just the right amount, then Titan Ramps are your pick. It’s beautiful, strong and provides enough weight carrying capacity to load most of the household vehicles.

The ramp is 94 inches long, which forms a gentle slope with the ground. The width is 11.3 inches, and it shouldn’t be a problem since it is a ramp pair. Both pairs come with an arched surface. So as you climb with the bike, there’s no chance it’ll bump with the surface.

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Best Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck review
Titan Ramps Aluminum ATV Loading

It’s always challenging to load vehicles on rainy days. Propitiously for the users, the ramps are designed with serrated crossbars to help with the gripping. Being made of sturdy aluminum, there’s no risk of bending the surface due to overuse.

This is a bi-fold ramp. Whenever you are done with loading, just fold it and keep it beside the vehicle. Since the ramp is compact, there’s little chance that both will collide each other.

When loading hefty things like ATV, bikes, and mowers, it’s always important that the ramp doesn’t wobble. However, to make things surer, Titan comes with a metal plate at the end of the ramp. They sit on the truck bed with perfect harmony and keep the ramp stable. Apart from that, the manufacturers deliver safety straps to tie the ramp with the vehicle.


  • Lightweight, robust aluminum ramp with a beautiful black coated finish.
  • Special bending surface to avoid collision with the vehicle.
  • Foldable compact design with a huge load carrying capacity.
  • Serrated surface to provide extra traction for wheels.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • The ratchet straps are not of the highest quality.

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Bottom Line
When purchasing things like bike ramp, you have to weigh the conveniences against the cons. When a renowned company like Titan offer the features we discussed along with an affordable price tag, you can overlook one thing or two. The ratchet straps are of average quality, but they do work fine. And when the time comes, you can buy them for a few dollars.

6. Widow AFL-9012-2 Runner ATV Ramp | Best Motorcycle Ramp For Lifted Trucks

As interesting as the name sounds, you’ll find the features of Black Widow even more interesting. This a dual-runner ramp that can be folded whenever you need to store it. And this widow can work with a variety of vehicles like bikes, trailers, ATV, UTV etc.

The ramps are 89 inches long. They’re made of high-quality aluminum. That’s why, despite being lightweight at 29 pounds, these ramps together can carry 1500 pounds of weight. Since the ramps have arched surface, you can even load low clearance vehicles.

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Best Motorcycle Ramp For Lifted Trucks review
Widow AFL-9012-2 Runner ATV Ramp

The surface is decorated with serrated rungs which provide better traction for pneumatic tires, even in wet conditions. The rungs are placed at the space of 3 inches so that the user can walk on them without any accident.

As for safety, the ramps have fingers at the end of them. The 4” fingers do a fine job to prevent scratches on the truck bed and to keep the ramp in place. Safety straps are also provided to add a degree of stability.

This motorcycle pickup truck loader is bi-fold. When folded, the parts come down to only 45 inches, providing an easily storable size for the user.


  • An aluminum loading ramp with lightweight feature and sturdy construction.
  • Serrated rungs to provide additional grip for the user and the vehicle.
  • Four inches rubber coated fingers to prevent scratching on the bed.
  • Two parts are strongly attached on the folding point with SS nuts and bolts.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • The safety straps cannot be tightened enough to keep the loading ramp in place.

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Bottom Line
For users who have been looking for a portable and convenient option, this ramp is a great choice. As for the straps, you can either use them or just replace them with more secure ratchet straps. Either way, the Black Widow will remain a great purchase at a really cheap price.

7. Electriduct 4.3″ Heavy Duty Curb Ramp | Best For Doorsteps Or Small Hindrances

Do you remember the first product we reviewed? If you were amazed by the weight capacity of that product, wait until you see Electriduct ramps. This one comes with a whopping 20000 pounds of weight capacity. There is a catch though, this one here is a permanent vehicle ramp.

The Electriduct is different from its counterparts in some ways. For example, while almost all of them are intended to provide a sloping pathway to the back of a truck/SUV, this one is more like a doorway or sidewalk ramp.

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Best ramp For Doorsteps Or Small Hindrances
Electriduct 4.3″ Heavy Duty Curb Ramp

It doesn’t provide the height needed to reach the truck bed, rather it smoothen the way for a vehicle to pass sidewalks or doorstep of the garage. Since the nature of its duty is more like a permanent one, users generally opt to mount it to the ground with pre-installed holes it comes with.

The ramp is 16.1 inches in length and 18.8 inches in width. It has a height of 4.3 inches, which tells us the feasible doorstep height it can be mounted with. However, the ramp is made of industrial grade rubber, so if you want to leave it unmounted, it’s likely that it won’t wobble.

This ramp can be a great choice for those who need a little bit of assist passing the garage door. The material makes it unaffected by different weathers. For such a low price, it can be a product that saves you time and hassle.


  • The ramps come with 20,000 pounds of weight capacity.
  • The ramps can be either mounted or left unmounted, they won’t move either way.
  • Provides a gentle inclination to pass small hindrances.
  • Industrial grade reprocessed rubber provides strength and longevity.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • The ramps can emit bad smell for a few days since they’re made of new rubber.

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Bottom Line
The smell that rubber emits is irksome. So we suggest you leave this ramp outside for at least a week. Other than this small hiccup, everything else is fine. You’ll get it for a cheap price and it won’t decay until you get the value for every last penny.

8. Yaheetech Pair 7.5’ Aluminum Truck Ramp | Best Dirt Bike Ramp

With so many things associated with maintaining a vehicle, it’s really tough to break the bank for each of them. That’s why, products like Yaheetech Ramp Pair come as a blessing for the users as they are cheap, but not cheaply made.

The ramps are approximately 90 inches in length and 11.6 inches in width. When you fold them, the length becomes half. When folded, the thickness increases from 4.1” to 5.8”, which isn’t much in terms of storability.

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Best Dirt Bike Ramp review
Yaheetech Pair 7.5’ Aluminum Truck Ramp

The ramps together can carry up to 1500 pounds of weight. Being made of Aluminum, you’ll be wondered that the ramps only weigh 30.6 pounds each. The surface is decorated with plate-top style rungs.

The surface is designed soft tipped, which decrease the amount of friction between your vehicle and the surface. The ramp is also forgiving to the truck bed thanks to three rubber tipped fingers. The arched design of the ramp makes sure the vehicle bottom stays clear of the ramp.

On the ground end, the ramps are tapered and set in complete harmony with the ground. This allows the user to climb without any risk. Safety straps provided with the ramps offer additional security. Judging from the design, you can use it with bikes, dirt bikes, ATV, UTV, trailers, tractors, lawn mowers etc.


  • The ramps come with soft tipped surfaces and provide greater traction.
  • The ramp pair can be used for a wide variety of vehicles.
  • Rubber tipped fingers and tapered ends to keep the ramps firmly on the ground.
  • Plate top style surface provides sure footing in wet conditions.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • The tire grip punch-outs can be sharp so you would have to watch out.

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Bottom Line
It’s not guaranteed that you will be presented with sharp punch-outs. But if you do, you can make a habit of grabbing the ramps by the outside rails. Or, you can use a sanding tool to smoothen the sharp angles. Weighing the other conveniences, this small problem shouldn’t stop you from purchasing the products. Because it’s money that you’re saving and getting a quality service in return.

9. Goplus Steel Loading Ramps | Cheap Motorcycle Ramp

If you are a bike owner, you won’t need 1500 pounds capacity most of the ramps on the market comes with. You’ll need something robust, but not as heavy, and definitely not bulky.

Luckily for you, Goplus comes with a ramp that has nothing superfluous, only necessary features for your bike. This ramp is made of galvanized steel, which is strong, rust-proof and water resistant. On the plus side, it has a great look!

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Cheap Motorcycle Ramp review
Goplus Steel Loading Ramps

The ramp is 72 inches in length and 9 inches in width. Like we said, nothing excessive. This ramp can hold up to 1000 pounds of weight, which should be more than enough for most vehicles.

The surface is meshed, just enough to filter mud and snow. Also, it provides great traction for the vehicle. The offset surface also helps low clearance vehicle to avoid bottoming out.

The surface is fine-tuned to keep the wheels safe from puncture. However, the ramps need assembling and you need to wear gloves during the process to avoid sharp edges.

There are chains at the end of the ramps to keep them in place when you load the vehicle. The ramps are un-foldable, so you can’t fold them, but they are compact enough to be stored in narrow places.


  • Lightweight steel ramp with anti-corrosion and waterproof features.
  • Compact in size, can be stored easily within a confined space.
  • The meshed surface provides necessary friction for quick loading.
  • The ramp can be made shorter if necessary by pulling the bolt and removing the lower section.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • While enough for motorbikes, the width of the ramps might be narrow for wider wheels.

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Bottom Line
Most of the users like to use multipurpose ramps since they can load all the common household vehicles. The Goplus steel ramp is still usable with most of them, but you need to be careful. As for mainly motorbike users, nothing can be more convenient than this one. It’s very cheap, compact and lightweight, perfect to carry around.

10. Race Ramps RR-56-2 | Best For Vehicle Maintenance

Truth to be spoken, when I saw Race Ramps for the first time, I thought, “what the heck is that thing?” And as the time passed by, I felt more and more adoration for the unique design. It means that the manufacturers gave deep thoughts about us consumers and actually were bold enough to bring a new design.

The structure is made of space-age foam. That foam is covered by a polyurea coating. And to assist vehicles in climbing, they provided a rubbery textured surface on top.

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Best For Vehicle Maintenance
Race Ramps RR-56-2

The package comes with 2 ramps, each being 2 parts. Each of the parts can carry 1500 pounds of weight. So together, they carry an enormous 6000 pounds weight. The ramps allow space for tires up to 10 inches.

The ramps being two pieces allow low clearance and low profile vehicles climb easily. Also, you can keep them on your truck bed without worrying about them damaging your vehicle.

The upside of this ramp is evident. Since it is made of strong foam, the weight is exceptionally lower, only around 12.5 pounds. Since the material doesn’t include metal, you won’t have to worry about scratches and dings.

The bottom of the ramp is wide so there’s no chance it’ll slip while you load the vehicle. Thanks to the rubberized surface, it stays in place regardless of the ground being grass, dirt, sand or asphalt.


  • Very lightweight and portable ramp with 4 convenient pieces.
  • Despite being light, the ramps can carry huge weight up to 1500 pounds.
  • No slip surface allows the ramps to stay in place as well as help climb vehicles.
  • The ramps form a very manageable 10.2 degrees of angle with the ground.
  • The ramps come with additional safety straps.

Cons and potential flaws

  • The lift is 8 inches, which limits the vehicle types you can use the ramp with.

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Bottom Line
Race Ramps is one of the most lightweight ramps on the market. Also, it’s made of strong yet forgiving material that won’t bump with your vehicle and damage it. However, you have to keep in mind that the ramp has 8 inches of lift. So if your car is higher than that, you can turn to other worthy alternatives we have reviewed.

What To Look For When Choosing Best Motorcycle Ramp?

Weight Capacity

Ease of use, convenience is one thing. But purchasing a ramp just to find out it’s unable to carry the load of your motorcycle is another thing. If the latter happens, you’ll be destined to failure from the very first use.

Finding the weight capacity of a ramp is easy. Most of the manufacturers provide the information online, or you can just call their customer care and they’ll let you know right away.

However, the work isn’t done here. You need to know the weight of your motorcycle, and if you ride along it, then your weight too. Sometimes motorcycle companies provide the weight data in the manual.

But the best course of action will be eliminating the guesswork and go to any auto sell/repair shop for a commercial scale. They’ll help you with the weighing in exchange of a few bucks.

Make sure the weight capacity is always higher than the combined weight of you and the bike by a margin.

Width Of The Ramp

It depends on how you’re going to load the motorcycle on the truck bed. Some like to walk alongside their bikes, while some like sit on the bike while loading.

In either scenario, make sure you have enough space to keep your feet on the ramp. Leaving a very narrow space for yourself might lead to slipping off your feet, thus hurting you in the process.

Some people prefer using two single ramps side by side, one for them and another one for the bike. If you have already bought a ramp that’s too narrow, do yourself a favor and follow this solution.

Material And Construction

These two influence the stability and durability of a motorcycle ramp. Usually, ramps are made of aluminum. The lightweight feature of aluminum helps stay these ramps easily portable while being able to carry bigger weight.

By construction, we mostly mean the ramp joints. Some ramps fold by sideways, while other narrower ramps fold from the truck bed end to the ground.

The parts of the former usually are attached by bolts which can be replaced over time. This gives the user better longevity and flexibility. The latter uses integrated pins to keep the parts attached firmly. If the joint gets damaged somehow, you will have to replace the ramp.


How you store your loading ramp can be a decider on the type you need. You can lay the rap on the truck bed, or you can fold it and keep it aside from your motorcycle. If you don’t have enough space for both your motorbike and the ramp, they might damage each other.

Make sure to consider the measurements of both and if your truck bed has ample space. Furthermore, you can keep a blanket between these two for preventing damage during transportation.

The Pickup Bed And Loading Ramp Connection

Imagine you’re trying to climb the ramp and then it slips from the truck bed. Horrible, isn’t it? To prevent that, ramps come with two types of truck ends.

Rubberized ends provide a good grip on the truck bed. Moreover, they don’t scratch the surface and damage the bed. However, they might decay over time.

Metal plates are more durable. But the downside is, they might scratch the surface and damage the bed.
However, no matter which one you use, you can minimize the possibility of scratch by using a ratchet strap. Make sure the ramp comes with that because it secures the ramp against the vehicle and prevents it from moving.

Ramp Surface

Usually, motorcycle ramps come with three types of surfaces, solid, serrated and ladder rung. Solid surfaces don’t contain any tiny holes or teeth on them. They have great appearance but make sure they aren’t too smooth for the bike (or the rider) to climb.

Serrated surfaced come with a little rough or teeth like points on the surface. The points help the wheels bite into the surface and let the rider climb smoothly.

Ladder rung ramps contain little holes on the surface. This minimizes the amount of material needed to construct the ramp and let it stay lightweight. Make sure the holes aren’t too big for your feet to slip.

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many types, you will need to choose every feature from a number of different options and combine them. It’s only natural that you’ll have so many questions. We’re happy to provide you with the answers of the most common questions, so take a look.

1. Can motorcycle ramps be used for other mobility vehicles i.e. scooters and wheelchairs?
Yes, you can use them for other vehicles. But you have to keep some things in mind. First, the weight of the vehicle should be more than the capacity of the ramp. Second, if you’re using a ladder rung ramp, make sure the holes aren’t too big for the vehicle that it’ll get stuck. Finally, make sure the vehicle leaves enough space for the person who’s loading it.

2. Is One Person Enough To Load A Motorcycle By Using A Ramp?
If the ramp has space and capability to carry the weight of the person, why not? However, it’s always better to stay careful and not get ahead of ourselves. Use help whenever you can. When you have no options but to do it by yourself, make sure the ratchet strap in position to prevent any unwanted incident.

3. Can An ATV Ramp Be Used As Motorcycle Ramp?
That depends. Obviously, most of the ATV ramps can handle the weight of a bike. However, the top of ATV ramps are curved, the surface contains bigger rungs. If these two features align in the favor of a motorcycle, you can load it.

4. How Long Should A Motorcycle Ramp Be?
Motorcycle ramps aren’t like do ramps. I mean, you can get away will a bit too steep angle for the latter, but motorcycles are far heavier. You have to determine the suitable length of your ramp that forms a feasible angle on the ground. You choose a ramp too short, the bike will be extremely difficult to load.

Usually, the minimum length motorcycle ramps come with is 6 feet. Depending on your need, you can choose even longer lengths.

5. How To Secure A Loading Ramp To Your Vehicle?
A slippery and loose ramp can wreak havoc and even lead to potential injury. You have to make sure the ramp is secure against the vehicle. Here’s how you can do this.

  • Use ratchet straps to tie your ramp firmly to the vehicle.
  • If you use the ramp frequently, you can install an Alumi-lock ramp attaching system. This system allows a quick and secure channel to hook the ramp. However, make sure your ramp model is compatible with the system.
  • Make sure both ends of the ramp are firmly in touch with the surface and not wobbling.

Wrapping Up

There are people who think a piece of long wood can be an alternative to motorcycle ramps. Well, you can compromise everything, but not with something as heavy as a motorcycle. Even if you don’t consider possible injuries, damaging your precious motorbike can cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

So, when it comes to safety and saving latent monetary loss, it’s better to go for a secure option and buy the best motorcycle ramp. Not only will it save you from lots of hassle, but it’ll also demonstrate that you are a real biker, not just a pretentious one.

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